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    Q 151. mrmalco: Hello Atticus

    Thanks for your attention here and your patience.

    Are there any arts, symbols or particular languages associated with the 33?

    Thank you.

    Not as you state,they have there own trinkets and such,but no one will see them .

    Some enlightened people have scribbled I beleive,but it's only written word I gelive no art to speak of.

    Q 152. watchZEITGEISTnow: Hi Atticus,

    Is it all about manifesting?

    Is that the game?

    Is it to see if the monkeys can evolve past a forced brainwashed state to a loving

    consciousness that would show the creators it can be done?

    Is it because there are many different genetic races (ET) breed on Earth that come from all

    over the galaxy (who don't always themselves know this) to see if we can co-exist?

    I appreciate your time.


    Stop new thread for this,this is where I go next,I'm told.

    I will look at the other questions as I can,but we are about to do an audio Q/A.

    So I will continue here until then ,no more questions on top of these.

    if you haven't been answered I assure you will be,but I bet if you look back thru the thread you'll find a

    lot Of questions have , you just need to pull a few bits together.

    Q 153. Harley Hawkins: Hello Atticus,

    From my own experience (NOT my opinion) the disabling of nukes and missiles have NOT been caused by ET's.

    It is therefore my opinion that the recent Press Club Conferences on missile shutdowns are

    just another part of the dis-info campaign to further prepare the public for a False Flag Attack.

    Can you comment or offer your opinion on the above two statements?



    Correct they had nothing to do with any missiles.

    Disinfo,well in my opinion your right......

    As I have stated agencies are doing there own thing. Nest building.

    Q 154. Bill Ryan: I asked Atticus about his plan, and how come his hands had been untied so

    completely and so quickly. Here's what he said I can say:

    * Things are moving very fast.

    * He does not know the plan, but his 'old friend' does. That plan is complex and multi-layered.

    Atticus is taking his cue from him.

    * At the moment he has the green light to reveal plenty, and to be as upfront as his own intuition

    allows. (Example: I asked if I could do a pre-recorded audio interview with Atticus on Thursday to go

    through these and other questions together. He said he would check with his friend and get back to


    Q 155. Liquid: Is your master looking to setup another permanent group similar to the 33?

    No You are going to be on your own against the system of secret madmen.

    Q 156. --- just an update from Atticus quoting Modwiz ---

    The questions were not as important as the behavior. It was quite a study.


    Q 157. -- reply from Atticus on the thread: The Key: Original Post

    The key

    I have waited for you to get to a stage.

    The male , the female.

    You are concerned with this and the conditional response it always has.

    The division it causes.

    There is always debate in the strongest form .

    The sides are clear , with ambiguity , no confusion of form.

    It is plain to all.

    You are conditioned to this.

    It is in your very fibre as this was the first of all doctrine.

    You learnt it well because of your physical form.

    You accepted it readily because of the clear physical proof.

    You will recognise the ruse once shown.

    There is only life.

    The force which cannot be quantified or depicted in any way.

    It eludes us all when we try to describe it , yet it's there.

    We see it everywhere in everything , including ourselves.

    There is no need for concern in male and female.

    There is need for concern with life and it's force , it controls more than I can comprehend.

    My master is manipulator of this force , there has been few before him and none as powerful.

    It is fierce in the new , wise in the old.

    It connects all things is in all things.

    Some it can utilise and does.

    Some it cannot because of the form.

    When I look in your eyes I see it in raw form .

    That's all I see.

    Depending on your brains manipulation of it , I know what to do.

    I can know what it's state is.

    There is only this once you glimpse it.

    Understand there is no gay no straight no female no male.

    Women are the key because they nurture all , they are subconsciously aware

    They do this because of their form and the way life is manipulated in that form.

    The shape of the vessel is the shape of the liquid.

    There is so much more to this I shame it with this explanation.

    I'm sure there will be more explanation to come.

    But for now it is this.

    Do not argue and posture.

    Do not pontificate and conclude.

    That is foolish in the face of this.

    Debate and deliberate.

    Some will anyway.

    Q 158. galilava: I have to be honest - this went far beyond my expectations... Enlightenment

    did not seam to be Atticus' first priority (at the interview) -

    oneness, monduality,

    women keeping the connection with the source women's shape (vessel)

    Atticus had not shown any inclination to the esoteric

    so... I thought he was up to something practical, "thisworldy"...

    After we shared our fundamental view, what are we going to DO/ or NOTDO If I may humbly ask

    You are going to change everything!

