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    Have you ever looked in the mirror to check your appearance? Have you ever made a video in which you were the star? Have you ever performed on stage? Did you smell narcissistic self-entered deceptions at those moments? Is all narcissism bad, or just when it becomes excessive? How do you judge "excessive"?

    Because of the somewhat disingenuous nature of your critiques aimed at Peter Joseph, I am feeling that you may have an emotional bias against him. Can you identify such a bias?

    I am perfectly OK with the possibility that Peter Joseph may be trying to trick us, but I am not seeing any evidence for that, nor am I biased against that being the case. That's why your distaste for Peter Joseph is piquing my interest. What is really going on here?
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    If you carefully read and understand my posts #116, #117, #118, and the last line of #115, and recall previous PMs we have had, I have explained my bias against him. The mp3 audio in #116 is former InPHInet/Atticus1/Agora member (and longtime Stephen associate), George Ohwell (Dale from Avalon) from a commercial clip aired in an Atticus1 radio program I recorded years ago. The pictures are of a young Ohwell and the following clips are of OhWell's earlier band, the Chicago Typewriter. Do you not see the resemblance? Does OhWell's band mate not also look very similar to Joseph's Culture in Decline associate who conducted the Man on the Street Interview? Consider the band performance video was years earlier. Do you recall what you have stated about OhWell's writings? Do you understand now? I thought you were an observant person. Did you think I was just posting a musical interlude? Do you recall me telling you what I thought was happening?
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    So, to recap, Gemma brought in the idea of putting together a Global Awareness project about Sociopathy. The idea seemed exciting and I was all for it, Then, she posted Joseph's anti-capitalistic writings. You immediately stated "I could work with Joseph". I have now described why I could not. If that is to be the project, perhaps you should continue at United People. I am very serious that I would rather have nothing at all going on than be involved in something I do not fully support.

    You may certainly continue to speak about anything here. My participation is not necessary.
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    Wrong, yes, no.

    LOL! I thought you were digging into and displaying Peter Joseph's past! So that's Dale? I thought it was a young Peter Joseph! My apologies for not getting the message, but at least I was right that there was an emotional bias at play. I still don't have the same understanding of this bias that you do, since I don't have the background and experience dealing with Dale that you do, but at least now I have a vague idea of the problem. Thank you for spelling it out for me, because I was observing something else entirely (in error). And I didn't have a clue who George Ohwell was! A parody of George Orwell? Really, that went right over my head, probably because I am not good at remembering names. Dale going by George Ohwell just didn't make enough impression in my mind to warrant remembering it.

    I actually love this kind of embarrassing incident that so richly illustrates how difficult it is to communicate! I would have benefited from more explanatory information in your posts, as I have a bias against listening to wannabe performers. I'm still laughing at this!
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    I was attempting to be cryptic for a reason. I am suggesting the two may be one and the same person.

    Due to a continued affiliation with OhWell since original 18 group, Atticus1, Agora, Not Another Forum, InPhinet (until he left with Stephen after I moved it back to my server) and speaking with him on numerous occasions, wondering why he was so adamant he did not want his image or voice posted anywhere, or this name, and numerous similarities with Joseph's style and appearance, I began to believe he and Joseph may be one in the same person.

    Taking into consideration and examining close resemblances of many photos, his mention of male pattern baldness, his stories of his past, plus numerous similarities with Joseph's biography with place/name/date exceptions. Then, I realized his former band mate, too, bears a strong resemblance to another member of his video team in Culture in Decline. In addition to the "My Troffee's are Hot" commercial, OhWell once did a similar "eating a sandwich" bit in a radio test at Mark's first Atticus1 radio station. He also spoke of his background in advertising, musical promotion, early music training.

    OhWell was one of Stephen's closest confidants through all the years. He was constantly around, but always busy with other things and little was expected of him. He just popped in briefly to meetings most of the time. Stephen claimed they were in business together. Stephen claimed to be a screenwriter with a production company. Etc, etc, etc. Not to mention a very strong intuition throughout all this of how much was being hidden from me and how disingenuous all around him were. There is so much more that leads me to the conclusion of this possibility. It would take a considerable time to recount it all.

    Remember, the modus I have observed since Avalon, usually, is to have projects and sites under their control that do not have their name on them. When I mentioned extensive "courses" I was speaking of my study of all of these people I have been involved with since Avalon.
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    Then, there is this clue in consideration shirloc...

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    Well, why didn't you say so? Would've saved me a lot of confusion. LOL!

    I don't remember a lot about Dale's posts, and without Atticus1 being available for review, I don't have much to go on. I do remember that no one at Atticus1 ever made the kind of sense that Peter Joseph does. For that reason alone, I would guess they are not the same person, but it's just a guess, and I could be wrong.
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    Just to have a clearer understanding of this, may I summarize my admittedly poor observations of your reasons?

    • Peter Joseph reminds you of Dale (George Ohwell), a mysterious person associated with Stephen that you have dealt with across a number of forums. You strongly dislike Dale.

    • Peter Joseph finds flaw with the capitalist economic system, and you worked in the banking system for many years. You've seen enormous corruption in the banking industry from your insider position, but you think capitalism is a sound economic model, in principle.

    Those are the only two reasons I have come to understand so far. Are they accurate? Are there other important reasons I have missed?

    I ask because your reaction to Peter Joseph feels like a strong one, and it is usually important to ask what generates these strong emotions. I detected a similar reaction from you towards Steven Greer, and I wondered if there might be a connection there. I'm just being inquisitive here, trying to learn more about the human condition, with no ill intent intended.
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    You and I really are on quite different wavelengths. I do not strongly dislike OhWell. As a matter of fact, I have always had a fondness for him and respect for his many varied talents, including propaganda. But, as you know, I am on the out's with that group and have burned that bridge.

    I would like to ask, if it were true that Joseph is a long time associate of Stephen, and author of OhWell's writings here (content you previously harshly condemned) would you feel any differently about this? Would that fact matter? Would you still be hook, line, and sinker sold on him even after what you said about my gullibility for falling for that group's hype? Would that make any difference to you? Would you be willing to work with Stephen on a project even though you believe him to be a sociopath?
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