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    There is so much information that is being kept from us. It really is a shame that we do not have open access to all knowledge that has been discovered. I blame the ruling sociopaths, as they have the characteristics that would lead to such knowledge suppression, characteristics such as secrecy, deception, manipulation, superiority complex, pursuit of power and control, etc.

    Graham Hancock does some good research on pyramids, which I just posted about a few days ago. The dark pyramid in Alaska, larger than the great pyramid of Giza, is obviously classified. We get a hint of information about the pyramids in Crimea, but then the well dries up and no further news is heard. It's pretty much the same story for the pyramids in Bosnia, and the ones in China. Not to mention the ones under water, like near Japan, the Bahamas, and Cuba. Information is power, at least as viewed by the sociopaths, and we're not allowed to have it. The mainstream media ignores all the important stuff, like the true history of humanity and our planet, and gives us disinformation and trivial garbage, like what outrageous thing Trump has said now.

    Although Snopes will tell us we are imagining things, they lie. There are ancient pyramids all over the place. Something big happened in the ancient past which is far beyond our capabilities. But as far as the ruling sociopaths are concerned, we are just obedient servants, so we don't have a need to know. Heck, they've decided we don't even need to know how to do subtraction any more.
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    Well, what a bad start -- a failure to communicate!

    So the first thing I'm wondering is if there are other kinds of pyramids that I am not familiar with. So I looked around at some definitions of "pyramid", and I didn't find any other kinds.

    So, what kind of pyramid are you talking about? If we can't get this fundamental concept ironed out, then we are wasting our time delving into quantum mechanics. As Richard Feynman allegedly said, "If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics." I'm hearing Shadowself saying, "If you think you understand pyramids, you don't understand pyramids." So can you help me understand pyramids first, maybe?
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    Synchronicity just struck, and I love it when that happens. Richard Feynman "just" commented on my comment. He said:

    I agree with Feynman here. A good example of someone who uses precise language but is not clear is UncleZook. I recently pointed this out to Zook (not the first time) in this post. Zook does this deliberately, because his purpose is to obfuscate, not illuminate.
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    Ah, so we are indeed talking about a pyramid after all. I probably didn't mention Alexander Golod and his Russian pyramids because I had the impression you were talking about ancient pyramids.

    You'll have to forgive me for being unfamiliar with most of Stephen's tall tales, as I was not a follower of his fables, but rather a student of his psychology.

    Here's my opinion on that. You can post whatever you like in your posts. I'm not going to dictate what you can or can't post, nor should anyone else. If you want to start a thread on pyramids, and then post music videos and Alice in Wonderland excerpts in that thread, I won't insist that you stick to the topic of pyramids. I would hope you would extend the same courtesy to me and everyone else on this and any other public forum.
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    When you become more familiar with Brook, if you are not, you will realize she is very Sirus :). You will find she always provides adequate proof for her findings. She has a knack for uniting physics with metaphysics in a Bohm-like manner. Her "Theater of Parallel Universe" mega-thread at Atticus1 was fascinating. You may remember her as "Star" in that forum. I am so excited she is continuing here.

    I posted last evening regarding Stephen's tall tales and the Atticus1 Pyramid Thead, but I realized I was once again becoming emotional and focusing on those very ones I am attempting to weed from my mind. I decided to remove that post from view because I was unable to sleep. I will take another look at it later to determine if anything in it is salvageable.

    Perhaps we need to have a member discussion regarding site matters at some point in time. I understand your view. But, it is my opinion the rule here should be that threads here are self-moderated by the author and may either be open for discussion, or closed for the purpose of publishing an uninterrupted article.
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    That's not the issue. Shadowself's complaint is not about disallowing all comments on this thread. It's not even about staying "on topic". That's just a feint. By her own admission, the topic is quite broad. By her own example, it is broader still. So far, her own posts have been less "on topic" than mine.

    So what is going on here? Shadowself wants comments, but she wants control of those comments. This is the same story we see with Stephen, Bill Ryan, Shezbeth, and yes, even UncleZook. They want to control what you are allowed to say, even what you are allowed to think. Shadowself doesn't want any "idiopathic/sociopath" comments polluting her thread. Why do you think that is? Why is she so quick to put me down with the see-through excuse of being off-topic?
  7. Shadowself

    Shadowself Shadow Speaker ya go. Chico....I asked nicely and I refrained from posting further because I expected this reaction.

    You have thread after thread on this subject and this thread had little to do with the subject as this seems to be an obsession of yours.

    Now if you would be so kind as to keep that particular subject to your thread and not this one as I'm here to tell you now, while comments are welcome they should be regarding the subject matter presented. Which has nothing to do with where you are going with this post which again has NOTHING to do with the subject matter.

    We're just talking about respecting these wishes I have requested. Can you comply? Is it within you to allow me to continue with a broad range subject that does not have a single thing to do with sociopath behavior? That's all I ask. It's a simple request and again you have plenty of threads for that subject. Not all threads need to be categorized by you as such.

    If you continue to abide in this manner I will start to believe there is a trend here to complete your somewhat obsessive compulsive direction to derail this thread for your own means before it even gets started.

    So if you don't mind...please keep that subject to your threads that are deeply engrossed in this and really have no place here. That is all I ask.
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    I would like to allow everyone to self moderate their own threads at InPHInet. Brook welcomes your comments here that are on topic with the subject of this thread and not a divergence away from them. I think that is a reasonable request. Each person here has the right to maintain their own spaces as they wish to. If we do not like the manner in which a particular thread is run, we do not have to visit it. There is plenty of room here for everyone.

    LightestSon created the Forum Warriors area as a place where members may go to battle out their differences with each other. I had hoped that you and Zook might take your battle there. I was looking forward to it. Not only would doing so allow Brook's thread to be easier to follow, it would enhance your interesting battle if it was happening in one ring, instead of little skirmishes all over everywhere.

    Haven't seen Zook in a while. I noticed in one of your recent links he is sparring with you at United People. Did he become offended by something here? If so, I wish I knew what it was.
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    I have a question directly related to the subject matter you have posted in this thread. May I ask who the person is that you speak of here:

    The source of the subject matter seems to me to have a bearing on this thread's topic, since you expounded on it yourself at length while simultaneously denying that it had anything to do with the topic (except for "one thing").
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    Shades of déja vu ! Just as I didn't realize I had tangled with Shezbeth at Avalon in the distant past, I didn't realize I had tangled with Shadowself at Atticus1 in the distant past! So she was "Star" there? I remember what a caustic character she was back then with me. Most unpleasant. I was of course Chicodoodoo on all the forums, so she has the advantage of knowing about me from the get-go, just like Shezbeth. Now I can understand her power-play of shutting me down in this thread at the first apparent opportunity. How devious.

    I think it is safe to say that "Star" didn't like me at all, and I'm seeing the same situation here. I certainly didn't expect this. What an amazing place the forum world is!

    I apologize for the distress you must feel regarding your experiences with Stephen and the Atticus1 Pyramid Thread. So is the pyramid Shadowself is talking about in this thread the same thing discussed in the Atticus1 Pyramid Thread? I know nothing about that thread, by the way, so this is all new to me. I am concerned that all this apparently originated with Stephen and that Shadowself says we should ignore that fact.

    It feels like we're being played.