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    (Originally posted 14 Jul 2018)
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    For Ivan

    Guernsey dude, remember ...
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    For starry

    I think the first time I saw "tigle" I was a preteen. I had just read a book on my Mom's shelf called, "Practicing the Presence".
    I then began to do just that,
    become deeply present.
    I remember the room took a luminescent glow.
    And found I love being in that state of presence.

    I have often defined compassion as "encompassing love".
    Loving Kindness and Compassion in the Dzogchen Tradition
    As I read this description it reminds me of what I call serenity, which I consider the master virtue.

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    In case you missed it, the above version of the Gustavo Santaolilli's composition, Babel, was the background music in the video clip of Megyn Kelly and Dave Rubin that Trump shared on Truth Social, recently.

    Gustavo Santaolilli is Argentine, and the young man, Gustavo Bravetti, who did the (Visualizer) mix of the original is from Uruguay. Whoever posted the clip that Trump shared identifies as Greek. The person who shared it on telegram, was from Australia. And Dave Hayes (aka Praying Medic) is American, living in Arizona the last I heard, shared the Aussie's telegram. And finally, Rose at Phi shared Dave's telegram here in this forum.

    Have we gone global?

    The world is truly an interesting mix of culture.

    (Completely unrelated side note: The Otnicka remix of Babel is the version I prefer to listen to.)
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    A Musical Interlude

    A diversion within the topic of inquiry
    Plasma Dynamics in the Aetheric Realm
    I wonder
    how listening to this
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    This fits with this ...
    And this ... not the title, the imagery. The shape of the sand in response to the sound.
    Circle Language, it conveys meaning, it doesn't represent sound.
    Are these the ripples I see in the aether when certain ones draw near?

    (especially the image at 1:10, which reminds me of the corona of the sun)
    Let's add this...
    ~~~the ripples are endless~~~

    Not everything that is true can be proven.
    Math's Fundamental Flaw
    (Still thinking visually. sonically ... non-linearly, words are not there, yet.)
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    I realized a couple of days ago that there is a felt difference in an earworm and when I'm hearing a song as if it's being played in the distance. The earworm feels as if it comes from inside my brain. This makes sense, given that earworms are an artifact of a dynamic within the brain.

    This hearing as if from a distance comes more from how we hear external sounds, from the ears.

    The Kenny Loggins song in my previous post was heard in this way.

    And this song, too, recently, Deep State by HAELOS.
    It was almost as if I were hearing something someone else was listening to.
    I've had similar experiences with "seeing"; as if through other people's eyes. Since I was a child.

    I do enjoy the song ... not everyone's style of music, I realize.
    I enjoy the complex layering, and jots of percussion scattered in odd angles throughout the song.
    It amuses my senses.
    "Combat stress and velveteen"
    ~ ... ~

    And let's just admire the bonsai tree while we're listening.
    Any Random Kindness.​
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    This morning, I experienced a brief smell of juicy fruit, immediately followed by the sensations of what it feels like to be in a smoke-filled room.
    Within minutes I started hearing a song I haven't heard in very long time, Heart to Heart, by Kenny Loggins. While still feeling like I do when I'm around a smoker.
    Is there a connection of one to the other?
    Or to other things happening at the moment?
    Maybe, not?
    Regardless, the song is fun, I remember I used to listen to Kenny Loggins a lot back in the 80's. We all did, didn't we?
    I'm a big proponent to having "heart to heart" conversations, especially if there is a willingness to listen to understand, by all involved.
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    CT, prologue, Globalisation for the 99% not the 1%.png
    I do this from time to time, where I put images, music, and text together and meditate on it.
    These may not seem related to each other, but in my mind they are.
    The image in the background of the words, water, waves ...
    Even the title of the song,

    (repeat) echo (reflect)
    Strange Loops, Aether Biology.png
    telepathy ~ telekinesis ~ teleportation

    In OUR blood
    We're all edges of the same SOUL
    Is this true?
    If so, how so?
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    This is the first Daffodil bloom of the season... look at that Colorado blue sky!

