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    A few weeks ago, someone wrote these comments:
    As I read this I thought to myself, I’m not experiencing the world this way.
    And wondered if perhaps it’s because I walk in nature so much.

    The second sentence grabbed my imagination. I felt there was something in that statement worth pondering.
    I decided to hold that statement in my mind and heart while on my walks.

    After a few days, a thought percolated into my awareness, “Life is a strange loop”. I kept getting this phrase during the night.

    On 16 February, I realized it was related to the statement that I had decided to hold in mind and heart while I walked.

    "Yet, at the same time, is is everywhere if we find a way to tap into it against all odds against us on this planet."

    I have two books on my shelves with the phrase “strange loop” in the titles.
    One by Joseph Chilton Pearce, a favorite author, titled, “Strange Loops and Gestures of Creation”.
    Another by Douglas Hofstadter, an interesting thinker, “I Am A Strange Loop”.
    The first book seems the more relevant to the statement pondered.
    I’ve started rereading both these books.

    I wish I had time to deep dive on them.

    That’ll have to wait until I’m finished with the Appalachian Trail thru-hike.

    There's a quote in Joseph Chilton Pearce's book that leaped out at me.

    "We are a billion heads and one heart."
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    Let's try this again. :) It's lovely to be in a space where I can b r e a t h e . . . . . . .

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    The decision to give a talk at Alamo, Tx reminded me of The Alamo... and NEVER GIVE UP.
    Those people fought til the very end. They never gave up.
    Remember this?
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    I think I'll share here something I wrote another person earlier today, who was feeling quite stressed and discouraged about what's happening.
    The criminal cabal media assets are working in overdrive. They are trying to control a narrative that they've already lost control of. Did you notice how many people showed up in Alamo TX? Karli shared a video of people cheering Trump on, one guy saying, "Keep fighting for us."

    Also, did you notice how calm and confident Trump is?

    There's been another blackout, this time in Iran.

    I think there is much more happening than what we can see.
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    You are a refreshing ray of light at twitter. With most everyone removed you are holding down the fort, standing in a gap that needed filling. You are just the right altitude so they may leave you alone. You alerted me to others who are still standing I was not aware of at a time when sources of into are getting very thin.
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    When I talked with my Mom yesterday, she had gone in to be retested for covid and the test came back negative. This released her to go back to work. Yes... she is still working at 79 years old. (sigh)
    She felt that the situation with my brother was handled for now?
    I'm 500 miles away from her, so I can't be there to see it for myself.
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    While I was still signed into Twitter, someone tweeted about this article by the Mozilla CEO.
    I went to Mozilla's Tweet of this article/blog post and read the comments below it.
    The backlash is HUGE. People are pissed off, including myself.
    I've used Firefox Mozilla as a browser for years. Reading that post, I decided to look for another browser.

    I started compiling a list of alternatives, not including Chrome since that is Google and I'm not going to use a Google browser.
    Then while on Gab last night, I realized that Gab offers a browser, Dissenter.
    On a spur of the moment I decided to download Dissenter to see how it worked.
    I have an extensive, intricately organized bookmarking structure, therefore I was concerned how transferring bookmarks into a new browser would work.
    Holy Cow... it worked like a charm. I'm using it right now.

    I'm not so sure we can get fully away from Google or Mozilla. If I understand it correctly, Dissenter was built on the Brave browser code, turning off various aspects of Brave. And I think Brave was built on the Mozilla open source code.
    When I searched for a browser theme extension/add-on I was linked into a Chrome store, which is Google.

    And the theme I selected popped up as downloading to Brave. I also looked at the video downloaders offered. Again, automatically linked to the Chrome store.

    I didn't have to sign into the store to download the browser theme. I don't know if that makes much of a difference?

    The Dissenter browser works slightly different than Foxfire. And while it was built on Mozilla open source code, and therefore has a Mozilla licenese, Mozilla's intrusive features have been cut off. And for now, I have more trust in Andrew Torba than the Mozilla CEO who thinks that deplatforming Trump is not enough.
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    I can't remember why I initially decided to sign into Twitter yesterday, but when I did, I ended up staying engaged in that process far longer than I anticipated. I usually just take a quick glance at various Twitter accounts I've bookmarked and move on with my day.
    In my experience, scrolling through a social media timeline is a Time Sink Energy Drain (TSED). I try to avoid it as much as possible.
    I think I wanted to support the people on Twitter who are still in the fight there. About 80% of my Twitter account bookmarks have been deleted in the past few months. X22 reported that 45 million accounts were suspended almost overnight. And its definitely one-sided in terms of political viewpoints.

    While there, I decided to look a bit closer at comments below posts. I also went into accounts who are rabidly anti-Trump, or who are parroting people like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and various blue check media assets bull-horning the cabal controlled media narrative. It's astounding how many people seem to have zero awareness of the depth of election fraud. Many people seem to think that life will go on as normal once Biden is in office. They don't comprehend the stakes involved here.

    And they were in virtual echo chambers, blissfully ignorant of their ignorance.

