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    I personally feel that the man who shot so many people in the Tree of Life Synogogue was someone who just went off the deep end. As opposed to an intel false flag. It is possible though, that he may have been 'pushed' off that deep end.

    That said, I also find it uncanny that this incident was used as an excuse to de-platform Gab.

    Q said they would try to take down all the 'free-speech' platforms.

    So did someone else we know, years ago. (It was alluded to.) At the time, I thought the old Atticus1 forum was meant to be a way to offset what we are seeing now. Interesting to me; I see many people talking about the idea of returning to old school forums.

    As soon as I heard what had happened to Gab. (A couple of days ago.) I checked within. I agree with Gab's CEO, Andrew Torba.

    Gab will survive and become even stronger than before.
    GAB de-platform statement, 30 October 2018.png
    This works toward people seriously looking into #IBOR again.
    Gab take down shows a need for Internet Bill of Rights
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    I've recently been invited into a couple of Q -related groups on Discord. One group was started by someone who seems associated with the Q team, but posts on Twitter. I don't know what I think about this claim. Went to check out what I think is their twitter account and saw this thread. Well worth reading!!!!

    I've watched the snippet of General Flynn:

    And am reading The Atlantic article:
    The Details About the CIA's Deal With Amazon
    A $600 million computing cloud built by an outside company is a "radical departure" for the risk-averse intelligence community.​
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    I think about this contract in light of what Larry Ellison talked about in interviews you shared here, Rose.
    I wondered the same thing at the time this contract was announced, how secure are the Amazon servers?
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    Obama's Benefactor Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal
    On the murder of Khashoggi

    And Bombards Analysis of the Interview

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    I am attempting to remember, tag...
    What was that court case we were discussing a while back that included Kevin Spacey?
    And something to do with his father was an agent, was it?
    It was something to do with?? Pizzagate?

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    I did a quick search on "Kevin Spacey" here in the forum and this is what I found:

    And even one mentioned by Chico a while back...
    (Doesn't seem to be related to the topic though, ... just another tit-for-tat bickering post between Zook and Chico. :( )
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    I haven't listened to Dave Janda in a while. Listening to this right now. Thought you might find it interesting.
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    Dave Janda again, worth a listen...
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    There's been a bit of crazyness on social media these past few days. No coverage for the March for Life protest, but mega coverage of a fake news story.

    How out of control does the insanity have to get before people realize how they are being played by contract media narratives?
    Read this and then let me know if the nonsense you've been hearing about this young man is true.

    #MockingbirdMedia #MarchForLife #FakeNews #SmileAndRemainCalm #PrayingForOURNation

    Thank you Tucker Carlson.
    Some good points made here, too.
    "The media tried to "Kavanaugh" this kid" This is a great lesson... there are many lessons here.

    #CommonSense #CriticalThinkingMatters #StopFakeNews
    #3Gates #IsItTrue #IsItNecessary #IsItKind

    Here's what I thought of... first question, #IsItTrue?
    Before you speak, let your words pass through 3 gates, ... .jpg

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    This gave me a smile.
    Remembering how we began this thread...

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    Tag, I think you might enjoy this Walk Away story as much as I did.
    He and his wife's quest for personal development led them to realize they were conservatives.
    smillleWWG1WGA smillle

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