Jan 14, 2015
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    1. david
      Rose thanks for the heads up about Chic at United.
    2. david
      Rose what is a good email to post you that film? sorry I can't find it in my email cue...You will see how it relates to our discussion, I am very proud of my son for this piece, it helped get him funded in college actually.
    3. Sam Hunter
      Sam Hunter
      Hi, how do I start a conversation with you? I thought that was possible before, I did it with Stephen... I just can't figure out how to do so now, Sam
    4. Shadowself
      Hi Rose! Hay I wanted to get back in touch with you via skype when you get a chance...but I've lost your skype since the debacle back in the day...can you skype me sometime soon because I wanted to run something by you and overall just talk and get back in touch. My skype is; Socalbrook when you find time.
    5. Sam Hunter
      Sam Hunter
      Hi Rose, Thank you for letting me back... I have no intention to create my demise or otherwise cause trouble... Sam
    6. beans
      Rose I love the vids in O&G. They're awesome!
      1. Rose
        I just saw your post here Jamie. Thank you!
        Mar 13, 2015
    7. Rose
      Solving a Puzzle and a Riddle
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