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    She does not hear...
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    I noticed a guest was attempting to view this thread.
    And, took a look.
    I had completely forgotten about it.
    This Transition happened after my first Psychopath associates attempted a coup...
    And, takeover of my site.
    This seems to be a persistent theme.
    If they can't take it over...
    They leave in a huff...
    And think this will really hurt my feelings.
    Well, if Atticus couldn't do it.
    I guarantee no one else can.
    Don't bother trying.
    I am perfectly fine alone.
    If there really are no others willing to play nice.
    Just bumping this thread.
    Because I found it and the music amusing.
    I replaced the missing music vids if available.
    This thread documents the aftermath of that attempted coup.​
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    A Sunflower from Seed to Flower
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    Gamma Brainwave ~ Inner Mind
    Click MP3 link:

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    I may start a specific Brain Wave thread as time permits.
    But, for now I will share some of my brainwave material here in Transition.

    This Theta State selection is entitled "Insight".
    Please do not listen while driving or operating machinery.


    To listen: Click on MP3 link below.
    It is necessary to use volume control on your device.

    Also as a notice to other posters, be aware the option to upload MP3 files or podcasts to your post exists by using the normal Upload button.
    The attachment will appear after you click to save your post

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    Hi Rose,

    Sorry I've not participated on the site like I'd like to. Too many things have been happening on my end to get completely involved like I would like know me....when I get started there's no stopping eh? LOL

    Anyhow my other half has been very ill....I mean VERY ill and has been my main focus along with my work which takes eight hours out of my day five days a week.

    As for what you've been through here after reading the last few posts I can attest that you've received the blunt end of the stick from this former informant.

    As for what you've produced here it has some really great potential and I would encourage you NOT to give up... time is the key....especially if you wish to get it right. So far you are doing well despite the lack of participation I'm certain you feel is evident. I had promised earlier I want to expand on that idea and perhaps discuss with you some ideas that have been rolling around in my head.

    One thing I give you credit for is stamina and maintaining your don't let a hiccup get you down and stay on course.

    As for the title "transition" this is the best idea yet!

    Transition from what? Well...take a look out there. What do you see? The same old same old.

    But here Rose you have conceived a whole new avenue...and I know it was you and not the other party that developed this idea and you stuck with it. Again... your foundation has not wavered.

    So...Transition is perfect....the idea in and of itself is quite a relevant idea from the general old forum format to what you have created here. With a bit more've got it going on far and away more than any other alternative sites around.

    What you do with it the stage to be set. Others will come if you build it....yes they will!


    So hang in there because I have some ideas to throw your way. Don't be encouraged because what you've done here has not been done anywhere else. As for that other guy?

    He hit the other door... and as far as most are concerned it swings only one way. ;)

    That door leads positively to 4th street

    In the end....I'm certain he had the time of his life...

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  15. Chicodoodoo

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    Good points to think about here. I put my "hated" in quotes because I maintained some distance with all of my sociopathic contacts. My general rule when interacting with the forum community is to avoid taking things personally. That minimized any hurt I could receive. But if you can be hurt to the point of despair, then your distaste for these deceivers and manipulators will naturally expand into real, visceral hate. The magnitude of your hate comes from your willingness to trust and be open (vulnerable), which is related to the magnitude of your empathy. Your hate essentially demonstrates your non-sociopathic normality. That's a very good thing among normal people, but not so good when interacting with a hidden sociopath (and they are all hidden in the beginning).

    It boils down to a question of balance, and the balance required depends on the people you are dealing with. Since sociopaths hide their true nature, it is difficult to know where the balance should be. So your balance point has to be dynamic. Whereas normal people respond appropriately to the Golden Rule (because they have empathy), sociopaths do not. A different strategy is therefore required with sociopaths, one closer to "tit for tat", which is more aligned with the sociopaths' version of the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule for me (as a non-sociopath) is "Do not do to others what you would not want done to you." The Golden Rule for sociopaths is "He who has the gold makes the rules." You can see how a different psychological profile can change things dramatically. This is the root problem of our species, and its effects are almost beyond comprehension.
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    (Weird this was before Trump's reference to this tune.)
    I should have known better.​
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    Thank you stating you have also hated. I didn't like admitting that. I suppose in a way Bill Ryan was the facilitator. Without his instigation I probably would not have encountered any of them and would not have wasted so much of my time. Nothing was ever personal with Bill Ryan for me. But, Stephen, Icecold, 9eagle9, Shezbeth, Rhiannon, Dale, Billy and others all hurt me to the point of despair.
  18. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    I have been into the belly of the beast as well. I understand that it is unpleasant, uncomfortable, and undesirable. But I have also recognized that sociopaths are here among us, whether we like it or not. They run the world. They are the source of human evil. They are the number one problem of humanity, and always have been.