    Happy Easter
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    Today, I hope to watch this video by Rebel Wisdom.
    I've stumbled across Rebel Wisdom's channel before, he seems to be an interesting thinker.
    I don't have time to watch all the interesting thinkers out there, and there is almost a deluge of information coming out as result of recent events in Ukraine. But, I'm aware of the story of how Putin's mother asked him to believe in God just before she died.
    And, I've read the Ringing Cedar Series of books, which hint at some interesting esoteric history in Russia.

    I wonder how this information will fit with what clif described about Putin's involvement in a SOC ran through the Russian Orthodox.
    I've also downloaded the longer written piece on Sensemaking Russia & Ukraine published on Rebel Wisdom's Substack to do a deeper dive on the video information.

    I hope to get to Oliver Stone's documentary Ukraine On Fire sometime the weekend.
    I'm fairly familiar with the events covered in the documentary, maybe I will get some details and insight I haven't come across yet.

    I think there's a follow up documentary to that one somewhere? Once I've finished watching it, I will go look for the second one.

    The ground is thawing out here, and the snow will probably be completed melted next week. Once that happens, I will start working outside more. I have a lot of hard-scaping to build, planter walls, terrace walls, reworking the brick in the raised beds in my garden, along with the paths between the beds. Physically demanding, hard labor, work. That's where my primary focus will be until next winter.

    I don't think I will be able to track current events as closely when I start the outdoor projects. :(

    I'll still pop in here though. Thanks for all the current news updates in the Pub, Rose and norm. thannnky
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    I was finally able to finish listening the TNT (Mike Ryan) and George Eliason talk last night. To reference back to that detail that I had only heard of from George Eliason's talk with Mike Ryan that Ukraine fired first:

    In the TNT audio, from 1:36 to 3:00, George says the following:
    Remember this interview was published on the 25 Feb.

    Since then there's been a bit of a confirmation on what he said from the release of documents that Ukraine was going to go on the offensive on the 25th. Posted at The Vineyard of the Saker, yesterday.
    The Russian Ministry of Defenсe: original documents – planned offensive operation against Donbass in March of this year.
    Further reading ....
    For you're point norm, my first thought was along the lines of American football play book analogy. It looks like contingency plans and positioning probably started in earnest at least in 2014.

    If what clif said in the recent Patel talk is accurate, it may have begun even back in the 60's.

    I see this where a person can kinda zoom in and out on a map that has multiples layers. At any given time, someone could look at the layer of Ukraine in Donbass, without the context of the US involvement. At another layer, one could look at the WEF elitists opportunism to force in their "great reset" agenda, without the context of the longer range of history. Or another layer could be like the layer clif mentions in the recent Patel talk, historical context that pulls up the Khazaria Mafia, "name-stealers" information.

    Zoom in. Zoom out. Layers. Lots of moving parts and players. Details. Big picture.

    You may find another Saker article of interest. It's quite long, and better read in whole to keep the context. It's like zooming back out, getting a bigger picture perspective, debriefing, and regrouping. I've archived it offline to put into my Ukraine folder.
    The Russian military intervention in the Ukraine – a macro view
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    Posted at The Saker today:
    Lavrov gives interview to Russian and foreign media

    starts/queued at 35:44
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    Yesterday someone shared a link to an article on how to check video files.
    Here is a link to a website with tutorial how to do reverse video search.
    Essentially, it's taking a screen grab of one of the frames of a video and running it through one of the ways a person can check an image file.
    Once I read the article, I thought to myself, "it's just an obvious solution".
    I decided to test it out with the recently viral Lavrov video last night, (clif high retweeted this...)

    and discovered that this clip is from around 2015, and Lavrov is referring to the Ukrainian president rather than Trump.
    When I ran it through TinEye, it didn't find any similar images, when I ran it through google, I found the references to when this comment was actually made and who it was referencing.
    New tool in my toolkit. (Or rather, a tweak to a skillset that allows me to check video files.)
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    Firing into Russia first if it happened would be a quirk that changes the general idea that all this was carefully planned a long time ahead and Russia was going to do this anyway, which all the action and Putin's own commentary pretty much says is the case.

    Maybe, such a "shot" was an ok to go 'starting pistol' . . .only wild guessing here, of course.
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    George Eliason did an interview on Day 2, with someone I've never heard of before, Mike Ryan. (dated 20220224)
    Early on in the interview George Eliason says that Ukraine fired into Russia first.
    I haven't heard this point anywhere else, has anyone else?
    I hope to get to the rest of the interview this afternoon and make some summary notes as I listen.
    I'll update with that summary here, when I have done that.

