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  1. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    There is so much information that is being kept from us. It really is a shame that we do not have open access to all knowledge that has been discovered. I blame the ruling sociopaths, as they have the characteristics that would lead to such knowledge suppression, characteristics such as secrecy, deception, manipulation, superiority complex, pursuit of power and control, etc.

    Graham Hancock does some good research on pyramids, which I just posted about a few days ago. The dark pyramid in Alaska, larger than the great pyramid of Giza, is obviously classified. We get a hint of information about the pyramids in Crimea, but then the well dries up and no further news is heard. It's pretty much the same story for the pyramids in Bosnia, and the ones in China. Not to mention the ones under water, like near Japan, the Bahamas, and Cuba. Information is power, at least as viewed by the sociopaths, and we're not allowed to have it. The mainstream media ignores all the important stuff, like the true history of humanity and our planet, and gives us disinformation and trivial garbage, like what outrageous thing Trump has said now.

    Although Snopes will tell us we are imagining things, they lie. There are ancient pyramids all over the place. Something big happened in the ancient past which is far beyond our capabilities. But as far as the ruling sociopaths are concerned, we are just obedient servants, so we don't have a need to know. Heck, they've decided we don't even need to know how to do subtraction any more.
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  3. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    The lessons to be learned here are mind-boggling. They beautifully illustrate the extent of our collective brainwashing. We are taught to forgive, to turn the other cheek. We are taught to love our enemies. All of this comes from the so-called savior of mankind, who supposedly died on the cross for our sins. Again, that's what we are taught. But despite that divine death, the sins against humanity never stop, and we refuse to stop them because we are too busy turning the other cheek and loving our enemies. Did it ever occur to anyone that our enemies have programmed us to behave this way?!

    Our enemies are, and always have been, the organized sociopaths. As long as we forgive them for their never-ending trespasses and turn the other cheek, they own us. No wonder they have always taught us to think this way.

    I think Anonymous has the right idea -- "We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not Forget." When dealing with sociopaths, this is the only defensible position.

    So when it comes to Shadowself, or Shezbeth, or Zook, or Bill Ryan, or Stephen/Atticus, I do not forgive, and I will not forget.
  4. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    So, once again, Brook has banished me from her kingdom? Without any attempt to work through our differences, or accept she might minimally share half the blame for yet another situation going askew in the same way? I hold no grudges. I still love you, but not what happened. I would never have mentioned previous episodes except for: You betrayed my trust by removing your thread posts without speaking to me like a thief in the night , and we seemed to be experiencing an instant replay situation of your insisting a co-worked be removed.

    It is my opinion, the "everyone", who knows Chico so well and exactly how he will act in future, may be the problem with us, not what you mentioned. Implying the largest crowd is always correct is one ot the truest logical fallacies around, proven over, and over, and over in forums we have resided in. It is my belief, the fact that your loyalties were obviously with that nebulous "everyone" rather than me, or anything I was attempting to convey to you about how things could work out in a nice equitable way, not a "forums as usual" way, but by stepping out of the same old "group think" with a new experiment.

    So, now you send me a "Goodbye Rose" letter and respond to my attempt to calmly discuss grievances and settle them with Silence? Silence to my "Goodbye Rose" reply is only a hair's breadth away from removal without a word, as you did before, and just as rude. I would not be speaking publicly about this had you responded to my Skype reply.

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    I have moved off topic non-pyramid related posts from Brook's Abandoned Pyramid thread to continue that subject matter here.
  6. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    I suppose what follows with insinuations, such as this, are the same one's used at Atticus1 at the time I was removed? The entire staff was swayed to believe I was Stephen's "puppet" even though we were barely speaking at the time? Please get some new material. I am no ones straw man and I an no one's puppet. I would think that should be obvious by now?
  7. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    I got to know you well, Brook. I know you were the type of person who started a fury to kick Bashi out of Atticus1. One more vote was necessary. I would not let you brow beat me into voting him out. I complained you were attempting to use your well learned sales techniques and wouldn't let anyone else get a word in edgewise. Afterwhich, you proceeded to gather up support and blackball me from the staff at Atticus1. I watched you go after others I thought not so bad, but deemed by you as undesirable, troll them, and remove them.