    I won't forget the sociopaths that have caused me grief. Here are the ones just from the online forum world:

    • Bill Ryan
    • Richard
    • Ross (Pod)
    • Ice Cold
    • Gypsy Woman
    • 9eagle9 (Warponies)
    • Stephen (Charles, Atticus, Houdini)
    • UncleZook
    • andywight
    • digitalindustry (Kolin Evans)
    • Shezbeth

    I initially liked all of them, and I eventually "hated" all of them. All of them were valuable in helping me understand the problem we all face throughout our lives. That problem is sociopaths.

    Notice how many of them there are. Notice how they tend to rise to the top of the forum hierarchy. Notice also that they are still out there, working their evil magic. No matter where you go, you are going to run into them. They are going to deceive and manipulate you for their own benefit. It is in your best interest to learn to recognize them quickly and to counter their evil.

    I admit that it is an ugly picture, and I wish it were not so. But it's the truth. It's up to us to deal with it.
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  19. Chicodoodoo

    Chicodoodoo Truth-seeker

    Would you really throw away such a rare gift? You have been into the belly of the beast. You have seen the sociopaths up close and personal. You have first-hand knowledge of how they think. You've watched their devious minds hatch schemes that normal people would not find believable. Rather than forget, you should use your experiences to learn them better than they know themselves. Once you know how they think, how they behave, and how they deceive, you will know humanity's enemy. Knowing your enemy is the key to being free of them.
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    Yes, Thank you for reminding me.

    They are nothing but insidious parasites.
    Their treatment of Mark and I was deplorable.
    Their surreptitious attempts to monetize energy for themselves was damaging.
    Their vicious threats and harassment weakened me and made me physically ill.
    I must rid myself of further thoughts of them or remembrances of my experience.
    I am usually able to accomplish forgetting what I wish to forget.
    But, I hate them.

    I am considering ways to symbolically sage this site and heal it.
    This will be accomplished after I heal myself.
  21. Chicodoodoo

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    It wouldn't surprise me if Stephen used an occasional ghostwriter to ease his burden (his writing skills are awful). Sociopaths want others to do the work for them at no charge, as I'm sure you remember. They are parasites, after all.
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    I have often thought the Houdini/Atticus persona might have been "farmed out" to several very inept individuals. Others I know could testify, if they were so inclined, we we often encouraged that it was imperative, at certain times, to invest in euros or swiss francs by one "financial investment genius" type version of the Houdini/Atticus persona. Then, you may also notice here in "members only", another version claimed to have been homeless and broke at the time of the Rulers of The World interview?
  23. Chicodoodoo

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    Ronco Showtime Rotisserie & BBQ (Compact Model) FULL Informercial with Ron Popeil

    I wonder if Ron Popeil is a sociopath. Superficial charm hiding a vile personality, super salesman (con-artist), deceptive manipulator, superiority complex, dominating, overbearing, control freak, inflated ego ... Houdini's mentor, eh? Makes sense now.
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    State of Transition:​

    Mark gave me the link to this video a while back.
    Now, anytime I hope to rid myself of any stray remaining memories of former associates, I find myself thinking of it.

    The crazy thing is, I actually thought I might have used what skills I had to help something somehow.
    Then, I learn Houdini's mentor was Ron Popeil of KTel.

    I will eventually rid myself of this embarrassment and depression.​
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    Wonderful Chill Out Music - Marooned - The Endless River - Pink Floyd
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    :) image.jpg
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    Zorro, Formerly A Horse With No Name ~ Don't Be Cruel ~ Lead Vocal and Drums

    A huge loss in photographic translation, but the Stained Glass Stage Light is my work
    and Live Recording with Crowd Noise​
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