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    I'm finding that Breitbart covers news not covered in other places.
    This particular article is interesting:
    Whistleblower: Google Partners with China on ‘AI Manhattan Project’
    Here's a link to the 3000 words that get you de-monetized on YouTube:
    On a similar note, about one month ago, I came across a YouTube video where a guy said he had a conversation with someone on the YouTube staff and they told him that the YouTube AI is completely out of their control. And to fix the problem they would need to take YouTube down, which they are not going to do, so they have decided to just 'live' with it.
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    I thought you might be interested in this preview of Kim Strassel's new book tag.


    Click image for preview
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    IPOT ties yesterday's news conference into points mentioned in the Q Posts:

    On a different note, people had a great time mocking the ridiculous Wapo Obit Headline for Baghdadi.
    This was trending on Twitter yesterday, ... Hilarious!
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    Dave of X22 Report has also made connections to yesterday's news with Q posts.
    This is yesterday evenings report:
    Treason Message Sent, Operation Documents Confiscated, Timing Is Everything - Episode 2005b

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    There are reports that the Q tripcode has been activated and that there have been 3 Q posts.
    Q 20191102.png
    Q codes 20191102.png
    One with a link to this youtube video:

    Q Utube link 20191102.png
    8kun is still glitchy.
    And the image links of the migrated posts look to be broken.

    The Q post aggregator sites have not posted these posts yet.
    It will take some time to get everything cleaned up and synched correctly.
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    Q Anon/News - Be Ready - In Pursuit of Truth Presents - 11.12.19

    Sir Patrick Mack mentions what happened to his YouTube videos and the Whistleblower video.
    (Side note from other sources: Facebook has been removing ALL posts that mention Ciaramello.
    And I've heard that YouTube is doing the same.)

    Another Q post analyst or decoder, NEON REVOLT, talks about the stringer posts. I consider this to the more accurate understanding of those posts.
    While watching this video and listening to Sir Pat talk about the Deep Dream issue, I thought about some of the information mentioned in the CT Episode - 48
    Also, in Episode 48 ...
    I thought about this last night.
    I don't think I interpret information per se.
    What I think I do is listen with an open mind. (Presencing.)
    And then notice potential connections of information that I glean from many different sources.
    Meaning often percolates up to my conscious awareness, often over time.
    Sense and/or Nonsense comes from within ~> the mind of the meaning-maker. :) (AKA Human Being)

    Have you ever felt someone feeling you as you focused on ( or read) their words?

    In stillness one can notice the moment someone that is not you, injects a word, phrase, feeling, or image.
    Is that genuine organic telepathy?
    Or is that a machine assisted mechanism?

    #Serenity #CalmWithinTheStorm
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    IPOT has also posted his Part II of The Weatherman:
    The WeatherMen II - Of Media Money and Men - IPOT Presents - 11.11.19

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  9. Rose

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    I agree with most everything, except:
    I am not so sure about that one. I may be misunderstanding. But, I tend to believe proofs exist for determining Sense and/or Nonsense that are not dependent on what is within any particular human being's mind.

    For instance, my Sense is there will be a lot of Dem leaning sheep finding out everything they have been holding in their minds as Sense was actually Nonsense. dancey2

    Or, if not, alternately, I could be proven wrong.

    So, what I am thinking is: At any given time, a large percentage of any population's Sense is always Nonsense.
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    This made me laugh!

    I can see your point of view.
    I'm playing with how to express something I've observed over time.
    I think this comes from information theory?
    Each of us uniquely has a body of information we've built up for ourselves, through our lives and such.

    I think this affects how any one takes in any information.

    In a general sense, what may be nonsense to someone else, may make sense to me.
    And visa versa.

    Now, when you are talking about the far leaning left ideologies of Dems, what you say makes sense to me.

    And it may be utter nonsense to someone else.

    This is probably because of the basis of information I already carry within me.
    Since I've been interested in understanding that mindset and in the process have learned a few things that help me understand better, not wholly, but better than before I learned.

    It's a topic that interests me. So, I'm not likely to dismiss it as nonsense.
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