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    Apparently when you deconstructed Chicks Bromance partner, you went too far Rose. Stick to the message lol.

    Seriously as much as I laugh at Chick? He may sincerly believe that when you question the motives, when you deconstruct the experiences of an individual, and want to make these experiences relevant to the discourse, you are questioning his authority. I know its preposterous... as a quote unquote "normal" person I would also feel like someone was disparaging me as well, but its Chick...And thus there are two things he will never do:

    a) Admit he might be wrong...that in essence deconstructing a person's experience might bare on their motives...a rather plausible assumption and something that would seem to have to be true to one degree or another.

    b) Just apologize... because, the fact that he hurt your feelings is perhaps more important than being right and asserting power over the discourse involving his bromantic buddy. Chick probably does not have the empathy to know whats its like to feel like he often makes others feel when he has to be right and control the discourse at all times.

    The truth is that if this individual being discussed could not be essentially deconstructed in the basis of his experiences, with regard to his "message" he would not be human. One cannot evaluate a message in a vacuum! But alas this might be too much for Chick to understand, he is after all none to bright and in a bromance with a man with two first names.

    One of the best examples of this type of blindness is regarding one of the main proponents of the biggest contingency of the Flat Earth Society, (see edit) Eric Dubay. If anyone has eyes...one can see this man has so many characteristics of a disinfo agent. He is also a professional comedian (hint hint). The plausability of his stories is laughable...yet Flat Earthers want people to stay on message and declare this guy a genius. It is ironick because he is actually extremely talented! As an artist capable of recreating and restoring art he is a 1% er ! my cousin was an art restorer. Also as a lovable rogue with a sly grin and cigarette forever hanging from his lips...he is perfect disinfo! I am sure many of his followers have a bromance/Romance with him as well.

    EDIT: Have to apologize. When referring to Eric Dubay I was in fact talking about Mathew Powerland! Sloppy mistake, my apologies to the board. I changed the following: "One of the main proponents "(instead of proponent) to include Powerland.
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    Accusations of confirmation bias is a deception and manipulation that David uses regularly ( 1 2 ). His ploy is to discredit real supporting evidence (confirmation) by painting it as confirmation bias. This is an easy deception to accomplish, which explains why David employs it so readily. Take Donald Trump as an example, who is a bonafide sociopath. If you point out confirming examples of his sociopathy, Trump can accuse you of confirmation bias, and gullible people with a bias in favor of Trump will accept that as a legitimate defense, when in fact it is a deception and manipulation (because Trump really is a sociopath).

    Sociopaths are very clever and will readily twist psychological concepts like confirmation bias to discredit other psychological concepts like sociopathy. The idea of "fighting fire with fire" (or fighting real truth with twisted truth) appeals to them, as it is all just a game in their eyes, one they are determined to win. In their minds, they must win, as the success of their deceptions and manipulations depends on it.
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    Sociopaths also like to act deceptive by employing the very ploy they are accused of when attacking another or justifying their actions...two examples come to mind: Hillary Clinton lying as she is accused of lying to Comey and my very own fellow sociopath and dear friend Chico, who is now confirming through confirmation bias once again! that pointing out this ruse makes me a sociopath.

    Smart sociopaths tend to be a bit more circumspect and sneaky about doing this: this is one reason I have got the "Hillary is wicked smart" angle...No she isn't! She is just propped up and forced down our throats, hardly anything smart about the woman...and Chico? lol... My dear friend Chico would label a chair a sociopath if it bumped into him... and when the chair just sat their unencumbered by the burden of consciousness Chico would say with a grin "see sociopaths often remain quiet when caught up in a provovation they know they are responsible for...you bet chico!!! You bet!
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    I'm afraid Assange would beg to differ - @ 31:55

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    A lot of people think she is smart...he is entitled to an opinion and so is anyone else. I see no evidence of anything from her but having the backing of people who will murder, steal and destroy the credability of any one who tries to stop them. She is a cog in the wheel, just as the insider spoke about on Reddit. IMO they chose her deliberately because she is not very bright and will listen. She isn't even smart legally, as jean Piro pointed out she basically perjured herself in her bifurcated answer to the media regarding the emails...Comey could walk in and get her for perjury tomorrow based on her answers to the media. Yet people say she is a brilliant diabolical evil mind lol.

    Gemma I just reread this post and I want to be clear about something: I don't think my opinion is special...it is just my opinion. I don't want to sound like I am trying to confirm in some objective way something that is partially a matter of speculation. I just really do not see her intellect. Maybe I am missing something...it would not be the first time, just ask my dear friend chick.
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    Related to your post of the Assange interview, Gemma:

    Assange on latest leaks: Alleged Russian hackers not linked to Wikileaks docs (EXCLUSIVE)

    Buying Clinton "favors" via contributions to the Clinton foundation is the way it works in sociopathy world. Yep -- bribery, conspiracy, criminality, secrecy, deception, manipulation, power, and control. Naked capitalism. Naked sociopathy.
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    I am unsure the best way to proceed with my concern based upon an unemotional and unconcerned assessment of actions...

    When a person (Chico, who affirmed earlier here that he would not work with Joseph if he were an associate of Stephen) has an associate with numerous years of pertinent inside channel information suggest such a connection might, indeed, be the case chooses to continue onward full speed ahead into a proposed project, unconcerned, berating simple video material brought forward for review that might be useful for that associate to prove, or disprove the validity of that underlying legitimate issue of concern: Such an action is inconsistent with the mindset of a self-proclaimed "truthseeker".

    I will state again, I do not dislike George OhWell. On the contrary, I have always been rather fond of the young fellow. My motive is not to dish any dirt on him or his self proclaimed "performance art" work. My motive is to make certain I am never lured anywhere near Stephen or his close associates again.
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    With Chic it is his insistence that his sociopath Hammer means every problem is a nail. You cannot propose to seek truth when you evaluate every situation with a bias. You have to check yourself because this bias is ego. Self proclamation be damned.

    I sometimes listen to the reactionary radio shows because I know their bias...They don't think they have a bias anymore than Chic does. NOBODY thinks they have one do they?
  9. Rose

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    Yes. Bias can be quite amusing. I sometimes go as far as to peruse Huffington Post. In addition to giggles, nuggets of truth can be be found almost anywhere with an appropriate filter.
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    Rose, as far as I can tell, you have nothing but tenuous suspicions linking Peter Joseph to Stephen. You have been extremely vague in your presentation of any supporting evidence linking the two, so much so that I was confused by what you were trying to do. In the misunderstanding that resulted, you found apparent justification to accuse me of calling you a liar, which I did not do, and now you are implying that I am a liar for claiming to seek the truth.

    If you truly believe George Ohwell is Peter Joseph, by all means, present your case! Make the argument clearly and succinctly for all to see. I would encourage you to do so, as it is what I would do in your shoes. I will consider your evidence with all due diligence, as I would hope everyone would. The worst that can happen is that you will be proven wrong, and that is a good thing, as it gets us all a little closer to the truth. The best that can happen is that you will be proven right, and that is a good thing, as it gets us all a little closer to the truth.