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    I'm here,
    I'm gonna take the piss,relentlessly, with no boundaries ....

    Just gonna put my spin on what is really happening out there in the "alternative comedia" a term I coined a while back , so you see it's my vocation or vacation...

    There is a double speak in this world of buffoons and blabbers,

    When they were stupid enough to let me in there little cesspit ,I watched and listened to the way they worked.

    They were all very happy to just chat away
    with no regard for who's listening,
    I sat and watched
    listened to how it worked
    Then sat as they came to me one at a time (witnessed) and said
    you scratch my back I scratch yours
    I said nothing just smiled and led them on.....
    Until the whole of them, the crop, had all been to smooth there approach......
    And everyone was very nice ....
    Until , I said
    I am from where I say I am

    I do know THE PEOPLE you talk off as if YOU know them , and you are fucking mad.

    You are all's simple.

    It's simple , for me , because I'm not, ask anyone who is around me or works with me......get any guru in front of me or on skype , I will show you exactly what I know and what they do not , could never..

    But the owners and the gurus have this unspoken
    Unspeakable spectre
    they all know they are liars
    so when they talk they all skirt round each other trying to not rock each other's boat toooo hard
    because they all know they live in this self perpetuating fantasy
    They all have to support it , and each other ' in order to do as such

    Occasionally one gets more attention than another , they fight , scratch tear,spit
    expose ,lie ,conspire , sneak , crawl around in the lowest part of our horrible bits and Finally puke so much no one can stand the smell anymore ......

    Then the wind blows and the leaves fall and it's all gone ........just gone.......

    All friends again......

    Let's celebrate that here,now ,together ....

    These little spats are entertaining...

    And all the supposed audience the punters that are really the ACTS , are to be outraged and affronted , and they all fall over each other to make the peace...but really , we all know they fucking love it.they do a little sex wee in there pants at it.....
    The fighting and snatching..

    What these gurus do is take the obvious and twist it, and give themselves graces and airs that do not exist..

    The times I have read posts by the exalted ones and thought to myself..........I've just read a post that was written by "mr or mrs whoever" and it was way more insightful aware and concise , well written entertaining.....than this self inflated pompous dickwad....

    I can say hand on heart , apart from obvious comedic value , not one of the site OWNERS or resident gurus , says or does anything anywhere as entertaining as the bods on the board.....they are just so terrible they are funny...
    Like William shatters acting.....

    In short the gurus are fucking shit, and the public are just a constant source of well written resourceful amusement...
    It drives me nutzzzzz

    The gurus after explaining why your wrong then cream off the good theories and ideas , and bastardise them into there own inane ramblings in some hope of getting that one more view.....
    That one more fawning doe eyed middle aged woman or man ....falling for it, for a time...
    For a donation, one more month in villa cambibababaa the beautiful valley the old hippies are trying to concrete, it's been designated as a area for that.

    So I am going to take there double speak and turn it into reality,

    You know the drill...

    Well you will...
    And I truly hope by taking the piss out of these morons , I can encourage the less prominent poster to start standing up and showing less quiet eyebrow lifting and worrying about membership and fuckin say , OI , that's shit, lol

    Cos let's face it after watching the shifting Allegiances and the mood swings etc...the in fighting ....
    You guys all "know"all these arseholes that say they "KNOW"
    are just the same as any other bunch of competitive attention seekers.....

    However the quiet "real audience" they are great, when they do post...
    I'm telling ya, you have me in stitches.

    But one last thing , let's layer this arena
    let's put in the society tears and angst
    It's there ,
    just like any other BUSINESS
    a key to the rank and file if you like.

    First and of course most foremost,
    Enter theeeeeeeeeeee PRO PRO PRO PROPRIETORS (or often after a little market research) THEEEEEEEE GURUUUUUUUUSSS (Makes no difference they are the same.

    They dole out advice , theory's , fact made from theory's, personal unsolicited experience's ,drivelling away ...
    And of course , "please visit my forum and donate" lol

    Then there's the "FAITHFUL"(to themselves)
    They are wannabe gurus
    They are a little better at posting than gurus because they have less ego so it runs better ,more straight
    These guys , the prolific posters......
    They just know better and are great , and you would really like them if you just let them explain how great they are ,
    And they post fucking anything , just fucking anything......and tell newbies about how they should do this , and of course that
    And when they talk to newbies they are the only ones "not like that" on the site
    So they can be told anything in confidence which they then sell to the highest slither lol
    They go on to tell you , they are your new best chance at being anything and surviving anything that they allow the proprietor of said forum to post without scratching him/her/it to death....

