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    The Resister activist that was taped on the Project Veritas video, Allison Hrabar, no longer works for the Justice Department.

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    I haven't yet shared any of the human trafficking related information. I'm watching this video right now.
    I'm not sure how I feel about his confrontational style at some parts of the video.
    He's the one putting this information out. It seems to have come from someone else to him, though. Someone with the ability to see court documents. I thought you might find this interesting. I know I do!

    Bush Sr. Court Docket #: C-186-RV3-524
    The document he links evidently supports his claim that Bush Sr has been indicted:
    https://www.docdroid.net/S6vrLhN/hv...gold-laundering-human-trafficking.pdf#page=10 (link to downloadable pdf.)
    (Starts on page 10. On page 11, it talks about South Africa, the Congo, Tanzania, Black Eagle Trust.)
    I'm very interested to hear what you think of this, Rose.
    I didn't think they would go all the way back to Bush Sr. This document looks legit at first glance, but I would want to verify more.
    If legit, then holy cow!!! We're in for an interesting ride.

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    GHWB and Carlyle Group??? Yes, this is interesting!
    I will check into it tomorrow. Wow!!
    It is about time. What was the exact phrase from the Qanon post:
    The reason Barbara's last words to her grandchildren were an attempt:
    "Don't believe everything you read."???

    I came here to post the video we were discussing last night.
    It pales in comparison, but here it is...

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    The case does not yet show in Pacer (or the U.S. District Court for Eastern District of Arkansas Site) :


    I am thinking it might be too new for the filing to be complete?

    What a read though! All the usual cast of villain characters: Clinton Foundation, Harry Reid, George Soros, etc. Except, I did not know actor Kevin Spacey's father was a WWII Nazi.
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    Putting this here to watch tomorrow:
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    I was able to read the document this morning. The first 9 pages of the document seem to about a process called "COMMON GRAND JURY". I've heard of this process before but don't know much about it it.
    It seems to be different than the courts form of a Grand Jury.

    In the court document info is the phrase: "COMMON GRAND JURY DEMANDED". I wonder now if this is more along the lines of a people's court process, rather than a courts court process.

    I agree the information in the document is quite informative. I spent some time this morning chasing down some of the sources mentioned in the document. I've already known about and read about the 'Johnny Gosch' case years ago. Lots of disturbing information there!

    I didn't know about Kevin Spacey's father either, and when I read this I thought of the recent accusations about him. And wonder if he is now 'singing'. He may know far more than we could have imagined.
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    Page 14 indicates the charges are in the Supreme Court for The Eastern District of Arkansas.
    I checked both National Pacer and the Eastern District of Arkansas sites.
    For some reason, I find nothing for that docket number.
    Or, for George Herbert W. Bush or Carlyle Group with a party search.

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    Interesting. This article was shared by President Trump on his official Donald J Trump Facebook page, this morning.

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    When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers. Socrates.jpg
    It's also a classic Saul Alinsky tactic.
    I've been seeing this meme shared on FB, lately.
    It expresses what people feel is happening with the Kavanaugh Senate Hearings.
    Character assassination is a tactic of the weak.
    The fact that the Democrats are resorting and relying so heavily on it shows how weak they feel their positions are.
    Kavanaugh will still be confirmed by the Senate.
    And, Democrats will lose BIGLY in the mid-terms.
    Their actions are helping people wake up, and #WalkAway.​
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    I listened to Judge Brett Kavanaugh's statement earlier today, and while listening to it, I thought to myself, "This statement will go down in history."
    President Trump said yesterday in his press conference:
    Listening to the Senate Hearings today, I find I agree.
    The transcripts of Judge Brett Kavanaugh's statements are being posted by essentially every major news outlet in teh US. Here's a link to NPR's link. It's not the full transcript of his comments today, but the opening statement he submitted.

    I think today, each American will decide if they believe in due process, and the founding principle of our judicial system, of presumed innocence, or not, based on how they respond to these hearings.

    I've been called to jury duty many times in my life. And every time, the residing Judge emphasizes this main principle. The attorneys emphasize it. It's the cornerstone of our judicial system.
    On a different note, I saw this article today, from USA Today.

    Two men say they, not Brett Kavanaugh, had alleged sexual encounter with Christine Ford

    I don't have a TV, so I don't know if this is getting much airplay, or not. I haven't seen this mentioned in the hearings that I've been able to watch thus far.