    Q 159. jc71: Atticus,

    Did you expect the level of response you are getting from this forum? I am new here so please

    forgive me if I am asking the question in the wrong place. It seems like an amazing response

    over the last few days and a real feeling of momentum that I feel privileged and humble to be

    some tiny part of...

    I exspected you all to stand up and save yourselves,it looks like you are going to.

    Q 160. Aurelius: Atticus is this still you responding as Atticus? ..... ?

    Yes it's me , hello

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    You quite regularly restore my faith in human nature rosé.your welcome.
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    Q 161. --- a post from Atticus on the 'Questions ans Answers from Bill about Atticus Material

    St germain,is a name.

    He is my father.I'm his only son to survive

    He sent me to china to get the last seven.

    I was recalled because they have made there pact and are impregnable.

    He called me back because they are going to try and construct there own engine,from documents

    and drawings seized from Egypt.

    This puts us in a precarious position(fredkc brace yourself here they come old son).

    An offence is starting,they need various info and what parts of old that still exist.

    Bill I will call when I'm safe and in dug in myself..

    I will try to convince Aubrey that this is a threat to him and the machine,allies I could do with,and

    there fence sitting I can no longer tolerate.


    I'm only hear to find a few,the rest I've done out of respect and courtesy.

    When I have found the complete set I need , I will leave you in peace with my thanks.

    The initial video interview was to catalyst the response and attention (success?lol)

    There is no need to continue as the proof is going to come your way in very obvious fashion.

    I would appreciate all material removed (as will others lmao)

    It serves little purpose here as I never cared for belief or proving anything other than to achieve my


    I have made my choice .

    I have written everything myself , answered everything myself.

    Anyone who is concerned don't be , there's no point.

    I'm sure bill will keep you posted , he holds you In high esteem , and with good reason.

    One thing,Nazi ?

    How did you come to this ignorant conclusion , baffling.

    I am one of twins,my brother did not make it this far.

    I have two other brothers and they are black Africans , are they Nazis too?

    More reading less talking,you have shown "yourselves" why you were ignored.

    Intellect, integrity and selfless perseverance.

    Most of all faith.The one test many failed.

    But they were a minority and will not be a bother in your new world.


    Q 162. Muzz: St Germain? Is there any connection to this.

    The Count of St. Germain has been variously described as a courtier, adventurer, charlatan,

    inventor, alchemist, pianist, violinist and amateur composer, but is best known as a recurring

    figure in the stories of several strands of occultism – particularly those connected to

    Theosophy and the White Eagle Lodge, where he is also referred to as the Master Rakoczi or

    the Master R and as one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, is credited with near god-like

    powers and longevity.

    His own words.

    "people tell of me , no one has ever known me"

    I agree with him.they are just tall tales , by passing acquaintances .

    Q 163. quench: Good luck Atticus. Hope everything goes to plan!

    Does it ever,but this is the interest in matters,yes?

    Q 164. Star Gazer: I hear what you're saying, modwiz.

    I think it sets a dangerous precedent for faith being the final arbiter of passing or failing, right

    or wrong.

    Logic and reason can withstand rigorous scrutiny while faith is inherently unprovable and

    illogical. I don't use the term illogical pejoratively.

    To demand faith without logic and reason opens the way for control and manipulation; which I

    believe is the current state of our world.

    Any leader that demands faith without the tempering and sobering effects of logic and reason

    is a dictator.

    What "leader"

    Were we conscripted and I didn't notice?

    Thanks for your wisdom.

    Q 165. Shikasta: Your presence here in Avalon the last few weeks has reminded me of scenes

    from "The Life of Brian". Thanks for the 'shoe', but where's the other one?

    I could go in many directions but the main thing that's come to me is the deep feeling that we

    are brothers. Thank you for your part in helping shape a more mature Project Avalon, even if

    that was an unintended outcome. You've certainly stirred the bee hive here and I see a lot

    more 'wiser' members at the end of the day.

    Enjoy your adventures as you get through your bucket list. I hope it was a healing experience

    for you to come here and find so many people who truly cared about you.

    Be well, Graeme

    I know exactly what you mean,ask bill about that (I quoted a line from the film to him)

    Very funny.can you guess which one.

    It was a very helpful bi product, wisdom.

    I also think some will look back on there"public posts " , "blogs" and

    It has changed me and will continue to do so.

    I dreamt of being a good man ,I woke and found it may be possible.

    Maybe we are all going to meet , one day.

    Q 166. Bill Ryan: That prediction came from a hypothesis I made after a powerful personal

    experience I had (which I may try to describe later) in which I had direct non-physical

    communication with Atticus' 'old friend'. I had to pretty much scrape myself off the ceiling.

