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    David Writes:
    Hi guys I wanted to make some contribution to Rose's efforts. I feel as though she is well intentioned and at the end of the day that counts for a lot. I have been very busy trying to figure out a way to deal with the conspiracy that would have Hillary Clinton become the next president of this country. Let me state that I am an anarchist who believes very strongly that our votes do not count...I am saddened, but happy, that this fact is now known to anyone with any common sense. yes...that is what the Super Delegates are! and that is why there is massive election fraud.

    One of the tasks of which I am engaged is writing about this conspiracy. I have two sons and I also consider all children to be, by extension, my children in the sense that they deserve the same love, respect and sanity that my family deserves. If the forum is interested I will share some of the pieces I have written and am writing.

    Let me also address some internal speculation. I am very proud to be a friend of Gypsy. It is also humerous, to say the least, that Chick thinks his actions have any affect on my decisions to act lol. It is a characteristic of most sociopaths to have an exxagerated opinion of the power they weld, and Chick is no exception to that rule. he cowardly waited until the coast was clear and then made a mad rush for power when Rose was vulnerable. That behavior is exactly what a dumb sociopath would do....a smart one would not be so transparent lol. But Chick is right in one way and one way alone...this includes him not even knowing what a sociopath is after studying the matter for how many years?! He has managed to make this forum difficult to contribute to with all his cockamamee ideas and personal vendettas. He makes Zook look positively well adjusted!

    I do not intend to battle Chick... An idiot will pull you down to their level and drown you every time. So let me declare for all to hear "I am a sociopath!! thats correct!! The very vile creature that Chick has warned you about!! beware Beware! I keep the company of Gypsies and wondered why Brook, an intelligent poster, had to be driven off the site...wait a minute isn't that kind of splitting characteristic of a socio____ never mind, she must have had it coming.

    If there is an interest I can share some of the writing I am doing. I have tried to keep my word to Rose and did not intend on relying on this work, but frankly I could not find much to jump into. If there is no interest just let me know I don't take it personally. I have been researching the epistemology of truth statements now for around ten years, with the objective of trying to figure out when people with special claims are telling the truth. I have thus far established that there are many whistle blowers and assorted others who often think they are telling the truth. The Clinton conspiracy is a watershed in this process because we know she is lying. This gives insight into the process of how people are led to believe a lie, vis a vis, follow a liar (not the same thing actually). I can share insights into my research if people have an interest.

    Hope this wasn't jarring but I have no patience for when I see someone whom I believe is doing the right thing, manipulated by sociopaths with splitting tendencies. And as a New Yorker I call em as I see em!! If I am too crass, simply let me know...I respect virtually all the members of this site that I recall from other boards and the older site here. My ultimate motivation is to establish that there are indeed extraordinary claims that are true, with no caveats.

    With affection
    David the bastardly sociopath.
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    Thank you. :)

    I agree completely about Hillary and the Super Delegates..

    Definitely interested.
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    I do not agree about Chick, but everyone is entitled to their opinions and their friends here.

    I found Gypsy an intelligent and interesting person in our brief encounters.

    Brook was not driven off the site. I must disagree with that point. Brook was offered complete control with extra privileges over her thread and could have automatically ignored Chico so she would not have to read a word he said. She was allowed to self moderate and delete anything he posted in her thread. But, this was not enough control for her. She insisted upon going to his thread and trolling him there rather than continue on with her own beautiful work.

    As I explained to Zook, when he began trolling here, we should think of our threads as aisles in a bookstore. We have complete control of our own aisles. If, in our mind, someone interferes with our aisles, we may self moderate and correct them. But, we cannot go to their aisles and tear them down. Brook left of her own accord because I would not remove another member. She was not run off.

    No member has the right to insist another member's aisles be removed. That said, Brook is still a member and welcome to return if she ever so chooses.
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    Chico has made absolutely no play for power. I have no idea why you would assume that. I disagree with that assumption completely and I am the one who would know the truth. He is listed as an Administrator here because he was asked to take a look at some technical organization of the site at my request. He is a computer programming professional, as you may know. Titles here are system generated based upon access to tech areas. Chico's title does not give him any power over other members here.

    I also disagree that this forum is difficult to contribute to as described in my previous post. I think you will find that is a misconception if you consider carefully my proposed structure. InPHInet moderation is not a hierarchy clique based system as in forums as usual. It is an attempt at a self moderated structure, a co-op of contributors so to speak. It is also not a community clique of "yes people" where everyone must like or agree with everyone else. I will say again, everyone has the right to their own opinions.

    Sam Hunter and Shezbeth were also given complete control to self moderate their threads. Neither ever spoke of any particular difficulty or wish to moderate anything before leaving. They were also not run off except in their own minds.

    I also disagree regarding Zook looking well adjusted, but we are all entitled to our own opinions here. I certainly do not believe I am always right about everything.
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    I am very interested in hearing about the Clinton conspiracy. Yes, she is lying.
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    If it is me you feel is being manipulated by sociopaths here, that is not the case.
    Looking forward to hearing you calling em as you see em!
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    The elections are indeed a rigged game, and have been for a very long time. The conspiracy goes far beyond just putting Hillary in the White House, however. Even so, what have you been able to figure out so far?

