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    Sociopaths always attack the messenger while poo-pooing the message.

    From a sociopath's perspective, it's always about intimidation, which is why you believe I am trying to intimidate you. I have never had such an intent, but you won't be able to imagine that.

    I have no doubt you were carefully and quietly observing those interactions, to learn from their mistakes. It has already been noticed that when attempts have been made to treat sociopaths, they simply learn from the treatments how to become even better deceivers and manipulators.

    Stephen, Shezbeth, and Shadowself share that opinion with you. It would appear that you speak primarily for sociopaths, which is what I expect now.

    It was a clever ploy, and you are still milking it for all it is worth in your attempt to kill the messenger. You expose yourself, David.

    Actually, you'll use anything that you think will work. The ends justify the means, from the perspective of sociopaths.
  2. Rose

    Rose Φ

    I enjoy the way your mind works, David. :)

    All I was attempting to say with my admittedly rather off the wall cryptic comment regarding Freedom From the Law of Averages (although more than likely it was multi-layered and inspired by a distaste for coming in contact with attempts to systematically "herd" my mental processes down a garden path) was this:

    If we find a way to free ourselves from the law of averages,
    We may be told we have cancer and 6 months to live,
    But, we erase the "law" so to speak and the cancer completely disappears.

    If we find a way to free ourselves from the law of averages,
    We are scheduled to get on a plane that will crash or have a terrorist event,
    We oversleep, lose our ticket, and the car won't start.

    Or, a third example that recently occurred in Orlando,
    A lunatic is due to enter the club we are in and shoot everyone,
    Fifteen minutes prior we are one that becomes violently ill and leaves.

    So, majority experience is ruled by the law of averages
    Does Freedom from that law exist...
    if such events happen regularly to the same individuals?

    If so, how would one step outside the law of averages?
  3. david

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    Confirmation bias at its best.... SEE told you somehow someway...everybody who doesn't drink the Doo Doo kolaid is a sociopath. How did I know I would wind up being a sociopath...humm?? Again, confirmation bias at its best.

    For the record one of us (Doo Doo and I) have used other internet identities, banned people on a forum when they did not agree with them... and it was not I. Doo Doo is also a hypocrite. So Doo Doo you went out of your way to pretend you thought I was comparing you to my son...hum? thats quite a manipulative behavoir! sounds kind of like a SOCIOPATH to me. Actually though this is not true because you are not smart enough to do this, rather you are trying to back peddle...nice try. Your lack if intellect gives you away on this one. Your indignant response to Rose..."mom mom, David insulted me and hurted my feewings waa wa." was also a give away No, this really did bother you. So stop lying to look better please.

    So Chic how many times have you been in this situation? you mention a few other times, lets multiply that times ten at least....and yet everyone else is the boogyman? Might the problem be you? it would be quite the coincidance if everyone you had a run in was a sociopath, particularly when you display many signs of being a sociopath yourself, albeit one without the requesite intelligence that most sociopaths have... you are narcissistic, manipulative, a liar when it suits you, you look for positions of power... though you hid under the desk while Stephen was here lol. you are also a splitter which is a BIG RED FLAG.

    I worked in psych and I want everyone who has an interest to notice something: I came here, and have developed an antagonistic relationship to Chic....Yet...go figure, the board is not fighting with each other, there are no splits into different groups, etc. You see? I am not a splitter. You are. The minute you asserted yourself other members and their threads were affected. Your presence wound up chasing other members out...mine hasn't. Nobody really gives a shit about David's situation with Chick, which is the way it should be. Your reaction is to try to drag Rose into things, thats what a splitter does. Do you see me PMing other members? involving Gemma on the thread? other such things? If, Mark had a thread open and said to me "your response is annoying me could you not post?" I would not post, but Doo Doo boy? when you were annoying another member with your broken record psychobabble sociopath agenda, you being aggreived was the important issue. because Chic is so important! right? sociopath indeed lol. Look in the mirror.

    My point is that you probably have a history. Your presence is a negative. I may be haughty about my knowledge, but ultimately I am a constructive presence. You come to these boards to convince others to drink your kool aid, I come here to contribute. And thats the difference between us. That will always be the difference between us...which to you means that everyone must be a sociopath right? lol. Again I would bet you have a history and that is probably why the chip on your shoulder exists.

    Your sociopathic brother from another
  4. david

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    Do we have free will or are we pre destined? Can we act outside an event, or if it is our fate? The movie about the anti superheroes...was it the watchmen? dealt with that question really well actually. According to what you are asking then can a person suspend, change, or tempt fate in such a way that the law of averages has no affect? Thats interesting because you are posing the question in such a way that it is "smaller" than the matter of free will vis a vis fate.

