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    Film Industry News...

    A sci-fi film out of Germany has sparked controversy and severe backlash for depicting a relationship between an adult man and a 10-year-old robot designed to resemble his daughter. The outrage has prompted walkouts at several of the film’s screenings.

    “Titled ‘Trouble With Being Born,’ the film is programmed as part of Berlinale 2020, the annual film festival held in Berlin, Germany,” reports the Independent. “In the film, the child-like android, played by Lena Watson, 10, is seen calling her owner ‘Daddy.'”

    Though the movie features no graphic depiction of sex between the man and the girl sexbot, the implications are clear.

    “The android role was originally written for a 20-year-old actor, but after removing some of the more explicit elements, director Sandra Wollner decided to cast a child,” continued the report.

    People on Twitter have objected to the film as “pedophile propaganda” while certain outlets like The Hollywood Reporter (THR) have hailed it for its artistic merits, even going so far to call it a “hidden gem”. Wolner told the outlet she meant the film to be an antithesis to “Pinnochio” or Steven Spielberg’s “AI.”

    “What I found interesting about it is that we have an android whose only desires are the ones you program it to have,” she said. “I found it fascinating to show the perspective of the world through this machine that does not judge and does not care, and doesn’t need the meanings that we do.”

    Regarding the nude scenes featuring the 10-year-old robot, Wolner says they were created using CGI and permission from the young actress’s family.

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    2/9/20 At Academy Awards

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