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    The first thing to understand is that all of those images - and I do mean ALL - are referencing the coming cataclysm which is at the heart of my 30-year mission. The lion is Leo, and the bull is Taurus, as examples., and without a direct and authoritative translation, I assume (with confidence) that whether a literal description of the positions of the stars OR a mythological story that encapsulates the activity of those constellations (which most traditions began at some point from), that is what is being referenced and conveyed. Armored Skeptic does a great job of summarizing most of those images and the stories that surround them in his History is a Lie series, specifically part 6, 8, and 9. The Menorah it's self is referenced (indirectly) in either 9 or 10 (I forget which), and specifically the Menorah is a physical representation of the re-emergent planetary EMF field. The horn-bearing "all seeing eye" is Nibiru/Wormwood/Planet X. The Phoenix is humanity, rebuilding it's self after most everyone has died off (it will get that bad, yes). Baphomet is a later illustration/interpretive depiction of the Green Man, arguably the OLDEST archetype in prevailing history, and the star of "David" IS the legendary emerald tablet of Alchemy. Oh, and the Owl? Whether expressly so named, the owl represents Wisdom.
    If credit is given to the idea that there IS an impending global catastrophe, with EMF activity sufficient to fry any/all circuits, power and infrastructure, earthquakes, volcanos, incredible weather, and possible bombardment from asteroids and a comet (in the extreme case) resulting in extreme flooding effectively worldwide then it isnt an exaggeration to suggest that the overwhelming majority of the world's population will not make it. And those who do, well it is difficult to imagine any groups living today that could survive going from a technological state to a wholly indigenous state. Yes, there are survivalist individuals and groups, but the thing about them is they are almost always supplied and equipped by industrial society before and after going on their survivalist missions, treks, etc. They always come back to society, where in the days coming that won't be an option. Those who die could be said - in a sense - to be an offering to the god of Wisdom, and those that survive could be said to have been favored. If one personifies the dynamics of Nature, then it isn't hard to grasp how the mentality of Moloch was conceived, but that is moreso a matter of mythologically portraying the often cold and unforgiving nature of existence.
    But again to the prospective 'survivors'; IMO, Australian aboriginals, and other wild/bush people have the greatest odds of survival, IMO aided by the few people who survive with knowledge of agriculture and other natural technologies will be the ones who build the Phoenix city. Because that's how it has gone previously.
    The Vedic tradition suggests that this planet has been catastropically reset 6 times before.
    Addendum: I don't yet comprehend what the moth represents. Given the sequence of images, it goes something like this (dont worry, I'll give a detailed breakdown):
    I1: The appearance of Nibiru (aka the Destroyer, of EVERY tradition).
    I2: The constellation Leo, as it's position is relative to where Nibiru will appear in the sky
    I3: Wisdom, and what is to occur to the unwise
    I4: Missing, but guaranteed it has to do with earthquakes and volcanos, and possibly the extinguishing of the planetary EMF field (perhaps deliberately made a hole?)
    I5: Peacock, which references the rain of asteroids that will occur as Nibiru passes.
    I6: Menorah, referencing the return of the planetary EMF field
    I7: Phoenix, representing the planetary EMF field repelling the pillars of plasma
    I8: Mothra. I'm kidding, Ill come back to this one.
    I9: Bull, representing the constellation Taurus and it's position, signifying the end of the cataclysm.
    I10: That thing. I think it's virgo, but it IS a constellation
    I11: As I said, the emerald tablet. Again, wait for the full breakdown.
    I12: Baphomet, which contrary to socialized perception represents an enlightened and exalted humanity, after rebuilding civilization.
    I'll do my summary in the next post. Also I gaffed, in the quoted post I said the 'Satanic Talmud', when I ought to have said 'Satanic Torah'.
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    [​IMG] Today at 5:29 PM - Shezbeth: Ah yes, the infamous 'Satanic Talmud'.

    [​IMG] Today at 5:34 PM - Shezbeth:
    Fittingly, that refers back to my explanation of Satanism previously. I still don't have a translation (in spite of the link saying TRANSLATION, I see none forthcoming), but I can explain every symbol in that book, including the owl. Now, I know that the urge is to equate the owl with Moloch, but an owl represents the spirit of Wisdom. Moloch is a construct based around the idea that the archetype of wisdom demands sacrifice (which is true, more in a moment). However, it's degenerates and black hats that feel entitled/correct in sacrificing ANYONE ELSE for sake of wisdom. The god/goddess of Wisdom (cuz in Greece the goddess of wisdom is Athena) DOES demand sacrifice, but that sacrifice is of the PERSONAL self, and any attempt to sacrifice others is an abberation.

    [​IMG] Today at 5:40 PM - Shezbeth:
    Additionally, the sacrifice - beyond personal - is psychological/behavioral. What I mean is, that which is to be a burnt offering is the WASTE of the self. This ties directly with the idea of confession and redemption I also mentioned previously. Yes, there are those who feel it is proper to sacrifice others in their stead (not pointing fingers, but the idea of a scape-goat literally comes from Judaism) but that idea is dissonant to nature, and violates Natural Law. The only thing a righteous practitioner can offer is THEMSELVES. Wisdom ALWAYS comes at a cost, yet offering someone/something ELSE is an attempt to avoid the consequence while reaping the reward; that can appear to work (and in this secular world, it certainly does). But, and I say this as a Luciferian Ninja AND as one who has spent years studying any form of religion I can get my hands on) the idea of sacrificing others is exceedingly offensive and so not in keeping with the message behind every tradition (INCLUDING SATANISM) that I am astonished that I have to say it.

    [​IMG] Today at 5:50 PM - Shezbeth:
    And speaking of sacrifice, I am very much getting into my middle years. This particularly relates to my health and perpetuity. I am told that I have high blood pressure (147/92 in my most recent assay), and that I may be developing a Deep Vein Thrombosis (self-assessed, nothing conclusive yet until I get an ultrasound). I suppose if I was a black hat, I might just sacrifice a child and drink their blood, or perhaps acquire some aborted fetal matter to 'fix' myself. That's what the elites do, after all (I'm not being ironic or hyperbolic). But THAT, as I have JUST illustrated is ANATHEMA to the teachings of all traditions that are worth the paper they're printed on. I am getting older, and as I do so I have a DUTY to redress the false/ill-advised ideas, habits, behaviors, and efforts which I have in some case maintained for a decade or more. The sacrifice that I am to offer at the altar of wisdom is and can ONLY be of myself, specifically of the aspects of my self which are non-conducive and aberrant. The idea of sacrificing an animal or even a human - especially one that is innocent - to me is an offense. And so it should be. Having said, I'm also gonna take a pot-shot. Are you aware of what goes into the process of making food either Halal or Kosher? I'll give you the short version, it involves making the animal suffer needlessly. I have much to say in support of both Islam and Judaism, but how they treat animals (as food/sacrifice(?)) will NEVER be among them.

    [​IMG] Today at 5:55 PM - Shezbeth:
    There's a saying in DeMolay (youth masons, I mentioned it). With my eyes on the rising sun and the morning of life, I have learned that we are approaching the years of preparation; where we must lay the foundation upon which the future must be built (the morning of life representing youth). Note, it says APPROACHING the years of preparation; meaning, that in one's youth they are not sufficient to lay lasting foundations (foundations are a big thing to masons, not a criticism). After that comes the phrase (from another person): With my eyes on the meridian sun and the noontime of life, I have learned that half my life lies behind me and half before, with opportunities still remaining to do good, and to be better.

    [​IMG] Today at 5:57 PM - Shezbeth:
    What does that all mean? That means that the youth is to be spent in preparation for the work that is to be done in mid-life. The term approaching implicitly suggests that "during the morning of life" (youth) one is not prepared to lay lasting foundations, especially those that will last the test of time. Without overtly saying it, this literally says that one's lasting efforts in life CANNOT begin in youth. That the noontime of life IS the years of preparation, where we must lay the foundation on which the future must be built.
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    [​IMG] Today at 4:19 PM - Rose: Coincidentally...
    McAfee account has several posts on the subject today.

