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    Questions About the "Millie Event"

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    Tore retweeted this clip from the documentary:
    re: Keystone, or KEI Stone, Silent Circle

    She mentioned an earlier article from her site, Hurricane Electric (Originally published on Big League Politics on July 16, 2018.)

    ‘HURRICANE ELECTRIC’ Exposed: Fusion GPS Had Access To Obama FBI Surveillance Database
    [​IMG] The FBI’s “Citizen Log” program, formerly known as LifeLog, is at the center of #SpyGate and provided material for the Christopher Steele dossier. Fusion GPS had access to this government database through its operative Nellie Ohr’s husband Bruce Ohr at the Justice Department.

    The #SpyGate conspirators used the code name “Crossfire Hurricane” because they were all using a contractor called Hurricane Electric, which has access to all of the Barack Obama and James Comey FBI surveillance programs on private American citizens.

    It is confirmed that Russians hacked the entire database when an Obama administration French contractor snuck Russian code into all of the FBI surveillance programs.

    The access to this server is a free pass to pry into anyone’s life. This is were we store, collate and even plant information on someone,” a high-level federal government security insider tells Big League Politics.

    “The thing about planting information is, we never use information that is fake, we use somebody else’s information and merge it onto our target’s profile. For example, if I want to take you out or silence you, I will link some other person’s profile that may be dubious or even criminal, link it up to yours where you might have a gap or where I can easily replace it because maybe you were really private during that period and then we have you right where we want you. This is what happened to President Trump” said our source.
    This is a longish article, continue to read here...

    Wasn't LifeLog the precursor to Facebook? Am I remembering that correctly?
    (Note Added: I checked this, yes. It is.
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    Also the GoFundMe for Millie's defense has met and exceeded it's goal.

    And RT has covered the story:

    Infowars reporter Millie Weaver ‘arrested’ mid-premiere of her whistleblowing investigation into ‘shadow government’

    Video of the couple’s apparent arrest, shot by Weaver herself, was posted to Twitter by her Infowars colleague Adan Salazar, opening on Weaver asking in disbelief if “a grand jury indicted [her].”
    The rest of the RT article shares lots of speculative tweets.
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    Millie videod herself when we was being arrested.

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    ShadowGate was supposed to go live today, but for some reason that people are trying to figure out, Millie Weaver was arrested.

    ToRe posted this on her YT account.
    It's the ShadowGate documentary.
    They may have tried to prevent it's release by arresting Millie, but it's released anyway.

    Share far, wide and fast. (I suspect that there will be attempts to remove it ASAP, like what happened with the Frontline Doctors video. They name John Brennan)

    I've archived it offline.

    What They Don't Want You To See
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    I listened to yesterday's ToreSays radio show and she said that she was able to see a preview of about 30 minutes of the upcoming ShadowGate video. It was still in production and editing.
    I think it's going to be jammed packed with information that I think will be relevant in the coming months regarding SpyGate/ObamaGatGate.

    Tore's twitter account was suspended because of something she posted about Sally Yates.
    It's kinda funny, she expected that her twitter account would be deleted about a month or so ago. She has contingency plans for this. Her present active Twitter account is
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