    A lot of time had passed. I was willing to forgive and forget our differences and start anew. This site remains here due to my blood, sweat, and tears. Tears which you have added to lately. I am experimenting with new paradigm. I feel I did everything I could to clear the way for you to proceed without distraction in your thread. Even though I explained to you how I wanted to handle your situation, you insisted on taking matters into your own hands. I do not like the way you handled them. You obviously have very little respect for me, or what I am attempting to do, and will only be civil if matters are handled your way.

    Everyone here does not have to agree with you or like you. But, they do have to leave you alone in your own thread. That is the extent of your authority at InPHInet. Things were going along fine in your absence, but you entered again specifically as a disruptor. You took advantage of the extra privileges I had trusted you with and snuck like a thief to delete your posts. You have not acted as a friend to me, but as a woman with your own singular agenda.

    If you are willing to remedy these issues, we may proceed.
  8. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Oh the games people play now
    Every night and every day now
    Never meaning what they say now
    Never saying what they mean

    While they wile away the hours
    In their ivory towers
    Till they're covered up with flowers
    In the back of a black limousine

    La-da da da da da da da
    La-da da da da da de
    Talking 'bout you and me
    And the games people play

    Oh we make one another cry
    Break a heart then we say goodbye
    Cross our hearts and we hope to die
    That the other was to blame

    But neither one ever will give in
    So we gaze at an eight by ten
    Thinking 'bout the things that might have been
    and It's a dirty rotten shame

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    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Brook, any further comments about Chico should be posted here.

    Comments about his Pyramid posts may be posted in the Abandoned thread.

    If you would actually care to have your intact on topic posts moved from the abandoned thread to one owned by you to continue from where you left off, uninterrupted, I will move them for you. Otherwise, I do not appreciate your disruptions here. If you do not intend to return to participate with your original intent, please leave us alone.

  10. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

  11. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Check again, Brook, all of your of your original posts are quite alive and well in this thread.
    I will be back later to read your rambling post more carefully and decide where to go from here.
  12. Shadowself

    Shadowself Shadow Speaker

    Rose....the trolling and off topic posts I'm speaking of which were on my thread and you finally removed are the first four on this thread which you made into a sidebar thread. The first one not so much but the next three are clearly off topic and meant to derail as I seemed to somehow trigger a nerve in Chico which is quite transparent if you reread them.

    His attempts to derail the subject and thread are quite obvious and I did try to be nice to the guy by explaining to him what I was attempting to write there.

    The funny this about all this is I've had plenty of comment on the subject and "debate" which I welcomed. But this avenue of his is preposterous and quite transparent in what he is attempting to do with the said information I was attempting to share.

    Now why would I bother to further myself to this kind of abuse? Am I masochistic? No I'm not. I came back to remove my prior posts as you can clearly see because the direction this guy is attempting to paint me in is his lack of reasoning. I also wished him to Settle down and I would come back and finish.

    Because he does not understand quantum mechanics does that make the topic I was posting irrelevant? I posted about Alice and Wonderland as a TIME reference and because he did not understand it he claims I'm off topic on my own thread? Are you kidding me? BTW; It's been suggested the positioning of the pyramids coincide with the solstice so that indeed would indicate TIME....DUH!!!! But there was a whole lot more to it in what I have derived. Could I be wrong? OF COURSE! I've even suggested this in my prior debates on the subjects. I believe I termed it "grappling with ambiguity". But again what I have found is indeed intriguing and meant to be shared. Just that....shared. Given a chance to proceed would have been nice Rose but this had gone beyond absurd with sidebars and accusations by a guy that does not even know me savvy? So why would I attempt to even go there? Why waste my time?

    As you can see I used the word "Idiopathic" and I think he assumes it means something quite different. Perhaps he thought I meant as in "idiot"?

    Idiopathic: relating to or denoting any disease or condition that arises spontaneously or for which the cause is unknown.

    From Greek ἴδιος idios "one's own" and πάθος pathos "suffering", idiopathy means approximately "a disease of its own kind"

    Rose it's not about control here it's about common sense and as I've said on several occasions I have been debated on the subject and it was quite refreshing. What this guy provides is FAR from refreshing and is a reflection of his own self doubts and misunderstandings with leanings toward the Holy Trolling path which again is not debating but Idiopathic! I cannot see a rhyme or reason for his insistence to denigrate me and the thread in such a way other than to say he has clear issues with things he does not understand. It's beyond me to nor is it my concern to deal with.

    So yes...I came back and removed my work as it had become irrelevant by the post he was adding to a thread which had nothing to do with the subject matter he was adding.

    If he was so enthralled with Pyramids...why then did he not start his own thread on the subject matter and leave the content I was posting to it's own volition?

    I'll tell you why....he wants and is doing a splendid job of inserting his leanings and enjoying it...which is somewhat sick if you ask me but that is simply my opinion. Reread his postings and tell me he is not injecting his sociopath leanings on the thread in anyway he can toward me. He expertly tries to trigger a persons emotions which is the goal here and he did a splendid job with me. He knew just what would trigger me. Job well done Chico. While I'm not a Phi Beta Kappa....I'm still smart enough to see what and where he is taking this and have no desire to play this silly game of judgements carried with little knowledge of the person he's dealing with. It's a bit of a joke actually and I am waiting for him to do the same thing to others that may come here. It's a bit entertaining.

    How come he did not PM me Rose to ask where I was taking the thread and why?

    I'm certain he will add more snippets which he loves to do and break down the content to manipulate his en-devour to paint me as he has and most assuredly twist my words to satisfy his ego. Do you really think people who know me well enough believe this?

    Well as I said I will be happy to share the information with you Rose as I have shared elsewhere. I just don't see a reason to share it with him. Not here as it's far too important to me to be denigrated into something it is not....Chico's revenge for me simply saying "It's not that kind of Pyramid" and all hell breaks lose and his mission is at hand....To paint me his color of concern...a sociopath!

    One more thing I'd like to ask you Rose. Are you going to allow this guy to do this to all of your upcoming future members? If so....who died and made this guy judge and juror? Furthermore...what it heavens name makes it right?
  13. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Wow, the attempted manipulation in that quote from Brook you just posted Rose is phenomenal. Brook claims her information intrigues and delights, but she's not going to let us see it. She explains she withholds it because she is too old for mind games (obviously not) and only wants sanity and security (yeah, right). And withholding the information comes right after her post where she claims she's actually been giving it to us in a form "far from vague and quite to the point."

    That is sociopathy on display, if you know what to look for (hypocrisy, deception, manipulation, playing on our sympathies, "twist and shout", etc.).
  14. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    If you had already decided your thread was abandoned: Then you returned only to disrupt by continuing a grudge match, a mind game? Create some negative PR? I do hope it was more than that, Brook. I am curious about your information.
  15. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Question everything, dismiss nothing. I present information about pyramids in Crimea, and I present information that the story may not be true. I question both and dismiss neither. Does Shadowself do that, or does she insist that her information, that she has never really presented, is the unquestionable truth?

    It is useful to consider the possible intent behind the actions of all posters here.
  16. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Would you care counter these opinions, Brook?
    Clarify your expert?
    Explain this will all be forthcoming in the future?
    Ask that these comments be moved to the sidebar and continue without interruption?
  17. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    What a player you are, Brook! You and Zook are masters of "twist and shout". You twist the facts to your advantage and then shout them from the rooftops. But then, that is what sociopaths do.

    Not true. Watch, you'll even do it again here:

    What expert, what book, what "right answers", what numbers, what alignments, what coincidence, what stone? You just dangle a shiny lure in front of us, hoping we'll bite so you can catch some suckers.

    Attempting to play on our sympathies again, the sociopath's standard trick. You just can't help but expose yourself, Brook. It's too bad your title change for this thread didn't last, as it was clear evidence of your sociopathy. But I know you will provide us with ever more evidence as you play your deceptive and manipulative little game.
  18. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    Brook, your thread was completely free of any comment by Chico at all. He had no comments in your thread, whatsoever, until you abandoned it. Your statement that he was trolling you here so you could not continue is incorrect.