    (Norm, Mike Ryan maybe a new podcaster for you to look at?)
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    I find this quote by Sundance thought-provoking...
    George Eliason tweeted a link

    to this post by Sundance at Conservative Treehouse/Last Refuge.

    In a similar vein, Andrei at The Saker wrote in his Day 3 – Western PSYOPs in full overdrive wrote in regard to the countless questions of people asking him if a story is legit or propaganda...

    I laughed when I read that. And I can also feel for the guy, people are hungry for the truth. And aware that they don't really know how to discern it.
    It's also encouraging to see how many people are questioning what they are being told, or sold, about what's happening in the world.

    and so on ....
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    Thanks for moving the posts here, Rose.
    I agree, this is the better thread, where I can ramble in my thinking ...
  23. Rose

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    Looking forward to hearing more here, Tag.
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    I just wanted to gather my thoughts from different perspectives relating to today's events. Taking the time to do this helped put it all in front of me, in one place.

    I'll think about how to set this up thematically into a thread, and move everything there. Probably tomorrow, or this weekend.

    For now though, I feel I ought to get to what I had scheduled for the day.

    I'm glad you were able to regroup on an financial action in time. I'm not yet sure how I will apply this in own life.
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    Earlier, I posted that I felt the "timing" of this is also related to recent events in Canada.

    Sundance, at The Last Refuge/The Conservative Treehouse, wrote up a post that speculates that the reason why Trudeau and Freeland did an abrupt about face on their tyrannical grab for power via calling for a National Emergency is because the Canadian Banking Association was supposed to run a beta test on using bank ID's for a digital ID.

    It may be one reason why they were able to freeze accounts the way they did, although the official cover story was about a hacker getting everyone's information and releasing it to the public.

    Their rushed, brash actions inadvertently showed the public of their capabilities, and intent. The public now has huge distrust of banks. Therefore, that program is set back just a bit.

    My thought, if you want to distract people from one thing, give them something that GRABS their attention in a different direction.

    Subvert the public attention (collective field of consciousness.)

    Here's a link to the article:
    BOOM, Trudeau Reversal Motive Surfaces – Canadian Banking Association Was Approved by World Economic Forum To Lead the Digital ID Creation
    Many have speculated that Chrystia Freeland is Trudeau's WEF handler, and for good reason.
    I'm also popping in a link to an interesting Twitter thread that addresses her. I'm sure that Amazing Polly raised these points a while back, but I can't find the video in which she did this. So, the linked Twitter thread will have to do for now.

    In addition to serving on the board of the WEF, Chyrstia Freeland had strong ties to Ukraine.

    Remember what Polly uncovered in her deep dive on George Soros activities in Ukraine.

    Putin is also a member of the World Economic Forum.
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    Personally, all this information is immediately actionable. I had just made a large financial decision and move last night before bed. Had I not stayed up to learn the news of this war, I would not have had time to cancel the action and it would have been a very bad move. Just as learning a small detail at the correct time helped to make a very good financial decision. Knowing what is going on in the world is quite often actionable in one way or another for preparatory purposes. And, I find it all a huge learning experience on numerous levels to follow what is going on in the world. A better learning experience than most in my opinion.

    This thread is really for Biden Crimes and corruption. I am enjoying your information. I would love to have a thread especially for this type of information if you have time to start one. Then, your posts would not get lost in the Biden Crime news stories as they occur.
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    In the Pub there is an ongoing stream of updates on the events unfolding in Ukraine.
    If you follow the keyword Ukraine on Twitter, there is a similar stream.
    I'm sure there are similar streams of breathless updates happening on Telegram, FB, Gab, reddit, the chan boards, all media outlets .... massive amounts of attention focused in this one direction.

    I recommend George Eliason's twitter timeline as a place to follow the events unfolding, it's less likely to be propagandized.

    What I'm thinking about here in this thread is context. Stepping back from the fray, and out of the churn, to consider and ask myself .... what's really going on at the moment.

