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    Cartoon published 12/19/2023

    Christmas, Christmas time is here,
    Time for toys and time for cheer.
    We’ve been good, unlike the Biden regime,
    Tired ol’ Joe will run out of steam.
    We can hardly stand the wait…
    Please Christmas, don’t be late.

    Hunter wants a big wheel to pedal,
    Justice has some Biden crimes to settle.
    DeSantis is bobbling his campaign,
    He needs boots in the race to remain.
    We can hardly stand the wait…
    Please Christmas, don’t be late.

    Okay, Barbie you’re up!

    I want a car that does not flame
    Climate change hucksters are to blame.

    I want a paddle board that doesn’t drown me,
    —and a MAGA president who will astound me!
    We can hardly stand the wait…
    Please Christmas, don’t be late.

    Rock ‘em Sock ‘em in the debate,
    Ramaswamy attracted Haley’s hate.
    Hillary wants more lies about Trump,
    We’ll all call her the Christmas grump.
    We can hardly stand the wait…
    Please Christmas, don’t be late.

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    Cartoon published on 12/15/2023

    As Christmas Day approaches, we at GrrrGraphics have decided to update our Santa Trump’s ‘naughty and nice’ list for 2023.

    We eliminated Sean Hannity from the nice list. He and his rent boy Lindsey Graham were way, way too vociferous about widening the war in Ukraine. Instead of calling for peace, the Fox News host loudly banged their drums and called for more needless bloodshed. He and Mark Levin appear to support any war that helps the Military Industrial Complex. Both of them should retire and enjoy their mega-million dollar fortunes.

    As you could expect, Joe Biden tops the naughty list. Here’s a man who should be in an old folk’s home and licking an ice cream cone. Instead, he stumbles around at night in the White House while butt naked. That should not come as a surprise. Joe disrespects America by keeping the borders open to millions of invaders. He has sent endless billions of dollars to a corrupt money-laundering country called Ukraine. He has ruined the economy and carried out the destructive policies of his Marxist boss — Obama. So why is it a surprise that Joe disrespects the White House by prancing around nude? Not to mention his son leaving behind bags of cocaine there. He also enjoys being underdressed.

    We put Mitch McConnell near the top of the list because he was one of the leading Trump backstabbers. “Et tu, Mitch?” Old turtlehead seems to have his head up his….shell….and he is one of the leaders of the UniParty.

    Crooked Hillary is a perennial presence on the naughty list. We consider her to be permanently naughty. She deserves to make the Naughty Hall of Fame. Plus she never goes away! She seems to think she’s popular and in fact, don’t be surprise if Joe is forced to step down and Hillary steps into his place while acting all self-sacrificing and humble. It would be glorious to see Hillary lose to Trump a second time.

    The Deep State Swamp and the corporate fake news media are also permanently stamped onto the naughty list, but two new entries are Jack Smith and Nikki Haley. Smith is a prosecutor willing to stretch or break any law to stop Trump. We are sure he descends from inquisitors and witch hunters. Smith would love to torture Trump if he could. Haley is the choice of the RINO neocons because she is just like them — corrupt, pro-war, and part of the Swamp.

    There are a lot more naughty names that could go on the ’naughty’ list, and a lot more than could be added to the ‘nice’ list. Rand Paul, for example. Alas, our canvas is limited.

    We certainly would like to mention the nicest people of all: Our supporters. This has been a very rough year for Ben due to medical reasons—and a great many of you pitched in to help us survive. You all know who you are and we wish we could put all of your names on the nice list. We greatly appreciate all of you!

    — The GrrrTeam
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    Cartoon published 10/28/2023

    As Halloween creeps closer, we all gather around the fire to tell chilling ghost stories, which can make the un-dead shiver in their tombs.

    Children may be focused on candy, but celebrating the harvest at the end of summer is the true essence of Halloween. It’s also about keeping ghosts and other negative energy at bay by means of mocking death and laughing at evil.

    Halloween is considered a powerful turning point in the year’s wheel of seasons. October 31st signifies the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Halloween is considered the period of death. It is believed that during this time the veil between the realms of living and dead are at their thinnest. The ghostly spirits rise from their graves and point their fateful fingers at those who committed grave sins.

