It's About Time for a Thread about Hollywood

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    Seems Like Ricky Gervais Golden Globe Monologue will be Good for Kicking this off. fffuunnttvv
    Pretty much explains things.

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    It was a desire for a space to place this video that led to creation of this collection.

    I quickly threw this altered meme together for utilization as a first anchor post, but changed my mind:


    The image really does express my true feelings, though.
    If time permits I have back up data.

    After viewing the Gervais Monologue I wrote the following.
    Then, deleted it as not front page pub material.
    Now, I have a place for it. :)

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    They want to IMPEACH Trump for any tiny slight
    And yet, they continue to spout off as if they are the saviors world decorum.

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    Hollywood rails all the time that Trump isn't nice enough...
    But, they want to CANCEL Vince Vaughn FOR MERELY BEING POLITE to Trump?
    Where are their PRINCIPLES? They are such HYPOCRITES!

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    Just watching a low budget early film noir hollywood movie based upon a true story about small town mob corruption.

    The amazing history of this movie is that is was financed by an actual US Senator who gives a narrative at the beginning of the movie (for a cut of profits and publicity). Due to the popularity of the film, this Senator, in reality, beat democrat POTUS Harry Truman in New Hampshire primary and caused him to drop out of the race while running for his second term. The juxtapositions of that story to our pertinent stories of today are poignant, from a hit on the whistleblower, to the mob having the highest comm tech of the era.

    Alert Patriots! One would have have to have experienced earlier eras to realize, in TIME, all floating elements equalize. 70 years from now, the essence of happenings could easily be the same with only fluffy nuances that differ, if not for our upcoming victory.