    His posts after you abandoned the thread were about Pyramids. They were on topic.

    Chico had been removed as a player in your game. And, you had full control over the moderation of your thread. You had more privileges than anyone else. All you had to do was continue on as planned. But, instead of continuing as you could have without any unwanted interruption as I had hoped, you preferred trolling him in his own thread.

    I interpreted your comments ending with telling me you would return when the coast was clear, to mean when Chico was no longer here at all? Was that what you meant? Your coast was already completely clear here Brook. You cannot expect to control content in every thead. Or, insist other members be removed.

    This is the type of clarification I was hoping for. Clarification of misunderstandings. If Chico misjudged you, why didn't you clarify. Why didn't you PM and get to know him. I think you might have been pleasantly surprised.

    All it takes it one word, and you can have your thread back as it was, clear of other comments, to continue forward with your presentation.
  19. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    The life of a sociopath is centered around deceiving and manipulating others to gain power and control over them. Sociopaths often exercise their power and control over others as dictators. The act of dictating or commanding others to do what a sociopath wants can be overt or camouflaged, starkly visible or cleverly concealed.

    I would like to point out the dictating that Shadowself has been doing:

    • You are not on-topic in this thread.
    • You can't talk about sociopaths in this thread.
    • You must respect my wishes.
    • You can't express "negative opinions" in this thread.
    • You can't participate in this thread.
    • You are a "fucking troll".
    • You have multiple personality disorders.
    • You are an accessory to a crime.
    • You are a victim of classic Transference.
    • You need to seek therapy.

    Actually, I'm here to talk about sociopathy and hopefully educate others about it. You see, sociopathy is a real problem at every level in this world, from obscure discussion forums to national governments and beyond. You are only on my radar because you behave like a sociopath, and you have decided that I'm a threat that has to be controlled.
  20. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    It's the "straw man" technique of destroying an opponent. Sociopaths love to use it.

    I don't need to know the history of your mother and father. Your lie is not about them, it is about you. You are the one claiming to be the psychology expert. Yet when I ask you why you didn't identify Stephen as a sociopath and warn the Atticus1 membership, you ignore the question. You ignore it because it shows your actions do not support your claims.

    And that is not even the question I asked. You are just prepping for another "straw man" argument.

    Then you pile on more bogus psychoanalysis of me to support your façade of being the psychology expert. Then you withdraw with "Goodbye, you're wasting my time." Who deceives and manipulates like that? Sociopaths.

    You expose yourself, Shadowself.
  21. Shadowself

    Shadowself Shadow Speaker

    Good morning!

    After a 12 hour day I'm a bit fuzzy but here goes.

    "You've recently made a lot of big claims ( 1 2 ) about being steeped in the study of psychology for most of your life, including your childhood. If you are indeed a sociopath, as the evidence suggests, these claims are likely to be largely bogus, since sociopaths lie quite often..."

    Yes I have. My mother met my father at Wayne State University in Detroit MI while getting her second masters degree. He was giving a lecture and she fell in love with him. They fell in love with each other and got married.

    My father was born and raised in Nome Alaska. Went to Washington State University graduated and was Pi Beta Kappa. He moved back up to Alaska taught school for awhile in Fairbanks then panned gold to pay his way through medical school at the University of Chicago where he did his residency and became a board certified General Surgeon. The war started and he enlisted to become a Flight Surgeon. While there he noticed the condition developing then now called PSTD and when he came back from the war he went back and studied Psychiatry and became a board certified Psychiatrist.

    Here he is listed as a special lecturer:


    From this publication for the University of Michigan.

    And here is something I made a pdf of that he wrote when in Fairbanks for publication to a local Magazine before he did his medical study to become a doctor.

    It's really hard to find anything on my mother but it's out there. I just have to remember where I found it on the web and present it here. But I thought to myself...why?