    Cos the proprioter has to tread a thin line between love and hate,lol


    These would be gurus and know alls, they are supposed to be the clientele the faithful , the site occupants , they are according to the owners the bestessstetsssettesss bunch in da whole wide world .....and are pretty and fun and and they donate and everyfing...(but they secretly talk about them in the worst fashion I have some great emails from them to me)

    But they aren't,
    They are actualy the turns, the acts, the ditty to keep you amused......



    YOU OI ...........YOU

    THE ONE THAT ALWAYS THINKS FIRST, and sleeps on it,
    Because you have just don't speak off consider all the points no matter how odd.............but by the time you have shown such consideration, thought , wisdom not just rushing into things...........because after all you don't think you know it all...............on the contrary know there are more things in heaven and earth................and you also know deep down............right deeeeep down...............

    No one man or woman has any answers

    We come from the same place,our parents........yes ,,,you all know alright...

    But of course , by the time you have shown such contemplation as you should for big things, the wanna's have posted all upside down all over the place , with all the reasons this is wrong , that is wrong , this is what it should be according to what ever complete shit they spout constantly on on on on , and all they do is sit in there own little web(thread) about whatever, and wait, wait for a newbie , like the pickpocket at a train station , looking for a mark......a newbie, and if you step on the threads of there highly delicate fragile ego ridden web, you better know there rap, you better agree, or prepare to be "helped" , HELPED UNTIL YOU CANT BE HELPED NA MORE BABY, till your so HELPED your knickers are down and your all foggy and don't know where you are.

    And if you don't comply

    Your a poor soul , that couldn't be helped, poor , poor , soul........

    But wait, what, you don't think they are right, and you said so, well allow them to tell you, your not thinkin straight , you are suffering, you are under psychic attack, the world is not as YOU know , you , you , AGENT,,,,,!!!!!!

    Yes , yes , that's what you are , you are no newbie , you are an agent, of course you are , that's why you dont understand ain't "speshule"like they is.....

    So perhaps it's due
    That you start taking back the intrawebs.....

    There does not need to be anyone in the front seat at all in any way...
    But ,because ,people are people ,that will always happen, so we are stuck...

    Well I'm here now to tell you you are not stuck...
    I put you through it all to proooooove, to show.
    To learn.....(with no want for myself , I'm very well off thanks)

    We are all shit, and we will all climb on each other In varying ways , and if you say no, no ,not are a liar............

    Don't say it to me, I'll bite ya fuckin head clean off.
    We are all "like that"

    Well , I know something.
    We are very occasionally joined by others.....
    They are rare,,,,,

    They have no price........

    They will not be told..."......

    They will just do ....

    And smile..........

    And they don't neeeeeeeeeed anyone.......

    That sort of human, would be great to run a free speach forum...
    They won't preach, or teach,
    Sell you something, tell you something..


    But where will we find one such.

    We have,
    your in her house now.
    She knows and sits.
    And we are lucky!!!!!

    So to horse , let the games begin.......

    You could make a real fun thing happen you know, not nasty, just fun.

    And you just might help someone.
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    Here is something worth translating,
    It's worth it to me because he is such a useless deceiving cockface

    And it's just soooooo fuckin funny from my point of view , I'm my own sycophant so I would wouldn't i.

    This billy boy Ryan's Latest...
    I will translate ,lol

    What I have NOT shared publicly — and until I understand it better, I feel a little reluctant to do so — is that after that happened, I was picked up by the Canadian military (I was living at that time in Hamilton, Ontario, and was a young assistant in an architect's office), implanted/wiped, taken across the US border to (I believe) Brookhaven, and asked if I would take part in a special project. I kind of had no choice, but was treated excellently and was made to feel VERY privileged.
    The project involved stargate travel in the beginnings of what would later become known as the Montauk Projects. Philadelphia Experiment stuff was also in there somewhere. (I do know that the Montauk stuff was supposed to have begun later.)
    To cut a VERY long story short — and my recall of this is incomplete at the moment — I subsequently got TOTALLY tangled up and lost in space and time (irretrievably so from the black projects perspective), and ended up being rescued/adopted, 52,000 years in the future, by a split-off race of future humans. no longer on Planet Earth, who were a totally wonderful, benevolent group, spiritually and technologically advanced. The only thing I know of their appearance is that they had eyes rather like Bratz dolls.
    I was then sent back — as a non-physical spiritual being — to 'walk into' my Bill Ryan body in the 1981 abduction incident described above. I was from then on on a mission to help change Earth's future timeline.....

