Featured Robert Mueller's Rigged Witch Hunt

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    Excerpt 1:
    According to California Congressman Devin Nunes speaking on Laura Ingraham’s program last week, there is testimony from none other than former FBI Director James Comey himself, speaking before House committees, that is exculpatory of Flynn. Because Comey just confessed on national TV that he oh-so-cleverly, gleefully, and deliberately breached all protocols and any semblance of ethics to ensnare the new administration and Flynn in their carefully calculated perjury trap, there is every reason to declassify Comey’s testimony immediately. The public is entitled to see his duplicity.

    Excerpt 2:
    It gets worse. The Inspector General of the Department of Justice reported late last week that Mueller wiped Peter Strzok’s cell phone of all messages during the crucial time he was working for special counsel. The IG was unable to recover any text messages from it.

    This was after the inspector general informed Mueller of the extreme bias of Strzok and Page evidenced by thousands of text messages on their phones. These messages were so egregious they required their termination from Mueller’s squad. Not only did Mueller hide this development from Congress, but he destroyed evidence on Strzok’s phone and allowed DOJ to do the same for Page’s phone. That’s a crime. Mueller put Paul Manafort in solitary confinement for simply trying to contact a witness.
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    Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts intervened in a mysterious grand jury subpoena just days before Christmas. It's supposedly linked to Robert Mueller's Russia investigation. Nelson Cunningham analyzed the subpoena in a piece for Politico Magazine. He's worked as a federal prosecutor under Rudy Giuliani and a legal aide to the Clinton administration, and he joined CBSN to discuss his findings.
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    "The company earlier Tuesday filed a request with the high court to hear the dispute on the legal merits.
    That request is still pending with the court..."

    The Supreme Court has rejected an emergency appeal from an unknown foreign corporation over a pending federal subpoena believed linked to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation.

    The justices issued an unsigned order Tuesday, refusing to dismiss a contempt citation issued by a federal judge for failure to comply.

    The unnamed company -- listed cryptically in court records as owned by "Country A" -- had challenged a subpoena from a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C., including daily fines, after its refusal to turn over requested documents to U.S. investigators.


    Chief Justice John Roberts last week had put the pending compliance order on temporary hold, while he and his eight colleagues considered the corporation's stay request.

    The company had cited the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act in its refusal to comply, saying to do so would violate the laws of its home country.


    The company earlier Tuesday filed a request with the high court to hear the dispute on the legal merits. That request is still pending with the court, and it is unclear if this new appeal means those documents can still be withheld temporarily, while the case is litigated.

    Nearly all details of the dispute remain under seal.

    A federal appeals court last month held closed-door oral arguments over the dispute, and reporters and the public were removed from the entire courthouse floor where the case was heard.

    This is believed to be the first Mueller-related appeal to reach the Supreme Court.

    It remains uncertain if the justices would be asked in coming weeks to take on the broader legal questions raised by this issue, and how that might impact the special counsel's investigation.
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    Barr's testimony on how he will handle Mueller Report:

    Feinstein states she will not vote for Barr
    if he does not agree to ignore regulations
    and make Mueller's entire report public: