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    And here's another bit, the articles I linked here have some good in-depth information:
    I feel there is a connection between what's happening in Ukraine, and what's happening in Iran.
    I apologize, it's somewhat nebulous in my mind right now, (downside/upside of how an INFJ brain processes information).
    mgray's column also raises similar thoughts. A primary skill in developing research skills is the art/science of formulating questions.
    I thought this one was particularly helpful.
    The similar question I've been asking myself is "Did the uranium sold to Rosatom (Russia) go through Ukraine to Iran, to be used specifically for nuclear weapons?"

    Soliemani was evidently working with the past administration to clean up the Benghazi gun-running deal. Was he also related to the movement of the US sold uranium?

    (And note that when Iran purportedly threatened to reveal who in the past administration, DC operatives, and I think EU operatives , received bribes to enrich themselves in exchange for paying certain factions within Iran to build nuclear weapons (black sites); who made visits to the region?) (John Kerry, Macron, Merkel, ??)

    I suspect a similar model (endless wars business model) applies to North Korea.
    Tehran takes new step toward building a nuclear weapon, Arab News (7 Sep 2019)
    The Obama Administration’s Uranium One Scandal (National Review) 21 Oct 2017
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    Rep. Crenshaw on Iran: I'm tired of Dems using 'false talking points'
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    Brilliant Post, tag. I have been studying your links and conclusions with great interest for quite some time today. In addition, I found a search on INFJ brain processes most enlightening in understanding you and some traits I believe we hold in common.

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    This was a riveting interview last night:
    Part 1 Interview with Laura Ingraham

    Part 2 Interview with Laura Ingraham

    Part 3 Interview with Laura Ingraham

    Part 4 Interview with Laura Ingraham

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    intheMatrixxx is reporting downed Ukrainian Plane was carrying nuclear and rocket experts. I see no referrence in the attached article. Have you heard this, tag?

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    and... there is this from Sara Carter, but post does not lead to related article...
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    I've heard it in the Twitter chatter, but have not been able to confirm it to my satisfaction, yet.
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    Here's a Gateway Pundit article that has some links inside:
    BREAKING REPORT — IRAN ROUNDUP for January 4th thru 9th – General Soleimani was betrayed by fellow IRGC members!
    Raman Ghavami is the author of a couple of articles I linked in my earlier post, from Fair Observer.

    I read this tweet the day it was written, but could not find any colloborating information, it's also in the above Gateway Pundit article:

    I read another article linked within 125 IRGC officers were arrested .
    The site looks legit.
    Jeez... in looking at the Gateway Pundit article just now, it looks like it's twice as long as it was last night.
    It must be getting updated a lot.