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  1. Houdini

    Houdini Anon

    Well it's a grey in day in the US of England , or is that , the England states of America...
    I can never remember ..

    but the y weather is crappy ,

    Gonna change up for one or two moments..
    With a word from a couple of people , these people are my freinds.
  2. Houdini

    Houdini Anon

    Perhaps I should explain judging by the stern looks I just received.

    The situation or scene right now in my living room , is thus..

    Two of my close close freinds , which I will explain later , are sitting in front of me.

    One is sitting in a deck chair , the other in a very nice chair.

    As I look at them I wonder what would someone that didn't know them think of them sitting there in such an alien position.
    (I'm very weird about furniture and things , I relish people's discomfort from the norm , the jarring it gives there ego.
    I once made an arch bishop sit on a beanbag in front of a raging log fire , lol , it was like a shoot from playboy , hysterical to watch him wiggle with sobriety .

    So there they sit.
    Rhi missing at me as I type.

    I have been told to give them five minutes of your time , (as was planned at a million hits square on the nose).

    It's all extremely complicated.
    I don't care for its complications.

    Fortunately my freinds do.fortunately for us.
    Because they are the ones that push for you .
    So at all costs , must be kept from you.
    This site has been under constant cyber attack for weeks , a concerted effort to shut it down , wear you out , make you fickle away .....wither.....dither..

    It hasn't worked , at all.

    When you throw sticks in the path of me , they will trip you up.

    I know why , so do my friends .
    It's the easiest part .
    Your rod is for your own back , with me.
  3. Houdini

    Houdini Anon

    It hasn't ended with the cyber attacks..
    I have been victimised by one set of the authority's , while protected by another.
    My finances are a total mystery , so they can't hurt me there.But

    All my friends machines are attacked daily , they don't care , the Internet is not there only's a tool for life , not a life.

    So , here we now sit stalemate.

    I would like to introduce Mr Albert Peartree,
  4. Houdini

    Houdini Anon

    Thank you Stephen

    Good morning to you all , no need for details about me.

    Please would you think about what I'm going to say.
    It is very simple therefore could be dismissed.
    Stop looking at advertising.
    Overt your gaze , move your young from it.

    An explanation will be delivered here , when you can hear again.

    Thank you for your considerations , have a lovely day.
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  5. Houdini

    Houdini Anon

    Ok short n sweet to the point , do it , don't do it ,

    I don't give a flying fuck , most of you are like little baby's led round by the nose while wearing diapers and screaming at everyone else..about how they are just such baby'

    So fuck you , lol.

    Over to Our next visitor.
  6. Houdini

    Houdini Anon

    I'm going to say something small also.
    Stop saying you will do things , that you have NO intention of doing.
    Write down what you promise , then keep your word.
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  7. Houdini

    Houdini Anon

    Some music eh , boring fuckers!
  8. Houdini

    Houdini Anon

    So , to me that's no news ..
    Of course your all saying the same..

    Ok then , do it.

    Watch how you cannot , no matter where you are .
    Perceive in reality how invasive it is.
    Consider the damage it does in any avenue you wish to think , right down to miserable low rung employees(slaves).

    Then go talk some more superior shit , lol.
  9. Houdini

    Houdini Anon


    Oh , how do we listen to this , the endless mantra..

    But every version with its own axe , or axiom.

    Now why after all this time has the flame been turned up under my feet.

    Why now?
    Been taking the piss for ages..

    Oh yeah but just recently this year , some awfully nice people were awful .
    This meant a re addressing of the looney bin was required.
    New more sinister long term planners arrived amidst very lurid circumstances ..
    Then sure enough we all sat back with our popcorn and out they popped of the arsehole of bielsibub himself.

    Then they were stupid enough to rattle my cage which is left unlocked (it's a voluntary thing) so , I came out to play.

    That's the now , we were looking for...

    If someone accuses you of something terrible , which you didn't do.

    What is your reaction?
    If you are just a person standing there a human being , like you , your honest what would you do? Eh ? Eh ?

    Fucking go take it straight to the lieing cunt that said so ? Well wouldn't you if you were sure you didn't do anything , even something close , you would KNOW you didn't..

    So you would in your richeous indignation , go fucking find them..

    If you were helpless and saw a fair mind standing there , an honest mind that has done the right thing before by example , would you not in your weakness take any help in proving your known innocents?

    I didn't have much of a thing left to do , a few weirdos I didn't really care about rinsing a few more weirdos I didn't realy care about..

    Then you touched my cage.

  10. Houdini

    Houdini Anon

    So , out I pop.

    I am only looking , not touching...

    Just saying not doing..

    I make no asumptions, about your guilt or innocents..

    I make it clear that an accuser and/or A co conspirator of an acusor , if the accusation is false , is as bad if not worse than the accusation itself..

    I make it clear , no harm for no foul , I did spell that right!

    Then you run away!

    In what direction ,

    Then we look at the IP EVIDENCE FROM WENCE YOU CAME...

    Your freinds , your all linked , in a way you don't publicise as much as you should ...

    Then what do we find...

    At the end of the putrid rainbow ,

    Dorothy and Captain Kirk.
    And billy the dog , following.
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