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    Q 231. DeDukshyn: Atticus,

    Useless question completely and you likely won't answer it, but perhaps I can at least get an

    answer like Bluestflame ...??? ;-)

    Is the "Machine" computer the infamous "Beast" computer? Or perhaps the legends may have

    had some source in this? Computer originally designed to make financial "predictions" ..

    sounds very similar.

    No it's not,tricky,lol

    Q 232. Bill Ryan: Here's a question you've all been waiting for. :)

    Atticus, what are men?

    Please rephrase the question :P

    Q 233. Please visit the forum for this question. I could not include it here in a proper format:

    At last.

    Now is this proof or is someone going to talk us to death about this.

    Now just imagine what I've seen and read and touched.

    When you have touched the things I have you understand immediately .

    And can never go back...

    It's a very sullen feeling when you read this thread...I have not figured out exactly why I now feel as I
    do .

    But I do...

    I tried to do something practical recently.....

    Wait till you find out who stopped it.

    That will really bake your cake.

    Q 234. astrid: Interesting thread. I'm finding manifesting very fast and easy, almost

    disconcerting to be honest.

    The term "be careful what u wish for", for sure applies to these times.

    And time has a different quality, a bit hard to explain, speeds up, slows down even stand still.

    Not sure what that is about exactly....yet.

    I'm sure all will be revealed at the right moment.

    That is significant trust me,you will see more in that soon.

    Q 235. Rocky_Shorz: Question for Atticus...

    want to borrow my Teflon suit?

    do the rich look at the spiritually gifted as greedy for having a strong inner light and not sharing?

    Is that how you felt meeting Bill until you realized he was surrounding you in his?

    No Bill showed no fear what so ever, I really like that.

    But that is not why I'm here.

    Q 236. iceni tribe: good evening Atticus...... sorry for the directness but why are you here

    To help bill give a heads up, come up with some real alternatives which he will be able to put well and

    without emotion and watch his back,while he does it,putting it very very very very simply.

    Q 237. Brodie75: Question for Atticus. Are your intentions on this forum to show us to ourselves?

    And are you waiting for the right question or the right answer?

    Yes to some extent,and I'm always waiting for good answers yes.

    Q 238. modwiz: Atticus,

    Is there some way that a homestead(s) could be started? Somewhere(s) with a year round

    relatively mild climate that could be made available for those able to, to begin setting up first

    some basic food and housing and building from there? It would seem this could be possible

    given we are talking about rulers of the world.

    Yes or no question.

    Want to try another conversation here.

    I think that is running before walking,,but ultimately why not,if that's what you want and others agree,I

    m here to facilitate not dictate.

    Q 239. Rocky_Shorz: you know he showed no fear because of his inner peace...

    what are "you" afraid of?

    You all not making it.

    Q 240. rmauersr: Atticus,

    About the fair contest .....

    Who are the contestants?

    What is the prize?

    You are

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    Q 241. Rocky_Shorz: Atticus,

    after you showed up we realized Chemtrails were creating antimatter bursts...

    as soon as it was discussed and told to stop by one of us...

    The Chem trails ended and fish and birds stopped dying.

    We understand we are being watched, but wouldn't the part of the 33 that broke off be

    responsible, so in truth they are still here listening?

    How much authority are we being handed for our future?

    Please listen,the 33 are not in charge of those weapons.and they are all but finished,the ones to

    worry about anyway.

    All of it.

    Q 242. modwiz: Hello Atticus

    Don't mean to hog the questions but:

    Do you have an idea why the US has called all of its ambassadors back to Washington? It is


    Yes I do,but I wish to speak to bill about it first,ok,sorry.

    Q 243. Chilled: Atticus,

    How long have we got before things start publicly breaking or the poo starts to hit the fan in a

    big way?


    It's really already in progress,just high end manoeuvring at the moment.

    Q 244. Thunderbird: Atticus i DO actually have a series of questions:

    1. From your perspective is the game over for modern civilization?

    2. If so, Is this why the 33 are breaking up?

    3. are they over extending themselves and engaging their consolidation and bunker down plans?

    4. Using the Matrix analogy are we being picked here for a new "zion" of sorts?

    1)yes ,as we recognise it now,but that's no surprise is it?

    2)no not really ,and they have ,I chased three of them myself.

    3)I think they might be, but my master disagrees,and so does Aubrey.

    4)never really looked at it like that,but now you put it like that ,maybe.

    Q 245. PHARAOH: Atticus, if your looking for good answers you must first ask good

    questions. "Know thyself", Brodie75. "the light shineth in the darkness but the darkness

    comprehendeth it not". "Is it not written in your law, I say you are "GODS" and children of the

    most high"

    Ok then!...................