    When I first looked at the Twitter Ukraine feed this morning, I thought of all the human drama unfolding. People are flooding in sharing their stories. Some are genuine, others are staged. Regardless, this keeps people focused tightly on the human stories happening. (Check your adrenaline, cortisol levels... how's your blood pressure at the moment?)

    Then there is the narrative flooding from various points of view. I think someone once called this stirring up FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). The fog of war. The churn.

    I didn't plan on writing here today. I have other tasks scheduled for the day.
    When I look at incoming information, I think almost instinctively, is this actionable?
    Can I take effective action with this piece of information?
    How does it fit into the larger theme, plans and projects of my life?
    I think this is basic human nature. The people who can get things done are the people who can keep their focus inside the fray, within the din of noise... to sit in the still center of a spiral of chaos. It allows one to think.

    As opposed to reacting ...

    I thought of how earlier I had written in the PUB, that I thought all of the media outcry of Russian and WWIII was noise. Honestly, even today, even with the events unfolding as they are, I still think that.

    If you want to steer a massive herd of animals, noise is a useful tool, to get it moving the way you want.

    That said, if I were living in the Ukraine, I probably would have evacuated the area if I could, weeks ago. I've taken all sorts of preparatory actions for potential events, in the place where I live. So that statement wasn't about inaction, but more... intelligent action.

    In fact, Russia started evacuating people out the area weeks ago.

    Before I started posting here this morning, I returned again to The Saker and found information in this article helpful, The situation is about to quickly escalate, probably in the next days (20220223). (Again, written by Andrei, before the military action started happening. CONTEXT...
    I ignored the opened "bear" story, that's just so much posturing to me.
    Here's the meat:
    And a bit lower in the article....

    The Saker has an Open Thread on this today...
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    I first came across George Eliason when he was writing a series of articles on "The Terrorists Among Us".
    At the time they were sort of spread around at different places. I managed to download 11 articles of the series, most of them from The Saker, some from other places.
    The one linked above is number 7 in my list of that series, The Coup Against the Presidency. His last line in that article,
    IO stands for Information Operation.
    This article was written during the first attempt to impeach Trump.
    Also during that same time frame, Amazing Polly did an interesting dive on the Ukraine, coming to similar conclusions as George Eliason, but from a different direction of inquiry.
    This was first posted on YouTube, but Polly's YT channel has since been deleted in one of Big Tech purges since then.
    Please note, Polly is Canadian.

    Link to previous censored video that Polly talks about at the beginning of this one, where she touches on, without quite realizing it, the Ukrainian Diaspora, which I think is also another "Deep State" operation... stirring up the churn.
    Growing Up Deep State - The Next Generation of Corruption

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    Here's an update from Sputnik:
    We knew about the evacuations from a few days ago.
    So both sides have used the word "genocide" now.
    However, I consider that the supposed "both" sides are at a certain level, the same side.
    They keep people in the churn. It serves their purpose for some reason?
    So now, I wonder... even more than I did before.... LOL
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    When it comes to matters involving the Ukraine, I turn to The Saker for insight.
    Andrei of The Saker, and George Eliason have been in the trenches of that region of the world; I find their experience offers uniquely informed perspectives on what's happening in Ukraine.

    A couple of days I ago, (20220221) I read Andrei's first thoughts about Putin's decision to recognize the independence of Donetsk (DNR) and Lugansk (LNR).
    He raised a point that adds another layer to understanding the situation, at least for me. I'm still considering his comments:
    And further in his post, he reiterates the point again. The emphasis are his, as presented in his post.

    The whole article is worth reading, the Saker site, in general is worth a solid perusal.
    There are a couple of points I want to highlight from the above comments by Andrei:
    1. The mention of "the plan" that Putin once openly referred to. Of course, one of my first thoughts was if this "plan" is related to the plan that Q mentioned.
    2. Another first thought I had about this was that the timing of this action is directly related the recent events in Canada.

    For me, it's important to remember that all appearances aside, the real war is one perpetrated against the mass of humanity, by a comparatively few elitists hell-bent on keeping their power.
    That's the context I continue to try to keep in mind when observing the field of the fight on the ground in our current culture.

    (Note added: I hope this is the right thread to put this, Rose. Let me know if there is a better place for it.)