    Let the haunting stories begin! In our latest Halloween cartoon offering, you will see some scary ghosts as they transmit their most frightening torment to the corrupted living still among us.

    1. Hillary Clinton gets a fright from her deceased operative, Vince Foster. It is rumored she had him killed. Hillary’s long line of body bags have spanned decades. The Clinton victims have a lot of haunting to do!

    2. Barack Obama oversaw the recent death of his personal chef who was about to release a tell-all book. How did an excellent swimmer drown? It was very suspicious.

    3. Here we see Michelle Obama, whom John Rivers knew as ‘Big Mike.’ Yes, she knew the Obama’s secrets—is that why she died?

    4. Governor Gavin Newsom dealt the state of California a death blow, is that why everyone is fleeing the state?

    5. Anthony Fauci, also known as “Dr. Death” not only funded ‘gain of function,’ he also funded Beagle torture. A man who would torture dogs would also torture humans.

    6. Two ghosts return from the netherworld to tell us that their demise was not of their own doing. John McAfee and Jeffrey Epstein were murdered in jail cells because they both knew too much about the evil doings of powerful overlords. Their deaths were labeled as a suicides.

    Vengeance should not be left to ghosts. It’s time for all decent people to smash the pompous pumpkins of the evil doers who treat us with endless tricks. Like a silver bullet to a werewolf or sunlight to a vampire, evil can be vanquished by good people who speak the truth while holding God in their hearts.

    Happy Halloween!
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    Trump has big plans for General Flynn...
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    The Justice Wrecking Ball Crew

    Cartoon published 06/20/2023

    Breaking News: Hunter Biden Biden will plead guilty to willful failure to pay federal income tax. He will enter a “pretrial diversion program” regarding his gun crime, indicating that he will face no jail time. A slap on the wrist by our two tier justice system as President Trump faces 100 years in prison in trumped up document hoax.

    The FBI continues to destroy justice in America. They are the strong arm of the Democrat Marxist Party. The FBI is becoming the old KGB.


    FBI agents were infiltrators, directors, and participates during the January 6 protest at the Capitol—only the FBI calls it a riot and ‘insurrection.’ They set up and arrested as many protestors as they could, whether they were at the Capitol building or not. They used an obvious ‘glowie,’ Ray Epps to lure protestors into the Capitol dome, thus entrapping them. They continue to round up people such as Stewart Rhodes, the leader of ‘Oath Keepers,’ and use Democrat judges to mete out ridiculously long prison sentences based on little or no evidence.

    Christopher Wray refused to hand over to Congress a non-classified document that proves Joe Biden took bribes and sold out his country. Wray only relented when threatened with contempt of Congress charges and impeachment. We know the FBI hid Hunter Biden’s laptop evidence to help his father win the presidential election. The FBI influences elections by suppressing and banning conservative voices on Twitter and Facebook. They lied to judges in order to obtain warrants and permission to spy on Trump and his campaign. The FBI will not turn over the manifesto written by the trans-male girl, Audrey Hale, who murdered people at a Christian school in Tennessee. The FBI covered up information about Seth Rich and will not release that, either. For some reason the FBI now gets to control free speech and access to information by real journalists (the corporate media as long been compromised—they are propagandists, not journalists).

    The US security agencies are unaccountable. They are allowed to do what they want.

    Cutting off funding to the FBI is a solution, but it’s doubtful anyone in Congress will have the gumption to do that. Sure, they will complain mightily as did Senator Ted Cruz when he questioned Paul Abbate, the deputy FBI director. Abbate stonewalled Cruz at every turn and would not answer questions, yet he was not arrested for contempt of Congress. Someone needs to do more than complain about the FBI. It may be hopeless to cut off funding to the CIA—they probably make their cash from the globalists and by means of drug dealing, but the FBI can be shut down by cutting off their funding. Congress won’t do it. Instead, we will continue to hear complaints only.

    It’s time to dismantle the FBI before it completely dismantles us.
    — Ben Garrison
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