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    I did a quick search on "Kevin Spacey" here in the forum and this is what I found:

    And even one mentioned by Chico a while back...
    (Doesn't seem to be related to the topic though, ... just another tit-for-tat bickering post between Zook and Chico. :( )
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    I haven't listened to Dave Janda in a while. Listening to this right now. Thought you might find it interesting.
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    Dave Janda again, worth a listen...
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    There's been a bit of crazyness on social media these past few days. No coverage for the March for Life protest, but mega coverage of a fake news story.

    How out of control does the insanity have to get before people realize how they are being played by contract media narratives?
    Read this and then let me know if the nonsense you've been hearing about this young man is true.

    #MockingbirdMedia #MarchForLife #FakeNews #SmileAndRemainCalm #PrayingForOURNation

    Thank you Tucker Carlson.
    Some good points made here, too.
    "The media tried to "Kavanaugh" this kid" This is a great lesson... there are many lessons here.

    #CommonSense #CriticalThinkingMatters #StopFakeNews
    #3Gates #IsItTrue #IsItNecessary #IsItKind

    Here's what I thought of... first question, #IsItTrue?
    Before you speak, let your words pass through 3 gates, ... .jpg

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    This gave me a smile.
    Remembering how we began this thread...

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    Tag, I think you might enjoy this Walk Away story as much as I did.
    He and his wife's quest for personal development led them to realize they were conservatives.
    smillleWWG1WGA smillle

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