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Discussion in 'Φ Know Yourself' started by david, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. david

    david Member

    Ouch! Lol.... coffeee spilling out on the keyboard laughin like Hillary! Stephen scared Chico Rose, you probably know that.
  2. Chester

    Chester Member

    ...was wondering if Chicodoodoo was around and I posted a message then found myself here and I'm not if my other post posted...
  3. david

    david Member

    Now now now the boys over at United...Chico chico and chico are working hard to only bring you the best content! But it ain't easy...Why with all those sociopaths around and what not. Just look what ole Hitler had to deal with? Chico builds those threads up, and with only the three united, sock puppet one two and three, that takes a lot of finger grease.

    Talk about destroying relationships sheesh!! Chico can't even keep a few choice foils around! The threads there are like the Hegalian dialectic minus the antithesis! I mean hate to say it boys (chico 1 chico 2 and chico 3) but you could use a good sociopath to kick around! Maybe you can ban yourself Chico and come back...Imagine the drama if chico 3 is banned by chico 2 because he didn't endorse the view that the breakfast cereal didn't turn blue because of sociopaths... white knuckles all the way!
  4. david

    david Member

    According to Chico shouldn't I be in control of this place by now?! maybe I am blind...but I don't see anybody doing my evil no no! No children are crying because their lolly's have been taken away... And when i do my evil laugh bwahhahaaahaa well there are no earth quakes! I think I know why. Evil is captivated by Clinton these days!!
  5. david

    david Member

    Lol that "mad face" its insane!
  6. Shadowself

    Shadowself Shadow Speaker

    David....He had one eye in the mirror!


    Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear!

    And he's a goddamned liar....he never ONCE put himself in my shoes when he made the most unkind, non- empathic, untrue lying statement of all!!!!!!!

    And do you want to know why he chose to attack me in such a way?

    Because Rose interviewed me....becasue my being here threatened his narcissistic ego to control this forum for his own platform and total disregard of what Rose envisioned as a place to share ideas other than his own.

    The dude has control issues....if he could not control this forum and have David was over then. Loss of complete control is not in this guys universe!

    He does have complete control of the United Person and Co however and will continue to behave as if anybody gives a shit!

    He's a one man band and reverend of the United Person Trust and Co.



    It does not take a genus to figure out why!

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  7. david

    david Member

    David gonna clean this thread up now...first must bottle essence, then onto the lowlifes, the scum that must be washed away! the sociopaths which lurk everywhere...lying in wait! Lol.

    Seriously that is good research Shadow, as usual.
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  8. Shadowself

    Shadowself Shadow Speaker


    News Alert!

    The reverend United Person has had a revelation!

    This revelation has taken the reverend to change the meaning of a word to suit his preaching!

    The once given meaning of Illeism had now changed according to his prophecy!

    What it used to mean:
    Illeism is sometimes used in literature as a stylistic device. In real life usage, illeism can reflect a number of different stylistic intentions or involuntary circumstances.

    Such as:

    Early literature, both ostensibly non-fictional accounts of wars led by their authors, used illeism to impart an air of objective impartiality to the account, which included justifications of the author's actions. In this way personal bias is presented, albeit dishonestly, as objectivity.

    It can also be used as a device to illustrate the feeling of "being outside one's body and watching things happen", a psychological disconnect resulting from dissonance either from trauma such as childhood physical or sexual abuse, or from psychotic episodes of actions that can't be reconciled with the individual's own self-image.

    in different contexts, illeism can be used to reinforce self-promotion, as used to sometimes comic effect by Bob Dole throughout his political career. This was particularly made notable during the 1996 presidential election and lampooned broadly in popular media for years afterwards.

    Illeism is used with an air of grandeur, to give the speaker lofty airs. Idiosyncratic and conceited people are known to either use or are lampooned as using illeism to puff themselves up or illustrate their egoism.

    An increasingly common use of illeism in common speech is as sarcasm, used when a person is being spoken about by other people present as if he weren't there.


    While in the news the reverend United Person had now changed the meaning completely as to step into another persons shoes and disregard the fact that the third person is in fact himself as a third person it elevates all the intended use of illeism.

    Here is an example of his changes we will quote the reverend:

    "This morning I realized that stepping out of my shoes and into the shoes of a third person who might be observing me is a necessary characteristic of empathy! People with empathy often put themselves in another's place to experience things from their perspective".

    Whoa flippin nelly!

    God had give the reverend by the hand of god to change the complete meaning of third person perspective known as illeism!

    While third person perspective illeism is often related to narcissism in psychology the reverend had now changed the meaning.

    Here is an example third person from American Psycho!

