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    Generally speaking I feel the same way about politics. This election is special to me because of how our system failed to protect us from a person who is so obviously a criminal and danger. She is also probably dropping bodies LightestSon.... If one believes what some whistleblowers corraberate, all the sociopaths like Clinton have to leave a clue of one sort or another...lets just look at the last three/four: With Ashton? the proper accident that kills people weight lifting is when no spotter is around, and doing a bench press the bar falls on the throat, dumbells do not fall on the throat! your arms naturally fold and a dumbell for a chest press would fall off to the side or blunt side.... The kid killed for the democratic info he was ready to deliver? nothing stolen from him.... and finally in the paris attacks the two americans killed, a man and his son? they were both working with data from the DNC.
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    Its subtle. I am beginning to understand that I was a bit dismissive of some in thinking this was so self evident. The real thing to watch for is when she first blinks. She goes into an involuntary reaction with her whole body. First off, we know that Hillary has to fake her attempt to be humerous she might well exxagerate her head shaking. Problem is if you watch, her whole body retracts inward as her weight goes back. This is a reflex, I first learned about this in the martial arts when my teacher knocked me out on my feet, I could literally feel my psyche wanting to get back into my body, even my knees were kept from buckling (which is another reflex). When we are threatened we go inward, physically we may run but when we are huddled against the wall, nowhere to run, we crouch...when our senses abandon us our mind takes us in to the body...meanwhile the body tries to regain equalibrium. Probably comes from the womb position I don't know and obviously this situation does not speak to when we are rendered entirely senseless. It applies when we can catch ourselves.

    This is what she does. Her eyes blink and her body goes back as she starts the sequence. The proof is how foreign that glassy eyed look on her face is when she pulls out...this may well be a type of multiple programming, I don't claim to know. But....that look on her face was either a temporary switch, or her not being entirely with all senses yet.
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    Hope everything is ok now?
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    Thanks Rose... Yeah things are shaping up, my mother was not put off her routine too bad with the surgery.