Net Neutrality in the New Age

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    ok. Back to finish this saga...

    So, the Frontier Repair Technician arrived promptly on time. I showed her the problem and told her the Tech supervisor diagnosed a bad filter after checking everything else. She winced, and said, "It's not a filter, we don't use those anymore."

    I watched silently as she proceeded to replace all the cables indoors and out and make new ones. As she removed the cable from inside the box outside she said perplexedly, "There is a filter at the end of this one??? I have never seen this before." She took it off and showed it to me. Then, finished replacing all the cables.

    Reception returned to perfect working order with all subscribed channels present and accounted for. I experienced a small oasis period of relief thinking the ordeal was over. She left and I thanked her.

    BUT HERE IS THE TELL TALE KICKER: Unlimited free streaming of subscribed TV channels to all internet devices is included in our package. Hey Zeus has a laptop at his table on which he is accustomed to streaming sports programs as he trades classic auto parts on eBay or watches other programs on the tv...


    Now this development got me thinking why this would be. I was going to have to call them again and I wasn't happy about it. I thought the previous phone sessions were tedious. But, round two was a mission and I was going to find out the answer. One thing that really bugs me is not getting what I am paying for.

    Well I thought I would finish, but I can only think about this for short durations without reliving the angst.

    to be continued again
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    I am going to end my saga, not as intended, but with a short, sweet puzzle.

    Ponder this:
    • With filter on signal Windows 7 at 2.50 GHZ with 4GB ram picks up stream perfectly.
    • Without filter above machine only receives a streaming frozen screen

    Now, I still have the 18 Windows 7 laptops and 3 Windows 8 laptops I restored a few years ago. I decided to pull out my newest Win 8.1. It streamed flawlessly. I became curious and began to wonder about this, so I tested all the machines for streaming ability. In this process, I decided to upgrade all to Win 10 while I still could. Since they had not been updated in a while and download of tons of new updates often failed, I felt this to be the most expedient solution. (These laptops had been stacked on a floor and I had literally been tripping over them during the entire remodel project... With a heavy heart, I was beginning to fear they might best serve as boat anchors.) But, back on subject: Here are the results:

    After the signal change: All windows machines (no matter the system) would not stream at less than 2.60 GHZ & 8 GB RAM. Anything above that threshold worked fine. In light of the late Apple revelations: Do you think this was intentional?