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  2. Rose

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  3. Some years later I worked in the yard they had, I lifted stuff about with the old guy bill that worked in the yard ,
    He was retired, he was in the army and that's why he worked for them.
    They always treated him with respect.
    I was about 11 - 12

    It was during all the trouble...

    Perhaps I should explain that..
    It was a weird situation , they wee flying high , couldn't put a foot wrong..
    Loads of business , bigtime everywhere it seemed , but not so you would notice, clever.

    I know now what happened , but I was a kid then.
    So I should say it from my perspective then, as it was all I had..
    And my fucked up mind only remembers it as I did , as I was..
    I knew something went wrong..

    Things changed suddenly...
    Everyone was on edge ... There was lots of doors shut at the office...
    Lots of raised voices and threats on the phone..
    All very unusual...
    The men had some fights among themselves..
    Everyone was on edge...

    I was in the yard with bill..
    He was doing something with a welding I was told to go and tidy up all the scaffold clips...

    A boring shit job.

    As I was doing so the phone rang , it was a bell outside , something they did in them days , so if you were in the yard , and no one answered you knew and could legit up the stairs to catch it..
    It was a Saturday I remember that cos bill wanted to get away sharp cos the spurs were playing.

    The phone rang , it got answered , so the outside bell stopped.
    Sometimes my mum would be in the loo so I would have to run up quick and answer and ask them to hold.

    But it stopped so my uncle answered , my mum wasn't there cos it was Saturday..
    I was older as I said..
    I was workin in the yard.
    Boy Friday and Saturdays sort of thing.
    The window went up , it was my uncle , he waved his arm wildly , but didn't shout...
    Then the old bill were everywhere..
    Running everywhere..
    Bill went and shut the yard gate.
    The offices were above a garage they owned also , next plot along..
    The old bill all steamed in there , bill looked like he was gonna keel over..
    It didn't seem long , I ran to the back of the yard , thinking , I just don't want to get in there way , it looked serious , there must have been thirty old bill.

    Then the gates were being forced and bill was trying to hold them shut..then they got in..

    Bill called me over , he said he is just a kid that works here on Saturdays..
    The sergeant just looked at me.
    And walked up the back of the yard , like he knew where he was going.
    He did , I knew he did....
    He called for a few more to follow...didn't want to get his hands dirty...
    I smiled..

    He came out the scaffold shed angry...looking around for an animal to kick it looked like..
    Stormed out the yard and took his dominos with him....

    They took away both my uncles and anyone else , including bill who was seventy odd.

    I was told to go home and look sharp about it..

    I did , I got in and sat in the garden.
    With the dog.
    Had I done the right thing , am I gonna be in trouble...
    Is this one of the times where my brain did it's thing.....
    Have I seen all wrong and acted stupid...

    Then the door went walked my mum my dad and my uncles.

    I thought fuck here goes..

    They came right in and stopped and looked at me..
    My mum said " you ok"
    I said " yeah fine"
    Thinking treading water...
    My uncle smiled and said , nice one boy..

    I looked at my mum...she shook her head..
    My dad winked at me and said " your a worry to ya mother"
    My mum looked at of those looks...

    While the chaos was happening in the office and then when bill was holding the gates , I panicked , I knew what was in the tea chest at the back of the scaffold I grabbed it , I took it through the back fence into the gardens behind ..
    I knew the kid that lived there .
    I used to play with him when I was younger..
    I put the chest in his outside toilet.
    He shouted out his window "what was going on "
    I said "shhhh"
    he nodded..
    and I went back in the yard as the gate opened and bill turned to call me from the back.
    My uncles started to treat me differently from then on..

    Time was spent to explain what I needed to know.
    They asked me to do some crazy thins cos i was game and a monkey..

    But that sergeant knew just where to go..

    someone was being very naughty....
    but who..
    so ,

    I start to be told....

    but just what I need to know...
    to keep me

    Times became interesting for our family and friends from that incident onwards.

    So now Its my turn .
    They are old...and fat...and all the things you despise...
    they are not even masons of truth..just parasites...

    Or so I learned later from G
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  4. FictionbeerrFact

    I will generalise terribly in this post..
    Sorry , but I'm just not that interested in the historical details , I was there.

    So my uncle started ( which turned out to be) one of the biggest cement companies ever..
    Don't bother looking for which one , it doesn't matter's been sold fifteen times since then..

    He started it with four other masons

    My uncle was a very heavy dude..
    He was in the chair at the main lodge in London.

    He was studying to go into the church..
    He had business concerns all over the world.
    And suddenly it all changed.

    He was a great bloke and very very funny , dry , but funny ...also a bit terrifying.
    Amazing with numbers.which was also terrifyingly fast.

    A quick story about him...
    I was seven...
    I had done something or other , which was naughty .

    Can't remember what.(I was a little shit)
    Anyway I was told to go into his office..
    As I did they were all standing there , he was in his chair , his brother was one side and one eye was the other.
    Horrible site when you have been a little shit.
    He said " come in here boy"
    I walked right in the office..
    He said " shut the door "
    I turned and did I turned back he had a revolver pointed at me , I grabbed an ashtray of which there were many and threw it at them as he fired , I shit myself and ran out...they all roared wiv laughter....
    Horrible you may wasn't ...I really was a shit.
    Nothing stopped me , shit I just remembered what I did , I found guns in the yard...and nicked one and hid it in the yard.

    Soooo , see told ya , I was a shit.

    My mum was there secretary as I mentioned for a long while(until her sudden career change).
    That's why I was there a lot.
    She went mental at them all...I remember standing there and thinking they all looked like little boys gettin told off.

