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    I see you have posted a video on this. Thanks Rose. :)

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    This was significant, "No visual memory" of anything. She never accessed "memory".

    Mandy also brings up the fact of the lack of mucous.
    When Judge Kavanaugh speaks, especially when he is remembering his father, and then concerned for a lifetime friend who has become collateral damage in this political media circus, he was definitely trying to hold back mucous. The difference between real and acted fakery is hugely obvious.

    I also watched Judge Kavanaugh's wife, Ashley as he was going through his opening statement. Very telling, she knew his pain. You could see it in her face.

    For people trying to say Judge Kavanaugh was doing crocodile tears, you're wrong. He was genuinely fighting back very strong emotions. I imagined he was very close to his father, and in that moment really feeling it.

    One of my senators will be voting to confirm Kavanaugh. I let the Senator who sent an email a couple of weeks ago that he would not confirm Kavanaugh know that I want him to reconsider his vote. And that I would be watching to see how he voted and that my vote should he run for re-election will be determined by how he votes in this confirmation.

    I found myself becoming increasingly angry yesterday at the travesty that was being manipulated by the Democratic Party.
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    I've been looking for this development:
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    This image should have been headlining all newspapers and newsites this morning.
    Instead I had to search through several sites to find it.
    Very happy to see this.
    Someone said to me this morning, that Kavanaugh's children are probably scarred for life.

    I believe their faith in God will heal them. Especially since his daughter's first response was to pray for Ford, rather than hold ill will toward what was being directed to her father. This spoke as much about now Justice Kavanaugh's character as anything else, in my opinion.

    This is a bit too polarized in the language/tone for my taste, I am an Independent, but I find some of the points he raises interesting to consider. Also, it's Turley, ... he's gotten a lot of things right. So, I wondered about what he thought.

    Note Added: (Interesting the word (scarred) automatically converted to a biting nails emoticon?) LOL - I can't find a way to type the word without the emotion auto-filling. Too funny. It's "s c a r r e d".
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    Two more interesting perspectives. One from Anthony Scalia's daughter-in-law.
    I’m An Immigrant, Minority Woman Going Republican Over Democrats’ Treatment Of Kavanaugh

    And another from a woman from the #WalkAway Movement.
    Every day I see posts that stereotype people who support Trump.
    And every day I see more and more people waking up and deciding to walk away from the deception and lies. It seems to me that it took great courage for this woman to walk away.
    (I've highlighted a particular point in her story that stood out to me. The torture and beheadings in the orchards, that are not being reported in the news.)
    Lionel Nation tweeted an interesting series of questions.
    Lionel Tweet, one issue that remains unspeakable. 6 Oct 2018.png
    Perhaps the insane actions of the owned and controlled politicians are related to "what no one is allowed to talk about."?
    Speaking of Anthony Scalia, I saw this meme in my FB newsfeed this morning...
    Anthony Scalia death investigation v Kavanaugh nomination.jpg
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    Regarding the issue that Lionel refers to in his tweet.

    Back in June there was a huge media frenzy surrounding the issue of children crying, due to being separated from their parents at the border.

    During this social media storm, lots of well meaning people were sharing photos from 2014, during the Obama administration to support condemnation of Trump.

    At the time I thought this media storm/war was agitated to distract people from the IG report. Later, I learned of another possible reason for the media distraction.

    Wanted to make note of it here. From 5 July, 2018:


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    On a Breaking News Front, Nikki Haley unexpectedly resigns.
    I'm reading her Washington Post Op-Ed at the moment, regarding the NYT "anonymous resistance" Op-Ed. I missed this when she wrote this on 7 Sep 2018.
    This, of course, is assuming the NYT "anon" is a real person. I suspect that it was not.
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