    (note what is says when he finally refers to himself in the third person)

    Note's from a psychologist:

    Contrary to what you might read in political blogs, it isn’t a sure sign of narcissism when people talk about themselves in the third person. The truth is that much clearer clues about someone’s narcissism can be found in how they regard you and the other people in their lives.

    Have you ever heard someone talk about themselves in the third person? That’s something called illeism, and while it’s probably a fair bet that not too many are familiar with this term, most of us have probably heard someone talk this way at one time or another. But what do you make of a person who references herself in this unusual manner? Is illeism a sure sign of narcissism? Lately, according to many political blogs, some folks seem to think so. But the truth is more complicated than that. The fact is, folks talk about themselves in this manner for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it can indeed be reflective of an inflated ego. But much of the time, it indicates something else entirely. So how can you tell what’s really going on with someone who references themselves in the third person? Fortunately, there are other, more reliable signs you might be dealing with a narcissist, and given how prevalent narcissists are these days and how problematic they can be in relationships, it’s a good idea to know those signs as well.

    Because we all have our own unique ideas and experiences and prefer to speak for ourselves when we share what we think with others, we generally do so using what grammarians call the first person singular pronoun (i.e., making those “I” statements much touted in assertiveness training classes). In some cultures, there are actually occasions where speaking in the first person might even be considered either rude or impertinent. Of course there are those “royal” occasions where monarchs or other state officials use the first person plural form “we” instead of the typical singular form to denote that they’re not just speaking for themselves but rather for the masses as holder of a representative office. Still, it’s pretty unusual for the average person to use illeism. Most often when a person does so it’s because they’re being either defensive about or protecting a particular image. That’s why some think that folks who talk about themselves in the third person might actually be revealing their narcissism. For narcissists, of course, it’s always about image.

    Just because someone is concerned about their social image, however, doesn’t make them a narcissist. People of genuine honor often guard their reputations with considerable passion. They may have worked very hard to forge their character and their public image as well, so they hate to see that image tarnished in any way. For that reason they might emphatically assert something like “John Smith is not the kind of man that would say or do a thing like that!” when defending themselves against unfounded accusations or other attempts at character assassination. But sometimes people who talk about themselves in the third person can in fact be displaying an air of haughtiness and grandeur. It’s their way of asserting that their very name or identity is important, inherently carrying significant social weight, and should command your respect.

    While some have suggested that illeistic people are most likely narcissistic, for a period of time in recent years there appeared a consensus among researchers that high usage of the first person singular personal pronoun was itself the more reliable indicator of narcissism. Most recently, this notion has lost support, even among the original researchers who came up with the notion. So it seems that how folks refer to themselves simply isn’t a reliable tip-off about their character. Fortunately, there are a few other and much more reliable signs you might be dealing with a narcissist, even if you’re not sure which of the two main types of narcissist they are.

    For one thing, when speaking about themselves narcissists frequently “fish” for compliments, validation, approval, etc.. If they’re of the more “vulnerable,” neurotic variety, they get anxious and feel easily hurt or slighted if you fail to heed their invitations to stroke their ego, whereas if they’re the more “grandiose” or character disturbed type, they’ll show their disdain for you if you fail to recognize what they already know to be their greatness.

    Also, when talking about their affairs with others, narcissists will rarely acknowledge error or personal shortcomings. Somehow, they’re always right and everyone else is wrong. If they have a history of failures in their relationships it’s never their fault and always the other party’s — or it’s bad luck, bad timing, circumstance, etc. Lastly, it’s not so much how someone references themselves that will reveal their narcissism but rather how they regard and refer to you. If someone’s repeatedly ignoring, disregarding, or stepping all over your feelings (even if they claim it’s not “intentional”), or acting like you don’t exist, don’t count, or especially, don’t compare, you’re probably dealing with a narcissist, or at least someone with a fair degree of narcissism in their character. So, if you’re involved with someone who has the unusual habit of referring to themselves in the third person, beware for sure, but don’t necessarily panic. Be less concerned with how they reference themselves and more concerned about how they regard you and the other people in their lives. That’s the surer test of their character.

    While the reverend United Person had decided to change the meaning of illesim from third person to stepping into another persons shoes Psychopath News would like to report one last third person use before he changes the meaning by the hand of god!

    Another third person perspective laced with shades of egoistic narcissim:

    "Gemma is ready to bottle the essence of Chico"

    This had been another Psychopath News Report with the help of the following references:

    In changing the meaning of third person to stepping into another persons shoes

    In the move to change the meaning of illeism the Reverend United Person will strike all traces of vanity from the Bible to coincide with the meaning, in its modern sense, which is considered a form of self-Idolitry, in which one likens their self to the greatness of God for the sake of their own image, and thereby becomes separated and perhaps in time divorced from the Divine grace of God!

