Featured Clinton Cash, The Clinton Criminal Cabal, & the Undoing of a Crime Family

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    I guess they believe if they control the narrative by providing false evidence as fodder to convince their audience for any amount of time that Trump was stupid and wrong it is a win for them. Maybe listeners never look further than the false logic and false facts provided by their trusted Rachels. They never realize they were wrong because by the time the more complex truth of a matter is revealed they are already rapt in being rabidly led down another obfuscated rabbit hole. Credibility means as much to the one as it does to a shyster, and isn't considered by the other.
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    An investigation launched into Hillary Clinton in November of 2017 by the DOJ and US Attorney John Huber has ended with no charges.

    Former AG Jeff Sessions appointed Huber to investigate the Clinton Foundation.

    Huber did nothing.

    He never interviewed key witnesses.

    Evidence was sent to the Huber investigation three times because they kept “losing it”.

    It is a two tier Justice system and the American people are tired of it.

    Now the ball is in AG Barr and Durham’s court.

    It will be up to Barr and Durham to finally end the two tier Justice system or our Republic is lost.

    Will Barr’s DOJ finally do something? Maybe when they are “hungry’ enough.

    Is Hillary Clinton “off the Hook” and exonerated like the Washington Post claims?

    Or does this mean that no one will talk to the Washington Post and they are making stuff up…as usual.

    Stay Tooned, this is not over!


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    This is an interesting OAN report stating Megan and Harry
    Are staying with close Clinton associate Frank Giustra
    The man who sold Uranium One to Russians.

    "In their quest for new found freedom, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
    appear to be joining the political orbit of Bill and Hillary Clinton along with their friends."

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    Oh, no. Does she really intend to run?

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    BREAKING: Tulsi Gabbard SUES Hillary Clinton For $50 Million!

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    No Hillary, No one wants your "authentic unvarnished" viewsgitout

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    Hillary Clinton is a rash on the body politic. Her job is to inflame and insult as her hypocrisy grows. No matter how much she scratches, her desire to become president still itches.

    She’s not going away. A sociopath and sadist, she wants to inflict her Deep State disease on all of us, permanently. She lost to Trump and wants us all to pay by means of her omnipresent and insufferable hectoring.

    The Democrat Party is not immune. She said Tulsi was a Russian agent and so was Jill Stein. She abhors Bernie, whom she maligned by saying nobody likes him. (Bernie retorted, saying his wife likes him). She says Trump should be retired after calling his supporters ‘deplorable.’

    She is officially not running in 2020, but don’t be surprised if she rigs a brokered convention in her favor. If she does this, she will lose again and that will be glorious to watch. Even if she doesn’t run, her itchy scaliness will always be there to inflict misery on us all.

    There is no cure. There is no anti-Hillary prescription other than prison. LOCK HER UP!

    —The GrrrTeam
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