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    InPHInet is now back online at my old server.

    I will continue database reconstruction tomorrow.

    At this point we have recovered data up until September 29.

    Threads are not currently present on the portal page because only recent threads will appear there.

    They can still be viewed by clicking "Threads" on the InPHInet FORUMS page.

    Your passwords are whatever they were on September 29.

    If you can't remember what yours was then (I couldn't) you can request a forgotten password email.

    Or, I will give you a temporary password tomorrow.

    Good Night :)

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    Note from Management:

    Previously, and recently, some people have had the laughable idea that I am drooling over their content...

    So much so, they are deeply concerned I want to steal it from them!

    Don't get me wrong. I enjoy reading it.

    And, I enjoy associations with genius types (usually).

    But, I receive no royalties, or rewards of any kind.

    That is not the reason I am here by any means.

    If you leave in good standing, you may take your content with you.

    In my vision of truth:

    I am simply providing a free site where people may publish and have their content reach an audience.

    A venue where people may establish friendships, communicate and socialize with one another if they choose.

    A place where (hopefully) atuned individuals may gain perspective, appreciation, admiration from an energetic collective.

    Perhaps, if all went well, to eventually market their artistic endeavors.

    So, let it be understood, I am the giver, not the taker here.

    Just never try to commandeer my site, or steal it from me again.

    I own this site and intend to maintain my ownership of it.

    This site represents 1 year of my labor.

    How much would 1 year of your labor be worth to you?

    Would you allow anyone to steal the keys and lock you out?

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    Who are you? Who are you?


    Monday you (figuratively) sent me flowers
    Tuesday made me feel (very) stupid
    Wednesday the world was ours (virtual)
    Thursday you didn't prove it (and many many other times)
    Friday fell back in love (in a friendship sort of way)
    Saturday we didn't talk
    Sunday you said you needed space

    (two verses redacted)

    Monday you had my heart
    Tuesday you had me screaming
    Wednesday we didn't part
    Thursday you didn't mean it
    Friday I shook it off
    Saturday you got it wrong
    Sunday I said I needed space


    Who are you today?
    Will you be the sun
    Or the pouring rain?
    Who are you tomorrow?
    Will you make (them) smile
    Or just bring (them) sorrow?
    Who are you gonna be
    (line redacted)
    Who are you gonna be
    When there's nobody there?
    Who are you today?
    'Cause I am still the same

    Who are you? Who are you two?

    (REPEAT ad nauseam)