The Global Financial System Explained, Kim Goguen, LifeForce, & the Assemblies

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    I've been following the development of LifeForce and United News Channel (UNC). And I'm happy to share this recent LifeForce Q & A with Kim "Possible" Goguen.
    In this video, Kim describes and explains the deeply interconnected financial system and the electronic platform it operates from.
    She covers the:
    • Control and Command system
    • Black screen, and white/silver screen
    • Back side financial system
    • Front side financial system
    • Tesla's Triangle
    • Rothschild, Bankers, Families
    • Black Sun, Agencies
    • Gatekeeper (Tel Aviv)
    • New Financial System
    • Federal Reserve and the banking tiers
    • And more ...
    This instructional video is meant to be an introduction, answering questions that many LifeForce members have been asking regarding the Financial System
    The Global Financial System EXPLAINED RIGHT

    Video Transcript with time-stamped live links
    I discovered Tank, SPEAKProject and Kim back in February 2020. A video by "Tank" of SPEAK Project popped up on my radar,
    I was intrigued.

    Enough that I watched and archived offline all the videos in the Kim Possible playlist into a folder on my computer that same day.

    I checked out the blogs and read through the gist of them. Bookmarked the SPEAKProject YouTube Channel, and tucked this information into the side pocket of my mind.

    I think that the Q posts may not mean what is portrayed in the above video, regarding the meaning of "Godfather III". The connection is probably made by Tank. Most people interpret the Q posts from their unique perspective. And from Tank's personal experience, the connection makes sense. And as you learn more about Kim, the Marshall Plan, the 3 in the middle, and so on, it will make sense to you, too.

    Also, I feel Kim's work isn't related to Q, at all. Her story begins well before the advent of Q. And in many ways is much larger than the Q project. But, they compliment each other.
    And the information Kim shares is essential to the #GreatAwakening of Humanity. As is the missions of LifeForce, the Assemblies and United New Channel (UNC).

    The plan that Kim has developed in the last few years is called the Restoration Plan. She has been discussing this in the LifeForce Meetings videos (playlist).

    The plan mentioned in the "Three in the Middle, Godfather III" video above is called the Marshall Plan. It's been the one-world slavery system that humanity has been living under for millennia.
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    [ this is NOT about Life Force International, but it's on that scale of viewing and similarly as alternative as ]


    Catherine Austin Fitts

    Even by Catherine's own standards, this one is like a dense nutrient pill, and a strong sense of her having her foot down hard on the gas.
    Trust a real (ex) government insider to be the most determined to quit on rescue and trying to fix it, and bail right out of all the "hey it's only broke, we can fix it" nonsense.​

    Even she does not know if it's possible to build the alternative, but knows it's the only real objective to aim and build for.​

    That's faith.
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    Life Force has continued to have weekly Life Force Meetings and to expand what they are trying to do.
    They recently started a regular, Live at Five, news cast.
    Yesterday's episode had a disturbing clip on a rescue of children evidently scheduled to be harvested for adrenochrome.
    The Assemblies are gradually coming together. (not covered in this newscast)
    Another point covered in yesterday's newscast is the Alex Jones hot mic moment of expressing disgust of Trump. Kim raises the question that you and I already know... Alex Jones is a paid IC asset.
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    This was trending on Twitter events today:
    Trump continues to improve and could be discharged from the hospital as soon as Monday, physicians say
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    From the United News Channel (UNC) Twitter account:

    (just to tuck away should it ever become relevant)
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    Here's a summary of Kim's back story as I understand it, so far. And why, if what Kim is saying is accurate, this information may become relevant in the coming months and even years.

    Around 2012, Kim was informed that she had been selected for a particular "job". She was selected for this position based on her mitochondrial DNA which was a 99.8% match for the mitochondrial Eve. Turned out that this "job" landed Kim in the middle where the "three" used to sit.

    You can see and read a timeline that summarizes this history at this link here.

    In 2007, Marduk had manipulated the system to the point that he owned every asset of the planet. This is hidden history behind the 2008 financial crash.

    In 2012, the Federal Reserve contract expired. Marduk extended contracts with the families for five years to give them an opportunity to try to attain world control.

    A pivotal development in all of this is when one of the original tribes whose ancestors had signed the Marshall Plan (treaty/contract) approached Kim with a request for Peace.

    From this request, a Peace Treaty replaced the Marshall Plan, in August 2016.

    Up until this point, the Universal Protection Unit (UPU) enforced the Marshall Plan. Now, that same Universal Protection Unit enforces the Peace Treaty. Soon afterward, Marduk who sat as one of the three in the middle of the chart that Kim has shared, broke the Peace Treaty and was demolecularized by the UPU.

    (Remember, I started intuitively getting, "the best case scenario is happening now", sometime in the fall of 2013.)

    Kim was able to get into the system that she describes in the Global Financial System Explanation video sometime in early 2016. At first, she tried to work with the bankers, the Rothschilds and so on. But, they were more interested in controlling Kim, the world, and implementing the 90% population reduction plan. And in fact, they have refused to even acknowledge Kim in her role.

    However, Kim has been accepted by what she refers to as the "others". And she developed the "Restoration Plan" that has been approved by upper level groups above the Families, Rothschilds and Black Sun.

    A big part of this plan, and what Kim considers to be her job, is to redistribute all the assets that Marduk had accumulated for himself back to the people of earth.

    Kim worked with a few other people to try to get the word out to everyday folks since then. Eventually, she connected with Tank.

    For the first time in millennium, humanity has a fighting chance to fully regain it's sovereignty. But the Families and Black Sun do not want to give up their power. This is the fight we've been seeing in the background.

    Kim is reaching out to humanity, so that we can work together to implement the Restoration Plan.

    On a more personal note, the light beings that came to me, when I was very young, informed me that I was here for the "Restoration."

    From the future, this is already done.

    The future enters into us ... long before it happens.
    Rainier Maria Rilke