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    Watch the guy in the blue suit and tie give a signal. Watch a new face and personality emerge from Hillary as the inadvertent trigger takes place...whoopsy!
    I thought this was a seizure and perhaps it was but the change in affect is blatant and truly disturbing. We know from corraberation vis a vis whistle blowers that personality fragmentation is used to control behavior and while I have never seen it done, or an example of it in process, it would probably look something like this.

    Again the devil is in the details, one can see her transition and take on the most shit eating, sincere grin imaginable. hava any of you ever seen Clinton with a face like that? I have not. Also the deliberation and resulting change seems to correspond to the gesture (signal) that the guy in the blue suite makes when he takes his hand and points outward. Everyone else in the immediate area is either oblivious (the Black Women near her) or starting to get freaked out...their look reminds me of the look two women I was triaining in the gym during the 1989 quake in San Francisco had while the earth quake was progressing.... from pause, to bemused, to terror and then I grabbed them and we just got out of this case it escalated to "bemused." before Hillary caught herself. But the one person who was not in these two reaction categories was Blue Suit.

    What yall tink?
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    The video looks altered to me.
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    Unfortunately the big boys got to the vid and embellished it with all kinds of bells and whistles. I had the original and now cannot find it. It is hard to discern with all junk they enhanced it with, by the way, a more cynical person might even say they deliberately did this to make it look like Hokum lol. If anyone can find the original post it. I tried but it has all been replaced with the new and improved version.
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    Here we go:
  5. well you asked
    i say this all the time but

    its all bull shit this hillry trump thing is just another soap opera
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    I don't think I have seen anything this accurate regarding the 2016 presidential election for a long time. I wanted to jump out of my chair and cheer!

    There are fundamentally two points that Richard Sauder makes here that I have long maintained:

    1. Hillary Clinton, like her husband Bill, is a hard-core sociopath.
    2. The United States is completely controlled by a secret coterie of hard-core sociopaths.

    The first step to solving a problem is recognizing that there is a problem. The Followers, about 80% of the U.S. population, apparently can't even recognize the problem. But the Independents sure do!
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    smmile2 And, Circus #2 is in town!
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    That version sort of looks like someone sabotaged her drink? Too hot, too cold, too spiked?
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    Click for Assange Statement:

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    first off sorry to the forum, a bunch of emergencies at home: Medical (family member) environmental etc.
    I would agree with this statement. I might even call Hillary, in particular, a Psychopath to be honest. If one thinks about her actions carefully and sees how she is truly incapable of genuine warmth. She is a great actor BTW... The real clue is in her speeches actually. MOST of us can generate emotionally, emote, on some level...Maybe a sociopath can think about them to bring a tear, lol...This woman cannot do such a thing. She may well be a psychopath.