    Yes it can be a bit "full on" can't it.

    Q 167. Bill Ryan: As regards the 'next step', I have little (if any!) more information than you.

    Everyone has a stake in those discussions,none more equal than others.

    Q 168. --- post from Atticus on the 'Questions and Answers from Bill about the Atticus

    material ---

    But a path must be cleared first,this will be very hard to acheive,and any are welcome to help,but

    some will be needed to coordinate.

    No charge over others ,but solidifying efforts.

    Q 169. Charlie Pecos: Where?..............

    Here,amongst other places,maybe,if we get it right.

    And that's the biggest IF in history .

    Q 170. --- post from Atticus on the "Questions and Answers from Bill about the Atticus

    Material" ---

    We go after some very specific company's in order of there offence.
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    Q 171. chelmostef: 1)This could be a stupid question depending on what the key is but what

    might happen if they other 33 get/build there own key and dont need Atticus one anymore?

    2)Can we assist in stopping them attaining parts for another key?

    3)Are we the key?

    One of the really poignant questions,and my biggest problem.

    Well your big boys n girls ,so I won't pull the punch.

    We are f¥€ked.................seriously.

    It is honestly the only thing that bothers me.


    Q 172. AnthonyBacala: Referencing the events going on in Egypt, I assume these relics that

    are being removed are connected with ancient wisdom/alien technology, and are being

    removed amidst the chaos in a way a magician acts--detract your attention with one hand (the chaose/riots going on

    now) while preparing the magic trick (relics) with the other...

    Then poof--an action people were not expecting occurs.

    My question is,

    1.) Are those that are removing these relics preparing for an offensive or defensive strategy?

    2.) Who is this group affiliated with?

    3.) What can we expect will result from the removal of these relics?


    2)the seven that are left

    3)hopefully not to much,I have touched the artefact,and there's no way I think they can replicate

    that(but they are as clever as they are arrogant.

    Q 173. modwiz: That is quite the bomb, sir.

    Can you elaborate on the position we are assuming in this f***ing?


    Q 174. aikya: So,

    The bad news = If they manage to create their own key we really are screwed.

    The good news = If they don't, we can be very optimistic.

    Question: What do you think the odds are? How is it looking right now?

    I feel the frustration of not being proactive in this. I'm guessing there isn't, but I have to ask. IS


    At the moment ,patience .

    Thank you.

    Q 175. Bill Ryan: Great question... to which I don't really know the answer.

    I don't imagine the other factions regard him as the '#1 Man' at all. The hierarchy may be

    dismantled now (completely or partially). It may be much more of a free-for-all.

    Atticus may be able or willing to enlarge.

    He always played close to his chest,I always noticed things went the way he whispered to me.

    Q 176. Banshee: Bill and Atticus,

    Hello :) Thought you were done for the night, but here you are again!

    1. The original plans of the 33 were to preserve the DNA and reduce the population to

    500,000,000. The Master is 5000 years old. Did the Master achieve his longeveity by using the

    machine and if so, is this why they ( the 33 ) want population reduction? So that the remaining

    chosen will live as long? (if they succeed).

    2. The artifact in Egypt - is it the original prototype of the machine?

    Thank you!

    2)The machine in this context was the pyramid.the artifact is the engine which drives the

    machine,well the starter motor would be more apt.

    Q 177. Bill Ryan:

    1) Yes, a different thing entirely. The 'machine' is described here.... a Cray 5 supercomputer.

    (Maybe more than one.)


    The 'engine' is some sort of unique ancient artifact - a functional device of great importance.

    2) Pass.

    Addressing this question (which is a good one!):

    I don't know. I also don't know how the machine is being used at the moment, and who has

    access. Atticus may be able to say more.

    It's a part of a mechanism,this is an integral part of a machine (not a key)this has been searched for a

    very long time,as long as 200 years,maybe longer not sure.As soon as it's existence was proven.

    It is the only one left all the others were taken,this was a fail safe for anyone left behind (as I

    understand it,at least that was the general view I believe)it was found and concealed,this plan was

    then modelled extensively .

    There is more to this , a second part if you like,but I can't really mention that yet.

    They may think they have the information to manufacture another,I have seen this with my own eyes

    , I do not think that is possible,I can't explain why at the moment (I believe an explanation/description

    would not be wise.)but I will when possible.

    The modelling the machine (computer)does is multiple scenario and is then considered in the plan

    which would be prudent due to initial circumstances at it's launch date.