    The truth is everyday people try to do things that tempt the averages, but they are usually gamblers, contrarians, etc. YET there are even people who have won lotteries with incredible odds TWICE! Speaking of which, I had a friend who played the numbers and was convinced that a system could be designed for making the odds in one's favor. Of course most would assume the odds are always random. In my opinion life on earth itself, measured against the life of the Universe, measured against what may have existed before the universe, is such an infintesimially small number, it makes one wonder just what the odds are for anything. Show me a civilization that has been around as long as the dinosaurs and their take on the odds, it might be quite different.
  5. Rose

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    No, that isn't what I meant.
    I don't believe in fate or predestiny.
    I believe in cause and effect.
    What I am referring to is altering effects.
  6. david

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    yeah I don't get exactly how you intend to do so. The second part of the post referred to altering effects based upon the odds, the first, the different intention via free will if we have it. Whats left lol?
  7. Rose

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    I am thinking I must add a caveat to my last post
    I am saying, in my experience, it does happen.
    I would like to hear from others who experience it.
    And, how do you justify altering effects of causes that place an occurence outside of The Law of Averages in a model?

    I would like to add a caveat to my previous post statements:

    Although i do not believe in fate or predestination for individuals...
    I am not certain that there may not be a larger fate or pre-destiny above that of the individual.
  8. Rose

    Rose Φ

    Well, no, not based upon odds exactly. And, It is not that I intend to do so. I am thinking we may be applying a completely different definition of the Law of Averages, yours being more patently scientific and Websterish. Please disregard my queries on this matter. I think I may understand you more clearly and have no further need to discuss this subject. This is fine,
  9. Chicodoodoo

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    Because you've known all along. I certainly didn't know it, but you showed us all quite convincingly.

    LOL! You remind me so much of Stephen here. You remember that, right, back at Atticus1.org? How vicious he was? How deceiving? How entertaining? How manipulative? And how sad it was to see such ugliness spew out of one human being...

    I didn't even know this forum existed until Rose told me about it maybe six months ago. Stephen had already been banned by Rose by then, for having stolen control of the forum from her.

    You just got here. Give yourself some time. But seriously, you got off to an immediate start in your very first post, trying to create a rift between Chico and the rest of the forum, remember? And you are still doing it even now! Such hypocrisy, David. You should be ashamed, but that ain't gonna happen.

    Where are you getting this nonsense? Can you provide a link to where I "dragged Rose into things"? How about a link to my "indignant response to Rose...'mom mom, David insulted me and hurted my feewings waa wa.' was also a give away". Are you all bark and no bite?

    That would be this post that triggered Shadowself's pre-planned attack against me. So you did study all that, as I mentioned earlier. Of course you did, because you are trying to succeed using the same strategy that she used, even pulling your son into the discussion. You sociopaths are really quite amazing.

    Chico is negative, David is constructive. Chico serves Kool-Aid, David contributes. Chico says everyone is a sociopath, David says David is a sociopath.

    So you can imagine how I am looking forward to the damning "history" you hope to dig up on Chico. Shadowself tried the same thing, even gushing online that she hit "pay dirt" on me! Why don't you conspire with her? That is, after all, the sociopathic thing to do. And you won't be the first sociopath to go that route. Zook, Andy, Ross/Pod, Richard, 9eagle9/Warponies, Stephen/Atticus, digitalindustry, and many more have all tried it. Digitalindustry (Kolin Evans) even created an account as Chicodoodoo on another forum to invent a history of malfeasance that he could blame on me! Now he was hard-core! Given your superior intelligence, David, I'm sure you can top him. Break a leg!
  10. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    I'm going to demonstrate why David is a liar (which is consistent with his being a sociopath), and I will also show how sociopaths construct their lies.

    David claims I accuse everyone I disagree with to be a sociopath. Not so. Sam Hunter came to Inphinet claiming to be a sociopath. I disagreed with his claim and presented Sam with evidence supporting why I did not believe him to be a sociopath. That is a clear example of me disagreeing with someone and not accusing them of being a sociopath.

    You will also note that I have had disagreements with Rose, the administrator of this forum, yet I have not accused her of being a sociopath. In fact, I have done the opposite -- I "accused" her of sometimes being too empathetic, particularly when dealing with sociopaths.

    Now let me show you how David's claim is a typical twisting of the truth, which is the way sociopaths lie. While it is not true that everyone I disagree with is a sociopath, it is true that I disagree with all sociopaths! Did you catch that distinction? Being a non-sociopath, it is inevitable that I will disagree with the perspectives of a sociopath! As Gemma would put it, empathic logic does not agree with psychopathic logic. A person of empathy will always, at some level, disagree with a sociopath. Why? Because their psychologies are incompatible.

    Probably not one person in ninety would see through this kind of truth twisting that sociopaths employ, which is precisely why sociopaths use it. All sociopaths do it, including right here in this forum, as clearly evidenced by Stephen, Shezbeth, Shadowself, UncleZook, and now David.

    Yes, David, I now agree with you. You are indeed a sociopath, as you have claimed from your initial post at Inphinet.