    I have a Parler account and a Gab account. Parler is glitchy, technologically. Gab is wonderful and very user friendly.

    Since I was already in the mode of getting a sense or a feel of how people are thinking and talking about what's going on, I decided to sign into Facebook and Gab. I ended up spending far more time in this process than I expected so I apologize for not getting back yesterday morning with the updates that I had planned to share with you.

    My sense of the flow of things is that while matters appear dire in the mainstream media outlets. People are just not buying into their bullshit. The Epiphany Day demonstrations demonstrate that they have lost their narrative control. It's done, they're TOAST, as Tore would say.

    Twitter's stock took a beating, yesterday. And people are fighting back. This is encouraging.
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    I wanted to share this video clip tweeted by Dan Scavino. I've pinned it to the top of most of my social media accounts, because in my mind, this is the biggest story of the week. One that is being glossed over by the amplified "Capital riots" rhetoric.

    It demonstrates how many Americans want an investigation into election fraud.
    I think the image you shared with the storm clouds and Mount Rushmore is also a great depiction of that.
    For me, it's a symbol of the American People standing up.
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    Good Morning Rose,
    First off, a very happy belated Happy New Year to you and yours.
    Thank you for holding the line in this space. Each of us does, hold the line, in our own ways, especially within the field of consciousness.
    A bit of news update from a personal level. Epiphany is also my anniversary. My husband and I took a long drive and spent a very peaceful and happy day together. We drove around Shiprock and came back to Colorado via the back road from Navajo Dam lake. The views on that drive were beautiful. I didn't take any photos. I think I'm going to have to go back some day with the intent of taking pictures.
    This was the first time we've made a point of trying to get as close as we can to Shiprock. Usually we just see it from a distance as we drive by on a nearby highway. We also drove a bit deeper into the Navajo Reservation, which was interesting, too.

    One thing I discovered about Shiprock that I haven't seen or heard of before is that there is what looks to be a wall 1000's of feet long, running from both directions (east/west) from Shiprock. In some places it appears to be 3 to 4 stories, or more, high. It looks completely different than the surrounding soil and terrain. I've heard that Shiprock itself is supposed to be a sort of fossilized ancient volcanic lava tube. But driving closer to it, it resembled the base of a fallen tree.
    This piqued my curiosity. I decided to learn a bit more about it. Here's a link to a bit more information:

    In this article they refer to what looked like a wall to me, as dikes.

    On an even more personal note, almost two weeks ago, my Mother, then a few days later, my brother, were diagnosed with Covid. My brother was admitted into the hospital. He had a mild case of pneumonia along with the covid. He's back home now, but there's a bit of crises coming to head within the family, I feel. My brother had a severe stroke back in 2009. He lost the use of his right hand, his right leg drags a bit, and he's never recovered his ability to speak clearly. He tries, but it's very difficult to understand him.

    He's been living with my Mom. And she's insistent on taking care of him, since 2009.

    When I came back from the Appalachian Trail, literally the day I stepped off of the trail, my brother started falling a lot. My mother is sickly and frail, she'll turn 79 this year. It was apparent that she could not help him get back up when he falls. A physical therapist was brought in, and he improved to some degree. And matters returned to normal.

    However, the first signs that he was sick was that he started losing his balance and falling, several times in one night. And the VA sent him home wearing an adult diaper and in a wheel chair. Physically, my Mom is overwhelmed. And she is still sick.

    Mom doesn't want to give up control of taking care of my brother, but it's become clear that she no longer can. We'll probably have to make some difficult decisions as a family, soon.

    There are two in-home appointments happening today, an occupational therapist and a physical therapist. Because both my Mom and my brother have tested positive with covid, when the home-health nurse came in on Tuesday, she wore what sounds like hazmat gear. I imagine it will be similar with the therapists.

    I'll pop by again in the morning with some more updates.
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    More from the book by JCP (Joseph Chilton Pearce), Strange Loops
    This is to weave into some thinking processes, later on, (across time)

    Sort of like feeling your way forward, or flying by the seat of your pants, by feel.

    'Feel' as a movement, does not readily translate into words, in a linear, or even a sequential, fashion. It transcends the constraints of our perception of time.

    The Tao comes to mind, a majestic random synergy that holds the potential to affect your life daily -- if you pay attention, with awareness.

    The Tao is often experienced as synchronicity, meaningful coincidences, serendipity, when we are aligned to it's highest purpose.
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    Parking this here right now, solely on the basis of intuition...
    (page 67, Chapter 6, Scientific Perspectives of Mind-Heart and Resonant Fields, Strange Loops and Gestures of Creation by Joseph Chilton Pearce)
    (journal note,6 July 2020)
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    An interesting aside, at least for me, is a poem by Antonio Machado.
    It's quoted at the beginning of the last chapter of Joseph Chilton Pearce’s book.

    Walker, your footsteps
    are the road, and nothing more.

    Walker, there is no road,
    the road is made by walking.

    Walker, you make the road,
    and turning to look behind
    you see the path you never
    again will step upon.

    Walker, there is not road,
    only foam trails on the sea.