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    Ouch! Lol.... coffeee spilling out on the keyboard laughin like Hillary! Stephen scared Chico Rose, you probably know that.
  2. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    What a remarkable post, David! Instead of attacking the messenger, you actually addressed the message! Whereas your other posts are all about smearing and belittling me personally, in the typical unempathetic manner that sociopaths employ, you actually changed your game for this one. And you did it following this post, which I could easily have mistaken as a post from Shadowself or Stephen! Nice change-up!

    So let's continue to actually address the message before you start slinging vicious insults again...

    Yes, I already knew he was saying that, Professor David.

    I am reading it exactly as you are, and it is a deception, as I will explain.

    I understood his point exactly as you did. The deception is that his point is a deliberate twisting of the truth.

    Unlike you, Professor, I can clearly state that I disagree with Smith. Each person pursuing his own self interest is NOT in the best interests of society. This is the fundamental flaw and underlying lie of capitalism, that competition produces greater social benefits than cooperation. Sociopaths will always argue for competition, as that aligns with their psychology that emphasizes deception, self-interest, inequality, and greed. They can never see things like people who have empathy, who understand that cooperation has the ability to lift all boats faster than competition could ever dream of.

    Of course you would suggest that. It's just like a sociopath to state with self-assured conviction that I am the one who is confused.
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    I don't need to smear you you do a fine job yerownself. So... Even though you misinterpret the passage, and claim it is due to a "twisting" you really understood the passage? And we are supposed to believe that the grandiose chic (another socio ahhem trait....) can see that Smith was deliberate and deceptive and why? because...he was a sociopath?! Circular reasoning at its best...with nary a fact to support any part of the circle. You dunce. Seems to me that your obfiscation of the passage shows that to the contrary you did not know what Smith was talking about. Certainly its much more plausible that he was influenced by Utilitarian thinkers like Mills, than deliberate deceit, Ockham's Razor anybody?

    I guess your belief (grandiosity) is enough to establish the twisted motive? Lol. Seriously? Chic don't hate me because I am smart enough to expose you... Professor David? are we a little bitter? Frankly Zook gives you too much credit. He says you have book smarts...wonder to what book he is referring? It ain't anything Adam Smith wrote thats for sure! Lol you amuse me to no end Chic...Your my good buddy the army general from Dr Strange Glove concerned about precious bodily fluids. Thanks for the entertainment.

    Your best sociopath buddy David.
  4. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Yes, that's more like the David I know and despise (much like I despise other sociopaths like Shadowself and Atticus / Stephen). I knew that post of yours focusing on the message had to be another deceptive "game" of the game-playing sociopath.

    Occam's Razor, like Adam Smith's ideas on the social benefits of greed, is also misunderstood and flawed. It is widely interpreted as "The simplest explanation is best." This is obviously ludicrous in an enormously complex universe that can produce scheming sociopaths, who are more than happy to convince everyone to accept simple explanations so that their convoluted conspiracies and deceptions might succeed more easily. "Nineteen Muslim terrorists with box-cutters did 9/11!" Right, you can't get much simpler than that, so Occam's Razor says it must be true. The real sociopaths behind 9/11 would love us to believe that. Your reasoning in your post follows the same pattern, David. I wonder why? Oh, right... similar psychologies.
  5. david

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    So..again..."proof" for you is a disagreement? chic does not like Ockham's Razor so it must be the provinance of sociopaths everywhere. You keep promising truth and presenting innane Doo Dooisms do you not know the difference? By the way in your rush to judgement you contradicted yourself: You state that Ockham's Razor is widely interpreted as "the simplest explanation is best," then you go on to imply that sociopaths use Ockham's which is it Chick? is it misused? or do sociopaths use it and is that the problem?

    Chalk up another concept too hard for you to grasp...Ockham's Razor. I could explain it to you? just PM me and I will be glad to send you some information on the concept ok? No shame in not understanding something... That is unless one crosses you, my good friend Chick! I noticed that you become quite the bully boy with Zook when he had the temerity to admit he had made a research faux Pax with FInkelstein? I think it was? You lit right into him lol. Just bullying away demanding to make him apologize, to you...real predatory sociopath behavior I must say! And the name calling! Again Hypocracy. You could just taste that power ehh CHic? You wanted to bring him down! That is predatory happens when a sociopath perceives a weakness, I teach about it from a self protection perspective and your tongue lashing is a textbook example!

