Sociopaths / Psychopaths

Discussion in 'Φ Know Yourself' started by Chicodoodoo, Dec 30, 2015.

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  1. Chicodoodoo

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  2. Rose

    Rose Φ Standing Still in the Water

  3. Rose

    Rose Φ Standing Still in the Water

  4. Chester

    Chester Member

    Great notes... you are understanding it all as I did. One point he made several times was that there are the true psychopaths and then there are the vulnerable who essentially act as functional psychopaths once they've been infected in one way or another.

    I'm glad I shared this with you, Rose. But I'm more glad you took such great notes!
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  5. Rose

    Rose Φ Standing Still in the Water

    I have been continuing with the second half of "The Nature of Pseudo Realities" tonight...
    But, enjoying the sunset and not taking notes so far...

    Broken logic and broken moral system...
    Paralogic to get people to buy in.
    Paramorals to bully them to stay.
    Stupid systemic explanations that make no sense.
    Smart people don't see it, don't try to rationalize it, they just see it is nonsense.
    If you call it nonsense they come out and call you a racist.
    (Or, whatever in that particular paralogical system)
    You are not a ie racist in reality, you are a racist in pseudo reality.
    They go up the chain until they find someone who can get sucked into that paramoral demand.
    (oh, can I think of numerous examples, sadly with myself included, but others are heartbreaking)
    Sympathizer ring around the Psychopath becoming increasingly more and more paychopathic.
    (how true, how true)
    Around that ring there are more and more people who have potentially become hostage.
    They don't know how not to not do it because they don't want to potentially be called (ie. a racist).
    Small contengent of legitimate psychopaths in the middle,
    a ring still potentially small of mentally ill people who participate.
    Those two groups total up to about 6% of the population.

    (I must stop there now at 1:14.20)

    Interesting that as I recal a discussion of that percentage was a topic at the beginning of this thread years ago.
    Must go now.
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  6. Rose

    Rose Φ Standing Still in the Water

    They are excellent words. And, may the outer world again be lovely soon.

    Until I have time to complete the video, a couple of current examples:

    The woke Biden Psychopath "Diversity and Inclusion Chief" was reassigned today:


    And, Peter Navarro has outed Fauci as a sociopath :):
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  7. Chester

    Chester Member

    Thank you... great notes. He introduced me to the terms "paralogical" (fake logic) and "paramoral" (fake morality)... and that they are used to make their arguments (which are invalid because the components of the arguments are fake, to make a pseudo-reality which they force the rest of the world into either "buying in to" or face the risk of getting singled out leading to getting cancelled or boycotted, etc.

    Lovely world, eh?
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  8. Rose

    Rose Φ Standing Still in the Water

    Just finding time to listen to the presentation and taking some notes...

    Manipulative psychopathic alternative realities created by psychopaths.

    They can't deal with reality themselves and seek power over others.

    They flip out when world does not fit their pseudo reality.

    "Woke" create utopia for psychopaths.

    Manipulation of language into double meanings.

    High linquistic abilities and total lack of empathy.

    Pseudo reality society throws people in blenders who don't participate.

    Woke movement appears to lack charisma.

    Normal people don't think like psychopaths and assume others have morals.

    Academic are weak to this because they want to be open minded and so become useful idiots.

    Willingness to manipulate definitions.

    ie: Equity = disrupt + dismantle

    They go along because they can't possibly believe anything that might be "considered" a conspiracy theory.

    They are very smart, but not extremely smart.

    They rationalize and defend the cult reality because they can't possibly think something those crazy deplorables are thinking.

    They have their own little status web.

    They "launder" the psychopathic cult ideology and they are lured into the pseudo reality.

    Academics are succeptible to this due to social milleu.

    All of their professional status is tied into being liked and they are not particularly courageous.

    They can never be the person who is wrong or doesn't understand something.

    Pseudo realities have their own fake logic and their own fake morals.

    They use their fake logic to make their ideology plausible from within but befuddle people from without.

    So academics whitewash it and then they have their own fake morality that they use to bully people to accept.

    Stopping here and will return...

    Very interesting.
    Thanks, Chester!
    Hope all is well with you and your family. :)
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  9. Chester

    Chester Member

    Check this one... it was, for me, educational

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  10. Rose

    Rose Φ Standing Still in the Water

    Sociopaths, Psychopaths using the halpless "People of the Lie"?

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  11. Rose

    Rose Φ Standing Still in the Water

    Sociopaths... Many on the way out of our Government soon??
    I guess we will see.

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  12. Rose

    Rose Φ Standing Still in the Water

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  13. Rose

    Rose Φ Standing Still in the Water

    Chico has not been around since September of 2016, Sam.
    I posted a thread on Qanon at UP some time ago briefly.
    Chico was certain Qanon is a hoax.
    I was not in a mood to argue the point.
    So... the thread went nowhere.

    The last time I went to Skype (after an absence of years) he was online.
    I inquired if we was ok, and he is well.
    Tag and I have been the only members posting here since Brook/Shadowself's death.
    Mark dropped by the PUB and left a few lines not that long ago.
  14. Chester

    Chester Member

    It seems Chicodoodoo isn't around here anymore. Hope he's ok.
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  15. Rose

    Rose Φ Standing Still in the Water

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