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    (Originally posted 14 Jul 2018)
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    I think you might find this one interesting if you haven't seen it tag:

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    This video is this person's first attempt to edit a video.
    I think it turned out well.
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    It's taken a little while to get back to this. It was the coincidental reference to time and space that I found uncanny. You were watching a movie about time, and I was reading a book that described remote viewing in terms of time and space.

    Years ago, I listened to an interview with Cody Snodgres on The Hagmann Report. A friend gave us his book, Choosing the Light, Dark Secrets of the Oklahoma City Bombing. With the current events in mind, I was thinking of how intel agencies run ops, and Cody’s book kept coming to mind, so one morning I finally started reading it.

    About half way through the book, Cody quoted David Morehouse.

    This quote intrigued me. I immediately stopped reading Cody’s book and went looking for David Morehouse’s book. I wanted to understand the context of the quote.

    I’ve been aware of David Morehouse for years. I even have his remote viewing course, which I haven’t gone through, yet. He is highly regarded among the remote viewers I know through a remote viewing group I belong to.

    I found the book and started to skim through it to look for the quote from Cody’s book and soon found myself so absorbed by David’s story that I stayed up very late to read it. I couldn’t put it down.

    What I didn’t know and was very surprised to discover is that his remote viewing story started with a bullet in his head. Early on in the book he describes the incident and it’s aftermath. He even described what I think are probably djinn, since what he was seeing in that experience was in the Middle East, where djinn are more well known.

    David Morehouse is very human, and very real, and very flawed. And I was continually stunned with his honesty, and the fact that he was willing to be so vulnerable in his transparency. To me, he demonstrated moral courage in telling his story.

    The quote inside Cody’s book wasn’t actually from David Morehouse, it was the words of the man, Mr Levy, who ran the Sunstreak program, as he was explaining to David in an interview what the people in the program did. (The quote is on page 65 of the version of Psychic Warrior that I read.)

    David explains much of the history of the various remote viewing programs in the process of telling his personal story. He describes the moral degradation of the Army intelligence units he dealt with, corroborating what many others have described. And this affects him. It affects many of the decisions he made, for better or worse.

    He often describes the remote viewing process itself as entering the aether. This is a very real, sensual, visceral, physical experience for David. It also compliments the understanding of the universe in terms of the electric universe theories, energy, plasma /fluid dynamics and so on. I tuck this description in the side pocket of my mind as I look deeper into these sorts of topics, in a sort of multi-diciplinary and cross-disciplinary manner.

    My favorite remote viewing book, so far is Lyn Buchanan’s The Seventh Sense. And like Lyn, David describes various remote viewing sessions and experiences that stood out to him and were especially meaningful. They both describe experiences that took them beyond the death of other people, which I find insightful to the discussion of life after the death of the body (aka, the after-life).

    One person stands out as rock in David Morehouse’s life, a fellow remote viewer, Mel Riley. Mel died recently and the RV community shared much appreciation and memories for the impact he had on their lives. In reading David Morehouse’s story, Mel literally saved David’s life, physically, and spiritually. Their’s was a beautiful friendship.

    The connecting point of the Cody Snodgres story and the David Morehouse story is the relationship of what happened in the Gulf War, that David Morehouse discovered. And the reason for the Oklahoma Federal Building bombing as a way to cover-up what David Morehouse discovered.

    David Morehouse was adamant about coming forward with this information. And paid a significant price for his actions. The same for Cody Snodgres.

    I haven’t yet gone back into Cody’s book to finish reading it. It is CHOCK full of information!

    As of this writing, 12 May 2020, David Morehouse has a website and is still active in the remote viewing community.
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    I have to agree with this...

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    Tag. I am putting this here because we started including the Body Language Videos here.

    If you have time, what is your read on the Bill Gates issue?
    I know you know a lot more about Agenda 21 than I do.

    Also, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the book you just finished:


    If you have time to discuss.

    When time is available for entertainment for me it is required to be a common experience during dinner cast to big screen, thus the old movies and such. I have not had occasion to sit down by myself and read a book for a long time now.

    Hope all is well for you and yours.
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    I've been looking at this article from ZeroHedge.
    "Intelligence Coup Of The Century": CIA Ran Global Spy Op Using Well-Known Swiss Encryption Company
    Based on a larger investigative piece from Washington Post.
    'The intelligence coup of the century’

    The play on the phrase, "intelligence coup of the century", used in the title stood out to me. This is a phrase that Trump has used recently.
    It would be interesting to revisit this from the future and see how it all relates and connects.

    Also curious to me is that this was published by Washington Post, Jeff Bezo's paper. The source documents have been declassified since 2014.
    There have a been a few tech bloggers who have written on the topic.
    I ask myself, why now... why publish this now? It may, or may not be, a relevant question?

    There's also the timing of two Jeff Bezos' related current events, maybe three.
    1. Jeff Bezos wants Trump to testify regarding the loss of a Pentagon contract.
    2. As shared by X22 in a recent report, Bezos has been selling off a lot of his shares in Amazon stock recently.

    3. maybe... the recent story of the private pics made public of Bezos' to his girlfriend... ????

    It took a while for me to find the source documents referenced by the Washington Post.

    There's a great deal more information related to this topic, but the above is already quite a bit.
    I downloaded the Post report and it ended up being a 51 page pdf.
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    I'm rooting for Dalia al-Aqidi.
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