    Note that my proposed solution for dealing with the sociopath problem, i.e. identify and disqualify, would also solve the problem you are trying to address regarding sociopaths putting one of "theirs" in the White House.
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    1) Is Donald Trump a plant? There was a very cogent source on Reddit http://archive.is/RffAd (he also has another archived thread which looks like it might be down), and this source suggests that Trump is not a plant. I take that into consideration because from his actions it looks as though Trump is a plant. Of course he does have history with the Clintons.
    2) Comey has yet to mention the second indictment regarding the foundation. RICO provisions were designed to go after big fish, but one weakness is when the fish is too big. I am inclined, as things look presently, to think there may indeed be a danger of implicating the entire government when bringing her down...which may well be why this second indictment is off limits. This second point is vital.

    Can anyone think of a logical reason why indicting Hillary on treason, vis a vis the foundation, as opposed to the emails, which I have always believed to be a straw man that the media can use to divert, HAS TO pull the entire government down? They are already arresting super delegates left and right on corruption charges. These have to lead to her and, if we believe the Reddit source and leaked info, there were emails related to the foundation found on her email. Also there will be more emails coming from Wiki leaks, Russia, etc that will confirm that she was treasonous. So what does Comy think he is accomplishing by not acting on her role in the foundation?

    Regarding candidates, I want Bernie, but he may well endorse her, something his followers do not want... Trump I feel is less dangerous. Hillary wants war with Russia because her donors requested it. The Ukranian independence movement was started in the state department, by the wife of a diplomat. She is on tape asking Vitali Klitsko not to run as president. Klitsko, the former boxer, was a decent individual. But this action of trying to move the Ukraine to the E.U. was for all practical purposes, a declaration of war.

    I will start with this. This election is unprecedented. We are in about the fifth inning and I have a feeling there is more to come! Thoughts?
  9. Rose

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    This election is off the charts isn't it? I am finding it troubling how often current news stories seem to arrive just as needed to divert attention from either troubling, or positive, situations. No story here, look over at there! Coincidence? I don't know. Sort of like the timing of the bombing of Iraq coinciding with the Monica Lewinsky scandal? Or, hostages released as soon as Reagan took office? Nearly the exact moment Trump was endorsed by the NRA, and happened to have done a fairly good job with his speech: Breaking News!, Gunman on the White House grounds, Obama playing golf! And, that nail-biter was all media spoke about for a couple of days sweeping political news under the rug. It so often feels as if media is being played like a chess game by puppet masters. I have wondered how far would they go to create diversions to win a presidential campaign?

    I don't personally think Trump is a plant. I just think he is an individual with an ego huge enough to believe he should be president and the means to put that desire into action. Hotels and casinos, been there done that! Shooting lions on safari, been there done that! Marry a supermodel, been there! etc.etc.etc. What does a tremendously ambitious man with billions who has done it all do next to amuse himself and satisfy his lust for power and prestige?

    I believe Trump is an intuitive, gut level, thinker who sets off on his projects believing in himself without considering details, assuming details will take care of themselves. He just focuses on his desired outcome with a simple outline and his monumental belief system trusting things will work out for him, believing he will either know what he needs to know when the time comes, or know who to contact to find out. This strategy has probably worked out for him a high percentage of the time and might with his campaign, too. A Steve Jobs type thinker:

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    The assumption here is that the political process is legitimate, when it is not. All the candidates are "plants". The whole thing is rigged and is nothing but theater.

    Again, the assumption here is that the government is legitimate, when it is not. The whole thing is rigged and is nothing but theater.

    It was like this even in 1933. That was when a group of patriotic ex-veterans in the American Legion planned a coup d'état against the United States government to return it to its Constitutional principles. This was the same year the puppet president Franklin D. Roosevelt illegally ordered Americans to turn in their gold to the Federal Reserve. It was clear the government was out of control and needed to be brought back in line. America's greatest war hero, retired Major General Smedley Butler, was asked to lead the coup, but instead chose to spill the beans to Congress. But guess what? The hearings resulted in no arrests, no charges of treason, and no publicity. The NY Times even claimed the whole thing was a hoax in order to sweep it under the rug. Why? Because the "traitors" leading the coup were correct in their assessment that the government had gone rogue. It was the federal government that was the true traitor. To keep the public from realizing who the real bad guys were, the whole thing had to be quietly buried, by the people actually controlling the federal government.

    In other words, the real story of this coup d'état should have brought down the entire government, if we had had a legitimate free press, a legitimate Congress, a legitimate judicial system, etc. But we did not, not even in 1933. It was all rigged and nothing but theater.

    Try finding the real story of the so-called Business Plot. You will only find the story "they" want you to believe. I have found very little that can even confirm my version of the story. But the official version is too full of holes and inconsistencies to be the truth.

    If our government is not legitimate, then neither are the presidential elections. And by now, many people are starting to realize that the presidential elections are a farce. It is so in-your-face, with a repeat-criminal sociopath (Hillary) about to be placed in the presidential puppet seat ("the first woman president in the history of the U.S."), that any thinking person has to see it.

    The problem is, thinking people are getting harder and harder to find.