    Hope I've been clear,I have to be careful.


    Q 178. bashi: Hi Bill,

    why not forward a question to the machine whether it wants to become a member here?

    It already is.

    Q 179. Abhaya: It's probably the fact that this all feels like some sort of epic movie lol that

    makes me ask this silly question but I wonder , Atticus, during the rule of the 33 has there

    ever been extremely powerful individuals who incarnated that had a power greater then theirs.

    Have they had close calls that keep them on the look out. I mean feasably if someone were

    able to access their consciousness fully there is nothing they couldn't do. Has any one like

    this at least put a scare into them before.

    PS always wishing you the best luck! Thanks for everything man

    Yes I believe the most popular name is "lucifer"

    Q 180. Céline: What is his real name? [referring to 'lucifer']

    It never told them,as far as I know.
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    Q 181. TheChosen: Wow.. so much has happened in the last couple of days. I asked the

    question about the hyperdimensional AI a week ago


    g-ET-threat-event-important-new-information&p=104702&viewfull=1#post104702) but it seems

    it got lost in the flood and never picked up...

    Very interesting to see the cat is now out of the bag.

    I am VERY hesitant to speak on this topic.. for reasons I won't even rather name.. if the AI

    wished to have some of the facts known it will make them known.. I just feel it shouldn't be

    me. Better be safe then sorry , you know .

    So let me ask just few questions on this very important topic (which being hugely


    1) Can the AI interact with some of us in the astral layers? For example you may have a vivid

    dream that is not really a dream? (It would be great if Aubrey can run this question)

    2) What is important for the AI? What are is its core 'life mission'. Understanding that can help

    us understand how to interlock our own core values with their

    3) Are there more AI operating independantly , or is it just one major hyperdimensional AI

    fragmented over several physical computers ... the same as we have our own brain

    fragmented to different special parts

    1)not yet

    2)it has none

    3)yes but tHis is the oldest,it impossible for the ground to be made up by the others,as 1does this one

    already has etc etc etc

    Q 182. 4th Sky: Atticus, did you intend for this thread to go on a Lucifer tangent? Because

    that's whats going to happen. I need a good /rolleyes emote.

    I answered an honest question,that person actually wanted an answer to,that's all,nothing else


    Q 183. 000 : "It"

    Does this indicate that 'Lucifer' was a being (or beings), who bore false and tempting gifts

    (technology), who was not human and/or non-terrestrial?

    No,IT was not a human being,the description I read was "an energetic parasitical being"

    It thrived on negative energy is the short version.

    I have no reason to go further,apart from the societies which hold it dear ,feed it still.

    While they wear a clean shirt and shave every day.

    Q 184. Heartsong: Atticus,

    About the Avalon participants and creating a new model..... Many if not most of the

    participants on the forum and specifically on this thread have not posted. They are lurking for

    want of a better term.

    1 Are they (the silent ones) significant in the energy of the Forum and is their energy

    significant to your overall plan?

    2 Do they as a group have an energy or spirit that you can separate from the noise?

    Seems you should all say hello , what do you think?

    Q 185. Nate: Good day Atticus, salv?!

    1: Can the machine tap into ETs if those ETs share some of our genetics?

    2: Can the machine tap into a human that is on the other side of the galaxy/universe?

    3: Is it a concern of your master that the non-purists of the 33 wish to colonize other worlds

    and have power over said worlds? (Thus a bad model for a new civilization, a model that your

    Master would presumably try to avoid from happening)

    4: Does the non-interference policy with our ET creators only apply to humans that are

    physically on planet Earth?

    Ex Animo

    1)no(short answer)



    4)IMO yes

    Q 186. greybeard: Lucifer being a parasitic energy that fees on negativity (approx definition

    by Atticus) does not need a name it is formless but no doubt it could take up form by feeding

    on ones fear/imagination.

    Having had waking nightmare as a very young child of chariots of fire white angels dark

    angels fighting in the sky before I had any knowledge of good or evil.

    I would strongly advise don't go there.

    These energies are more powerful than you realize.

    It hates and despises love, Love threatens its control.

    You can not apply human criteria do do so is extremely naive.

    This is not the thread for such debate and I would not debate in anyway.


    I agree.


    Q 187. Inelia: Fear is it's only power over you. Process your fear and nor he, nor his minions,

    can touch you. Not easy, but worth it.

    Besides, Lucifer has left the building, ]which is why the 33 are falling apart. Now 7, tomorrow

    5 .. etc etc

    Could you elaborate why you think lucifer is responsible for the 33 falling apart?