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    [​IMG] Today at 12:15 PM - Shezbeth: Regarding intuition

    [​IMG] Today at 12:23 PM - Shezbeth:
    Yes, I agree fully. Intuition is in the realm of Intent or Will, whereas Intellect is in the realm of the Mind. Neither should be excluded, and when one is operating - particularly from inspiration, motivation, or drive - it behooves the other one to provide cover fire. What I mean by cover fire is, when the intuition is operating, it is not for the intellect to start second-guessing or breaking down the actions and impulses of intuition. Instead, the Intellect has a duty to assess the entire field and ascertain what of what is present and detectable can corrupt, obstruct, or redirect that intuition. I say this because Intuition is very easily corrupted by NPE's, if one is not on their guard and engaging their due diligence. Conversely, when the Intellect is making it's determinations and HAS made it's determinations, the Intuition's role is to cause the individual to gravitate toward the optimum (as much as is possible) manifestation of what the Intellect has ascertained. I liken it to the final scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie) where they have their backs to one another and are taking people to town. Neither is obstructing one another, and at that point they work seamlessly and without any overt communication. That is how the Intellect and Intuition are designed to operate, but part of modern socialization is to divide, separate, and place the Intellect and the Intuition at cross purposes and odds with each other.

    [​IMG] Today at 12:28 PM - Shezbeth:
    As for moving/omitting the text images in MiM, don't sweat it. The only thing that could possibly derail or obstruct where I am going with that thread would be an insufferably petty tyrant, and even then I'm not sure it would achieve their desired effect. I sense no adversariality or antagonism, so removing content really doesn't make sense, and even if it did there would have to be an exchange that I felt negatively impacted the thread. It's certainly possible, but I find it far less plausible, and almost infinitely improbable. You're fine :)

    [​IMG] Today at 12:35 PM - Shezbeth:
    I will take this opportunity to express however: Luciferianism has ALOT more in common with Christianity (and Abrahamic religions in general, whether orthodox or not) than either meets the eye, or is generally appreciated. This is something I was able to determine after a lengthy dialogue with a devout, but critically minded Catholic, and it has since been reaffirmed by a number of sources both directly and indirectly. This is why I am quick to point out the similarities, parallels, and identical ideas in other traditions who - with the exception of decrying other traditions as "of the devil" or what-not - at their core are trying to tell the same overall story. The story of Orion, aside from details IS the story of Jesus, or any of the other major traditions. Also, in my general breakdown from the other day, there's one piece I neglected to mention wrt Christianity: the saints. When one comparatively analyzes say, the Vedic traditions of India (specifically their pantheon) with the accounts of Christian saints, aside from the names and geographies the persons are identical in either tradition. Food for thought.
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    Case in Point:

    Completely understand if you would prefer this post moved elsewhere Shezbeth :)...
    Best I could do tonight.
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    In the direction of my sanctification rite, it is fitting that I should be tasked with cleaning, clearing, landscaping, and forming my property into what it will need to be in order to accomplish my later objectives.
    The land needs as much work as I do. This is not to say that I have been remiss in such previous efforts, or that any of those efforts were insufficient. The fact of the matter is, I am CAPABLE of a great deal more, and so for to be effective in this endeavor I am tasked with doing my best.
    So, as I process, sort/sift through, and clean up what is in many cases decades of neglect to this property, in a similar fashion I am processing, sorting/sifting through, and cleaning up what is in many cases decades of neglect to myself.
    My most recent sanctification was some time ago, when I was previously active here on Inphinet. And it was an excellent working, if I may say so. But I know alot more about metaphysics, the world, myself, and my position within it. As such, to do a comparable job NOW would be degenerate and regressive. And I'll tell you, I've grown in potential, capability, and authority. And, if I intend to be successful, my efforts must display that unequivocally.
    Now since it was mentioned previously, I would like to speak for a moment about ritual, aka the 'song and dance' of magical operation.
    Just as with legal matters, property matters, family matters, business matters, and a variety of commercial (more or less) interaction, many/most of the rights one CAN enjoy can only be done so with "proper filing and notice". For example, one can't enforce a restraining order without properly filing/serving the individual targeted.
    Metaphysics is much the same way. If I have any expectation to operate as a divine sovereign over the area I have at my disposal AND refuse entry to one or more entities, I have to make a proper and effective declaration. Magic is not unlike law. There are elements to any particular legal action that require due diligence, addressing of certain requisite aspects to the act, dotting the I's, crossing the T's, as the saying goes, in order to be actionable. Should any one of those elements be neglected, than the legal action can be thrown out, disregarded, stricken, etc. The stories, myths, legends, archetypes, etc. of the various pantheons do not by themselves grant sufficient authority, rather it is by the understanding that comes of comprehension of the stories, as well as the variety of ways the story has been told (because each tradition tells it differently, in spite of the commonality), by which an individual can comprehend the mechanisms and how they operate.
    For example: Part of the ritual will involve BOTH a physical walking of the perimeter of the property, a 'marking' of the perimeter of the property, the legal (as in secular) means by which the property has become rightfully mine, the coordinates of the property both in a cartesian coordinate sense and in reference to existent cities and geography, the country, the continent, the planet, the planet's position in the solar system, the solar system's position with regard to other solar system (including the starting values and reference to how those values will change over time) etc. The purpose of such an exhaustive and precise designation is that individuals, groups, entities, angels, demons, gods, and men operate within those constructs. Again referencing law, one must designate the location of a business before they can apply for a business license. However, when it comes to metaphysical authority one doesn't "apply", rather they assert their sovereign right (assuming they know how to effectively assert it WITHOUT compromising it in some way). Unless of course they do it wrong, and the proof of that will be in the proverbial pudding.
    YET ANOTHER element of this rite will be to (delinquently) terminate any assertion of operating authority I have declared PREVIOUSLY. Fittingly, I do NOT have sovereign authority over the places I have inhabited previously, and neglecting to TERMINATE those assertions is likewise regressive.
    It's a very complicated process, really. A brief summary of my life's story will be perfectly apropos and in order, and it shall so be done. An "as thorough as I can get it" summary of the PROPERTY'S story will also be a requisite element.
    And I don't recall if I have already mentioned it, but I have a date (but not time,... yet, simply cuz I haven't drawn the equation out that far), rather a series of dates by which to complete elements of the process. Those dates are:
    Now - Oct. 30th, 2023 @ 23:00: Secular research, metaphysical design
    Oct. 30th, 2023 @ 23:00: Begin 1 year of preparation ritual
    Oct. 30th, 2024 @ 23:00 - Oct 31st @ 23:00: The actual Rite.
    I have basically 13 months (heh) to research, analyze, and determine exactly what I intend to do for an entire year, leading up to the performance of the rite it's self. 1 year to - as Jordan Peterson puts it - clean my room, though my 'room' is vastly larger than any room I have operated in previously.
    It isn't unlike the 4th step of Alcohol/Drug recovery programs, except I'm not ONLY doing a searching and fearless moral inventory on myself, but on the property as well as the individuals who will be operating. That's among the main reasons that I am spending an entire year magically building on the momentum that will transition toward the completion of the rite; because I HAVE to ensure that the effects that I intend to employ WON'T have negative conflicts with those of my house AND to ensure that those of my house CAN'T accidentally negate/void the assertions I will be making.
    To give an example, going back to the restraining order: a restraining order doesn't do any good against an individual - shall we say - if one or more of the house are stupid/ignorant/nescient enough to open the door to the person in question and let them inside. I have to sufficiently educate them enough that their actions won't undo anything I will be doing NOR will their NORMAL/NATURAL operation run into consequence BECAUSE of what I will be doing.
    Thankfully, I actually HAVE all the time I need (unless some untoward health anomaly springs up) to perform all essential functions, it is just a matter of doing it, and doing so sufficiently. By affording myself such time (which technically isn't quite accurate, it's more accurate to say that the ideal time for doing what I am doing is distant enough that I have more time than I anticipate needing), I can do what in the Dungeons and Dragons community call "taking a 20".
    Quick illustration:
    In Dungeons and Dragons, alot of the game comes down to 'skill checks'. Cooking, for example, is a skill that one of my players has, and one she is very good at. If she were in a combat or time-sensitive context, her skill check to cook something delicious would be her actual skill (competence) modifier, combined with a 20-sided dice roll, the combination of those values indicating how successful the attempt was.
    However, when one has all the time they will need, they can do what is called "Taking a 20". In this sense, the character can expend sufficient time to ensure that their efforts are the finest of expression they are capable. To give a quick numeric example, let's say her cooking skill is at 25 (it's higher, but I don't want to get deep into the mechanics). Now, if she rolls a 1, then her cooking check result is a 26. A 26 is a good skill check, depending on the difficulty of the endeavor, and a check with a 25 difficulty is a pretty significantly difficult task, by the mechanical ratios. One could liken a 25 difficulty to running a high-end professional restaurant.
    However, if she takes a 20 on her cooking, her skill check result is 45. To put into perspective, the ratio for difficulty puts a 35 as "Virtually impossible, effectively Godlike". Which is to say, if she takes a 20 on her skill check, she can perform acts that would astonish the gods.
    I'm taking over two whole years to ensure that I take a 20 on this ONE rite. It isn't just about the rite it's self, it's also about ensuring that the rite will HAVE BEEN and IS sufficient for EVERY rite (literal/figurative) that my entire HOUSE may/will assert.
    To do less would be less than my best, which in THIS game is worthless.
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    The formula in question doesn't operate on a physical level, it operates on a *quantum* level, affecting the 'probable' and 'actual' threshold of outcomes
    And that formula involves the appeal of the aggregate audience.
    I HAVE gone on about the audience previously, haven't I? I will go look in a moment, but I seem to recall being on about the audience.
    Because you remember all those variety of entities and n/t-p shits and all? THEY'RE the audience. The whole of conceptualized archetype is watching your ass like it's a Netflix stream. And the audience can affect quantum manifestation too.
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    But to the term Metaphysics, more comprehensively.