    Q 246. Céline: What are you confused about?

    Whether my master made the right choice in picking me to do this.

    Q 247. modwiz: Hello Atticus,

    1.Is Bill acting as a sort of Abraham to your Messenger of a god(s)in trying to prove there are

    10 good people here, so as to convince the ruling elite (Enlil/Yahweh or pick a name) that we

    should not be obliterated as in the Sodom and Gomorrah story? Is there even a Yahweh

    equivalent anymore?

    And looking back to those days it seems things really got ugly when the gods broke into

    factions and began fighting amongst themselves. The nonsense in Iraq and Afghanistan

    seemingly represent similar factions. Rumors abound about a split between Rockefellers and

    Rothschilds with the former threatening use of force to keep themselves in control.

    More questions.

    2. Any truth to the rumors?

    3.Although the fracture of the elite could work to our advantage, is it fraught with the dangers

    that come from cornering savage beasts?

    Thank you


    3)perfect analogy

    Q 248. jimbojp: Atticus, To win the contest do we have to prove that we are grown up enough

    to be guardians of this planet?

    Is this an inner battle?



    Q 249. kinerkid: 1. Who started this process? I get the impression that you Atticus are here

    to recruit or join hands with some or all of us who can help rebuild after the demolition is

    done. Is that a fair perception?

    No I won't be here,just making-sure bill is,amongst others

    Q 250. modwiz: Are you up for a good challenge?

    Very funny!

    Can you actually use a light sabre!
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    Q 251. Shairia: Atticus,

    You stated we are not making it. What is it we have to do to make it? I don't have much time

    left so I'd like to know.


    Did I ? , I'm getting old obviously or a typo!

    Q 252. Thunderbird: Thanks Atticus,

    You're surprise.

    If i may, just a few more:

    1. Is it possible to redirect the whole mess at enough of a degree in time to avert global

    catastrophic meltdown and the wholesale slaughter of countless people, ecosystems, and


    2. If so, do you, Aubrey, or your master, consider my idea for a uniformed super search and

    rescue action hero team (able to respond publicly to Haiti type disaster with enough coverage,

    press, and licensing to rival the most sought after icons) that inspires countless people

    around the globe and addresses some of the underlying conditioning of the planets

    inhabitants plausible and workable to that end? Simply put- Do you believe one idea can

    renew the world?

    3. If it isn't possible at this time to turn the ship enough degrees to avoid disaster...might it be

    we'll be better off for it?

    No someone else first don't you think hawk.

    Q 253. Richard: Your master carries the wisdom of the ages, one would surmise he knew full

    well all possible outcomes. Ask him his plan now.

    Bill first,then together.

    Q 254. quench: Of course he did. He has 5,000 years experience you know [is about the

    Master's to choice of Atticus for the job]

    I thought you were going to be complimentary then,

    Q 255. Mr54: Hi Atticus when you say that no one will be left behind are you being literal or

    metaphorical. If you're being literal where are we going?


    Q 256. Peta Babkama Luruba Anaku: "Atticus" Is "Bill" a question, an answer, a tool or a


    A tool,that could be part of the solution.

    Q 257. soulsinger: Hello Atticus,

    Are you experiencing physical pain these days? If so, my sympathy is with you, and my hope

    for your increased comfort.

    What I have seen, in following along with these discussions, is a struggle to deal with issues

    of trust. I think life experience (especially very harsh experience) teaches us to be wary of

    trusting too quickly, and with good reason... NOT because it's just "safer" to assume that

    others are untrustworthy... but because it takes time and sharing, and much shared living, to

    develop a true understanding between people. There's no rush, as far as I'm concerned. I will

    continue to listen, learn, and stick around until I find whatever point of leverage I need to have

    positive influence in this journey.

    We all need to find our places with each other. No shame in that.

    Question for you, Atticus: Do you feel that you are working on a longer timeline than most of

    the members of this forum-- and that is why you're unable to provide information as quickly

    as has been requested? Do you agree with Bill that we are only at the very beginning of a long

    road here?

    If this is the case, then I'm really not concerned about whatever momentary disagreements

    pop up. They're nothing in the larger scheme!

    No I'm just not authorised.

    Yes I do agree with bill,not always but ! Lmao.


    Q 258. Chuck: Is the veil of forgetfulness/ignorance about to be lifted in the near future?

    I forgot.

    Sorry , I don't know.

