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Discussion in 'Φ Music' started by Damned Straight!, Apr 10, 2015.

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  2. Music is the purest form of art... therefore true poets, they who are seers, seek to express the universe in terms of music... The singer has everything within him. The notes come out from his very life. They are not materials gathered from outside. AE
    This is a thread for everyone who is keen to express their music tastes and (if you want) write about in your posts how the music or how a particular a song has affected you. A song that has kept you company of the years...maybe explain why if you choose.
    I'm gonna kick it off and whoever wants the ball...take it!

    I love this song for it's arrangement and patient build up to what I feel as ecstasy. This is a live version and I love it because of the sense of humour of the band!
    Anyone want to pick up the torch?
    Please don't be shy and ALL styles of music are welcome and criticism of anyone's tastes...keep it to yourself!
    denceydanzdencey4dancey2dznzeedancey3ddjjdanzz dancy7
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  3. Houdini

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    I'm really feelin this track while bag training , fuckin great does that count ?
    YouTube no Longer Available
    I have a 1k rig and I ain't shy , much better at high volume ...
    Personally o course..
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  4. YouTube No Longer Available
    I have a 1k rig and I ain't shy , much better at high volume ...
    Personally o course..[/QUOTE]
    It ALL counts! Whatever works for you and anyone else is welcome. Please share what turns you on in the musical realm of reality for you!
    Please share anything that really get's you fuckin goin! slapee
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  5. This seems like a good boxing tune...but all subjective of course.
  6. YouTube No Longer Available
    I love this track because it hit's me in the face...even though it's gentle it's a smack in the face to me.
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  7. Houdini

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    Hottest summer on record , this was the tune banging out the blocks...all windows open , same station , whole terrace,.
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  8. Shezbeth

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    Oh yes, I did.

    I first heard this song in the summer of '94 when visiting Victoria, Canada. As I crossed the street from purchasing a guidebook on psychic development from an obscure bookstore, I heard this song being blasted by a purple open-top jeep with two gorgeous ladies inside that crossed ahead of me; I did/do not contest the position expressed.
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  9. Danielle

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    This album represents a lot of Firsts for me.
    The first album I ever borrowed from my best friend. If he asked for it back I still have it. The track I listened to on repeat on my very first Sony Discman. The best sort of angst, the smell of candle wax, hanging out on the bottom step, talking about profound things and trying my first cigarette. We were so cool. 8-)
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  10. You mentioned the first cigarette , lol ...
    As a teenager my room was in the attic.
    In the evening I used sit on the windowsill with my feet on the warm roof.
    I would enjoy the view, listen to music...
    I sat there when I smoked the first cigarette I had nicked from my mum.
    That's the song that was playing, it took me almost exactly the length of the song to smoke my cigarette... lol
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