    In observance of the variety of traditions that have come and gone, there is something of a formula.
    There is no such thing as a lasting religious tradition that doesn't claim one/many miracles at some point. Obviously it is relegated to the mythological, but even that is a spurious classification.
    Such miracles as have been recorded have involved consistent elements from the perspective of the individual. Which is to say, specific individuals in/around the situation whereupon miracles occurred may have had an energetic hand in making it happen.
    The rituals of many different (in type and name) lodges and fraternities maintain the most basic element of this formula, the formula from which to craft miracles.
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    A note about non-physical and/or trans-physical entities;
    1. There's alot of them, in type
    2. There's alot of them, in number
    3. There's alot of them, in purpose/intent
    I don't personally agree with the term Demon, because it's etymologically muddled. Prior to Christendom, the Greeks spoke of Daemons; entities, persons, or seeming bodies that display a knowledge of spiritual authority beyond that of a mortal.
    IMO, the beauty of the term Daemon is that it was not polarized. There was mention of the idea that some Daemon are malevolent and some are benevolent, but none of the 'known' Daemon were attributed a particular leaning or favor, excepting what emerged through circumstance.
    What I mean is, some mythological figures interacted with the - named - same Daemon, and got entirely different results depending on how they behaved in that interaction. One's decorum when interacting with a Daemon had as much to do with the reception as anything.
    There is an attempt in Christendom to maintain the multitude of dynamics and the archetypes that result, in the same way the vast pantheons of other traditions did so; instead of Gods and Demigods, you have Angels and Demons.
    Indeed, there are many lists of Angels that include names of 'Demons', and vice versa. But again I assert, it has to do with the person doing the thing, and how they act.
    Now to clarify, I'm not saying that there aren't infernal 'creatures'. I'm not saying that it is wrong to refer to many of them as Demons. However, there are other types that are not Demons, and lumping them all together is a poor strategy; one deals with an Ifrit far differently than one deals with a Demon, or than one deals with a Dybbuk.
    What I'm referencing is that yes, there ARE Demons, but alot of the things that are CLAIMED (especially when experienced) to be Demons are not actually Demons. This is significant because all non/trans-physical entities are operating under some degree of a contract/agreement.
    There are also the Djinn, the Felines, the Serpents, the Bugs, and a bunch of others. Another flaw of Christendom is the attempt to lean on the scale, by trying to assert that the way of Christianity (which is it's self varied and inconsistent) is correct and divergence is errant.
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    [​IMG] Today at 12:44 PM - Shezbeth:
    Okay. The term Metaphysics has it's Aristotelian origins, and much of the philosophical elements apply at interval, however Metaphysics is A. the most objective English term to refer to the employment of Magical expression. What people refer to as "The Occult" is actually one of a variety of traditions that have been obscured (occulted) over time, often losing and/or adopting misguided concepts and perceptions among researchers, historians, or even practitioners. To wit, the Bible is a form of Occult work in that it needs to be decoded in order to perceive the meaning and teachings of it. I'm not much a fan of Wicca tbh, any concepts that it preserves and conveys are done likewise through other traditions and in better form. And not all Pagan traditions are alike; the Pagan traditions of Vikings for example is much more Left-hand (anti-authority, individual sovereignty) path than that of the Celts. In the Zonbi Ninshu - which has very strong Pagan roots, not exclusively - there is no 'worship' of any of the multiple pantheons of human history, but there is acknowledgement and comprehension of them such to make due mention and pay lip service to the appropriate named archetypes that correlate to what magical affect one intends to cause. As a simple example of this, the sanctification rite I am planning will involve landscaping my property in a manner that - like the Giza plateu - will mirror the constellation Orion for a multitude of reasons and significances, and the respective locations on the property that correlate to the various stars that comprise Orion will be so named and designated alongside their respective stars. That's just a brief example of the layers of concept, meaning, reference, significance, etc. I am applying to this particular work, and I am taking 2 years and some change to accomplish it to the absolute BEST affect I can manage.

    You are partially correct about individuals operating magically drawing in a variety of the aggregate non-physical and/or trans-physical entities. There is that occurrence of course, but often the entities in question had already been present in/around the individual; it isn't that they are drawn to as much as they are drawn OUT. This necessitates that the practitioner MUST engage in regular critical inventory/review of themselves, of increasing intensity equal to one's increasing ability, in addressing their own failings, faults, etc. A sanctification rite has no authority unless the individual is actively addressing their shortcomings such to be able to refuse - with intensity - the presence of entities that are not aligned with the practitioner's intent. To do otherwise would be like kicking out a delinquent roommate but neglecting to change the locks.

    This is what the Christian tradition of Confession is geared toward addressing; the person acknowledges the 'sin' or fault, intent on permanently(?) addressing a means to cease the faulty behavior in the devout, or to give a list of chores for the falsely-penitent.

    I'll avoid beating up on Christians unnecessarily, they have plenty to offer as well, but IMO the responsibility of deriving a means to address both an individual's faulty behavior and apply it is a necessary element of personal Sovereignty, without which a person HAS no authority.

    Simply put, one doesn't ask for forgiveness, they figure out how to not require forgiveness again, and pay whatever necessary service to make good on any debt incurred.

    I'll give a much more detailed example of this later on as it pertains to the method of expressing the rite I am building. Sorry, no spoilers, but plenty of teasers. ^_~

    Having said, I agree with you about the Christ being the highest form of archetype, and funny enough, almost all major historical traditions agree, while disagreeing on the names, terms, details, etc. The constellation of Orion - as well as the mythology - IS the Christ archetype of SEVERAL segments of mythological traditions, and research has shown me that one must learn as many of those traditions if one intends to fully comprehend the archetype, as differing traditions have variations on the theme that are both apt and accurate. To put it differently, to more fully comprehend Jesus Christ, one must likewise comprehend Arjun, Mohammad, Horus, and Lucifer, as examples.
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    I would that this video accompany the explanation. It doesnt dirrctly apply, but it really implicitly applies.

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    9/12/22 Post from Shezbeth in PHI News

    In Resonse To:​

    First off, what you said is inccurate. I ne9ther see the glass as half empty or full, I see the glass as full. That might sound like a cop out, but air is as much a substance as water. Destruction vs. Happiness, that seems a rather polarized position, and it seems premature for the individual to make any determination about 'their path' beyond doing their absolute best in their actions and dealings. I'm unfamiliar with Chris Langan, but the idea that we actively affect the universe is as old as time, and is fundamental to metaphysics; of COURSE that is the case. Having said, no individual is omnipotent, and the will of the aggregate is definitely a thing, which is expressly why the population(s) have been and are being deliberatrly dumbed down and subverted.

