Ufological Deceptions: Bill Ryan, Psyops, and Project Avalon's Chosen Ones

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    Most people in 'The Alternative Community' first heard about Bill Ryan when the Project Serpo hoax was being drip-fed to a UFO email discussion group as a True Story. Project Serpo was a supposed Government Intelligence Leak about a secret exchange program of Aliens and Humans between the U.S. and the home planet of an Alien that crashed at Roswell ... or something like that ... because much like The Wingmakers hoax, Serpo has been changed and co-opted by many persons, and is still presented as True today, even though it was exposed as a hoax in 2006.[Link]

    Typical of UFO Hobbyists, even after it was exposed as a hoax, "believers" continued to discuss the fabricated story and it's implications on the now defunct Open Minds Forum.

    Among the "Team of Five" persons (Victor Martinez, Richard Doty, Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green, Hal Puthoff, and Bill Ryan) who were tasked with handling the Serpo material, Bill Ryan was in charge of the website, Serpo.org, where the Super Secret Anonymous Whistleblower Intelligence Leaks were posted and survive to this day. Of The Five, it was only Richard Doty who certainly came out dirty.

    One could argue that all of The Five are guilty in the Serpo deception (they should have known better!) but Bill Ryan came out clean, and he didn't speak much about the hoax afterward, except to suggest that some of it MIGHT be true in an 2006 interview with his then new and future partner where he basically plants the seeds for his defense and promotion of Disinformation for years to come ('listen to this person tell us their fantasy about aliens and government cover ups, because, you know, some of these lies might be true').[Link to video]

    Not long after the Serpo fiasco, Ryan teamed up with Kerry Cassidy to establish Project Camelot, a media outlet and platform for supposed 'Whistleblowers and Insiders' to 'spill the beans' about the Evil Government Crimes and COVER Ups, with some uplifting Ufological and Spiritual mish-mash to boot. Camelot is notorious for presenting the most off the wall lunacy, people so 'full of it' that Art Bell and George Noory would not even sniff in their direction.

    The fact is that Bill Ryan will always be tied to a PROJECT that is typical of Disinformation to this day, and given his track record with Camelot and Avalon you'd think he's either an idiot, insane, or not so innocent after all.

    Where Serpo is concerned, one could wonder if he was a clueless participant seeking the truth like the unwitting people that followed the story for over a year, or rather that he could have been recruited in some capacity to work with members of the loose group of UFO Researchers known as The Aviary, three of whom were part of Project Serpo's 'Team' (Doty, Green, and Puthoff), with the possible mission to help spread Ufological Deceptions.

    "There's basically 4 lines of thought about what the Aviary has been up to especially in regards to MJ12 and it's [spinoff]: Serpo.

    Those 4 lines of thought go something like this:

    1.) They are UFO believers who in their high-clearance careers have heard rumors and have subsequently tried to determine for themselves what the government is hiding in regards to UFOs.

    2.) They know the truth and are attempting, out of goodwill, or as part of official disclosure, to get the info out to the public.

    3.) They are involved in ufological deception for their own murky purposes apart from any intelligence agency directives.

    4.) They are tied to the hip with intelligence factions and their prime directive(s) include ufological deception."[Link]

    Numbers 3 and 4 above are of particular interest because the outcome of the RealityUncovered.net Investigation of Serpo would suggest that Richard Doty, at least, was interested in capitalizing on the still 'HOT' UFO MYTHOS which he spent much (possibly wasted) time investigating along side of his feathered friends under the directive of government agencies. However, if deception was the goal it makes sense to use Internet discussion forums, much like Bill Ryan's Project Avalon Forum, as the chosen place to spread the viral word of this Weird and FAR OUT Tall Tale known as Project Serpo -- The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program.

    Before web based internet forums, it was client based internet 'newsgroups' that were a popular place to discuss "Weird Desk" items like William "Bill" Cooper's lunatic ravings about the evil Cabals that helped re-spark an old, early twentieth century Christian Hysteria about the ILLUMINATI being alive and in control of, well, EVERYTHING! 'by the power of Lucifer!'™

    And here we are, twenty-plus years into popular internet forums discussing the same topics, none of which have been proven true outside of the anecdotal stories from Insiders, Alien Contactees, Keyboard Warriors, and 'former illuminati members', plus the hundreds of thousands of bored internet users who find a false identity and welcoming audience in fringe corners of internet forums, many of which COULD BE Intelligence Agents supporting Social Engineering Experiments under likable personas, who are often the most adept at moderating a discussion, steering the narrative, and defending the main conspiracy doctrines in the subculture, or Occulture* that some academics call Conspirituality**.