    You are a hypocrite and this is yet another example. I would never light into someone like that under those conditions, or ANY conditions (frankly) yet I am the sociopath? I would never demand an apology, belittle someone for having the courage to admit mistakes.... but a sociopath sure would! Wouldn't they chic? Hey...just wonderin" would you demand that of Stephen? Would you get in his keyboard face? No you wouldn't because you would be afraid that there was just a chance...that he would seek you out you little coward. But Zookie? fair game right? Sociopaths are usually bullies chico and in this day and age of egalitarian keyboard type culture, even a Beta like yourself can climb the heiarchy right? And there you are to take full advantage right Chic? But hey. Like I said, I would never belittle anyone like that so if it suites you to understand Ockham's Razor, just ask.

    I just hate bullies, but heres the thing: even now when I am exposing you, I am mindful of certain boundaries and social conventions... Like for example, most socially well adjusted individuals, no matter what a person had said to them online, would give a little if an adversary admitted a fault. But not a sociopath! You might actually be a sociopath, I don't know, but your behavior is consistant with many sociopathic tendencies. I suspect your antisocial nature makes you a sociopath, though I can't be sure. What I do know is that you are a bully, a hypocrite, pushing a false doctrine that is ego driven and not based on any real substantive issues...though you have managed to ruin some threads detailing with substantive issues.... Great job I mean that because for a sociopath its all about destroying any challenge to their authority, right Chic? Kinda reminds me how Shadow was pleading with you in her thread to stay on course.... Again most people would consider the relative importance of the group, maybe make a comment digging in and let it be, but not a sociopath!

    Finally? I am saying this with no hint of irony Chic, all playtime aside: You ought to be ashamed of yourself for your rebuke of Zook. My own bias vis a vis feelings about Zook, who I have never been a fan of, come from being a teacher for many years and I cop to that bias. Yeah thats on me ok? But understand this, because sociopaths can't feel as well: When another human being who has been in conflict with you over an issue admits second thoughts, or that he/she was mistaken about something, a genuine mammal of a human being throws them a bone, rewards them. A genuine person realizes that it takes some real Hotzpa to admit an error in judgement where your adversary might be correct. A person makes himself vulnerable at that point, almost like a dog turning over to expose its throat and body unprotected ( I bet you don't have animals at home lol, another socio trait at times).

    Most of us recognize this gesture and at least back off a went right for the jugular didn't you? was that Zookies last post here? Wouldn't suprise me. That thread is the best proof yet of your hypocracy and sociopathic nature. Your tired defense of trying to make my behavior fit the category of a sociopath is such an obvious ploy coming from you, where everyone is a sociopath except Hitler. Except HItler? Yes to Chico Hitler was not a sociopath. Its pretty obvious to anyone, even those who may not like me here....that I am hardly a sociopath. I can be haughty because I am a teacher...I use that voice naturally at times, it is not a control mechanism. Anyone can see I am not threatened by a difference of opinion and that I don't use my opinions to control a conversation. You even know I am probably not a sociopath Chic don't you? You already know that you banned me, and that you had sock puppets at Ryan's site don't you?... You just label those who conflict with you as sociopaths and use conventions that exist on a board such as this to make things a living hell for people who resent your reactionary views becoming the focus on their threads. Your not fooling many, some perhaps, others may not want to admit they think you are an ass.

    Your good friend David the sociopath
  6. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    It's becoming quite clear to me that this whole "David" operation is a Gypsy Woman psy-op. I'll refer to Gypsy Woman as GW from here on out.

    • As a sociopath, GW would naturally jump at the chance to try to destroy Chico again after he ruined her King Art2 master plan at United People (hereafter UP).
    • You, David, came into the forum specifically targeting me with your very first post, which is an "off" way to join a forum.
    • You have been unrelenting, vicious, and over-the-top, all characteristics of the false-flag type attack favored by GW, exactly as used at UP.
    • As an idiot-savant, you are not capable of pulling off this kind of operation on your own. You have to be directed, as we witnessed at UP, where GW told you what to do.
    • "Your" remarkable post was so out of character that it shows there are other characters working with you.
    • Your post that reminds me so strongly of Shadowself or even Stephen also indicates other characters working with you.
    • The constant harping ( 1 2 3 4 ) about Chico being so quick to ban people, a clearly false accusation that references the single episode of banning at UP in five years, where I was forced to ban GW and her wrecking crew (which included you) in order to stop the destruction of the forum. This focus on Chico banning everyone at the drop of a hat would be a typical propaganda tool that GW would employ, and one her ego would insist upon.
    • The constant harping about Chico using sock puppets, another false accusation. This is just GW the sociopath accusing her opponent Chico of her own malfeasance, as sociopaths always do! Even as she operates through a sock puppet... facepalm
    • Your post mysteriously praising GW for correcting you, which is GW's enormous ego announcing itself in a "hidden in plain sight" way that sociopaths typically favor.
    • GW's evolution of using multiple sock puppets to now operating through a single loyal lieutenant, one David Simon. Sociopaths are never cured, they just learn to conspire and scheme more efficiently.
    • This latest post of yours, which is much more GW's vicious and verbose style than the short and shallow posts you consistently made at UP. I suspect GW is actually standing in your shoes, "David", perhaps even from your very first post.