    We all laughed about it as adults.

    Something changed dramatically in his life , and he took us all with him on this diversion.
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  5. Rose

    Rose Φ

  6. This I have realised is veering away from the content of this thread ..
    I will think about what would be prudent to divulge at this point..
    The 'how I became the person I am' was out of my hands... not because of a plot... but because a sequence of events happened... beyond my and certainly others control... most of the time.

    I will continue in a more appropriate thread ...

    Back to the arch ages.... CONSTRUCTION IN THE REAL SENSE....
    WHO WHY.... does it still do what it always has.. and don't be simplistic..
  7. To put it simply
    It just so happens I can kill 4 masons with one stone..
    We have a common goal in some respects..
    The masons will not mind at all.
    You will benefit from the mess it leaves.
    Short version.

    We will also have some fun while at for a penny in for a pound as they!
    I have a plan...
    Always have....
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  8. I'm thinking now, for a bit... could be foolish.
  9. Slowly but surely they became more powerful..
    Then the older brother had decided to forgo the priesthood , I would like to say because he just did ..but it was money girls and sixtys England.
    So that was
    Anyway they made shed loads of money and no one could touch them.
    No one even knew of them ... Well , not no one...some did...and they were heavy shit.
  10. They had various business interest's over the years..
    But the main one was specialist(very) at the time..
    They had contracts with everyone.
    Government , Church and many other institutions.
  11. One was older than the other.
    The older was the sportsman...
    He also had a mind for numbers that was as we would say genius.Gifted...really amzing.
    He would regularly get audited by the VAT man three of them at a time...they would have all there papers and calculators , refer to an invoice a year ago ,he would destroy them..
    recall all instantly , then beat them to the punch on the figures ..

    His brother would sit there and watch.(he was not someone to be fucked with AT ALL.
    They had a man with one eye who worked for them all his life...he was usually there to..
    Hard men to sit in a room with .
  12. One brother played in a national sport and represented his country , he then went into the priesthood after coming out of the army.
    The other went into the guards at buckingham palace and you probably have a snap of him standing there grim faced in his redcoat and bayonet.
    If you were a tourist in those days of course (maybe aunt maud who went to England took a pic lol).
    That was them , two real characters.
  13. Two hopeful honest men had there lives steered and ultimately destroyed by the people they trusted..
    Thats the simple version.
    I saw it happen as a child running round the office my mum worked for them at the time as there PA so did my aunt Junt.
  14. I could tell the whole story...

    it would be ....
    difficult..maybe boring.probably.
    It involves 60's london.
    Every lowlife and toff to mention.
    But I dont think I could use there names...not really , they were many innocents in there.
    But i owe a debt i said i would pay ...and that is why.
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  15. Cement dosent just stay bad it gets worse ,

    This is just the factory workers...
    Where are the construction industry workers and all the collateral damage....
    It holds
    Man made stones
    Mortgage on ya bricks n mortar...

    I'm coming , I promised I would didn't I.
    I may have been a kid , but I'm not now.
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  16. Hello..

    This thread is about the home , where the heart is...
    and the strife of life trying to hang on to it..

    I have been very active in construction with the big four five....
    They have been doing the same thing for years...looking after each other....

    I'm going to explain my point of view. With regard to the housing issue....the issue that is so much more near the heart than first perceived..

    I found my self homeless four years ago in every sense of the word...
    this was undoubtedly my fault somehow....but im fucked if i could figure it out...
    So i opted to just start again....from eldest son came with me...

    as he is a carbon copy of me....he has since moved out...girlfriend business etc...
    He is in construction oddly i was in the music business most of his life and definitely younger years , he sat on many a famous lap ...the pictures of him in the studios i owned etc...
    but the whole time i always had a hand in making things...
    it made me feel better in some way useful...
    in a practical sense...i liked that..

    plus it is nice to stand back and look at a well built building and know it will be there a long time..

    so to business..
    This is close to my heart now as i saw what being homeless does for the second time , this time as a man was not a picnic....and you fast become invisible...
    I was very fortunate to have many friends and contacts and that has helped ....
    never the less I became interested in the government figures for the UK in regards to house building to stem the crisis...

    The plan was to build an enormous amount of homes etc...

    I looked into the figures they were spouting under EU directive...
    Both colours of idiots..

    The figures didnt add up.....AL BARTLET....

    The problem is this...
    There are not enough brick companies going at full tilt all day and night ....
    To even get close to the bricks needed...
    Im not going to even waste your time with the bricklayers needed...its ridiculous...


    So I thought i would poke the housing minister with these figures...
    I had a meeting... fucking clue at all...

    And judging by the opposition it is ditto...

    This thread is going to be about the corruption and back handing that goes on in the great property swindle...
    The figures that DONT ADD UP!!!

    Heres some pictures of some of houses that are eco friendly affordable and fantastic..

    Not a brick in site......
    do you no how bad cement is for the world and energy......go look.....
    its a scandal...

    I type now on a typewriter of sorts , but its the Star Trek version to me(showing age) I was also fortunate to be involved with the Sinclair group back in the day this isnt foreign to me...but as i type i realise...something holds back the evolution of the home....

    Architects ...

    Why .....
    We dont need stone , there is a solution in technology to solve the drawing part..
    planning can be done on line....

    But who owns the land first , who gets first dibs on it and why...

    Im going to explain.....if you think the banking system annoys you now...
    wait till we get going here....

    so , these houses are affordable....
    they are great to live in and they go up in no time , there stronger better and more friendly ..

    So what the fuck are we doing it roman style

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