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    Ahh, good, I was hoping for a place to respond. :)
    Anonymous Guest said yesterday:

    It is interesting. And, I am curious if the the timing of this event wasn't based upon a Rosenstein/Mueller desire to throw a wrench into the works of the Trump Putin summit and provide liberal talking points for the fake media.

    Speaking of Podesta, I noticed the press conference brought him out of the woodwork to once again profess his victimhood.

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    Yes, they would ignore that point, wouldn't they?
    Also, there was no involvement with US Citizens.
    Considering how easy it is for hackers to appear to be who they are not...
    And, how inept our investigators seem to be...
    I still have my doubts.



    Ed O'Callahan is RR?
    Is that what he's saying?

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    That would make sense, wouldn't it?

    Enjoyed your video:

    So the 13 are these:

    I am waiting to hear all who else it is from the Obama Administration Nunes is subpoenaing here:
    "Surveillance Abuse Probe" (have we mentioned that one?)


    That S Murray deposition should be quite enlightening because she was Obama's Top aide, and her husband worked for none other than Fusion GPS, and helped write the Steele dossier! But, of course, Obama knew nothing whatsoever about it. puzzled7

    Hopefully after Nunes gets through with this bunch, he will move on the the 13 Angry Democrats.
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    I am remembering that Nunes stated he had been given the information from that laptop back in January, but has not been able to discuss it because the information is classified. Since the White House declassified material for more than just the "Gang of 8" yesterday, the entire committee can know all he knows during the "Surveillance Abuse Probe.
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    Oh, and Anonymous Guest, if you would care to post here:
    Log in as Anonymous Guest. The password is: ********
    It would be easier than moving longer discussions from the pub.
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    Thank you for creating this space for our ongoing conversation. :)
    The purple mask is lovely. It'll take a bit for me to get the hang of this...

    I agree, there is a narrative war going on. That said, there is the "Trump Effect" that many people talk about, where what is used against Trump, somehow ends up working in his favor. I'm watching to see how this plays out. Since he was briefed before he left, he was not blind-sided by Rosenstein's press conference. And Trump has the military intelligence behind him, which is why he so often appears to be several steps ahead of his opposition.

    It's ironic that the question of what Obama would do came up in this bit of propaganda reporting.
    Since what Obama DID do, was to give the order to "Stand down."
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    I want to clarify my own understanding before I speculate on Ed O'Callahan's role in all of this. I remember when Q mentioned him in the post (#1439) it leaped out to me and I did a little research into him. However, I'm not sure I understood Q's meaning. I'll get back to you more on that when I feel I understand it better.

    Meanwhile, this article by Sundance of The Conservative Treehouse raises some excellent questions and observations.
    Inside the article he has queued a video of the Rosenstein Press at the point where Rosenstein says he has handed over the investigation to Ed O'Callahan. Sundance interprets this to mean that this investigation is going to be buried. However, Q seems to indicate otherwise.
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    Thank you for this information.

    Anything you might provide that would help me understand Q info would be appreciated. I am just beginning to attempt to catch up. Suggestions where to begin?

    The FBI was never allowed access to the campaign servers? Is that the missing server that might be uncovered in the Awan investigation? And, it appears Mueller might have had access to it to investigate the 12 Russian indictments?

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