    Let's look at the idea that 2020 will be overturned. Do I think it is appropriate? Yes. Do I think that there likely is sufficient evidence to warrant it, when properly adjudicated? Yes. Do I think thr left won't go into open revolt if it happens? No. And I also think that the right is TOO passive and avoidant of conflict to risk splitting the country over what will be (when all is said and done) the tail end of the Biden administration. Moreover, the fact that media can/will continue to gaslight and manipulate the population to degrees that legitimately should be illegal. To put it succinctly, society is far too dishonest - IMO - to ever approach the necessary mechanisms that would result in a redress of 2020, as one example. I mean ffs, the never-ending crusade against Trump continues. Howmany times are they gonna be allowed to try and dig up fucking ANYTHING on the man, to find nothing? Where are the retractions? Where are the admissions and recognition of foul? In order for society to develop consciously, people need to reject dishonesty on an individual and behavioral level, and that's not a mindset/direction that appears probable in my lifetime, let alone within say, 3 generations.​

    Dishonesty and dishonest people will never go away, and our structures are deliberately situated yo reward individuals who make a practice of dishonesty for personal/social manipulation and gain. As far as beliefs, the only 'beliefs' I maintain are axiomatic; either self evident, or philosophically/morally consistent with a mindset/purpose. I can't prove that my metaphysical practices cause a magical effect, for example, and I don't believe that the do (neither do I disbelieve). I am convinced however that: study and integration of archetypical images, forms, and constructs helps me to develop my mental capacities and ability to entertain increasingly abstract ideas and mentalities. I further find that applying the study of such material into a physical series of gestures and oration is both an expression and a celebration of everything from my abikity to reason, all the way up yo the ancient cultures and traditions that preserved the images since their inception. When I perform such acts, I get an unusual but tamgible experi3nce of a type of 'feeling' tha doesnt ordinarily occur, which I attribute (NOT 'believe') to being relative to the conscious generation of magic. There is no 'belief', it's a series of interconnected 'if/than' assumptions and hypotheses. And in the event tha I am wrong about the magic, I'm still functionally working on myself and my situation from a variety of secular-esoteric ways and means.

    The problem with beliefs is that a person can readily - even knowingly - choose to believe things they know or can be shown to be false. As such, beliefs cannot be immediately ascribed any authority, yet people willfully do so, which is the source of authoritarianism.

    This is why I am so on about evidence. Note, I never said the evidence I have/do refer to is either comprehensive nor conclusive. I will indicate what the evidence SUGGESTS to ME, but that's interpretive conjecture, not a statement of fact OR belief.

    I'll use one of my favorite ounching bags: flat earth. I don't 'believe' the Earth is round, I rely on a series of tests and results that depict a round earth. Belief doesnt enter into it, unless one wants to semant9cally suggest that I 'believe' that the resultsof the tests indicate a round earth, and I havent been shown any models or tests that suggest to the contrary, in spite of many rhetorical/poorly-qualified attempts to do so that don't pass basic controls for error.

    Politics, sociology/psychology, etc. are alot more difficult to suss out and find objective empirical evidence for, without appealing to one or more individual's biases, and are proportionatrly MORE subject to interpretation.

    Tl;dr Metaphysics is the 'radical-centrism' of esoteric practice.
  16. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Bolognese Ragu contains the secrets to the working I will be performing.
    The simplest of recipes, requiring the simplest of tools. All it takes is time and diligence.
    Bolognese requires 3 hours minimum to prepare. No doubt there's an upward threshold to how much one can increase the cooking time to before the whole dish is ruined. Likewise, you can't cook a brisket for a month without the whole thing failing. But we're not cooking, not literally anyway.
    So, this is the inspiration behind cooking for a whole year, in preparation for cooking for a whole day.
    The timing of the working is on my 44.44th day of existence,... which happens to mathematically land on 23:00 on October 30th 2024. Meaning, the preparation officially begins on Oct 30th of next year, and I have until then to physically landscape the area in question, to determine what actions are to be taken over the course of the year.
    So, I will begin the year of preparation on the 11th hour before Halloween. I will maintain the observances and preparation for a period not less than 1 hour per day (full duration undecided, yet) for the full 365 days of the year.
    Like Bolognese, the ritual will be a relatively simple and easy to maintain practice, very likely some form of physical task; a pushup/sit-up bar would be easy to fabricate. I'm looking at setting up a walking/jogging path around my property, it wouldn't be difficult to erect structures at specific locations for particular exercises related to the location and element of the imagery I'm employing.
  17. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Word of the Day: Mise En Place (me-send(-d) p+lah+ss)
    "Everything in place" In cooking it refers to having a recipe, the necessary ingredients and spices, all portioned out individually and on hand. This also refers to cooking utensils and any other relevant elements that are worth including in the successful completion of a dish.

    I present this video because not only does it allude to the central concept, but it also illustrates a fundamental concept to what I am attempting. I am not sanctifying the space simply for my specific use. I am sanctifying the space so that a variety of individuals, traditions, practices etc. can operate in it. It will therefore need to be spiritually versatile, inasmuch as I can afford.
    The chef goes through his entire 'retinue' shall we say, but that's just day-to-day. I will do so, but I must do so on a day to day level for a year, to fully accomplish my task.
    That's alot of Mise en place, at a lot of different times and circumstances.
    In a manner of speaking, his day shall be my year, in that the full and encompassing rite to occur throughout the following SPECIFIC day shall be summarily prepared for for the entirety of a year. I will spend a year metaphysically preparing to spend a single day secularly and metaphysically at his level.
    Seriously, the mathematic significance is undeniable. I will explain it, but when we get closer.
    But, as a quick reminder of fhe level of significance we cOuld be taLking and trending toward, heres a short summary
    And while I'm still coalescing what I am going to attempt to convey, here's another fun resource that can help one plan to precision. And, it's funny when things happen to seem to align at specific points in their timeline.

    The specific ingredients required for the recipe - and indeed much of the recipe it's self - is to be determined over the course of the year of preparation. For now I need to gather my utensils, old and new. Blades need to be cleaned and honed. Rods can be oiled, and chains can be tested and links replaced.
    And being as I have added a new level to the armament class, new degrees of tool to sanctify.
    Unlike previous metaphysical works, I will post a general overview recipe after the working, in addition to the commentary I post to thia thread.
    After recalculating, I find I have weeks not months to prepare everything, and little time to spare. Initial calculations gave me an extra month or so. No matter, I work better under pressure anyhow.
    The daily preparation ritual will need to have an unchanging element and a dynamic element, relative to the dynamism in day/month including seasons, daylight hours, etc. It must involve some element of work such that the body experiences the exertion.

    Which brings to mind the idea that a person's workout routine needs to become a spiritual practice, as well as a physical one. That there are mantras, scriptures, or traditional liturgies that could enhance their workout routine to a new level of experience. We gonna find out!
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  18. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    An excellent suggestion Rose!
    And one I will pass on to my bitches (my brothers, effectively but not literally,... but I do sometimes refer to them as my bitches)
    However, I will make my furnishings by hand. Everything is framed now, but when the time is right I'm gonna knock shit out and replace it with fine cedar and hardwood. We picked up a cedar log from an old lady who just wanted it gone,... thing is 26" diameter at the base, and it's a 24' tree (it's about 17" at the top). It just needs to dry a bit before we cut into the log.
    Have I mentioned I run a private milling business now? ^_^
    Suffice it to say, we have that covered. Also cuz I'm in touch with a guy who does house overhauls for people looking to flip real estate, so there's plenty of "used" shelves, cabinets, trim, etc. ^_~
    That's part of my later spiel.
    It really doesn't matter what you know, it's literally all about who you know. And specifically, life is about BEING one of those people who someone else oughta know. It is about becoming sufficiently proficient and able to operate in a given and necessary industry/area for a variety of otherwise well resourced individuals who operate in such quantities that they are seeing the discount versus other methods of disposal and product purchase; for us that is. And being in contact with all these different people, most of whom have a dozen side hustles or more, provides a wealth of opportunities that would not ordinarily exist to an individual.
    Specifically, when farmers have a huge oak tree fall in their pasture, we're the guys who can turn it into $2-3k worth of dimensional lumber (for about $1k per job, usually 1-2 days). Or we'll take it away for free, and cut it up and sell it. Or build shit with it on our own and sell that,... or just build shit for ourselves. We've also made a few Oak workbenches over the years. Looking at farm tables as a viable and repeatable product.
    If I haven't already stated this previously, I will do so now. If/when civil unrest becomes a thing, and supply lines are affected for food and other resources, the network one has established will be absolutely essential, and working on one and one's position in it is first and constant order of business.
    Though, I have been able to successfully calculate the optimal date for which to begin my cleansing/clearing/santification/etc. rite. It's actually quite hilarious. But its like, 18 months away so I'ma wait.
    But, knowing the exact date allows me to prepare and have all the Mise en place. This is a dish I'm going to spend all year working on. Oh yes. OH yes.
    Which brings me neatly to the topic of today's article, which I will be typing up after some coffee.