    Q 259. jimbojp: Atticus, ,How do we win they've got all the money and weapons and they dont

    appear to listen to reason? What have we got?

    Each other, and a lot of f@&king guts as I can see.

    Q 260. Shairia: No not as old as I am. It was my misunderstanding.

    Is there anything I can do either for you or your master? I know many want to know the

    answers of the ages but I want to know I have done everything in my power to aid others

    before TSHTF.

    I'm sure everyone will have there moment.
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    Q 261. Céline: So many people here have said so many nice things about me... i will credit

    some of that to Atticus, for recognizing who/what I am.

    Also...i am the reflection of the people who love at Avalon I have received so much

    love and acceptance that I have been able to make great changes in my life.

    The people here are a shining example of Humanity, i am honored to be amongst all of you.


    Do you feel welcomed into this family? Good or bad? Thruth or lies? Do you feel the warmth

    of this family?

    This tells me your Master made the perfect choice.,,,Perhaps he thought you needed our help

    as much as we need yours?

    Things have become more complicated for me yes.

    Q 262. Fractalius: Hey there Atticus.

    I made this question in part, to Bill in a thread early on. It was intended with neutrality and

    respect, but was perhaps a little flippant.

    Though I have changed my mind while watching and think it has every chance of being the

    right choice. I have reasons why but won't offer them up, here. Apologies if you actually saw

    that, and shook ya head.

    Wouldn't it be great if someone could write something here that described concisely the

    intricacy of the tangle. So we could relax and move on. Much of these threads have been

    attempts to do so, and describe and quantify each distortion. Maybe that point is almost

    reached now from sheer volume of posts.

    The topic of $5, I have skimmed over. I am sitting digesting the overload by not reading much of it.

    1. The plan is to keep the vibration of things maybe described as the feminine energy up is that correct?

    2. The possible ways of doing this is by 'sharing and caring' pro-actively, and offering a hand

    up to those who are likely to be lost to the same sort of 'noise' we have witnessed here.

    Actions. stepping out of the drama, and performing actions. Fighting for love, as if it is about

    to be forgotten. And doing this with not just spontaneity but with actual financial hardware so to speak?

    1)yes in short.


    Q 263. JDM: ATTICUS,

    I believe you or Bill said there was a video or picture of the artifact.(somewhere in the billions

    of post back) And that we would be able to see it.

    Will you be releasing the artifact video or picture?

    Will you do another Interview soon (to clarify some things in these threads)?

    Will Bill still be able to ask Aubrey some questions?

    Are you the only one going into "alternative communities" doing this. (Your Prime Objective

    from your master) that you are aware or are there others that work for your master or that he

    has hired to do the same thing you are doing?

    1)yes I will,just nervous about identification of where a bouts,I don't even think about where it is and I

    don't even like this question because it makes me think of it.



    4)not sure

    5 )yes we are on our the moment.

    Q 264. Mr54: Atticus you mentioned that you've modeled some possible outcomes of your

    current scheme. Is there a tipping point in terms of numbers where things are likely to go well.

    If so what is the number and if anyone says 42 I'm going to bed!

    40k people will really start the ball rolling.

    Q 265. Peta Babkama Luruba Anaku: Thank You. One more please. What are we?

    A wonderful mistake.

    Q 266. ????????: I'm confused about this too! Forget your master for a minute (if such a

    thing is possible, ha). Do you care to describe how the Atticus who claimed to have no

    concern for morality in Bill's original interview is the same Atticus who is now at the forefront

    of this movement that is striving toward the common good? I do NOT mean this in an

    accusatory way. I am genuinely curious, and my question means exactly what it asks: Do you

    wish to offer any explanation for this huge reversal that occurred in a very short period of

    time? If not, that's cool too.

    I wanted to get your attention,and it worked didn't it.

    Q 267. qbeac: Hi Atticus, two questions:

    1) Did you see my questions about Kerry’s quotation posted in post #131, pag. 7? Here:

    Post #131, pag. 7. Questions to Atticus based on Kerry’s quotation


    2) Do you think there is any truth at all in Kerry’s quotation?

    1)don't think so no.

    2)don't know don't care,sorry that sounded rude ,moving on.

    I've had about 30 journalists trying to find me for a month, I will only talk to bill,and I don't want book

    deal or a stage show,unlike some.

    Q 268. Lifesong: I'm curious Atticus, do you have a dog or a pet that you love?

    I have to pit bulls and one took a knife in the back for me and cant walk to well,and they were my only

    freinds in England when the twins were not here.

    Q 269. Icecold: Atticus/Atticus,

    I have a question.

