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    Q in Barcelona, The World is Watching.jpeg
    This image is on a wall in Barcelona, Spain.
    Someone shared this on the Q board and Q responded, “The world is watching.
    In another post Q mentioned the Iranian Freedom Fighters who are using the hashtag, #QAnon in their Tweets.
    Twitter is shadow banning this hashtag, to try to suppress the grass roots growth of this movement, which is now in the millions, all over the planet.
    If you haven’t heard of Q, yet, you will.
    It’s started breaking into mainstream media in May 2018.
    Mostly it’s been mocked, and ridiculed and called a “conspiracy” theory.
    Too funny.... when the anons and autists involved are doing better research than most of our so called main stream media journalists.

    It’s an empowerment movement.
    You will see Q billboards, and T-shirts, and people chanting Where We Go One, We Go All, at Trump rallies.

    WWG1WGA has it’s roots with the very special Marines who served President John F Kennedy. When we say it, we include all people in all countries, who are fighting to clean up corruption and for freedom for the people.

    WWG1WGA Bell.jpg
    In light of the severe censorship of anything Q related, I've decided to build a thread dedicated to posting the Q posts from the beginning to when Rose started sharing Q posts here on 6 August 2018.

    This is a monumental task, and it will take me some time to complete, so thank you in advance for your patience. To get updated on the most recent posts, visit
    Qanon Drops (Beginning 8/6/ 2018)
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    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Q's Patriots Fight Board on 8Chan:
    Q Research Board on 8 Chan
    8 Chan is the only board where Q posts and engages with autists and anons directly.

    Q Great Awakening Board on 8 Chan
    (This is where Great Awakening migrated to after reddit banned it.)​
    8ch Board for Reddit Refugees
    QAnon Posts Archive, Pub
    QAnon Posts Archive, .com
    QAnon Posts Archive, QMap
    QAnon Posts Archive, qclearance
    (The Q pdf and Q player cards are found on qclearance.)​
    Q Proofs
    (Q Cards, links to Resignation, Trafficking Arrests and Sealed Indictment lists are found in the Resources section of this super easy to read site.)​
    All of these sites and tools for research are built and maintained by volunteers. The Qpdf is a great way to archive the information offline.

    Praying Medic Q Anon, most recent order playlist
    Praying Medic ~ Q Post Analysis, chronological order playlist

    Chan Lingo
    "What's an autist?"
    What is a LARP?
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    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) continued. (I can see where a second box may be needed. There is a LOT of information covered in the Q posts.)
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