    Why am having to prove to this dude I'm not lying as he is attempting to portray?

    As for why I was at Atticus 1 and became a member of the 18? Well I've already explained that.

    Do I need to rinse and repeat? WTF?

    Dude I explained that to you already and so has Rose to some extent. She was far more involved with Stephen than I was. If you had actually listened and read what I've written you would know that answer.

    But you are doing something far more here. You're looking for new blood to facilitate your illness.

    You were trolling my thread to illicit a response. A response is exactly what you got. The same response you apparently get from anybody that sees this trait in you and responds or god help them; disagree with you! Which gives you the outlet to express your repressed anger for your father.

    On one of your blogs you stated that your mother referred to you as "an angry young man". Injustice, authority and Control were traits of your father.

    I am not your father and neither are members of the forums you are habitually banned from for reasons such as repressed anger and outbursts of injustice and authority issues.

    Now I am not going to facilitate your illness any further. Franky it's a waste of my time.

    I could get much further in depth into what is troubling you but suffice it to's not my problem.

    You stated in an earlier post I'm playing some con game here. Well think long and hard before you make a complete fool of yourself once again. Implying a con game would indicate I have something to gain. I have nothing to gain here. I simply came here to make amends with someone I had an affinity with. I did not come here to be subjugated by a text book mentally unstable individual who seeks nothing but validation and release.

    As for that post in question:

    You sir simply went to "google university" to find anything to counter James Gates and suffice it to say if you google "James Gates Computer code" the second link there indicating "psudoscience" which contains your Mr Gibb and sited reference.

    Had you been sincere you would have actually countered with some seriousness and attempted to discuss the very thing "he" was siting which is the Simulation hypothesis.

    I could have rolled with that all day long because I'm not even sure I buy into it, albeit an intriguing idea as it's seems the universal language is math.
    But simply decided quite obviously to troll me and the thread and holler "con game!". What con game does this comprise again?

    You are reaching for straws to validate yourself. It's not working out very well. Why? Because as I said you are like glass and leave the clues for any practicing psychologist to have a field day with.

    Here's your con game dude. I have none. I simply wanted to share some really cool stuff I've researched and the conclusion is quite interesting as well. I have absolutely not a fucking thing to gain here. I'm also not looking to facilitate your needs.

    So I will say it again dude: I refuse to facilitate your illness any longer. You are going to have to find someone else to slap with your repressed anger and labels. It would be morally wrong for me facilitate this in you any further.

    Ask yourself; With all that empathy you claim to posess..."how's my love life?" Oh "couples councilor" extraordinaire.

    We both know the answer to that now don't we?

    Good bye Hugh/Chicodoodoo; possessor of multiple identity.

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  22. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Patience, Grasshopper. I am trying to catch up. Liars have the advantage because they can bury you in BS faster than you can identify it.

    UncleZook uses this same MO, declaring victory while pointing to "self-evident" information that is twisted out of proportion or not truly applicable. You sociopaths are so predictable, once you know what to look for.

    That blog isn't evidence of "Transference", it's evidence that I don't play favorites when it comes to identifying sociopaths. I go where the truth leads me. And at the present time, it's leading me right to you, Shadowself.

    You've recently made a lot of big claims ( 1 2 ) about being steeped in the study of psychology for most of your life, including your childhood. If you are indeed a sociopath, as the evidence suggests, these claims are likely to be largely bogus, since sociopaths lie quite often (though convincingly, like Stephen, or Bill and Hillary Clinton). Since you claim such a solid understanding of psychology, you surely recognized the sociopathy present in Stephen at Atticus1. Why did you choose to serve him as one of his 18 Minions? What did you do to warn the membership there of the dangerous leader they were following? You must have pursued that purpose with even greater vigor than you are expending on me, right?
  23. Shadowself

    Shadowself Shadow Speaker

    Good job of avoidance!

    Habits of avoidance are maintained by fear. You encounter something that hurts, and thereafter, you don't want to encounter that thing again and start avoiding that painful thing, and even things that remind you of that thing. The pain you feel might be physical in nature, or emotional; it doesn't much matter. What matters is that it hurts and you believe you cannot tolerate it; that it will be easier for you to simply avoid experiencing it again than to try to come to grips with it in some other more direct fashion.