    You have said regarding the timeline that you have 'not been authorised' to give up certain information.

    Now a dictum of mine is "timing is everything".

    What event is your master at present waiting for?

    If you can't answer that, what type of event is your master waiting for?

    Before he gives you the go ahead to spill the beans as it were.

    Thanks in advance.

    You do realise that you have mellowed considerably since initiating this dialogue? That is a good thing.

    I get the sense that you are feeling a type of weariness that comes with incessant interrogation.

    It is reflected in your posts.

    Here is some of my energy from the source. You are a brave soul.


    Honestly he plays his cards close.and it works believe me.

    If people stop biting,I stop biting.

    Thank you

    Event timing is everything,not time itself,as we understand it it doesn't exist.

    Q 270. jookyle: Is there anything you can say about the 33 parting ways? I'm just

    flabbergasted that something that's been around for so long is just over.

    That makes 2 two of us.
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    Q 271. Peta Babkama Luruba Anaku: I felt my eyes water up (not an easy thing to do).

    Thank you for lighting the flame.

    You look just like one of my men"swimsuit",it's uncanny.

    Q 272. 4sh Sky: But you won't tell us what it is they'd do to start the ball rolling? Or what the

    ball is rolling towards? With a specific detail like 40k in your mind you must have details on

    what you think that 40k would be doing together?

    I've asked this pointed question a few times and perhaps you'll skip it again.

    Yes I will,sorry

    Q 273. astrid: In who's perspective [are we a "wornderul mistake"]?? Yours/Theirs?

    Mine I think but who knows where we pick things up.

    Q 274. Whitehaze: 1. Are we not all tools for the solution?

    2. Is it possible to collectively interface and alter the course of things?

    1)more like nuts and bolts(emphasis on the nuts) ;)

    2)don't know,bit deep for me.

    Q 275. Nenuphar: Hi Atticus,

    If I remember correctly, in your interview you said you didn't believe there was such a thing as

    right/wrong or good/bad, just "what comes next". Also that you are sure we spirit and go on

    after this existence.

    1) Do you have any feelings/beliefs about whether there are consequences in the afterlife for

    the actions you (or anyone else) have taken in life? (karma, sin, etc...hate to use those terms,

    they are very loaded).

    2) Do you believe that suicide is a "sin" or is an action that would incur negative

    consequences in the afterlife? (I'm fine - just curious)

    Thank you

    1)no I don't believe that.

    2)no I don't ,I think it's f&@king sad that one of us didn't pick it up in someone before it happens,I had

    a 19 year old cellmate do that while I was asleep,screws didn't give a f&@k they laughed.he was just

    scared hows that a sin?

    Q 276. Heartsong: About the computer with the AI abilities. As I understand it, it takes

    information and models potential outcomes.

    Does it or can it select and initiate actions toward that outcome without human direction?


    Q 277. Isthatso: Hi Atticus and everyone,

    Atticus, Just a thought - did your Master, having lived so long, join the 33 to rise up and be

    the one to destroy it??

    Warm wishes...

    I don't know,but I don't think so no.

    Q 278. Globalcitizen: Hi Atticus

    1) Do you think you will EVER answer ANY of my questions??? LOL


    C I just did.


    Q 279. qbeac: Hi Atticus, sorry if it sounded rude, but what exactly sounded rude, Kerry’s

    quote? Or perhaps my questions…???

    Please, could you be more specific?

    The full context of my questions are in this post:

    Post #131, pag. 7. Questions to Atticus based on Kerry’s quotation

    No meant me.

    Q 280. Abhaya: 1. Atticus what type of action will the 40 thousand people need to take to get the ball rolling.

    2. What changes can we expect on the other side of the sh%tty fan? as in can we expect far

    out dimentional changes or just simply a fall of the current power?

    3. Did the machine allow you to see all material data.

    As in everything that your mind was able to absorb from infinite data.

    4. Costa Rica has no army. Does that put it in a good or a bad spot.

    5. Has there ever been somone so spirtually advanced that the 33 were perplexed or intriqed

    by them. Or would they over look this kind of thing.

    Or would such a person only appear amongst them.

    Feel free to skip any or all of these

    Thanks for stretching the limits of what you can tell us.

    I know you cant wait to tell us more. maybe even more then we want to hear it.

    Thanks Man

    Best Wishes

    1)can't go there yet.

    2)power struggles and the ramifications .

    3)I cannot remember until something prompts me,that's deliberate to stop me going bonkers Aubrey said.

    4)not sure two sides to that aren't there.

    5)they overlooked nothing of that nature.