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  19. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    I have a couple of possible tips for your shipping container interiors.
    Old entertainment centers!
    These are solid wood.
    This one was 3 piece with two cabnets on the side and a center section.
    I needed small cabinets.
    The entire entertainment center was $30.
    That wall is the back of a bedroom closet.
    I cut the hole an just set it in there splitting the closet between the two rooms.
    I had no bathroom cabinets to speak of and this holds a lot of towels and toiletries.
    I replaced the glass with mirrors.


    I had a perfect space between the refrigerator and a wall for the 2nd cabinet.
    As you can see it holds the microwave and air fryer oven as well as a small pantry below.


  20. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    So for kicks I went back and did a more thorough perusal of this thread. I am at an impasse of how I wish to proceed, but I'm also still involved in alot of the prep work to sanctify the land we'll be operating from, so that's both fitting and acceptable.
    So, a bit of detail as to specifically how I perform the metaphysical functions I am Resolved to. I've iterated these ideas more or less, but I want to get specific.
    In the Zonbi Ninshu, there are only three things: The Rod, the Blade, and the Chain.

    The Rod - The Rod represents Intent, Resolve, and the force of Will. It emerges as the form of the Divine Feminine, and is thereby analogous to Electro-magnetism, which is the envelope in which ALL creation exists. The Rod is the tool by which one impacts reality, figuratively beating one's Will into the aggregated dream.

    The Blade - The Blade represents Consciousness, Reason, and the force of Mind. It emerges as the form of the Divine Masculine, and is thereby analogous to Plasma, which is the conceptual source of Light which is the means by which awareness is possible. Everything that is is a product of light, and light is a product of the phenomenon of Plasma. The Blade is the tool by which one divides reality, separating that which has desirable function from that which has undesirable function.

    The Chain - The Chain represents Physical emergence, the Joining of two things, and the force of Bonds. It emerges as the form of the Divine Synthesis, and is thereby analogous to Light, which is the essential nature of all things, produced by the combined actions of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. The chain it's self is emblematic of the joining of two things, and equally of the restricting of two things. An individual's body is the product of combining the biological elements of the Feminine and Masculine, and is the tool by which Resolve is combined with Reason.

    All metaphysical tools of a Zombie Ninja are in some way related to one of these three classifications, excepting tools that are deliberately combinations of one another, and an operant Ninja needs only these three tools. For the Blade, this can come in almost any bladed form; anything from a pocket knife to a 6' long Nodachi can serve as the Blade. For the Rod, it can be a stick, a bar mace, a fallen tree branch, or a sword sheath (aside from nuanced instances, this is the superior form of the Rod btw, specifically because the Blade then emerges from the Rod, which is precisely how the Divine Masculine emerges from the Divine Feminine). And the Chain,... well that one is rather easy. The finest form of the Chain IS the Ninja's physical body. Other forms exist, in fact there's no end to the varieties of chain that can be used in ritual practice, but the EXTANT chain IS the body.

    All three tools - in the same sense as the Ninja themselves - are required to emerge, and how they emerge is fundamental to their type.
    The Resolve/Rod emerges through expression. This means, the only way to improve one's capacity to express Resolve is by practice. One learns by doing, not in the sense that one can intellectually get better at expressing Resolve since Resolve is a function that exists outside of the realm of the mind.
    As such, magical practice is absolutely fundamental to the full emergence of the individual, which is one of the principle reasons that I oppose Abrahamic traditions for their castigation of magical practice. IMO, this is the foremost Sin that churches of whatever variety have injected into the aggregate human perception, and the greatest crime that said Churches have to answer for. HUMANITY HAS ALWAYS BEEN MAGICAL, AND IT IS THE HEIGHT OF PERVERSION TO DEMONIZE AND INDOCTRINATE HUMANITY INTO BEING OTHERWISE.
    Why? Because Resolve and the metaphysical expression of it DOES NOT come from a God/Entity/Deity that exists outside of one's self.
    Prayer, the appealing to a presumed Authority that is separate from the individual to affect change, is a metaphysical form of SUBMITTING to someone/thing else to create the desired (even if non-specific) change. This practice stands in complete antithesis of the act of emerging to realize one's PERSONAL and MIRACULOUS capacity to affect change by their OWN Sovereignty and Authority.
    Simply, it is the asking for a fish to eat for a day, rather than learning to fish to eat for a lifetime.
    "I do not fear the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks, I fear the man who has practiced ONE kick 10,000 times."
    - Bruce Lee
    A Ninja must take up the Rod, and practice with it at every available opportunity, from the most to the least mundane. It isn't about the specific affect/change that occurs, it is about the refusal to neglect the application of the Rod/Intent in all aspects of the Ninja's experience.

    The Blade also emerges by expression, but it's function and practice is entirely different to that of the Rod. Instead of acting to create change in that which the Intent is applied to, the Blade cuts away, separating the wheat from the chaff. It is the critical capacity that can only be increased by increased exposure to and comprehension of Knowledge. A blade is sharpened by exposing it to friction and technique, and a Mind is sharpened by exposure to contrary positions, ideas, and exchange; through conflict. Again to pick on Abrahamic traditions, there are quite a lot of things that one is expressly condemned merely for intellectually ENTERTAINING.
    In all my experiences, the PRIMARY thing I have learned is that:
    if/when one approaches a subject/topic, idea or series of ideas, or specific proponent(s) of either/both WITH honesty, humility, and genuine curiosity, such to entertain the information even if it is to be discarded by the blade, THEN one will ALWAYS prevail and indeed be ASSISTED in their prevailaing by those that operate in the periphery (entities, spirits, Gods, etc.). Or to turn another phrase, seek and ye shall find.

    And again, the Chain is easy. The emergence of the chain is the emergence of the body, and improving it and how one operates with/toward it is the correct method. This means maintaining/increasing one's fitness level, nutrition/diet, habits and practices, etc. The only way that a chain can be made stronger is to identify the weakest links and to replace them with stronger links. This literally means the links must be broken and remade stronger, philosophically. Habits must be broken, deficiencies must be removed, and the body - which is constantly remaking it's self on a cellular level - must be remade stronger. One makes their muscles stronger by breaking them down through exertion and exercise, from which they recover to greater capacity.

    In short, the Mind must be honed and expanded in it's scope to cut away, the Will must be practiced in it's expression to affect change, and the Body must be exerted and broken from it's limitations, in pursuit of it's self and the Ninja's ability to express the Mind and Will.

    Comprehension of this basic trinity - and the proficiency with these tools as literal weapons/implements - is the first degree of the Zonbi Ninshu, from which everything else depends.

