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    I came across this article and am reading it in the context of the particular Q Post below:
    Sparing Rod: Unpacking the Trump-Rosenstein Relationship
    By Lee Smith
    It appears then, if I understand this correctly, that [RR] agreed to certain actions, as an exchange? Similar to how No Name was given a choice in how he 'died', it appears that [RR] was given a choice in how he leaves the FBI. The article seems to lay out a way for an appearance of [RR] saving face, to some degree.

    What happens later, outside the public eye ... ???
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    Are you saying you think Flake might have had a role in negotiations with Rosenstein when he spoke to him during the hearing? That would have never occurred to me. I have always placed Flake in the category of being a traitor himself. When I read that Q post, I thought Flake might be one of those mentioned in the New York Times article about awakening sleeper cells. "The act of subverting : the state of being subverted; especially : a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within?"

    Is there more information about this topic on the boards? I could see Lindsey Graham possibly having some authority to speak with Rosenstein in a preliminary negotiation, but Flake having such authority would be a shock to me.
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    It is unusual isn't it? Evidently, he called the FBI to speak with Christopher Wray, but got Rod Rosenstein instead. After about a 10 minute conversation, he decided to ask for the delay to allow an FBI investigation.

    What surprised me was Q's statement
    It was the 'payment in full' inside brackets, that got my attention.

    Then I saw the article I shared above, painting a picture where [RR] is out-manuevering Trump in some ways, or simply that Trump and RR are working well together. It's open to interpretation.

    Was this all factored into 'the plan'?

    I haven't seen anything more about this on the boards, yet. If I do I will share here.
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    I am definitely interested in anything you see. Because I interpreted it so differently. Do you remember if there was an explanation in Praying Medic's vid? I may not have finished his last one. Looking at the drop again:


    I thought Q is first explaining what will happen in the Red October as he has done before:

    1. Justice K Confirmation.
    2. Declass of FISA
    3. Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein [Payment in Full]

    Then, he posts the article about Flake and what happened at the hearing. I thought Define 'Subversion' was directed at Flake because it was he who was attempting to undermine a political system working secretly from within by breaking with members of his party, speaking to Rod Rosenstein, and ultimately siding with the Democrats to delay the hearing. When I read the news about Flake, I thought wow what a traitor to pull that stunt. Flake has too often been a thorn in Trump's shoe working against him. Then, I wondered if he has been a secret operative to do just that.

    FLAKE 9/13/18 (For Instance):
    "We know by now that this particular president seems to have a profound unease with both justice and truth, and so has been at unrelenting war with both, virtually since the moment he swore the oath. Not because there is any deficiency in justice or truth that requires his intervention, mind you, but for other less noble reasons. The president seems to think that the office confers on him the ability to decide who and what gets investigated in the United States and who and what does not. Weekly it seems this president has been threatening to, ‘get involved’ in the function of the Justice Department, sometimes intimidating, sometimes plainly threatening to corrupt the independence of justice in America. He has overtly expressed a desire for his political opponents to be investigated and almost two years into his presidency, he presides over boisterous rallies where the last election is re-litigated and chants of “Lock her up!” fill the halls. None of this is normal or acceptable."

    Flake thinks he sees a pattern: “It seems to be a deliberate program by which he intends to weaken the institution of American justice, threaten its independence and perhaps set the stage for some future assault on it — the firing of the attorney general, the deputy attorney general, and perhaps even the special counsel. … We must also say in no uncertain terms that to call this investigation a witch hunt is wrong. To call [special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s] team thugs is wrong. Relentlessly slandering the attorney general of the United States is wrong. It is a travesty. And it is unbecoming of the office of the presidency.”

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    Your interpretation works, too. It's probably more accurate.
    If I remember correctly, I think Praying Medic didn't spend much time on that phrase.
    It's interesting to me how people see things differently.
    We'll just have to "Tune in and watch the show." :)
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    Huge!!! FISA Declass Documents Tomorrow:
    Click Image for Details
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