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    If you listen to the corporate owned media outlets, (ie MSMBC, CNN, ectera...) you would think that the recent Cohen charges mean that "Trump is a criminal and he's going down". (LOL)

    However, if you know the facts in all the various court cases, most of which are not even being covered by the Fake Stream Media, then you will recognize how the recent actions against Cohen do not bode well for the Clintons.

    Think of the precedent the Cohen case is setting.
    Think of what the Clinton's did....

    It's the same with what is happening with Manafort's case setting a precedent for the Podesta case and other K-Street Lobbyists.

    Nothing happens in a vacuum. It's helpful to look around at what the Mockingbird Media is not pointing toward. Look in the exact opposite direction and what do you see? What they don't want you to see.

    And remember, they don't want you to see it because they are all in CYA, (Cover Your Ass) mode. Because the media has been complicit in high crimes and treason. And they know it!!!!

    Case in point, read this recent Hill article, and see if you can read between the lines...

    Cohen's plea deal is prosecutor's attempt to set up Trump

    Remember, Manafort's history goes all the way back to the 80's. He was a DNC/Clinton plant into Trump campaign.

    Side Note: There have been some serious questions raised about who is actually paying Micheal Avenatti. There seems to be some ties with a Saudi prince, who had been interested in ensuring that Hillary Clinton win the election. And btw, Cohen taped many conversations with Avenatti/Daniels, too.

    Why doesn't the big media cover this point? And media pundits wonder why the American People don't trust them?

    The above article does not include the fact that the Obama State department, DOJ, FBI and CIA used tax-payer funds to pay for the falsified Steele/Fusion GPS "dossier", and broke FISA court rules and countless other high crimes and treason laws.

    You may ask why would all these agencies and media engage in this activity? It's not to get Trump, per se. It's to try to cover up their crimes. They only "hate" Trump, in so much that he is bringing their criminal activity to light. (See #9)

    The bought and paid for press are making the same mistakes as the State Department and Intel Agencies criminals made; they are telegraphing what they fear by what they say will happen to Trump.

    This is why they have been 180 degrees wrong all throughout this saga.

    Sadly, the few Americans still getting the bulk of their news from the corporate media agencies are woefully uniformed about what is actually happening. And will suffer cognitive dissonance as the truth comes out more and more.

    (This is what Q is for, to help with that cognitive dissonance of the media delusional narrative and the real world facts.)
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    I have begun reading over the ongoing Byrnes vs Clinton Case again today, Tag.
    I don't think we have included the Rico Complaint here.
    The entire corrupt saga is spelled out succinctly in these 210 pages.

    Byrnes, a secret service agent beyond reproach, will testify and provide evidence that the very same counterintelligence agents that lured Page and Papadopoulos attempted to do the same to him because they mistakenly believed he was in the Trump campaign. This, along with other evidence he possesses, should be damning to "The Enterprise" and Obama Administration. Even though it seems nothing is happening, this case is already underway and slowly in progress. It appears all defendants are still arguing motions to dismiss at this time. Reading through the complaint, all the recent leftist uproar regarding Brennan losing his security clearance is absolutely ludicrous.

    Click to Read Full Rico Complaint:

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    Just checking in on latest events. Interesting????
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    Amended Complaint Filed 8/29


    Attached Files:

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    Just reading...
    It appears George Soros has now become a non-defendant???
    Did his motion to dismiss somehow succeed?

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    I am certainly no attorney, but...
    It appears to me many defendants motions to dismiss must have been granted.

    Of the original group, those who remain are:

    Hillary Clinton
    John Podesta
    David Brock
    & recently added
    Peter Strzok

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    Has anyone noticed clause 13?
    Final line. Where are the Enterprise collaborating offices located:
    Republic of China
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    And, clause 15...
    They did the same thing to Byrne they have done to our President!
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    Looks like in clause 3 David Brock is the responsible party for several terminated "defendants"...
    (sorry to be slightly out clause of order in these posts)
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    I bet they do and we know a lot of those names!!!!!​
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