Shining Light On The Darkness

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    Shining Light On The Darkness
    At least the Aspiration, No One Is Perfect
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    I've been in a conversation recently with a bunch of folks who want to manifest an opposition to the deep state covid sorcery.

    The first 23 minutes of this video describe the deep state manipulation of the mass power of intent incredibly clearly.

    My problem became that most of the others (aspirant new-agers, I think) ran off with the new found confidence of knowing the power of intention is even scientifically evident, and set about what I personally view as a corrupted intention ritual.

    So, the conversation I was having went silent and I was left 'standing there' alone, more or less, wishing I'd never shown them the video.

    After a sleep, my puzzlement about what had just happened drove my thoughts deeper into the realm abstract logic. Here's what bubbled up to the surface of my mind.

    "Do as thou wilt" is a flip side corruption of the absolute 'freedom' of a perfectly individuated spiritual being.

    From my research and accompanying contemplation, I've realised that "Dark to Light®" is the new game in town, by the satanists of the global system. In my own words I'll say that I now believe we are leaving an era of 'Dark versus Light' and we are entering an era of 'False Light versus True Light'.

    Strap yourself in, they really might be about to attempt to hoist up an Antichrist.

    The whole Bond Villain flavor of the Klauss Schwab / Bill Gates operation more than hints to my tinglies that we are really being stretched back like a catapult elastic before being pinged off in a deliberately aimed-for direction, under our own reactive volition, thus satisfying, as always, one of their golden rules, that we choose it for ourselves.​
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    Georgia Lambert
    [4mins 20sec]

    When we think of the Great Whales, they breath air, and yet their whole life is in the water. They mate in water, they feed in water, they socialise in water, but they have to go up to take a breath, to sustain themselves.

    It's kind of like human beings, we live in this physical material world, but our nature is far above that, and we have to take a breath from that, from time to time.

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    The time of a simple Dark versus Light dynamic is changing to a time of 'False Light' versus 'True Light'.

    A simple meme of "Dark To Light", doesn't cut it at all, and anyway, ask yourself where that meme really comes from. The darkest entities of the world are themselves engaged in that very shift of Dark To Light®. Their Light, is not True Light, and if you examine what it really means, I'll guess it's not 'Your' Light either. It certainly is not mine.

    Here, Jessie Czebotar does a marathon splurge of revelation of the real spiritual landscape of this time in our world.

    [Jessie's own genetics are from 10 of 'the' 13 families. As a small spiritually gifted child, she was chosen to become the queen Mother of Darkness. By chance(!?), she discovered 'God', instead of Satan. She grew up being trained for end times rituals but deeply defied the Satanism she was immersed in. She is now a Christian chaplain and works to get others out of the 'system', both reluctant minions and victims, including child victims of the world wide trafficking the satanic system operates]

    note: George Iceman named this live streaming session before it began. The title he chose for it has almost nothing to do with what eventually was talked about during the live stream, that this is the recording of.

    note2: I'm finding it as hard to get the so called truther community to watch this ( or listen to it ), as the so called truther community finds it hard to get the 'normies' to pay attention to what's going on. Very ironically, so far, I've actually found so called normies to be the least reluctant to put the time into going through this. ( with one exception, Tag watched the whole thing )

    note3: The very misleading title George gave to this live stream may well be the only reason Youtube hasn't deleted it yet. I suggest anyone who thinks they may get around to watching this should grab a download of it quickly. Every time I return to find it still up on YT, I'm quite amazed it's still there. Also, I'd say, it's only a matter of time before George's whole channel vanishes.​
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