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    I know Chico won't understand the reason for any of these posts...

    Find this segment ~ Who Creates Reality?​
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    Perhaps our real problem is the delusional...
    As a matter of fact as I think back on these years since Avalon...
    It is a vast plethora of personal delusions that have divided us.
    Clif's explanation of the past, present and future mechanism is how I have interpreted it.
    That is why for many years my forum tag was "Reality Creator" because of a belief we all participate.
    I thought of Shezbeth when Clif spoke of those who focus on cataclysm.
    If Clif is correct stating our aggregate world view unfolds a yet undetermined future...
    Such a focus is a destructive delusion.
    If you feel I am the delusional party...
    I am willing to consider.

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    Does it really matter how you label them?

    I personally cannot condone sympathizers.
    Or a lengthy treatise of such monopolizing the days PHI NEWS events area.
    There are individual threads for that.
    This is not a new event, it is your opinion.
    And an argument over correct terminologies.
    This reminds me of your video experts on narcissism.
    Academics learn common terms and categories...
    And, so much enjoy arguing over their finer meaningless points...
    That someone has made up and they have learned.
    Their agreed upon professional terms mean absolutely nothing to real life broader concepts.
    But, oh how they enjoy arguing their finer gradient categories.
    I worked in the industry and observed...
    It gives them a meaning for their existence and pay scale.
    And, it impresses dummies in the insurance industry who figure they must be worth more.​
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    [​IMG] Yesterday at 8:51 PM - Shezbeth:
    How do I put this?

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 8:52 PM - Rose:
    At some point in the not to distance future...
    Be Back Later

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 8:55 PM - Rose:
    I do not wish to argue here on these matters now. I understand how you probably feel about Juan I deal with it somewhat in my own home as I have dealt with every issue along the way his mind finally changes on.. But, you do not have all the information I have about his veracity gained over a long period of time and evidence. May we leave the discussion as is until I finish or you tell me you have listened to the entire presentation?.

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 8:58 PM - Rose:
    I will continue the video tomorrow at 125m.

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 9:00 PM - Shezbeth:
    I find myself at an impasse. I am wont to use literal terms and concepts, but the literal terms and concepts I would use have been coopted maliciously. For example, Maria Abromovich is a very disturbed and highly suspect individual. She observably practices with predatory occult practices, but it is inaccurate to label them satanic.

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 9:01 PM - Rose:
    May I ask you to please stop now. I want to finish this video in one piece without argument. Have you listened to the entire video? I am in no mood to split hairs.

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 9:02 PM - Shezbeth:
    I have no opinion on Juan, tbh. My concern is the misuse of objective terminology. Like Communists labelling themselves Satanists.

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 9:02 PM - Rose:
    Shezbeth Have you listened?

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 9:03 PM - Shezbeth:
    To what?

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 9:03 PM - Rose:
    To the video in entirely above.

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 9:04 PM - Shezbeth:
    No. Have you watched History is a Lie?

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 9:04 PM - Rose:
    I would like to leave the arguments out of the middle of my notes. Please be polite.

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 9:06 PM - Shezbeth:
    I was unaware that the pub is your notes. Might consider a disclaimer. I'd hate to infringe on your safe space. Goodnight

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 9:06 PM - Rose:
    I will not discuss what you don't understand what you are talking about or who is speaking. Listen to the entire video with an open mind if you wish to discuss these matters.. The discussion is not History is a Lie at this time.

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 9:07 PM - Rose:
    I have attempted to explain what I was doing here tonight. And, asked you as a courtesy to me to save arguments on the topic for later.

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 9:14 PM - Rose:
    My statement at 9:01 was the disclaimer.

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 9:16 PM - Rose:
    Did you ever think maybe you could learn something?? Something that may be highly pertinent very soon?

    [​IMG] Yesterday at 11:54 PM - Rose:
    Feels there's a big turd sitting in PHI NEWS.
    I was so hoping to avoid that discussion.

    Requested Permanent Disclaimer added:


    I thought it was understood when I put a video in TOP 3 and begin a discussion I am transcribing notes while the and starting and stopping the video as I type into the PHI NEWs area as my review of the video. I happened to be stopping for dinner when you popped in to the middle of the process last night.

    I recall when you first arrived you promised not to interfere with anything I was doing. Some such comment as that. I think some comments and dialogue in the PHI NEWS are good editorial comments or personal asides, but not to the extent of taking over the area completely. Lengthy discourse belongs in threads with promotional links. I think I have been quite lenient in letting anything go until you refused my simple request.