    Translation for da nation.......or a slap in the face wiv a fresh cupped decide..

    Here we go ...

    What I have NOT shared publicly —

    What I'm working on in the background and have been testing on the faithful

    and until I understand it better,

    When I have made sure all there ideas I have heard in the comeback from those I've
    been trying it on with have been integrated (with no credit)

    I feel a little reluctant to do so —

    I do not want to get caught out cos I know a right bastard is watching so I hide it here( I will point out my communications with bill that explain this later)

    is that after that happened

    When I thought of it after watching other people for so long

    I was picked up by the Canadian military


    I was living at that time in Hamilton, Ontario

    Scrounging around on anyone else's money (daddy's at the time)

    and was a young assistant in an architect's office, implanted/wiped, taken across the US border to (I believe) Brookhaven, and asked if I would take part in a special project. I kind of had no choice, but was treated excellently and was made to feel VERY privileged.

    I have to desperately re invent myself cos the internet is fickle (fickle you said wasn't it bill) If I say this you will not be able to blame me , but I can make myself look speshule while still being just enough like you cos of job, plus it makes me extra speshule when I say I was treated "excellently" don't want to miss the chance of them really doing so do I, and can still make the crowd think I'm "very" privileged.

    The project involved stargate travel in the beginnings of what would later become known as the Montauk Projects. Philadelphia Experiment stuff was also in there somewhere. (I do know that the Montauk stuff was supposed to have begun later.)

    I'm including all things I like to talk about endlessly without any knowledge of and gettin what little I get from others and misrepresenting as my own mopping it all up so when you all read I have a level playing field and can start again with half a chance of being interesting....

    To cut a VERY long story short —

    Well I actualy appreciate when he does that , so well done there bill.

    and my recall of this is incomplete at the moment —

    Ain't quite crossed the "T" and dotted the "I" yet..on the loose ends

    I subsequently got TOTALLY tangled up and lost in space and time (irretrievably so from the black projects perspective), and ended up being rescued/adopted, 52,000 years in the future, by a split-off race of future humans. no longer on Planet Earth, who were a totally wonderful, benevolent group, spiritually and technologically advanced. The only thing I know of their appearance is that they had eyes rather like Bratz dolls.
    I mean do I actualy have to translate that? Brats dolls , it's like an old BBC guy trying to be hip after telling off the staff he got in to be hip he knows better,
    Cos he knows what the young people like .....
    Fucking bratZ dolls, is that the best you could do bill, fucking hell, (just an interjection , there are full grown adult people reading this, no really ,think about that for a moment really)

    I was then sent back — as a non-physical spiritual being —

    No physical evidence , it's getting like a code of stuff you have to say ,they all learn the "set" if you look thru the media you will see as time goes on of them will come up with a way by accident that stops a very pesky stream of evidence from biting them on the arse , they then all learn it , "there that's that door nailed shut" kinda thing,it's actually like a thing the "book for dummie's" people could do ,
    "How to cover your tracks while creating a esoteric following for dummies"because of the amount of these ill conceived platitudes now..

    to 'walk into' my Bill Ryan body in the 1981 abduction incident described above.

    Well simple pre self validation to support the "evidence" already imposed in earlier rambling..

    I was from then on on a mission to help change Earth's future timeline

    I have to say here STOP! Just stop.....I'm Just fed up, I'm just fed up with, not even from a lie point of veiw, I mean just fed up with timelines and all the boring now new cliches they ramble on about , I mean lie ok , talk shit and make stuff up ok, it's all marketing and cods wallop , but , please at least change the record sometimes , jerk one out , relax and at least be fucking creative man , fuckin booooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnggggggggg!

    Ok , more later it gets really icky soon,, really....

    Oh and watch out for the distant rumblings in the mount of mordor , lol.....
    Bound to be some frantic cleaning up being done , listen you can here the Hoover and the plastic bags for the body parts n that,,,,
    Then the winged creatures will come to fly into our little un sanctified webs to disturb us wiv there flappy leathery wings and fowl smelling breath , lol

    Hysterical, truly

    When I was read that , by my plant,( it's from the inner sanctum), I actually had tears in my eyes....

    And I'm being a bit of a git there my plant is now going to be witchunted.
    I bet she/he is cursing me right now, lol





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    You long winded fucka
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    Part 1

    The alternative media soap opera continues , in this weeks episode , billshit explained in detail.

    I was just reading back again to refresh my pie and mash eating brain about the nature of this weeks drivel...

