AWAN is bigger than you can imagine

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    I must admit that when the Awan Scandal was first brought up in Congress, I didn't pay much attention to it. It was a tiny blip on my radar screen.
    However, Q feels differently!
    Q 1626, AWAN is bigger than you can imagine .png
    This thread is a bucket to hold the AWAN Investigation related information
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    Hold for organizational stuff later
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    There are 11 Q posts about AWAN.
    (As of 5 August 2018)
    It was first mentioned in Q Post 71, which was repeated for emphasis in Q Post 77:

    I've thought quite a bit about how Seth Rich is related to all of this, seems to be somehow directly linked with the Awan brothers?
    Q Post 92
    I first came across QAnon when I was digging around to try to better understand all the arrests in Saudi Arabia in November 2017.
    I wasn't satisfied with what any of the news outlets; MSM, Alternative or Independent Investigative bloggers, were saying about the situation.
    And my spidey sense was saying, "Something is up."
    The QAnon posts related to what many people refer to as the Saudi Purge made sense to me.

    At the time I decided to observe Q, to see what develops.

    One more post of note to share. This is a global operation. And there was a mention of a sequence to its unfoldment.

    Q Post 95
    I translated this sentence in my notes to:
    SA > USA > Asia > EU

    The earlier Q posts laid the foundation for public awareness of what is emerging now.
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