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    Mines a vodka an tonic , I will also have a pickled egg and a crocodile sandwich , n make it snappy..

    The case of the Enfield poltergeist is the only case in which something actually did occur.
    You have long standing police officers , doctors neighbours etc.

    All absolutely shit scared....

    I know , I knew one of the girls , she was a friend of a girl I went out with at her school when we were kids.
    My girlfriend said it was all very real ....the family suffered if you saw the trauma they all went thru and the damage it did there family ...
    You would realise this is no babbleoniar syndrome , no.
    It wasn't Malc over reacting in TOTLAND..

    Some serious shit , people moved away from the place..

    The house is still there and is not anything special , as far as my meagre knowledge goes , all is well.

    Or is it....

    We have something for you , a short experimental film..

    As you know , I can wind anything up with the greatest of ease .

    So we thought we would go wind up what ever is there...

    It's a short....

    You will see it here only due to content (definitely not bedtime viewing)

    It's in the suite now , be here soon.

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    Go past that house all the time , 5 minutes up the road from us
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    chikinJumpin chicken trolls
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    Tis is a private forum, all images and written original words are owned by the author unless stated otherwise.
    If you reproduce any of this copy , or images any ideas or titles , you will be sued for copyright infringement.
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    Ok , how about a little game.
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    I will show you some pictures.

    They were all taken today.
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    That's first...
    It's all very harmless , if you don't think so .
    You know exactly what to do , don't you.


    I need three at least to see the pictures , before I start.

    So I will wait a bit , won't be long.
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    Oh one thing , if you Harbour ill will towards me.
    Or guilt about ill will.

    cant be straighter than that.
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