    PHI NEWS and TOP3 videos are not part of any forum and you may consider me the Ariana Huffington of those areas. As the creator and maintainer of this for the last 8 years, most often on my own, I do not think that is an unreasonable expectation. I have promoted a link in the news to nearly all of your ME in METAPHYSICS posts. I have placed ME in METAPHYSICS in the Featured Threads area. But, when I kindly ask to allow me to complete my review of the Juan video, THAT YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED, but want to add your two cents to nitpick on my incorrect choice of words when I am transcribing notes quickly and you refuse, that is plain rudeness and impoliteness and more than likely sociopathic or at least narcissistic.

    I think I know what happens next. Just as Stephen so often pulled the threat, "If you do or don't do that, I will leave without notice." Just as Shezbeth did here the first time he felt things didn't go his way removing me from Skype contacts and never returning without comment. Just as he said he did with Christine.


    I assure you I seamlessly move from having associates to not having associates here and if you find no value in participating at the site, I prefer you to be gone. Your departure would not cause me to suffer any particular hardship.

    Video in question:
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  10. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    If he's worrying about his possible narcissism, then he probably isn't a narcissist; though he may have observed that people's awareness of it can be consequential, it isn't the same as worry.
    And yes, there is little doubt that he has either seen our messages or is likely associated with someone who has.
    Again, if in Vegas I would say that he isn't interested in engaging you here, he would prefer to goad you into following him back to the place he controls. It is premature to assume he has any interest in engaging me, unless you're directly referencing something he has said.
    But he will be expected to behave.

  11. Rose

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    It may be necessary to click this alert to remove it from my page at some point...
    It is beginning to become as annoying as an insect.
    Still... have not wished to ruin my day, or evening, unnecessarily.


    Do you think Dr. DD has seen our messages, S?

    Could he be afraid to join a discussion subject to public scrutiny here?

    Has he realized he is, indeed, a narcissist?

    S is interested in speaking with you, Dr. DD!

    This is certainly exponentially more interest than you can genuinely find at UP.

    If I am incorrect about the content tone of your last message...

    I will be happy to correct my inappropriate "emotionalism".

    I recently spoke about self hypnotic cues.

    This is an interesting one:

    "Emotions magnetize the pictures I hold in my mind's eye."

    So, these emotions you shun, are the exact element that injects power into human visualizations.

    You don't like that for some reason.

    I would be interested in hearing why.

    But, I am perfectly willing to stand back and just listen...

    Since I might inject non-tiny black and white emotion where unwanted...

    To a conversation between you and Shezbeth.

    Or, are you wondering about your possible narcissism?
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  12. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Credit where credit is due. I personally have learned alot from Mr. Doodoo, both in the moments of our exchanges and in the aftermath, sometimes literal years later; Si papi, pensé mucho en ti!!!!
    I do hope he learns to play nice
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    I still have not opened up his last message. However, I would be willing to guess it is another in a line of farewell forevers because, alas, I have again been diagnosed an irredeemable hopeless case. Is it a trait of narcissts that they must always interact with others as if they place them a level far beneath their wonderful unquestionably all knowing special selves? Dr. DD once admited when speaking to me at his site that he is not really speaking to me, per se, but pontificating for the good of his (imagined non-existent) audience giving them the benefit of his great insights and opinions. He is quite sure Google had it in for him and that is the reason no one is ever there. It has nothing, whatsoever, to do with him treating everyone terribly and running them away. But, I would be willing to bet all that excessive traffic he once supposedly had and is now missing was as legitimate as Twitter's.
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  14. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Golly, cuz thats not at ALL consistent with Narcissism, he says disingenuously
  15. Rose

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    What is rather humorous, considering his normal spiel format, is that no actual actual topics are ever brought up for consideration. If a topic is suggested, he only wishes to attack the messenger. Right off the bat after an absence of six months he leads in with his critique and diagnosis of the imaginary mental problems of the one he is attempting to initiate a conversation with. Then, he complains when he feels the reaction is not cordial enough which he believes further proves his point. It is as if wherever situation he is in others have been ushed into his office for unsolicited Dr. DD treatment.
  16. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    >play nicer
    If Mr. Doodoo is a narcissist, then there is zero chance of that. However, if he was a sociopath then he could transition from low-funtion to high-function.
    Behaviorally, there's almost no difference between a vulnerable and/or covert narcissist and a low-functioning sociopath.
    And then there's the 'more fun' neuro-divergent types such as Borderline and Hysterionic personalities, recently given prominent illustration by Amber Heard. It could go in many directions, but my money is on "can't play nice", if we're playing Craps rules.
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    I'm the one in the sunglasses singing playing drums, Chico....
    Rose was there at this highshool reunion long ago.
    Some words of wisdom not to be taken tiny print black and white print literally.
    Rose and I have been together happily now for 31 years now.
    You need to play nicer and make an attempt to get along with others.

