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Discussion in 'Φ QANON & POLITICS' started by Rose, Oct 7, 2018.

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    Listened to this while cooking and recommend it.

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    Just saw you post, still cooking...
    and absorbing information.
    Did you notice in the batch of negative articles in Q Drop #2464 here:
    There was reference to CodeMonkey and Discord in one of them.
    I don't remember exactly which article right now.
    I initially just took the articles as an op to discredit Q.
    But, I was surprised at those doing it.
    Do I remember correctly that you know CodeMonkey?
    I was planning to ask you if you had seen it.
    What did you think about that article?
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    I don't know Code Monkey, I just have an awareness of him. He's sort of like the tech geek for 8 chan.
    Discord is a gamer platform. It has lots and lots of people on it. Hundreds or more, maybe even thousands of channels.
    I glanced through the article list but didn't read them.
    What was said about Code Monkey and Discord?
    Sundance has never been keen on Q. It seems to me that he has always distanced himself from the Q movement and material. I think this is to protect his own brand, he's been doing what's he's doing long before Q ever started posting on the 4 chan.

    To me, the statement, "Trust the plan" seemed to come when there has been discouraging news in the MSM/contract media. I've always taken it as an intent to encourage people. I never took it to mean, don't think.

    Many people opposed to Q, interpret it to mean, "don't think, become a sheep of a different sort."

    I've discovered that the people who write these sorts of articles don't actually read the Q posts. They make a lot of assumptions about what is said, and write from those assumptions.

    An example from sundance's article would be that Q is making money from this, not true.

    Some people who are doing videos and such may make some money, but likely not much. People donate to Praying Medic, and Neon Revolt sells a Q T-shirt. I don't have time to follow all the Q analyzers. Those are two of the more popular ones. But sundance seems to be trying to speak directly to Q, or to whoever he assumes to be Q in this article.

    I read the Q posts directly, usually follow up on the links provided. (Thanks for the Q updates, Rose. :))

    Most often I catch Praying Medics videos, but not always. And I glance through the aggregators and get a quick feel or sense of the thinking. Then I tuck it away in observer mode.

    I find the Q information more helpful than MSM information. It more accurately predicts what is happening.
    It helps keep me informed of key current events. Not all current events, but enough to be worth taking the time to read.

    I often glance at Sundance's site, too. But don't always agree with his analysis.

    One person I've found very accurate lately is Dave Janda. I watch his shorter videos on his channel, rather than the longer interviews with other people.

    Is this helpful?
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    That was very helpful. We are attuned in our opinions.

    This is the article with supposed co-creator "Microchip's" story:


    "Several threads of evidence, including Microchip’s confession and Discord logs of his conversation with a co-conspirator, reveal how what was originally intended as a harmless troll to “get people thinking” quickly spun into a mythical persona whose cryptic words developed into a full-fledged conspiratorial worldview for a growing audience, now eager for more riddles (and ripe for financial exploitation)"
    "Like many cults, QAnon encourages its most dedicated followers to give money to the further the “great awakening” (of which Q is supposedly a leader). There is ample evidence outside of Posobiec’s report that the individuals currently running Q are financially motivated and have been for some time."

    "Perhaps the biggest money-makers in the Q realm are Coleman Rogers (PamphletAnon) and his wife Christina Urso (who goes by the name CodeMonkey), who started and run Patriot’s Soapbox (PSB), a 24/7 YouTube livestream of Q analysis and registered LLC. Unirock, who has been investigating QAnon for several months, believes that PamphletAnon is responsible for turning QAnon into a cash cow."
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    This is interesting. I thought Code Monkey was a Japanese American guy I saw on Twitter under the account name of Code Monkey. I can't remember how I found him. And I can't find him now, but, I used to look at his Twitter account often in the past. He would address problems on chan and say he was working on them.

    I had no idea that Pamphlet Anon's wife was supposed to be Code Monkey. I remember watching a video where Pamphlet Anon addressed the accusations that he was Q. He had been doxxed and using his real name in the video, which I don't remember. He said he's not smart enough to be Q.

    Neon Revolt has completely debunked the Jack Posobiec/Microchip report, several times over the last several months.

    Here's a link to an article from September where he debunks it yet again. He talks about it in the later half of this article.
    Breaking Microchip and the Deep State! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NeonRevolt

    But this comment in comments section says it all:
    If Pamphlet Anon is making a lot of money from this, it's just not something I know a lot about?
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    Now that we are aware of the Scaramucci Play...
    I was interested in what he is saying now.
    He has just written a book.

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    So as I am understanding it... Whitaker has ok'd Declass... Coordinated with Huber so docs will not be used in Grand Jury which would block their release... Delaying release until after Comey/Lynch testimonies if they show up... As private citizens they are not obligated to comply with House subpoenas... Either way, we should see the evidence soon... Prosecution of Deep State will begin with Clinton Foundation because everything is tied to Clinton Foundation.
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    Google Books


    Where is this?
    Someone is there?

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    POTUS Tells the World to Watch Hannity

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