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    ??? Is he living in an alternate universe ???
    What Mueller Report did he read?

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    It appears that all the Democrat presidential candidates have gone mad and have moved way over to the extreme left. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019.
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    More Democrats are calling for the abolition of the Electoral College in favor of electing presidents directly from the country’s popular vote.

    After all, Hillary Clinton garnered more popular votes than Trump, therefore they think she should have been president.

    They’re wrong.

    The Electoral College is one of those checks and balances that helps keep our Republic healthy. We are the United States and states and the citizens residing within them should have some power and control over their own fate.

    We saw how those who controlled the Democrat Party rigged primaries in favor of Hillary. She basically bought out a party that was financially struggling. They did as they were told. Hillary loves to rig things in her favor either by extortion, bribery, or even murder. She got debate answers in advance. She had total control of corporate media. She had billions of dollars to buy her election.

    Those who voted for Bernie Sanders were marginalized—their votes didn’t count for much. ‘Super delegates’ within Hillary’s power structure rigged the vote in her favor. Bernie Sanders meekly paid obeisance to Hillary and he was rewarded with a half million-dollar beachfront summer home. There were many who were rightfully outraged by the primary thefts and after Hillary lost to Trump it forced their party to make changes. The Super Delegates currently don’t have as much power and sway, but that could easily change should Hillary decide to run once again.

    The Democrats won’t stop at the Electoral College.

    They’re angry that small states have two senators—the same as very populous blue states. Why should North Dakota have two senators when they have a very small population? California has many times the people—shouldn’t they have more senators than just a measly two? Bill Maher has questioned this sort of thing repeatedly, along with the need to eliminate the Electoral College. It’s now become another steady drumbeat among Democrats. After all, they know big cities will generally cast ballots for Democrats. Big city folk tend to learn toward the left and socialism. A lot of peer pressure and political correctness in big cities help keep everyone in line and on the same page. It’s easier to sway them with propaganda. It’s easier to rig elections there with the help of illegal voting.

    If the big blue cities get their way, their candidate for president will always win. The flyover red states will become irrelevant. The presidents elected by big blue cities will help bring about the death of our Republic. The big city progressives will make sure that tent cities, drug addiction, and government addiction are spread throughout what’s left of the country.

    To protect our Republic, we need to keep the Electoral College system intact. It’s a pillar that protects us from ‘Democracy,’ and socialism, which always ends in tyranny.

    —Ben Garrison

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    Trump nailed Biden over his major role in the 1994 crime bill. A bill responsible for locking up many minorities unnecessarily, considered by many, a very dark period in our recent history. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019.

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    Swallwell ~ Delusional Swamp Puppet fancing himself as Potential Presidential Material...

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    A LOT OF J0E
    It’s hard to keep track of all the Democrats now running for president, but Joe Biden leads in the polls.

    Biden is career politician who aligns well with the Clintons, the Bushes, and Obama. For now, he’s the Deep State’s choice to lead our country. He doesn’t stand much of a chance. He turns 77 in November and he does not inspire his base. His baggage far outweighs his positive aspects, whatever those might be.

    “Creepy Joe” is a serial groper. He loves to grab women from behind and sniff their hair. He even does this with little girls. On public stages he should be able to control himself, especially by now, but he can’t—and that’s not a good sign.


    President Trump created a meme for Biden: “Sleepy Joe.” It’s a play on both his age and his lackluster style of campaigning. He’s sleepwalking through his campaign. He could also be called “Sloppy Joe” for his careless and corrupt dealings with Ukraine and China—in order to benefit his disgraced son, Hunter. Another knick name might be‘Flip Floppy Joe.’ Like a cynical weathervane, he moves in whatever direction he thinks might attract the most voters, regardless of the issue.


    If he gets the nomination, he’ll end up being ‘Weepy Joe’ because he stands no chance against Trump. Many Democrats already know this. Hillary knows it, too. She may be allowing the crowded field to come across as the bumbling, losing fools that they are. In dramatic fashion, she will then step in as the only viable candidate able to ’save’ the Democrats. Yes, Hillary will run again. She confuses her corruption with competence. She has done her best to stay relevant and in the news. Does anyone seriously think she’ll bow out of politics gracefully? She has no grace. She couldn’t even give a concession speech—she sent Podesta to do that.

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    Biden is biding time for Hillary, who is the one who owns and controls the Democrat Party. She’s using Sleepy Joe as her placeholder. It’s probably why he’s putting out only a perfunctory effort.

    —Ben Garrison