Featured Clinton Cash, The Clinton Criminal Cabal, & the Undoing of a Crime Family

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    Alexandra Chalupa, an operative paid by the Democratic National Committee (DNC), asked the Ukrainian embassy in Washington for dirt on Trump-campaign chairman Paul Manafort in 2016, the embassy confirmed in a statement to The Hill.

    While the embassy denies having helped the operative, a former embassy worker told The Hill’s John Solomon that the embassy helped Chalupa knowing full well that she was working to help elect then-candidate Hillary Clinton and defeat then-candidate Donald Trump.

    Ambassador Valeriy Chaly, in written answers to Solomon, said that Chalupa asked the Ukrainian government for information on Manafort’s dealings inside Ukraine. Chalupa tried to arrange for Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to comment about Manafort’s ties to Russia during a 2016 visit to Washington, Chaly said.

    “The Embassy got to know Ms. Chalupa because of her engagement with Ukrainian and other diasporas in Washington D.C., and not in her DNC capacity. We’ve learned about her DNC involvement later,” Chaly said in a statement to The Hill. “We were surprised to see Alexandra’s interest in Mr. Paul Manafort’s case. It was her own cause. The Embassy representatives unambiguously refused to get involved in any way, as we were convinced that this is a strictly U.S. domestic matter.

    “All ideas floated by Alexandra were related to approaching a Member of Congress with a purpose to initiate hearings on Paul Manafort or letting an investigative journalist ask President Poroshenko a question about Mr. Manafort during his public talk in Washington, D.C.,” Chaly said.

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    It’s rare that I pen two cartoons in a row on the same subject, but the Epstein suicide is too big of a story.

    It was an over the top, brazen example of the sloppiness of the Deep State. They know we’re wise to their shenanigans, but they don’t care. We know they always rig things in their favor. They laugh and rub our faces in it—knowing we can do nothing about it.

    Now the FBI has raided Epstein’s New York home as well as his ‘Pedo Island.’ They’re there not to collect evidence, but to hide and destroy it—much as they helped Hillary bleach bit her server and hammer cell phones. The FBI, CIA, and the Mossad protect the Deep State, of which they are a part. They’re not about to allow any more truth seep out—and it won’t, no matter how angry Barr becomes.

    Bill and Hillary escape justice once again. What a surprise! Bill flew dozens of times with his buddy Epstein on the Lolita Express to Pedo Island where he undoubtedly dabbled with kidnapped children. If the Clintons were behind the friend’s suicide, then their body trail has grown still longer. They’ll never be locked up—ever. There is no equal justice in America. It’s gone. Poof. Up in smoke.

    Epstein may not even be dead. They may have switched bodies. Jeffrey could be on another island or in Israel right now. He’ll no doubt resume his fetish for under-aged girls along with his masters and colleagues.

    We’ll never know for sure what happened, but my guess is we’ll be told that yes indeed he committed suicide. The lack of a guard or surveillance camera? All coincidences. If we don’t believe it, we’ll be called conspiracy theorists while the story gets buried by the corporate propaganda media.

    —Ben Garrison