That is Interesting!

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  1. Rose

    Rose Φ

    Interesting times....
  2. Interesting..
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  5. Hi Zachie:
    Thanks for posting the thought provoking interview.
    These are my initial thoughts written immediately after viewing it.

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  6. I love George Carlin
    and I know that he did a service
    To a part of the Culture
    That needed voices.
    He was a good soldier

    A comic,
    a celebrity,
    a household word
    becomes disengaged.

    The person is not the entertainer.
  7. I love and like this guy.

    A self proclaimed
    Asks only for immediate attention...

    There is no canvas to take home
    Just a JOLT
    To the consciousness

    How can we get some T Shirts made?
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  8. Interesting interview by Abby Martin with Ralph Nader.
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  9. Got to love Abby Martin!!
  10. Looking forward to viewing both of those videos, Zachie.
    The Horse with No Name voted for Ralph Nader
    In the meantime....


    I had to go to college
    To hear this.

    We need to turn this
    Into a commercial
    With a Jingle
    That the whole world

    Can hear

    Where is Michael Jackson when we need him

    First thing we've got to do is
    Change the name from Zeitgeist
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