    Edit: As an addendum to the previous, Id like to turn it over to Adam Ragusea who aside from having helped teach me a variety of cooking methods, techniques, and recipes, has also recently uploaded a video that philosoph8cally addresses a concern of mine when posting. While I am generally satisfied with the degree to which I express my ideas, I also worry. That they come across as more extreme and unrelenting than I intend. When I talk about ceaseless emergence for example, the idea is to be more tempered and moderate than my phrasing might suggest. Ceaseless emergence can be anything from a gradual 1% increase to overall competence, to whatever advance one can make. This means that sometimes 1% is all one can manage, while other times greater advances can be made. One should do their best, but their best should be FUNCTIONAL, and not infringe on one's best TOMORROW.
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  21. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    I'd like to expound a bit on my pareto distribution spiel from earlier.
    Lets take the masons: theyre a common 'boogeyman' group that gets attributed all sorts of things.
    Im going to preface this by indicating that there are ABSOLUTELY masons who are guilty of the things Im about to suggest.
    The reality is that 99.99% of masons are excluded from, ignorant of, and not allowed to participate in, many of the most heinous agendas of global controllers. The reason being, 99.99% of masons would be appauled to realize what that pareto distributive .01% was involved with. This is because 99.99% of masons view masonry as a metaphysical tradition based on the maths and sciences of geometry, geology, astronomy, etc.
    The very small percent of masons who ARE involved in social manipulation/subversion are the extreme outliers who are likewise responsible for the gross majority of misbehavior from which masonry derives its maligned/artificial reputation.
    Having thoroughly studied (independently) the artefacts/tools of masonry, I can give it my stamp of approval; masonry does not deserve the reputation it 'enjoys' when carelessly lumped together with the misdeeds of the black hats in/around it.
    The overwhelmingly exhaustive majority of masons are more concerned with a good turnout to their next pancake breakfast than they are with supplying child sex victims, for example, and to them the latter doesnt exist.
    This phenomenon carries out with groups beyond masonry, as well.
    Now. Can there be said to be a group that is overwhelmingly black hatted? Perhaps. However, in observance of the pareto distribution, it means that even IN such a group one will STILL find pareto distributed exceptions to the rule.
    Meaning, even amongst the most revilable group of global controllers who could be attributed for causing the most adversity to humanity, like cartoon villain status, you will STILL find exceptions that by orders of magnitude OPPOSE the predstory actions of said group.
    Within Yin is a concentrated point of Yang, just as within Yang is always a concentrated point of Yin.
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  22. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Today I want to talk about hats. Why? Because IMO hats are the only objective way one can talk about various factions with any legitimacy. Allow me to explain.
    As many can no doubt testify, there is an observable phenomenon in contemporary forums and researchers to attempt to bundle groups together, assign blame under umbrella terms, and to generally tar entire groups with the same brush. While sometimes useful, this is disingenuous and intellectually lazy, and does as much to cloud the issues as it does to illustrate them.
    Common declarations such as "It's the Jews", or "It's the Masons" can be found amongst conspiracy groups. Political groups like to decry their opposition, saying "It's the left" or even "It's the FAR left". And while those declarations can be 'said' to be true for reasons I'm about to indicate, they are equally NOT true.
    It's not the left, it's not the right, it's not the illuminati, it's not this group or that group or who the fuck ever.
    It all comes down to individuals, and as such it comes down to the hats they wear. So lets get into that. These are common/old terms, I'm just insisting that they are the most honest and illustrative.
    White hats - people who sincerely want to benefit society and the masses, and will not use subversive means, disingenuity, dishonesty, etc. in order to achieve their goals.
    Black hats - people who are vested in exploiting, praying on, abusing, and causing adversity to society, and are perfectly willing to use disingenuity, dishonesty, etc. in order to achieve their goals.
    It's kind of like the attempted "StS or StO" designation, except it focuses on the results of their intent as opposed to the intent it's self.
    There remain many other hats to choose from of course, it's not so simple as "everyone wears a white or black hat".
    For example, I do a significant amount of subcontracting for an individual who I can describe as a "Light green hat". Why? Because he is a through and through capitalist, with a half dozen businesses working in tandem at a given time. He is honest, provides excellent customer service, fair and competitive pricing on goods that he is himself purchasing at a discount because of his business connections, and is the sort who will gripe about people wasting his time rather than trying to punish people when they do.
    In a similar sense, I would describe myself as a "Light brown hat". Now, I don't have the same difficulty in using manipulation tactics that a 'standard' white hat might have, but I am adamant about applying a moral framework to my efforts, and I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty (literally and figuratively) in the process. But for all my willingness to use ninja tactics vs. samurai tactics, I'm absolutely opposed to one party taking advantage of another, and I insist that good business (of whatever scale) is that where all involved parties benefit to the exclusion only of those who decline to participate (as in, not expressly excluded except by their choice).
    In a similar manner, any group that could be pointed at as being "the problem" will have various colored hats operating in their midst. A capitalist could point to communists and declare that they are "the problem", except it ISN'T the commies who are the problem, it's the Black Hats IN the commies who are the problem. One could point to the Christian Church for being the problem but the same thing occurs, it isn't the church it's Black hats in the church that are the problem.
    It isn't inherent in Communism to want to perform genocide, nor is it inherent in Christianity to want to sexually abuse young boys. It isn't inherent among Jews to want to economically and morally subvert society and it isn't inherent among Nazis to pursue their extermination. It IS inherent in observable Black Hat participants of ALL those groups to do the respective thing. This ruins the reputation and potential reception by any outside said group to appreciate the values and strengths of said group. The entire content becomes unacceptable by association with whatever Black hat activity it has become known for; becomes known by in alot of cases.
    And this follows the fundamentals of the Pareto distribution. And for more on that I'll turn it over to Jordan Peterson:

    5 min
    13.5 min

    So, if a particularly significant - in a pareto distributive sense - Black Hat is to be observed operating amongst a group, does that place the onus of their activity on the group? Especially if the Black hat is in control of the group?
    The first sin of Luciferianism, true Luciferianism, is willful ignorance.
    It isn't 'most' of the Church - from the civilian members, to the clergy it's self and the administration - that has anything to do with child sex crimes, and there is a huge volume of quality that can be derived from many elements of the church; the bible (especially properly decoded, JP's decoding is exceptional), the community cohesion, etc.
    Any time you have a group, you will always be able to find admirable qualities associated in some way to the group.
    Science requires honesty. It is the opposite of willful ignorance. But, it isn't willful ignorance to make errors of categorization such as I have described, nor is it willful ignorance to be aware of but neglect to refine any less-accurate categorizations that they may have employed previously.
    It IS willful ignorance to have versed one's self in a topic or subject and then to be dishonest about that topic or subject, and intellectual emergence REQUIRES consumption of information; one is not entitled to stagnate in return for the material they are exposed to. Incomprehension is obviously a thing, and many materials take years to really grasp and integrate, but upon doing so one is morally obligated to emerge.
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  23. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    What exposition into metaphysics and preparation and all that would be complete without a thorough-ish overview of the secular? It might sound unrelated, but I assure you it is.
    My household/business is in NO way conventional: let me explain.

    There are 5 adults in participation in this enterprise. Each person is in the process of custom-fitting 40' storage containers into self-sufficient cottages (with two exceptions, as one person has a 5th wheel camper-trailer, and another has a fully furnished 20' RV trailer).
    A comparable-dimension upright structure with pier-block foundation would cost ~5-6k each, without factoring for insulation, wall paneling, etc. Additionally, a building - even one with a pier block foundation - would also affect the property taxes. But NOT SO for 40' containers! The dimensions are 8'w x 9.5'h x 40'l. And the price? <3k each. Insulation? Got it covered. See, we happened upon a local business in the process of a renovation and picked up more fiberglass panels and 'cotton candy' sheets than we can reasonably use for all the present-day containers for FREE (as long as we took all of it), AND about 30 4'x8'x3/8" wall panels. It pays to know people who know people, which is something I'm going to emphasize later on.
    So for 3k out of pocket and lots of elbow grease (also because we have lumber and a mill to process our own pieces) each person has their own private, enclosed, domicile. The dimensions aren't ideal for layout, but its workable.
    And the best part? No one pays rent! Because why would I?
    Understand, rent is simply a modern form of the antiquated practice of Usury, and IMO is singularly responsible for A. artificially inflating the property market, and B. extracting the greatest amount of the upward mobility of the younger generations, not to mention others. Simply put, IMO rent is jewish and inconscionable, and I will not have it in my house.
    Additionally, when we are working for customers, we split the pay EVENLY. Yes, I own the property, and yes, I own the equipment. Good for me, I'm not a jew, and everyone gets an even split of the profits. From me and my mechanic who have a combined 30 years in industry, to our two new guys, one who has never worked a real job in his life (disability complications) and one who is still decompressing from a tour in the military. It doesn't matter to me who is doing more or less (and yes, that means I do more because I am capable of more), we all benefit equally. And we split the utilities equally.
    If I were to give it a designation, I would call it a Nazi Commune; the household exists to support and give as much opportunity to its participants, which enables the participants to freely and unrepressedly emerge, grow, and develop, with assistance/encouragement from other household members as needed.
    National socialism (Naziism) can never work on a national level IMO, but it CAN work on a COMMUNAL level, and IMO that is the correct application of the ideology.
    And as each member emerges and becomes more formidable, our connections in and around the community are strengthened, as we become increasingly competent both literally and in the eyes of our neighbors and associates.
    And when it comes to surviving an apocalypse, neighbors and associates is the name of the game. Households helping households will be ABSOLUTELY essential, in both an interpersonal AND a professional sense.
    Especially since, I'm surrounded by larger families and household that A. have no shortage of work that they need reliable and conscious workers to accomplish and B. have been planning for the next civil war since the LAST one. ^_~ More to come, I gotta hook up a 'new' washer and dryer (commercial grade!) I picked up at an estate sale for less than half price!
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  24. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Before I go off on the interconnected situation that I will, in due course, Im gonna turn it over to Joe Rogan and Graham Hancock.