    It struck me again how nurtured it is...
    I mean lest we forget just a little while ago he was King Arthur , or did we figure that into being something to do with me brainwashing someone or other....
    I don't really know myself anymore , it was all fairly inconsequential at the time.

    Plus I should set the record straight for bills sake , and also even when I think your a very silly man and should say sorry for lying , I will still tell the truth about you and what was in that vain , I should say, if memory serves (I don't have the actual message to hand as I type)someone who was having a dig at bill elsewhere said something like , "ATTICUS told bill he was King Arthur,and bill fell for it"
    Correct version.
    I said " you may be of noble decent you never know"
    You could be descended from kings , erm, then, something like , no no good I will have to dig it out, I've forgotten,

    But the point is, I didn't tell bill he was King Arthur , so there was nothing to fall for...
    Now , that's not to say he didn't say that himself, cos trust me , if you don't answer like billy boy wants you too, it's sure gonna look like you did when he has applied the bore you to death twist to it.
    Half the things he says I say are completely wrong, and I can prove that, I'm not bothered , particularly. But if you want I can get them pulled up and you can talk to one of several witness in person or on Skype depending on your geography.

    Oh yes I'll come in person or who ever is nearest, and put our face where our mouths are, all ambushes expected lol, I would be disappointed if someone didn't, and I won't be running if so, they can take part, lol
    Either way, dancing or talking.

    Yes the interview technique goes something like this,

    And remember your a bit nervous and you don't know what is going to happen, (not me obviously I'm a git but the usual lovey)

    He will say ,

    Something like (before cameras role)
    The night before etc...
    He will say

    "So I KNOW there is a base on mars " "we all know that"
    "But what can YOU tell us about it"

    I mean it's basic shit isn't it, and presented in the cold light of day seems obvious, but it isn't I can assure you, I've watched,

    And I have made it obvious in that example, but in a nutshell that is the modus....
    So I of course expected him to be quite well informed , open minded etc...
    That was the hype.
    Well I met him in Switzerland , i was in a hotel in Zurich .
    I had wanted to meet rhi as she was his assistant at the time and we had become friends..
    Also some Xmas shopping.
    So all good.
    We sat in the bar that night all good again, I wasn't doing any interviews etc , I had explained my position.

    Simply that I had 4.5 American to invest In an alternative media situation,
    That his lot seemed the least nutz and best behaved would he be interested etc, and talks went on until we met.
    Right up to salary stipen for rhi and him, any staff required ,

    It was all typed up our end and so on...

    He wanted to talk about the people I knew and what I knew, I said more than average less than privileged ...
    Then he started on about the interview again, so I thought I couldn't actually give a fuck, but I don't see the point...
    I asked upstairs they said what harm could it do, just don't drop anyone in it and be straight as usual and that's that, keep identity away from the fraud steers other than , do it, then your out of there anyway..
    And I was , I was going somewhere else entirely doing something else as soon as the deal was done, he had free reign..

    Remember rhi is sitting in her house reading this like you , so is dale and others and every one of them will come forward and say what happened,
    Even if they don't like me they will tell the truth , me liking you doesn't scale your honesty, this isn't loveyland remember , no internet rules here .....

    Also I have all the mails,and they will stand up to any scrutiny as will the others and there mailboxes..

    To cut a long story short , we did one(interview) , I was put on the forum because he said he was getting grief about what I said and I should field some questions so he didn't get it wrong .....again obvious ploy , but anyway , off we go again to play the little game.
    I go on the forum wow and flutter the crowd that formed....
    Then I wanted out, so I started to get on with my business, which is weird as discussed....
    I didn't really pay much attention until the cracks in HIS personality started appearing , such as screaming at Kerry in front of us in a Skype call, the thing was she didn't know we were all there...
    There was some doe eyed nit wit called ineilia on the call fuck knows why she was there , apart from bill had jizzed over her photograph when he sent it to So she was next , remember that billy boy , remember your words you complete cock lead idiot.
    This is just during and after trying it on with rhi , , among others while Ruth still thought she and bill were together , but I don't know the sordid details of that part rhi does, she couldn't help it , he didn't tell Ruth he invited rhi to interview Jordan maxwell, thats where he tried the move on her (which is ill, she was 34 at the time eeeeeeuuuuuuwwwww)and needless to say it didn't work, lol....she cracks up when she describes his face , lol.mad shit really. Anyway.