    So with GW behind you, "David", I have to wonder if she has pulled Stephen into this little plan, which would also be just like GW to do. Stephen has been chomping at the bit to get back at Inphinet ever since Rose regained control of the forum and banned him along with his wrecking crew. Stephen also has a big incentive to come after me, since I exposed his sociopathy publicly at Atticus1, which eventually caused his psy-op there to fail. Add to that that I was invited here by Rose to talk about sociopaths, with Stephen being the highlighted example, which surely has him boiling for revenge (much like GW). So for Stephen and GW to form an alliance and operate clandestinely through "David" would satisfy the sociopathic bloodlust of both of them.

    It's been quite the chaotic party, just like GW pulled at UP, dividing and conquering exactly as sociopaths naturally do, all while falsely laying the blame on me (the so-called "splitter"). Knowing the deviousness of this operation and the further damage it will surely wreak on this forum as long as you are a member, I would have to be in favor of banning "David" from Inphinet. Or would we actually be banning GW?
  7. david

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    Rose can easily confirm I am not gypsy...we don't even write in similar fashion. Getting desperate chic? Lol.
    Figures you would favor banning hypocrite lol. When the heat comes out of the kitchen, chick'so principles go out the window...and fast. Sociopaths love authority like the ban hammer.

    Paranoid also are we...listen I doubt Stephen needs me to fight his battles, whatever one may think of him he's not a proxy guy lol.

    So what about when shadow wanted you to be gone because of your incessant comments? Hyyyyypoooocritttteee do not go away mad Chico someone must love ya!
    Your targeted because your actions are deplorable.
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  8. david

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    For the record. Gypsy didn't even want me to post here and asked that "I avoid that idiot chick..". a direct quote. So no I am not an agent provacatore.... gee chick you flatter me! Your just not that important, it's just me hating a bully...and the first comments made were made by you when you heard I would be posting....don't start it if you can't finish it.
  9. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Relying on Occam's Razor again, David? To appear so simple-minded, you must either be relying on it, or you are cleverly deceiving us again. You don't have to be Stephen or GW to act as his or her mouthpiece, or to participate in any psy-op they may wish to inflict on Inphinet using your membership.

    Getting stupid, David? Compare the diverse writing styles of NinjaNun, wassupdoc, ANonyMouse, and King Art2. All are Gypsy Woman. All sociopaths know how to project a false image. Including you.

    I also favor accountability for hardened-criminal sociopaths, like Hillary Clinton. Same principle.

    I agree, Stephen certainly doesn't need you, but as an opportunistic sociopath, Stephen will use any means available that will benefit him. As will you.

    Shadowself wanted me gone before I had made any comments. All sociopaths want to see a world without me in it. Why? Because I advocate a world where sociopaths are clearly identified and swiftly disqualified.

    For the record, eh? That's the same quote Zook is always tossing about! You'll have to forgive me if I don't believe anything you say. Sociopaths are notorious for clever lies, and not only do you clearly behave like a sociopath, you openly admit you are one. And with all the lies you've already been caught telling ( 1 2 ), there's no reason to take your word on anything.
  10. david

    david Member

    Chic as much as I have love for my fellow man, unconditional love and patience I cannot bring myself to give one shit about what you think. If you think I am trying to convince an idiot like you of anything? Well mark Twain said it best "arguing with imeciles is dangerous, they will drag you down to their level and smother you."