    Bear in mind, this interview is 3 years old, and there have been plenty of discoveries since. But the point of it is that in this video, Hancock details the evidence of a previous extinction-level event. I dont say 'the' previous extinction level event specifically because Gobekli Tepe was A. The first civilization founded immediately after such an event, and B. Becauseit was likewise buried by a later event pf comparable magnitude.
    Throughout Skeptic's series he refers to the conditions that would cause a worldwide flood. As anyone who has observed a full glass of ice water can attest, the glass will not overflow. This is because ice expands when transitioning from liquid to solid, and additionally because most of the ice in the glass is physically in the water. It is asserted that the only way to cause mass8ve flooding everywhere would be if global temperatures were to suddenly and significantly increase. The ice in the arctic circle is significant, but only half the equation. Meanwhile the ice in Antartica is overwhelmingly on land, 2hich if THAT were to melt WOULD significantly impact sea levels.
    And Hancock does an excellent job of explaining this using geological records, pointing to crystalization detectable between the lower and upper dryas period.
    Simply put, a comet or asteroid of sufficient size could quite readily increase global temperatures such to cause melting and flooding on such a scale.
    Now, if one assumes my position is correct, there's still a caveat; I dont assume that EVERY X fly-by results in a comet/asteroid/interstellar object strike on the planet. It is perfectly reasonable that such instances are not guaranteed, but imminently possible.
    As far as how frequent X makes an appearance, thats REALLY hard to nail down, and I could argue for a variety of possible scenarios. Personally, I think the most probable is that X maintains an irregular, cyclical orbit in and around our solar system; in the first quarter it would appear to accellerate 'away' from proximity with te Earth, in the second accelleration 'away' decreases, in the third accelleration TOWARD increases, and in the last it experiences its closest proximity, before beginning the cycle anew. This goes in line with Skeptic's expounded Riddle of the Sphinx answer, which includes the finality of death in the life cycle.
    But now I want to take you back a ways. Rem3mber years ago when Bill Ryan and David Icke did their (imo) magnificent interviews with Credo Mutwa?
    That material, specifically what Mutwa describes from the oral tradition, goes hand in hand with much of this theory. In fact, I assert that it tells the story of the 'first' catastrophe, where (and Im spitballing here) our present day moon was caused (whether by malice or stupidity) to impact the earth. Mutwa describes how 'they' (a race/species that came to the pre-humans who populated the earth at that time) brought down a giant stone into the seas, which wrecked the atmosphere and caused the seas to become salted.

    Here's my theory. First, that happened. The moon used to be a planetoid in orbit around X. It was then hollowed out for intentional use as a modified interstellar craft.
    During a specific fly-by, X was positioned in its orbit to collide with the earth, and I assert that the location of that strike is present-day Antarctica.
    A moon striking a planet is naturally gonna break off a piece, and the superior gravity of X would have no difficulty in absorbing the debris into it's gravity. This is where the asteroid field around X is derived from.
    Now, if you've ever broken a Neodymium magnet, you know that not only will the magnets not go back together along the break, but the pieces will actually repel one another at those points. That is precisely how it occurred when the moon hit the planet. What's more, whether deliberate and calculated or not, the moon locked with the earth's gravity, effectively forming a 2-part magnetic system; this, far beyond other phenomena is responsible for why we are locked with the moon's face always pointing toward us, as well as causing the resulting polarity that has antarctica perpetually buried under ice.
    When is that to have occurred? Presumably before the artifacts discoved in Denisova cave, which if memory serves was somrthing like 50-80k years ago. My point here is to emphasize: humanity is far older than the mainstream perception, at a far greater level of sophistication than has previously ascribed to it. Given that their manner of 'technology' involved less conteporaneously sophisticated materials than what are common today, their mastery and competence with those materials exceeds present-day capabilities. Skeptic does a brief overview of Geo-polymers in his Atlantis video that alludes to this.
    Hope this makes sense. I wasnt planning this post, but I felt inspired so here it is.
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  25. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    The mission then is to construct a Garden Machine, as detailed by Armored Skeptic in episodes 2, 3ish, 4, 5, and 6.
    This machine will need the full capacity of the Wardenclyffe (aka Tesla) tower, including water ionization at several points, atmospheric energy collection, a faraday cage (for storage and retention of as much VIABLE information as can be gleaned from the wealths of information that won't make it), etc. This garden will need to be capable of sustaining vegetable/food growth and development for humans and livestock, in equilibrium.
    The tesla tech is what mitigates the giant plasma arcs; ostensibly they wouldn't terminate on the planet's surface, and they would pass harmlessly through into the planet.
    The water ionization would fuel increased plant and produce growth, while providing an energetically more-sound environment for the humans/fauna to be as healthy as possible throughout and after the catastrophe. Motors, batteries, and bicycles will be necessary to charge/power small-grade electronic devices (and, the ability to charge devices after the power grid goes down is an INFINITELY barterable commodity).
    And among the repository of knowledge and capability: bushcraft. Seriously, you might have seen some of the crazy bushcraft youtube channels. Fwiw, most of them are frauds, but not all, and the ability to use simple tools to erect structures in the general absence of power and power tools will likewise be fantastically valuable, literally and figuratively.
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  26. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    So, having allowed several days to peruse History is a Lie (without expectation of anyone having done so), lets get into some of the salient points.
    1. The planet experiences astronomical catastrophe every so often. How often is difficult to pinpoint, it has been suggested in some circles that it occurs every 130 years, while other circles point to every 12,000 years. But, it does happen, conclusively. Graham Hancock and his work with Gobekli Tepe specifically refers to this phenomena archeologically, and Skeptic does an excellent job of tying the evidence together.
    I'm on the fence as to just how frequently such occurrences are, and by occurrences I am referring to ones that specifically involve Planet X (Nibiru, Wormwood, etc.).
    Without any scholastic authority around the idea, it makes perfect sense that the presence of a jupiter-sized planet/star(?) might cause all manner of catastrophe to the earth during it's however-periodic fly-by. Gravitational and EMF fields would go haywire, causing all sorts of weather disturbances at a base level, causing erratic/unpredictable weather fluctuations, and plenty of seismic/geologic activity. The earth would be seen to split while storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes ravage the land.
    But there are other effects specific to Planet X' involvement that also bear consideration. According to Skeptic - and again I have no cause to contest - there exists the chance that Planet X serves as a conduit to allow direct electro-magnetic arcs of plasma to emit from the sun, piggy-back/bounce off/through X' electromagnetic field, and terminate with Earth contact.
    So, giant pillars of lightning.
    And, there are specifics to Planet X; it is not exactly known why (though I have a good idea) but it is reported that Planet X is encircled by asteroid debris, preventing it from reflecting photons from the sun such as planets and their atmospheres normally do. As such, until such a point where it is directly in eclipse between the sun and the earth, it would be undetectable by the eye. But thats not the part to concern one's self with.
    The problem is, there is a reasonable probability that during any/some of these fly-by's one of the asteroid particles in orbit around X might dislodge and enter into a decaying orbit around the Earth. This can (and has) resulted in a major extinction-level event on the Earth.
    And that is what I posit that the Earth is facing, in anywhere from 18+ to 33 years, depending on indication method.
    2. That these mass-extinction events are themselves survivable, at great cost.
    3. That by way of the blessings of present-day existence, not least of which being the mass transfer of information, the survivors of this impending catastrophe will have the means to create a society outside the confines and dictates of the established powers (religion and churches) that have known of and manipulated society by exploiting these seemingly (to the masses) unprecedented and unexplainable events.
    4. That Tesla technology is involved in the proper survival and thriving of such survivors

    I'm sure I'll come up with more points, but that'll do for now
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  27. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    To the History is a Lie series;
    The first episode features the Mud Flood, a phenomenon/conspiracy,/alt history scenario I was only until recently oblivious to. My only personal comments are that Ive toured the undergounds of San Fancisco and Seattle, and can't refute the Mud Flood, though I think its a poor explanation of a greater phenomenon.
    The second video focuses on Architecture cross referenced with Nikola Tesla's technology, and the significant overlapping of the two.
    Then it gets weird. The basics of my rite are summarily covered by the end of episode 2. But the relevance doesnt fully apply until episode 6
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  28. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    The first step in preparing a space is to get to know it.
    Learn inasmuch as possible from those around, as far back as can be expected, generationally; 3 years ago the owner moved to another property, and when Katrina hit several groups were squatting for almost a year. Before it was a chicken farm, before that a long-haul trucker who liked to Barbeque, and so on. Each manner of previous owner/occupant will leave their own type of imprint on the land, whether its what is dug up from the dirt, what fencing can be observed in the tree trunks, what animals behavior affected the landscape; it pays to learn the story of the area, before one goes about the act of consecrating it. Upon doing so if one hasn't already, comes the laborious task of actually clearing it. Insomuch as one can, they are best suited to using the sword as much as possible, followed by hand/power tools for whatever the sword can't compel.
    If one is insufficiently skilled/able it's perfectly acceptable to hire professionals but able bodied practitioners ought do the work themselves. The space in question becomes analogous of their own physical body and this is an excellent time to attempt advances in the quality of their own diet/nutrition, as well as sort any bad habits that are likely attempting to sneak back into practice.
    Next comes the design of the rite of cleansing, and that is either the best part or the worst part, depending on one's answer to a specific question. I'm the sort that thoroughly enjoys the research/design phase, and I am less enthusiastic about the performance. I thoroughly recommend one cross reference the concepts and ideas of cooking with any metaphysical practice they already maintain; theres an amazing degree of precise intent that it affords that no, I won't shut up about.
    Specific in the design is the spoken/vocalized portion(s) and in that articulation is of paramount importance. One must be comprehensible not only to themselves and perhaps them that know them, but also to an incredible multitude of awarenesses that may not know/appreciate the nuance to how one might ordinarily express themselves; care must be put in simply to be understood, let alone be compelling and heaven forbid, aesthetically pleasing to the observer.
    Additionally, one is credible to be as observant and deliberate about every facet possible in the design and execution of the rite, specifically by taking distinct actions on distinctive calendar days, at particular times in some cases, especially depending on the nature of the shape. In my case I am going with a constellation, so its not adverse for me to perform work on the area when said constellation is mathematically overhead, as one example.