    I will be more than happy to address your issues and concerns of "authority" (daddy issues) and the direct subject matter directly. But I am on my way out the door to go to work at the moment and when I return you will get your much (maybe not so desired) response then.

    Until then...Chill dude....It is what it is....

  24. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    This is a deceptive arguing technique using the logical fallacy of "argument from authority". You are claiming that no truth can come from a non-authority, with the criteria for authority being whether one is published or not. Very deceptive of you.

    So we should ridicule a website administrator for the content he allows others to post there? Very deceptive of you.

    No, he was just a commenter suggesting error correction is a natural phenomenon. You completely ignored his message and spent all your time and effort trying to discredit him personally. This is just the usual sociopathic ploy "Kill the messenger, ignore the message." Very deceptive of you.

    So Shadowself has resurrected the same old con-game that Stephen was using. One sociopath picking up the game of another. Why not, it worked for Stephen.
  25. Shadowself

    Shadowself Shadow Speaker


    I just took the time to review one of your links....and I hit pay dirt! I decided to check out your blog sites for more recent writings.

    I was right. You do view one of your parents as a sociopath.

    From Chico's/Hugh's (multiple names dude) blog:

    My father was a sociopath. Like most sociopaths, originally known as "the morally insane", my father didn't really understand the difference between right and wrong. He only knew how normal people reacted to right and wrong, so he was careful to deceive and manipulate to get what he wanted without provoking undesirable reactions from his victims.

    In an unpleasant surprise, following my father's recent death, it became clear that my brother really doesn't understand the difference between right and wrong either. His notion of fairness is so lop-sided that it falls squarely in the camp of selfishness, the same camp that was my father's base of operations.

    My reaction to all this has not been well received in the family. I have been advised to sit back and "let it be." "Don't rock the boat." "Relax." "Enjoy life." Yes, relax in the face of injustice.

    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
  26. Shadowself

    Shadowself Shadow Speaker

    "This too is classic behavior for sociopaths. They accuse their opponents of their own malfeasance."

    Case closed buddy. You have been doing this on forums for years! Classic Transference.

    Transference is a phenomenon characterized by unconscious redirection of feelings from one person to another. One definition of transference is "the inappropriate repetition in the present of a relationship that was important in a person's childhood". Another definition is "a reproduction of emotions relating to repressed experiences, especially of childhood, and the substitution of another person ... for the original object of the repressed impulses".

    A modern, social-cognitive perspective on transference explains how it can occur in everyday life. When people meet a new person who reminds them of someone else, they unconsciously infer that the new person has traits similar to the person previously known. The transference process involves erroneous perception and extremely simplified cognition that work together to distort reality.

    transference is a re-enactment rather than a repetition, as it is in the classical tradition. Motivated by a powerful desire for positive outcome, they engaging in the reenactment unconsciously assign roles and functions, previously taken by others, to that person in the hope that these conflicts will finally be resolved.

    This is in just about everything you write Chico. Up to and including these last few days and the quoted sentence you wrote that I just provided. In fact the entire last post is a classic example! As I said, I took time to review to be sure I was correct. It's not simply in the one post I reviewed here. It's in just about everything you write. Having some basic knowledge helped me to see it straight away. Remember I grew up with this kind of knowledge ingrained in my awareness so it was quite easy to spot.

    "the transference, which, whether affectionate or hostile, seemed in every case to constitute the greatest threat to the treatment, becomes its best tool".

    Clinical example: : “I want an accepting mother and I do not perceive you as one. I perceive you as no different from my biological mother. As a consequence, I feel the same negative feelings toward you that I felt toward her.”

    Now I'm going to take a stab at it and go out on a limb and say either one or both of your parents you view as a sociopath. Of course you will never admit to that as it would be to admit the conditions exists at all. But will of course transfer that onto me somehow, as a behavioral pattern that you so readily display.