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    For some reason I find myself remembering the main character in this episode.
  20. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    When it comes to Narcissists and X-ism, I prefer to appeal to authority; there are plenty of 'allegedly' authoritative sources that have made their work/position available online. I'm a particular fan of Dr. Ramani not exclusively, and will feature her work/credentials in progressing.
    Having said, the ones who are fixated on instagram are generally NOT the narcissists one ought to be prepared to maneuver away from.

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    I look forward to viewing this video. Jordan Petersen is an amazing astute person. It has been facinating to watch over the years the transfomations he has gone through. It was so sad to see him unable to speak spending his days driving a radio control car around his driveway after his illness and hospitalization in Russia. His admissions of former drug addiction. It is a wonder to see him so fully recovered and transformed into an even better version of himself. If it were not this historical moment with daily current events so pivotal for our future existence and desiring to understand each block on block as they stack towards a crescendo, this type study would be my personal preferrence. The last Petersen video I watched was his call with his elderly father to speak of the past in a manner they had never communicated before and more than likely would never again. Peterson kept choking up and tearing up as did I. He seems to be able to turn wherever he is and whatever he is doing into a learning experience for others.

    The owner of this thread is quite anti-Petersen, by the way. I recall recommending a Petersen video I had especially enjoyed in perhaps our last Skype conversation. I do not now recall his reasons for belittling Jordan. It happened to be at the time Petersen was recovering from his hospitalization in Russia. No empathy was expressed. Just as no empathy was expressed when I informed him that his former nemesis here, Brook (Shadowself), was suffering through a difficult battle with cancer and then that she had died. He expressed something such as: Some people are not deserving of empathy.

    Good Day cupaaa
  23. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Furthermore, I would like to credit Rose in her assessment; the 48 Laws of Power is inherently sociopathic in it's content. It is VERY true that what the laws are used for by an individual is the threshold that morality can be assessed, but that's the nature of subjectivity. Whether pointed at an assailant or used to assail, a gun is a gun and sociopathy is socipathy.
    This becomes fascinating (to me at least) to see that this is precisely the mental position to have available at hand, with a degree or two of proficiency in according to both Robert Greene and Jordan Peterson. I found that discussion literally phenomenal and highly,... validating, tbh.

    Recognizing myself as a sociopath doesnt mean I desire to be in any way immoral, and while a case could be made that nature and existence is inherently amoral, I absolutely subscribe to the essential nature of moralty for a variety of more and less cynical reasons. Whether one prescribes to religious, intellectual, societal, et al. systems of morality, one does themselves injury in not having having one. Just my opinion.
    Good morning, btw cupppa
  24. Shezbeth

    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    To he transparent:
    Much of the reason Im hijacking this thread is to do with the fact that OP - for all his faults - was right about me; I AM an undiagnosed sociopath. My previous deflections were wrought of a variety of causes; misinterpretation, lack of consideration, and of course a desire to not be wrong.
    Having said, I testify to being a recovering sociopath. I say recovering because, there are a variety of steps involved that I gradually improve at.
    The first step is absolute and complete honesty. Say naught that is untrue. This still allows for disingenuous/ironic phrasing on occasion, but always speak true and accurate words; one owes it to their own strategy AND that of their allies to do so.
    It even worked for Severus Snape. ^_~
    The second step/rule is to make it about a la4ger body/group/entity than on3's self; A hous3hold, perhaps.
    Im sure Ill think of more over time, but those are the basics.
    The reason this is important is, it benefits both the sociopath and those around them to be suitably profici3nt; insufficiency - especially that wrought of any of the 7 'deadly' - is a cardinal sin, especially to a self-resp3cting sociopath.
    Batman is a sociopath.
    Not to say that all sociopaths are Batman. This one is tho. Xp
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    >It's not that we can't handle the truth. It's that they can't handle us if we know the truth.
    I draw issue with this statement. Why? Because it involves posture. The assertion is that the poster is as equally 'normal' as the reader. Im not saying that the statement/posture is false, Im saying that beginning with such an assumption is premature and unestablished.
    Moreover, there is more to the equation of antisocial neuro-divergence/disorder than JUST psychopaths and sociopaths.
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    Shezbeth Zonbi Ninshu

    Well, I feel no shame in necrobumping/hijacking this thread, and the first move is to assert a VERY (one I intend to illustrate over time) onerous and glaring omission from Mr. Doodoo's assessment/thread.

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