A fabled Pyramid in Russia ~ Time ~ Chaos ~ Ubiquitous Frequency Oscillation

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    And so it begins....

    A group of us were told of a fabled Pyramid in Russia. Wait till you see what I've been working on.

    This is a place holder post till I start filling it in. In the meantime I do hope it peaks your interest because I've done several years of hardcore study to figure it all out. Was it real? You decide after I show you what I've found. Some might not even know what I'm talking about. But for those who do...you'll be quite surprised at what I found out based on the information that was given by someone who had no idea what it was...or so they said.... and absolutely no idea it could be determined.

    Determined? How do you determine what you can't even prove?

    What's more...it was advised removal for reasons of safety and security! Say what?

    Who's safety? Who's security? WTF?

    Well....Just wait....It will be worth it I promise!

    Come as you are but keep an open mind...you'll need it.

    To be continued...
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    Good Morning!

    Not much time today to add here but I wanted to get this started.

    back in the day...

    I was working on some things which ended up bringing me to the Atticus1 forum long before I'd ever heard of the Charles material that became so controversial. Frankly I really wasn't interested. I'd never even seen the video BR made back in the day and found out there was this huge thing going on regarding him and a woman who was a gypsy and such. Not really caring about the whole thing one thing caught my eye....Of course that one thing happened to be Egyptian. I'd heard this rumor of something "Egyptian"....and thought I'd seek this guy out and check to see if he was on the level and perhaps could verify some of the things I had run into.

    Also coincidentally at the time, I was working on something else that had caught my attention and it was most Egyptian.

    So I joined the forum got caught up in the short time drama and during that time my son got killed and things just blew up for me for quite some time. Often times I didn't know if I was coming or going and that is the truth.

    But this is NOT about that guy or his leaning. Only one thing on this thread is related to him and it was the information he decided to give the members regarding something few of us could verify.....but yet he gave us some ideas as to what it looked like....some of the things involved in the construction....and most importantly....it was told and emphasized that it involved one particular attribute.

    That attribute.....


    So....he started a thread and did divulge that he did not quite understand what it was used for..or so he said....or exactly how it worked. So many of us attempted to try to understand it and develop some theory as to what it was....and how it worked.

    Then he deemed it to be removed as he stated "he was asked to have it removed" and it would be best for everyone to just "forget about it".

    Which most of is did....I did.

    So while I did forget about it, I went about working on that "Egyptian" thing I was working on in the first place. In fact I spent several years later working on my stuff and interest so intensely to figure out what it was that I was looking at, the last thing on my mind was this supposed Pyramid built in Russia that involved measurements.

    Then while I was working one day on my stuff... that is when I saw a connection to this so called Russian pyramid that was "fabled" to exist....that peaked my interest. I noticed a direct connection in fact that could not be ignored.

    Lo and behold it involved alignments and measurements! And it coincided with the content given by one and the same so much so that I could not ignore it.

    Now as it happened on that removed thread I was one of the people who worked that thread on the theory of what it might be used for. But I had not concluded in that thread the "what" as much at that time as the "how".

    During the last few years since 2012....I've done some EXTENSIVE research which has evolved not from some fandango new age theory... but in fact some pretty sound science and what I will add here is the result of that research which involves some pretty cool stuff.

    Mind you...it was not until somebody actually questioned me on the subject and my belief that what I found might indeed exist...that the things I once thought of as a possibility actually did exist. Have I lost you yet? You'll see what I mean once I get into it. Because to be sure the beginnings of this will probably seem fantastically imaginative....born from the mind as pure imagination as it were....until the facts present themselves...then it has stark implications that cannot be denied.

    Ready to step through the door?

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    I have not thought about the Atticus1 Pyramid Thead episode for quite some time. It was the few interesting tidbits he would throw out along with promises, promises, promises of something much more that kept us tantalized. Unfortunately, as it turned out, everything he brought forward was only a tease. Now that you mention it, he clearly had questions, not answers. The answers were always located somewhere over the rainbow, but he would quit and scurry away before journeying there. Perhaps he had access to tips. A self-admitted industrial espionage agent, if there is a modicum of truth to that fable, would hear things. But, at Atticus1 he was looking for people to explain things to him. Do his research. Work for him for free.

    If I am not mistaken, I have a copy of the Pyramid Thread on one of my hard drives along with Amenjo's drawings. Or, am I thinking of emblic language now. Remember his drama queen episode about taking the emblic language thread down immediately? Always a tease without substance. He was just on the verge of revealing something here [​IMG], but he remembered his mentor, Ron Popeil, and became distracted with a reselling scheme. Or, oh wait, his "trusted" "freinds" needed further brutal "testing", and the server cpanel password needed to be nicked from "old mum" before his "important sources" would speak and his earth shattering information could be revealed. Or, just maybe, he had painted himself into a corner with no where to go? Or, his girlfriend threw yet another wrench in the works that shut everything down?

    Me either. May truth finally begin.
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    Good morning!

    Just to be clear Chico What I meant by "not that kind of pyramid" was as in not built by some ancient civilization. But built recently and the term fabled is used in terms of a "story" that was told by Stephen to the crowd of onlookers about this man made construction that was build near a Russian NASA type complex and used for testing. It was not built of any type of brick construction as are the pyramids you personally used in your post of ancient origins.

    That's about all I will describe about the structure as this person is a bit touchy about quoting his words. The thing is once it's been said....it becomes "fabled" and that is the terminology I choose to use regarding this dissertation of information he used to describe the structure....If indeed it did exist at all....to be continued as it were....

    "Our imagination is stretched to the utmost, not, as in fiction, to imagine things which are not really there, but just to comprehend those things which are there". ~ Richard Feynman
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    Okay...Where was I?



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    Good Morning! cuppaa1

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    Brook, this is exactly what our old acquaintence was working on.
    He explained this very subject in a conversation last summer.
    He said he had met Tyson and believed he was on the right track.
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    No! Really?
    We'll just have to wait and see what comes next eh?


    But let's get back to those Scratching eh?


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    Whoa...Chico....did you just pull a rabbit out of your hat or elsewhere?

    Who the fuck is Philip Gibbs I ask? Is he published I ask?

    Well...no...not really. I sought to look this guy up and found he is not published ANYWHERE beside his own site!

    In fact he started a site for people who can't get published and let me show you a fine example of an academic paper from his site that he established due to the fact that he could not get published!

    (I'm laughing my ass off currently, as this is Chico's ultimate source for example!)


    So I continued to look in the Archeology section of his Vixra site.....ARE YOU FUCKING kidding me?


    I am really laughing now Chico! Thanks man! I mean really thanks....the only source you have to discourage my thread is this guy and his unpublished forlorn writers Expand a rope pulling Pyramid build?


    But this one REALLY topped the cake!



    Dude....Are you Sirius?

    But who is he I ask?


    Here is the REAL paper in question from James Gates:

    And here is where you plucked your little dissertation from Mr Gibbs



    I'd say he's hit the big time brother! A-fucking-men!

    Here's a Gibb for you Chico because that was a fucking joke!

    As for Walter White? The link is a broken 404 dude and this is the only Walter White I know of!


    You've got to seriously be kidding me right?

    Your sources are as ridiculous as your intentions here and they are quite obvious in attempting to disturb this thread in any way you can to prove a point that nobody but you cares about dude. Get the fuck over yourself and leave me the fuck alone.
    Got it? I do hope so.... I have posts to do and little time to deal with a fucking troll!
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    I have removed all Chico's posts and responses and restored your original title.
    You are free to continue and moderate your thread without interruption if you choose to do so.
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