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    Ben Garrison on Hillary 4.0 :)
    Hillary can’t stand being out of the spotlight. She’ll never stop running for president even though her ratings are lower than ever.

    In fact, the more she steps into the spotlight, the lower they go. She’s fundamentally unlikeable. She’s a criminal phony who enriched herself through selling out the government to the highest bidder. Conservatives and many progressives alike can’t stand her. Most Democrats probably wish she’d just go away, but nope, she’s always there and she’ll again rig everything in her favor because she has the cash. I’m already hearing her fake stream lying media megaphones starting to say she’s best qualified for 2020.

    So now we’ll all be forced to endure the ‘new and improved’ version of Hillary. She’s already becoming known as ‘Hillary 4.0.’ Expect her to start spewing some of the socialist junk that progressives demand, even though she has no intention of following through on any of it. She does the bidding of the Deep State and the globalist bankers.

    She’ll promote herself as the new and improved Hillary, but she can’t her spots. She remains corrupt and vindictive—probably even more so–and will steal more primaries with impunity. It may even be more obvious than last time. After all, she gets away with everything. She will stay in the spotlight despite her gnarly, bitter visage, and her constant coughing. Be prepared to watch her stumble, collapse, and leave her shoe behind again. Her medical van will be standing by.

    She may be running again to avoid prison. It’s where she should be right now. Instead her boy Mueller is harassing the deplorables who were the most offensive to her last time. You know, the people who told the truth about Hillary.

    Mueller can’t find any evidence that supports Hillary’s ‘Russia stole the election from me’ narrative, and so he is going after Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi–hoping to entangle them in a perjury net. Hillary already lied her cankles off to the FBI. No consequences for her as usual. Alex Jones was chased off of social media and conservatives are shadow banned or removed so they won’t be able to point out Hillary’s evil during her next crack at the presidency.

    She is the Medusa face of the Deep State Swamp, and if she ever dies, I’m sure she’ll continue to run for president in ghost form. She’ll be a poltergeist who throws things to disrupt liberty and sanity.

    President Trump, please indict Hillary. What’s the hold up?


    Ben Garrison

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