    He also got a slap off Ruth his girlfriend at the time for not telling her we could hear her before the call either, it was a fucking shambles really.
    I don't even remember what he wanted us there for, the us is me and rhi (his assistant) lol, she didn't like what was going on either.

    After a pause in this fiasco , and bill now talks to just us , the three gooseberrys, I say , don't talk to her like that mate it's embarrassing, and what's more count me out...
    And I think rhi had already put the phone down.

    In part two

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  8. Houdini

    Houdini Anon


    Part two

    (Correct me if wrong rhi)
    (Or dale)
    I now remember why he wanted me in the call, the Kerry bill thing was coming to a head...
    He was trying to get me to talk to her , loooooool, I mean , why.
    We wanted nothing to do with any of the others , it was already a risk investing in this one.
    We certainly didn't want to talk to the deranged sidekick, especially after she had been calling me a nazi and an occultist etc, which are both laughable if you read anything (which of course she dosent) plus the fact of my decent I'm not of the right ethnic background , my people were lined up at the camps to...
    Plus my best mate who was reading all this is a Nigerian and he wasn't best pleased I can tell
    Anyway they were all going more nutz than usual and my lot wanted out, we were going to go to Mr icke , which was our first choice, but he was out of the country for some time i think and was looking like he had his own thing going, (rhi already knew icke had met him at precious interview don't know which)and previously to that as well I think,before she met bill.

    When david and bill went to see credo, bill asked if I had a message for credo, I asked upstairs they said yes and gave me a very short message containing jus some letters and numbers,
    Bill tells me when he gets back that he told him and credo was quite emotional about the numbers and explained why, (well that's that mans business so no need to go there and I consider him a friend) any way my point is as he went with David , I asked , isn't he worth talking to bill, he has many things right you know, he said (bill), and I quote remembering liable laws,,
    "he isn't ok , he is going a bit mad to be honest"
    Now all the loveys will say, "oh well that is just trying to make them enemy's that's how they do it" well if bill had told the truth about why we were there and what we wanted to do, none of this would have happened, it's also the fuckin truth , care to take me up on it, please do. I have a crew of witnesses willing to go all the way. BECAUSE ITS TRUE.
    The people I feel sorry for are the people he dupes into getting to help him, they are going to get tarred with the same brush , this community is hardly diligent or fair , a point bill pointed out himself on many occasions,

    I have some very choice mail about his patrons from him to me , you would be pissed off I can tell ya , you would have to be an idiot not to be..
    All provable all here any lawyers letter welcome please do, I have been trying to find an address for him with his name on it, but as he is in debt all over the place he has disappeared of the radar...
    But still managed to leave 15 thousand Swiss francs for rhi to hold safe keeping....
    But the doozy is you all being told it takes 3500 to run a forum , for fucks sake look it up....
    I don't care , he has to make a living , but you pay his bills and that's that, and a forum takes a hundred bucks tops, a month, wakey wakey, and I don't care what bullshit he has told you, as long as you know . It's his money when you " donate " it.

    Nothing wrong with that,,,

    Not illegal, stupid , but not illegal...

    Any way , the big boys didn't want to be associated anymore and pulled the plug...

    I went elsewhere dabbled , and left it at that, I'm now back doing the usual , and I think theses places are where the link will happen for us all, if the arseholes stop trying to form a "bureaux de change "gate between us and you..

    We want to start a dialogue, and long standing grunts like me are being used, simple, and I'm not talking about the fucking rocker fellas or the iluminatayyyyy as it's now fashionable to say , lol

    The stone philosophers , the old boys.
    Cos everyone knows it's not working..
    I worked for Some big outfits in the music game.. That's why me..
    Plus I am not delicate.

    That's all over now anyway the guy I worked directly for was overruled with bill and the loons, and he died not long afterwards from Alzheimer's .
    I am just gonna use this place to pick up who I need, with who I have made freinds with already, simple , no daggers lol.
    If we come to understandings we move forward..
    The investment is going into smaller things with that in mind , to many megalomaniacs in your hierarchy .

    That's all for now,, as always, anyone wants to take issue please do, but let's keep it coherent ,

    Then everyone gets there say , and the net wizards can't twist it all into fantastic mystical argument,

    And your not sheep your human beings.

    I hope, avalonians , not so sure anymore , such an irony.

    Cockney TRANSLATER , out...
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  9. Houdini

    Houdini Anon

    It's coming , I can feel it,

    Yep a translation fa dah nation...jellied eel styli.....dancy7

    New material from project bill babbleon....
  10. McQ

    McQ Anon

    Yes fadah! we still dayah king! bless! :D
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