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    In an interview with “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning, House Judiciary Committee Ranking member Doug Collins (R-GA) slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for conducting a partisan impeachment process when for years she ruled impeachment off the table.

    “There’s nothing compelling about this case. It’s definitely not overwhelming and the only interesting part about this is bipartisan was bipartisan against it,” Collins argued.

    “Here’s what changed: she looked at the field of the Democratic candidates I believe and said ‘uh-oh we’re gonna lose again in November next year. We’ve got to tag impeachment on him.”

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    Last Night: Sekulow "let me give you some facts"​

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    naailsWe don't believe you Adam naails

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    Trump is good at 3-D chess, but the year 2020 has brought another complication—impeachment—so I decided to draw a cartoon showing our president playing 2020-D chess.

    Led by Nancy Pelosi, the House Democrats have impeached our president and they did it without proper procedure, evidence or fairness.

    The Democrats wanted Trump removed even before he was inaugurated. Their expensive Russia collusion hoax dragged on for several years before it finally collapsed. They then immediately moved on to another lie. If they can focus a perpetual laser beam of negativity onto Trump, it will hurt his chances of reelection. Or so they think.

    Pelosi was on a recent episode of Bill Maher’s show and she used the word “Constitution” with every other breath. It was meant to distract us from what the House Democrats actually did. They trampled on our Constitution.

    Our country has many important issues that deserve our attention. Instead we’ll be focused on an impeachment trial in the Senate, thanks to the Democrats’ all-consuming Trump Derangement Syndrome. If the case can’t be thrown out right away, then the trial needs to end quickly.

    You lose, Pelosi. Checkmate!

    —Ben Garrison


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    The “Punchy” Bag

    We watched the Senate proceedings and to our dismay Adam Schiff once again spent way too much time repeating his loathsome lies.

    He’s despicable and so are his fellow coup-minded Democrats. They’re really shooting themselves in their collectivist foot on this. They never accepted the election of Donald Trump and they have contempt for millions of Americans voted for him. Schiff and Pelosi want to pick the president, whether we like it or not.

    The Democrats have become arrogant control freaks and they’ve gotten away with corruption for too long. It has been revealed that Joe Biden not only helped his son Hunter, but he also made sure largesse came to his brother as well as other members of his family. All these corrupt roads lead back to Obama, who conducted one of the most scandalous presidencies in American history.

    Oh sure, the mass media will gaslight us and say his administration was ‘scandal free.’ It was anything but. There was the ‘Fast and Furious’ guns to Mexican drug gangs scandal, the Solyndra scandal, the Benghazi cover up, the IRS scandal, Hillary’s email scandal, the Iran ransom scandal, the Uranium One scandal, as well as his spying on the Trump campaign, just to name a few.

    Any one of these scandals should have drawn impeachment, but the Democrat mass media covered for him at every turn.

    Schiff’s hypocrisy and bold-faced lies seem endless, but eventually he will face justice.

    The Constitution is on Trump’s side.

    —Ben Garrison
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    large bloc of Republican Senators reportedly skipped large portions of Wednesday’s impeachment trial, flouting Senate rules requiring them to remain in their seats at all times during the proceedings, according to journalist Michael McAuliff.

    “Just counted 21 empty seats on the GOP side of the Senate, 2 on the Dem side, a couple hours into [Adam] Schiff’s presentation. Some are just stretching their legs, but most are not in the chamber. Some of them have been out of there for a while,” McAuliff said.

    Just counted 21 empty seats on the GOP side of the Senate, 2 on the Dem side, a couple hours into Schiff's presentation. Some are just stretching their legs, but most are not in the chamber. Some of them have been out of there for a while.

    That means more than one-third of 53 Republican senators tasked with deciding the president’s fate all missed the same segment of the historic trial. Among those absent from the action “for a long time” were Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Bill Cassidy (R-La), and Jim Risch (R-Idaho).

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    Paul Sperry has done it again. The RealClearInvestigations journalist extraordinaire has spoken to witnesses who claim former National Security Council members Eric Ciaramella and Sean Misko discussed ways to “take out” President Trump in the days following his inauguration. This bombshell revelation adds additional context to the theory that Ciaramella is the Ukraine whistleblower and has been plotting to remove President Trump from office for years.

    According to Sperry’s sources:

    “Just days after he was sworn in they were already talking about trying to get rid of him,” said a White House colleague who overheard their conversation.

    “They weren’t just bent on subverting his agenda,” the former official added. “They were plotting to actually have him removed from office.”

    Misko left the White House last summer to join House impeachment manager Adam Schiff’s committee, where sources say he offered “guidance” to the whistleblower, who has been officially identified only as an intelligence officer in a complaint against Trump filed under whistleblower laws. Misko then helped run the impeachment inquiry based on that complaint as a top investigator for congressional Democrats.

    This will add fuel to the fire that if Democrats in the Senate are able to force witnesses to be called for the impeachment trial, Republicans should subpoena Ciaramella. There’s a clear case that can be made about the necessity of having him as an impeachment witness whether he is the whistleblower or not. This new information means if the GOP neglects to call him out of some misguided sense that doing so will open up a can of worms, they would be making a big mistake.

    As for Misko, who now works for House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, he can be bypassed. The real prize for Republicans to call would be Schiff himself. He’s the one who has been intimately involved in the investigation from the beginning, but if it is confirmed that he has been lying continuously about the whistleblower (as even the Washington Post claimed in their fact check), then his credibility as chief investigator for the House impeachment inquiry must be questioned

    In fact, the entire impeachment debacle should be summarily thrown out immediately if results of his investigation are deemed to have been manipulated. There’s plenty of evidence that it was, including recent revelations that evidence is still being manufactured.

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    Trey Gowdy: Unless you have new facts, people's opinions won't change

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