    You are not capable of self reflection or rational thought. By the way I have heard you refer to yourself in the 3rd person and the fact that you think your opinion matters are examples guessed it!
  11. Rose

    Rose Φ

    For the record: Brook did not want you gone before you made any comments.
  12. david

    david Member

    Lets assume you were not lying about when Shadow wanted you gone...It would mean that are lacking in perspective on how your actions effect others wouldn't it? Would it be so difficult to develop some self perspective? I know I can be an asshole! We all can be assholes at times. The problem becomes when it is systemic and treads on others....then it becomes bullying.

    IF you were unaware that your comments caused Shadow to want you gone how does that make you feel? is that what you intended? I read your comments BTW.
  13. david

    david Member

    I should ammend this post because you see Chic I can be sllllloooooooow at times, idiot savante indeed! By the way thank you...I am in fact an idiot Savants in many respects, Flattering that you saw that. I am trying to figure out something you could help me with: Im trying to figure out what would motivate someone (you) to attack Shadow in the first place. I mean you didn't like her cadence If I remember correctly, and you later decided you had some ideas about the pyrmids you wanted to bring into the thread, which were brought in after she left.

    you seemed to realize (I say seemed cause I am not you) you had been given the right by Rose and others to continue to attack Shadow... Thats cool, listen I know Jews who defended the Nazi marches in Stoakley Ill because they felt the first amendment and the right to assemble was that important...So ok you exerscized your rights, fair enough. So why? What service did you provide the community when you decided that "Chic who is not here to make friends, must solder on!" What were you hoping to accomplish by exerscizing your right to be in the thread?

    what say you?
  14. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    My opinion (yours is also just an opinion) is that Shadowself laid a trap for me with her Pyramid thread. My first post there was genuine, on-topic, and quite legitimate, yet it caused Shadowself to immediately call for me to do the improbable: self-censor regarding the subject of sociopaths.

    Keep in mind that Shadowself had silently observed the entire Shezbeth/Chico conflict on this forum, with nary a comment. From her perspective, it was all useful information ("Never let a crisis go to waste") with which to plan her trap. Sociopaths don't just stumble into these situations, they plan for them. Right, David?

    So I maintain that Shadowself did indeed want me gone before I made that first comment in her Pyramid thread. I have additional evidence to support that opinion.

    One important piece of evidence is that I've tangled with Shadowself before but didn't know it. However, Shadowself did know it.

    After my first innocent post, Shadowself was quick to shut me down and make any mention of sociopaths taboo.

    Shadowself had no objections to me speaking about sociopaths before in another thread. She even participated.

    I later stated my opinion that Shadowself's censorship of me in the Pyramid thread was premeditated.

    Her excuse for shutting me down was "You were trolling my thread to illicit a response." This was just her plausible deniability for having prepared the trap in the first place.

    You agreed that I was not trolling Shadowself.

    Before Shadowself leaves, she lays the framework for the next sociopath operative to challenge Chico, and David shows up to fill the bill:
    Yes, it's not right that anyone should judge and condemn a sociopath for his deceptive behavior and malevolent mind. Any sociopath will agree with that.

    My opinion is that Shadowself had the intent to sabotage my presence here at Inphinet. Uncle Zook also had that intent. I believe David has that same intent.

    As George Carlin said, "You don't need a formal conspiracy when interests converge." Anyone who regularly exposes the deceptions of sociopaths is going to be targeted by sociopaths in general. I should know, as it has been consistently like that for me in the forums non-stop for 5 years, ever since I first posted about sociopaths at Avalon in 2011.

    George Carlin on Conspiracies
  15. Rose

    Rose Φ

    Chico, it pains me to say this because I am quite fond of you. But, you seem to have only one mode which is full speed ahead on your particular path with blinders on, believing your chosen path to be the sole valid "truthseeker" lane. Recent events have caused me to begin to question your capacity for feeling empathy towards others. I am now reflecting in the light of current revelations brought about by your insistence I was on a witch hunt even after I told you I was not (and I was not). I now question whether your judgment in these type situations is "balanced". I am now reconsidering past events, for which I acknowledge carrying a personal bias, throwing these new revelations I have learned into the mix.

    I will be perfectly honest with you now. I am certainly not always right, but it appeared to me... You became bowled over with Gemma's continual lavish compliments, life changer salutes, suggestions of super heroism, shoulder rubbing Peter Joseph palship promises, etc, to the point of a grandiose delusion. This caused you to care nothing about anything but pledging allegiance to Joseph in hopes of attaining that pot at the end of a rainbow carrot held out in front of you. So, you began repeatedly throwing me under the bus without a modicum of respect, consideration, or empathy.