    Bill Ryan split off from his old partner when he claimed that Kerry Cassidy and Camelot had been infiltrated and compromised by some (evil!) Intelligence group or asset. And as already mentioned, he's been running his own PROJECT which puts out video interviews, much like Camelot, and also supports a 'not very popular' discussion forum where topics such as UFOs, ALIEN ABDUCTION, SECRET GOVERNMENT COVER UPS, and the ILLUMINATI can all be discussed in a free and overly moderated environment ... oh, and "spirituality" too, If you consider endlessly arguing over whether 'the light in the tunnel upon death is an alien trap to recycle our souls!', a spiritual discussion ...

    Reading posts and threads on Avalon is an interesting and entertaining pastime for some people, and it should be a psychology and sociology class study to observe the workings of shared delusions and social engineering. Posting regularly there seems to be an addicting hobby for others, where new users are enthusiastically welcomed by excited regulars and designated greeters, as if you just walked into a Mormon Church early on a Sunday somewhere in Utah. It's not long before you start to wonder about the man behind the forum, Bill Ryan, and just who he is.

    The regulars on Avalon frequently get sucked into soap opera dramas where members often argue about which of their favorite gurus is or isn't a Disinformation Agent and/or lunatic sociopath, even accusing each other of being 'Shills and Trolls!'.

    Should you consider joining the Avalon forum, whatever you do, Don't Mention The Psyops! ... like the possibility that a popular and current Whistleblower who 'came out' through Project Avalon (a long time forum regular) under the super cool codename, GoodETxSG, might be a 'Sanctioned Disinformation Agent' according to Bill Ryan himself. That's a long and still evolving 'story' that you'll have to pay to hear, since GoodETxSG (Corey Goode) and his "Blue Avians" sold out in record time, and has partnered with Gaiam TV, and with David Wilcock, one of the biggest frauds in Alt Media Land.

    If you do venture into the soul trap that is Avalon, at least don't bring up the supposed attempt to split the forum crowd up, where a pseudonymed "Charles" (of 'The Rulers Of The World' Avalon video fame), one of many Insiders come and gone, gained a large audience while being propped up and 'vetted' by Bill Ryan back in the year 2011.

    Recently, the still pseudonymed Charles, aka Atticus, aka --who-the-hell-knows-who-he-really-is-or-works-for-- released a very revealing recording of an online meeting between himself, an associate of his, and a then-apparent associate, Bill Ryan, all discussing the possibility of setting up the very forum that Ryan accused Charles and eighteen other people (including prominent members of Avalon) of attempting to create behind his and the community's back; a well organized pay service forum. In the audio, Bill Ryan does not object or even flinch at the proposal to bring in big names in the Alternative Media 'Industry', I mean 'Community', to work with and post in the background under "Personas", almost as if this was already common practice(!). [video link @28:45]

    These fringe, conspiracy forums always seem to contain the hot items: Hoax UFO Videos, Alien Abduction and Contact Delusions, Killer Government Operations like Chemtrails (cough*contrails*cough), Poisonous Fluoride that doesn't seem to poison anyone, including little babies in the wombs of mothers that gulp it down in tap water daily for several decades, and of course, the ILLUMINATI(!)™ some how behind it all.

    Where can you find out about and discuss these HOT and Weird Conspiracies today?

    The same type of place, and by the same type of people as where the Serpo hoax reared its head -- Internet Discussion Forums with Curious, Open Minds (so much that some of their brains fall out), Intelligence Moderators, and many, many 'Personas'-- false selves of all kinds, especially Alien Souls in human bodies called Starseeds, astral projecting Lightworkers who mostly just imagine they're blowing up demonic outposts in the 4th dimension, and Wandering Spirits from another dimension who are part of an elite angelic force that ... oh wtf, it's all poppycock, but somehow they're all fighting for the freedom of humanity from none other than 'The Devil' in new robes, known by whatever Alien Race is popular and scaly this decade, or more recently, Evil Alien Artificial Intelligence From Outer Space that is able to outwit 12th Dimensional Benevolents or some such nonsense.

    Bill Ryan has been in deep within the Alternative Community for a long time, very often supporting people who make similar claims to the Project Serpo hoax, yet in many regards Ryan himself is the Mystery. Other than his involvement with the 'Projects' Camelot, Avalon and possible Psyops like Serpo, oh and his rumored membership in a Scientology offshoot called Ron's Org, this writer has only heard that he used to be a children's school teacher and management consultant, which would be appropo as he often manages his gullible forum followers as they discuss the most juvenile conspiracies and narratives that the world wide web has ever seen, while being so arrogant as to think they are 'chosen' above 99.9999% of humanity which they very often call 'sheeple' that need to Wake Up.

    Given his track record of interviews with dozens of so called whistleblowers who've made unsubstantiated claims and failed predictions, promoting wild conspiracies that are mostly debunked, one could wonder if Bill Ryan is a long time, long con, Disinformation Agent himself, which would be a shocker to the 'Awake and Aware' crowd at Avalon, should they ever actually wake up and smell their koolaid moustaches.
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