    I am not your therapist nor are other members of forums. But you choose quite consciously to transfer your repressed feeling on anyone that chooses to disagree with you for the sole purpose to label in the same kind of transference. This behavior of your is also fulfilling your needs to express these regressed feelings.

    And you are wrong about domestic violence no matter how you choose to view it. It's a crime and silence is the enemy of domestic abuse. Period! You are again hardly qualified to council anybody and should have taken some responsibility as you suggested the guy is a sociopath and will undoubtedly be a repeat offender.

    Here's the thing dude. You can do this on forums for the rest of your life....but it will not help you. You need to seek therapy and resolve these issues. Until then this will manifest to even greater heights and never get resolved.

    This song describes transference quite well.
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  27. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    That does complicate things. There are emotional issues involved for you. At least you are aware of your own bias.

    Then they need a private space. Is a public forum specifically designed for interactive discussions an appropriate private space? I don't think so. Even a Read-Only thread (no discussion allowed) is not really a private space, as comments can be posted in other forum threads. You can't escape criticism (which Shadowself calls "negative opinion") unless you can censor people. But the real issue is not that Shadowself cannot "proceed creatively" should I mention the word "sociopath". The real issue is control. That is always the issue with sociopaths.
  28. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    You use your son's death as a defense against any opposition, much like the Zionist Jews do with their cry of "anti-Semite" and "hate crime". This is a classic technique sociopaths use to manipulate others. They deliberately play on the empathy of non-sociopaths to gain additional power and control over them. Your reliance on manipulating the emotional undercurrents of others by advertising your dead son is not only callous, but ultimately horrifying, precisely because of the sociopathy behind it.

    This too is classic behavior for sociopaths. They accuse their opponents of their own malfeasance. If they feel that they are being attacked by claims of psychological deviancy, then they will accuse their attackers of also being somehow psychologically deviant. I've experienced it many times, needless to say. Stephen resorted to calling me a sociopath at Atticus1. Warponies / 9eagle9 "analyzed" me there as well, much as you are trying to do now, and was just as bogus at it as you are. Pod / Ross did the same thing at United People. Your reaction and Shezbeth's in this forum are similar. Sociopaths get angry when they are exposed, and vicious. They take these perceived attacks personally, and why wouldn't they, as they have so much to hide. Exposure is the last thing they want.

    No crime was committed. My sociopath friend was the one motivated by fear of police involvement and income loss, not me. His girlfriend was the one who elected not to file a complaint, and I had nothing to do with that decision. You really don't know what you are talking about here, though you wish to appear as if you do.

    You see what you want to, and that is whatever will help you attack the messenger (me) to avoid having anyone focus on the message. The message is that you behave like a sociopath, and that's what you want suppressed. Just writing the word "sociopaths" in my first response to the Pyramid thread you started got me and all my posts excised from that thread! That is truly extreme. It reminds me of being banned from a forum because I used the words "alien spacecraft" in a post. With you, all it took was the words "ruling sociopaths". But I think you had a plan prepared in advance to silence me as soon as I used the word "sociopath". Sociopaths do that kind of thing. That may have been the very purpose of the Pyramid thread you started, since it doesn't really talk about pyramids and is just a jumbled mishmash of cut-and-paste info that few can understand or dare criticize. Former friend and sociopath Andywight did this kind of thing often and took great delight in it. He called it "laying a trap". I see a lot of Andywight in you, Shadowself, just like I see a lot of the other sociopaths in you too. You people all think alike. Who knew?
  29. Rose

    Rose InPHInet Rose Φ Administrator

    I have been recalling a situation at Agora forum. I started a thread for the purpose of an experimental radio program. Immediately, Edina and Val, who were doing nothing on their own at the time, and I don't recall Val ever doing anything to speak of, came in to my thread to heckle and point out everything that was wrong with what I was doing in their opinion. Everytime I posted anything, they were right there to put it down. I told them to get out and go start their own thread if they wanted to criticize me, but to stay out of mine. I was on the outs with everyone on staff at Agora. Ciganka had threatened to ban me. Edina and Val were allowed to continue their personal vendetta because no one could own a thread at Agora. Everyone's projects belonged equally to everyone. I felt at the time it was wrong. I just wanted to be left alone to create something. Eventually, I just quit and left. For that reason, this issue is personal to me.