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  9. david

    david Member

    Chico does Hillary proud: Yes to show empathy we must create a third person identity for ourselves... of course. The act of empathy is not me kissing my dog in the morning, it is me declaring "David is here!"

    And again, what proof is Chico talking about? what events have occured that show a take-over? The hallmark of egoists are statements with no proof. Zook quietly left this site, no takeover...Shadow posts on subjects of interest, and Myself? I do likewise. yet Chico attacks others, claiming with no proof that they are deviant, while displaying the deviancy that a sociopath displays, taking over the site, asking for bannings, etc.

    I will not let Chico get away with false statements... if that makes me a social deviant, so be it lol. People like Chico thrive when good people decide that "well he is only a troll, well Chico can be a decent person...etc" I am sure he can be a good person and when he displays that behavior I will say as much.

    So while people are posting here, with really no evidence of any control mechanism needed, Chico tries to climb back...which is fine except...when he does this by insisting to use a false narrative with no basis in reality. He should be called on that because it is destructive. Chico does not have the right to harass others because of a theory he has. If he has proof of any sociopathology let him share it.

    I can guarantee that Chico will never admit he is wrong, and that he will forever try to justify why people, acting as responsible posters are bad because they stand up to him... thats what bullies do.
  10. Rose

    Rose Φ Standing Still in the Water


    Chico, as I have said, I am still fond of you, but...
    Empathy is stepping out of your shoes to think about how someone else feels, not yourself.
    Did you ever once step out of your shoes to consider how I might feel even if it was not how you thought I should feel?


    "A number of sociopaths that I have exposed, including Zook at United People and of late David at Inphinet, have criticized me for referring to myself, Chicodoodoo, in the third person, as if it were a crime or a deception to do so. I never saw the merit in their choosing to pursue this kind of attack. What was wrong with me referring to Chico in the third person? How did doing so discredit me?

    This morning I realized that stepping out of my shoes and into the shoes of a third person who might be observing me is a necessary characteristic of empathy! People with empathy often put themselves in another's place to experience things from their perspective. But you know who does not do this? Sociopaths. Because they lack empathy, they rarely consider what it is like to be in another's shoes. It is alien to them, and anyone who does such a thing must have something wrong with them, like the rest of the gullible fools who are so easy to deceive and manipulate. And thus they see it as a weakness, a fault, and an obvious point of attack in the battle to discredit an opponent."
  11. Rose

    Rose Φ Standing Still in the Water

    ...??? Skype Group (formerly known as PHI Group Chat) Today...
    Group has dwindled down to Mark, Damned Straight, Chico and me

    skypesnipmark.JPG skypesnipmark2.JPG skypesnipmark3.JPG skypesnipmark4.JPG
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  12. Rose

    Rose Φ Standing Still in the Water

  13. david

    david Member

    The mark of the beast

    As the boys at United did welcome their savior, Chico one....
    Bruised, bloody but hardly beaten was he, taking refuge
    at the parish house where that most unholy of unholy could not enter

    The person United did declare to oneself divided: "He bares the mark...
    the mark of the sociopath, the beast of all beasts, that which by definition
    is most unholy"...

    And with claret red and sticky dripping from wounds and plugs...Chico one did lay upon the alter
    And did declare for all versions of himself to hear: "David will soon own Iphinet, though he can...
    Hardly spell it....and from there, he will own the senate, and soon thereafter, as Hillary meets with
    sudden unforseen events, and they cannot dust off the Joe Biden well enough to rid the rust...
    David will own the country, though he probably cannot spell it"...

    Then the world!!!! The world!!! Then Chico's glazed eyes took on the light of the Christ consciousnes itself, as a voice bespoke to him and said: "Chico it is your task to expose this sociopath, this misrable individual who cannot spell to save his salvation!"

    Chico put on his best kill face, the kind in his avatar and resolved to fight the forces of evil with his mighty army of assumed identities over at the person united.... On this day September the First in the year of the sociopath.
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  14. Shadowself

    Shadowself Shadow Speaker

    Hot Off the Presses
    Double D as he likes to be called (Devil David) Holds an early morning press conference!


    In other news:
    While Little Green Men have been seen congregating around the water cooler
    at the United Person baptismal they are speaking of news from far away galaxies!

    Word has spread across the galaxy and hit the prison planet Thuban better known as α Draconis in the constellation DRACO, where Hitler has been sequestered after hiding out on Planet Argentina. Reporters from Reptilian associated press on Thuban caught this when he received the news:


    Afterward he was seen in his stables on planet Thuban practicing his gangnam style in hopes for a pardon from Double D to come back to Earth for his long awaited sex change!



    And now a word from our sponsor:
    (Double D approves this message)

    PSY-chopath Gangnam Style

    This is Psychopath News brought to you by little green men with the help of Reptilian associated press....Over and Out!

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  15. Shadowself

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