    It will be some weeks until the area is clear of flora undesired, with many days of sword-cutting throughout; the rite is FAR from complete but the specific date - with plenty of room for adjustments, if a more optimal date should reveal it's self - is sufficiently distant that I am more focused on detail than expediency.

    And now for something completely different.

    I had planned a separate thread for this, entitled History is a Lie. I decided against it, I will instead use this thread, as it ties in to a large degree. And so:

    I'm a huge fan of this video series for reasons not least of which is he is presenting the same conclusions I had come to on a variety of the topics he explores. In addition he provides many more sources than I was previously aware of, especially as pertains to more recent discoveries like the Denisova cave and Gobekli Tepe. I don't take his word as gospel of course, but I respect the effort and the performance, specifically because each video is a metaphysical rite in its own right, and in observable ways his proficiency exceeds mine.

    Regardless, the entire series points at interval at the scope of the rite that this area will need to be suited to perform; THAT'S the degree of significance that THIS rite is intended to cleanse the land in purpose/pursuit of.

    The name of the game is Due Diligence. ^_~
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  29. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    So then, let's begin.

    Throughout my life I have lived in a variety of places, and have 'cleared' the area to the best of my ability, with reasonable success. However, in every such case I was operating from a standpoint of a renter; nothing was ever owned by me, and the sufficiency of the clearing reflected that. I cannot for example, exclude entities that the property owner might knowingly/unknowingly permit access to.
    As such, in spite of the success of the clearing workings, I have never been afforded the opportunity to truly, lastingly, and ultimately claim, have, and affect sovereignty over my geographic dwelling and living space.
    Which brings us to a generalized today, wherein that is precisely the context I find myself, and I'm faced with something of a challenge.
    In cooking, a recipe is a guideline for how to accomplish a dish. Many/most recipes have been more or less established by others previously, and one simply needs to follow the instructions. Metaphysics is not dissimilar to this, and the comparison of cooking will be used thoroughly throughout.
    However. When one is following a recipe, they are seeking to arrive at a specific (more or less) resulting dish, previously created by someone else. This is all fine and good if one is trying to recreate someone else's dish or magical effect.
    But I'm not trying to recreate someone ELSE'S dish, I'm trying to create something 'new', using the pinnacle of my knowledge, experience, intuition, etc. In pursuit of this it then pays to analyze, compare/contrast, and gather as much available information from other recipes as possible.
    One could liken Metaphysical traditions to cooking styles; french, italian, chinese, indian, japanese, european, mexican, american, etc. Just as every type of cooking is capable of creating delicious food, there is no such thing as a metaphysical tradition that can't affect change. This begs the question of what will taste best; authentic italian for example, can be quite delicious, but if one applies techniques of Indian and Chinese cooking it is possible to elevate the complexity of flavor. I mean c'mon, I know MSG isn't in authentic italian, but that doesn't shake the fact that it tastes better with (individual results may vary).
    So I survey the land, a plot that has been not-mine since time immemorial (with all manner of consequential affects), and will return to not-mine upon my demise.
    This plot will be where I reside, do a significant amount of my personal, professional, and metaphysical work, seek shelter (in whatever capacity), rest/recuperate, study/learn,... you get the idea. This is a section of land that my physical form will come to rely on in more ways than I can count. And it's not just me either, theres an additional 4 adults operating likewise, using several metaphysical traditions of their own; a viking and a witch, to name 2. And that's without making allowances for 8 cats (yes, I'm up to 8 now), 1 dog, and shortly a heffer calf.
    So then, my 'recipe/dish' will need to be:
    1. Delicious (read: effective)
    2. Comprehensive, yet flexible
    3. A specialty

    By specialty, I mean something only I can possibly do WITHOUT a formal, written, recipe. The zonbi ninshu differs from many/most traditions in that one DOESN'T write down the 'recipe' for whatever working they do, and any symbols, drawings, diagrams, etc. are to be burned/consumed during the working. I will explain why in a later post.
    Molecular chemistry concepts still apply, and I don't undermine the prospective work by indicating I will be using the h3o2 model, augmented by the structural makeup of a "Garden machine" (more on that later too).
    Now being that the working is a clearing of sorts, another question comes to mind: for whom is the 'dish' intended to be delicious?
    Obviously myself and those of my household for starters, but what about inorganics and non-physicals? I mean, 'everyone' will initially be caused to gtfo while I clean the restaurant, but who is welcome to return and who is "persona"-non-grata?
    The key for me at least, is implied in the term "Restaurant"; concepts like "No shoes, no shirt, no service" come to mind, not specifically. Which is to say, anything that wants to come to my restaurant, won't tear up the place, and will pay promptly for their meal without bothering the staff, is welcome. In practice.
    But I'm getting ahead of myself. Time to clean the restaurant.
    I have all the necessary/proprietary equipment/tools, but caution and attention to detail are essential. I would hate to accidentally mix bleach with ammonia while cleaning the place, even though I'm probably going to need both.
    If I'm sticking with tradition (not required) I have until September to complete the work, but that says nothing of when to START the work. After all, many of the MOST delicious foods take hours, days, weeks even, to complete especially when requiring specialty ingredients that themselves take days/weeks to prepare (black garlic, for example).
    The reality of it all, is that I am beginning the work with this very post. The very process/act of comprehensive contemplation begins the focus from which the work is complete, begins the entrainment process that will draw me toward the completion of the goal. That is, only if I maintain the intent which potentiates and transitions into action.
    Thank you for reading. This has been my statement of intent. Such statements are not required of plenty of workings, but they ARE for this one; that is, I am requiring it in this case. Could such a statement be made without being declared? Sure, but half of the point of this thread is illustrating these ideas and putting them into practical application.
    Seems pretty basic right? It is,... unless you have an idea what I intend later on! I haven't even BEGUN to erect structures, but that will absolutely be called for long after this working takes place. Ground will be levelled, foundations will be poured, and structures built in harmony with the desired result, which means they need to be considered in the design NOW, even though it isn't likely to happen in the next 10 years.

    What I am describing, alluding to, and illustrating in this thread is MY endgame. This is/has become my life's work, and it will take me a very long time to explain comprehensively what that is. I could use simple and easily understood words to describe it briefly, but that would lack the subtleties and nuance of what I intend. That would be like mixing ketchup and pasta and calling it "spaghetti"; while technically not wrong,... no, just no.
    Suffice it to say, I've got alot of cooking to do, and I've got about 30 years to do it. Hope you're hungry! ^_~
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  30. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Before I begin the lengthy process of getting things going, allow me to clear the air.
    I have behaved shamefully in the past.
    I can rightly point to stimuli (people and circumstance) on site and off that was operant at the time, but the onus is on me. I make no attempt to mitigate that, and I am sorry for many of the things I said and did. Additionally, there are a number of misunderstandings that I caused and contributed to by my nature as a shitposter and a troll; I am still an unrepentant both, but I have also spent my time away dutifully doing all manner of personal and developmental work (incl. working with a therapist) to address all manner of issues pertaining to childhood/adolescence (of which, it surprised only me just how many issues there are). This is in no way an excuse, simply an explanation. Having said, I am sorry for how I have behaved previously; I apologize for the offenses I have caused, and any upset that has resulted. And, my behavior going forward will illustrate that.