    I like both of you. I very much enjoy counterpoints and debate when both parties are willing. But, if a person wants space and feels their rights to freely proceed creatively are being infringed upon, and they request to be left alone, I believe they should be granted the right to be left alone.
  30. Shadowself

    Shadowself Shadow Speaker

    You know, growing up in a home as I did filled with psychology I learned to recognize obvious behavioral patterns.

    You bet we have a difference in our respective psychologies. You spend time working to sell yourself and this obsession as a care giver and supposed em-path to reveal your findings. While all the while you are revealing more of yourself than you probably realize or are able to admit. But you can't take back what you say dude. It's there in black and white.

    What kind of guy puffs himself up as "normal" and filled with empathy; tells a mother of a dead son she is using her dead son to gain empathy? I find that quite cruel and intentionally mean to prove an obsession and point that is a need to satisfy your compulsion. Which is also quite evident in your own writing.

    Compulsions are usually heightened, with those who have Borderline Personality Disorder features such as you do. They'll complain about issues, yet will not seek therapeutic help for those concerns. Ask yourself, "what else would I be doing with all my spare time, if I halted this behavior??"

    You're a 'Rescuer type' personality, but you were not born with this trait. It was cultivated in you from an early age, and it's most usually directly due to faulty relationship dynamics with an impaired parent (or two).

    But you are afraid to go the extra mile for fear of rejection. Again usually stemming from faulty relationships with an impaired parent (or two).

    I took the time to analyze you a bit. Of course you'd actually have to bare your soul to get an accurate assessment. Something you will never do because the fear of rejection is too deeply embedded within you in this public arena. You'd also have to admit wrong doing which again would hurt that core trauma that has produced this compulsion you've manifested.

    I read one particular post of yours where you were seeking approval in a big way. Essentially selling yourself and ideas as valid to your compulsions. I even saw you back peddle in a following post realizing your little mistake. But you missed the big mistake and error of your compulsion while revealing a sociopath in essence revealed you as an enabler and quite frankly I found it the most revealing.

    I grew up in a home as I said where my mother dealt quite often with domestic abuse in her job description. Mostly involving children but often times the women were badly injured not only psychologically but physically! In my home domestic abuse was considered a CRIME. I learned the right thing to do is NOT TURN A BLIND EYE TO IT! If I ever ran into it to see it was reported and dealt with properly.

    Did you know nearly 30 percent of all female homicide victims were known to have been killed by their husbands, former husbands or boyfriends? That 45 percent of all violent attacks against female victims 12 years old and older by multiple offenders involve offenders they know.

    And you sir puff yourself up as a savior figure and consultant to a couple so he didn't have to deal with the police or loss of income? You wrote that sir I did not.

    Did you once think to stop the cycle? Perhaps not upsetting this guy was more important? Seeking his approval perhaps was an issue for you? Seeing that he did not get a police record or lose his income was more important? I'd be willing to bet this guy has another girlfriend and that cycle usually does not stop until somebody gets badly hurt or dead!

    Oh I'm supposed to be impressed that you keep him at arms length now? But you did nothing as a pseudo-counselor to address the FACT that this a fucking CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And your puffing yourself up as a counselor - enabler of yet another possible crime because you enabled this guy to get off Scott free?

    Now nobody saw that in that post except possible me because I've had some schooling and education in this area and it's perverse, perverted and a cycle that never usually stops until a person gets some REAL damned counseling. And believe this....a counselor of domestic abuse does not excuse this behavior for police reports or income loss!

    But you did!

    Said post here:

    Now I'm going to stop right there because your needs have to be met by this compulsion you have. But I don't have to be part of that compulsion and refuse to enable this behavior any further. These are your needs and are quite telling and revealing in your writing. Perhaps you should try a bit of self analysis before you seek to judge people you know nothing about. In other words look in the damned mirror!
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2016