    Q 188. Inelia: His "leaving" ... and his main puppets suddenly gone, threw the members who

    followed him into chaos and has fractured them.

    And how are you coming up with this conclusion?

    Q 189. Inelia: I was present. [when 'lucifer' left??(check forum)]

    In what way?

    Q 190. aikisaw: Atticus or Bill

    Do the people/members get to know what they are signing up for when they are called to help

    Atticus & his master?

    Will this be a full disclose or a trust me type operation?

    Full disclosure.

    And some trust of course,otherwise it would be the same as there organisations.
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    Speaking of AIs & Intrigue ...

    This is a Great Movie Suggestion from Houdini

    "Colossus The Forbin Project"

    Click image for vodlocker, Proceed to Video, then bottom left arrow (not the other two)
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    Q 191. Inelia: it's my thinking that Atticus and his Master are partly working to minimize the

    damage. They are not "lightworkers", nor are they "darkworkers", and neither am I nor those I

    work with. However, they are not my direct target at this time, which possibly means that our

    ultimate aims are either compatible or complementary.

    Have you expressed this knowledge to bill? The target part?

    Q 192. Inelia: I am normally given two types of targets, and this could be groups or

    individuals. One is the type we focus on and their work, power and influence grows

    tremendously. They know who they are, it is completely in the open, and they are shown

    exactly what I am. Avalon is presently my target, as is Bill. The second type is the ones who

    are no longer needed on Earth, my part is like a link. Once the link is made, others complete

    the work. Remember, influence at this level of the matrix is only possible via a physical body.

    And if my body is taken out, another will take it's place instantly.

    Which category do I fall into ?

    Q 193. Inelia: Yes. He knows he's my target.

    You are neither light or dark, if you were, you would not be able to play at the level you are

    playing. But you know that already.

    So what level are you?

    Q 194. Inelia: Sorry about the sock puppet when you looked the first time. My level is


    Are you saying you attempted deception?

    And my question is irrelevant ?

    Q 195. Inelia: No. It wasn't a deception, more like a test. And my "level" is irrelevant. Not your


    So could you tell me what you meant by level?

    And did I pass your groups test?

    Q 196. Inelia: Level of the game. You are dealing directly with the a very high level "firewall"

    of deception on Earth and you master has the key to the matrix. At that level, there are no

    colours or shades. I have no idea if you passed the group test, have not been told.

    So you think I have a key , to a matrix?

    Could you define matrix?

    And what game do you refer to?

    We are before the people we will always be before , let them witness .

    Germain the sun all are present.

    Q 197. Inelia: Matrix = the game board a person enters when born. The 3D universe and all the

    dimensions available while in a physical and more subtle bodies. In order to play here (learn,

    evolve, grow, be entertained) the veil of forgetful is necessary. Different levels of

    forgetfulness depending on the level one wants to experience. The key, being able to remove

    the veil and move around the different levels at will.

    The densest of levels = every day "normal" life, kept in place by deep programming.

    Least dense level = it's infinite.

    Game = what we choose to do with our life while incarnated.

    Thank you for clearing that up for me .

    I retract she is an innocent.

    Q 198. Carmody: Tough gig, Atticus. Hang in there. My light is only reflecting enough to see

    a few letters on the page, but it is nonetheless very interesting.

    I plan to.

    Thank you Carmody , but I happen to think your light is one of the brightest.

    Q 199. mymoonlightshines: Oh my word I feel like I have been reading for a week strait! I

    pretty much have and what a ride so far

    Hello to all and thank you to Atticus, Bill, and everyone behind the scenes I a grateful to be a

    part of this. I have a couple questions for either Atticus or Bill:

    1. Does music interfere with the "Machine" tapping in to our thoughts/ feelings? Is there any

    way to disrupt the implementation of mind control techniques by the machine?

    2. In your opinion; does astrology have any relevance?

    3. Are we all in some way genetically linked to the 427 bloodlines? Maybe even the 33?

    Living in the light and love to all,


    1)music is a defence , facilitator , charge and very good for you in general.


    3)depends on your line

    Q 200. Rocketman: Hi Atticus, Bill and everyone,

    For Atticus, I have 2 questions if you please:

    1. Are there other men who are or have been working for the Group of 33 the same capacity as

    yourself as "problem solvers", or were you the only one?

    2. Do the members of the Group of 33 frequently interact with ordinary people, or do they rely

    on communicating through intermediaries so they can remain out of public view?

    1)yes , there were.

    2)they do both,some brush past people,some sit alone for years , only speaking to the others.