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    Academic Peer Review Corruption Failing ~ Cult of the Stupid
    Upcoming Deflation
    Vax Die off Deflates Real Estate Markets
    UFO event Delayed August 2024
    Breakdown of WEF Control Structures
    WEF Psychopathic Lie ~ Humans Cause Climate Change
    Follow the Trend
    Cash Dollars Strengthen Temporarily
    Harsh Winter

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    10 minutes in and I can already tell he's on about alot of the things I'm on about. Im more accustomed to calling them "Ashkenazi" as opposed to "Khazarian mafia", but potato/potahto.

    My biggest question so far is "okay, how far is he gonna take this?" I men, he says its to be a series, and by its introduction it will go hand in hand with the "History is a Lie" thread I have in the works (spoiler alert). Im especially glad that he focused on 1812 and (thereabouts) 1904, as those are two very significant beginnings and ends of things. That he also references as far back as the plague era (and especially the willful transmission of the plague, more on that in a sec) as this too will tie in.

    I had semi-concluded that the plague was deliberate and artificial a long time ago, by way of the work of Dr, Phil Valentine, when he described the plague relief methods of the clergy. In the video "Vampires of Consciousness" he attributes the behaviors as being of stupidity, but I disagree, and I'm pleased this guy is attributing it to malice. In opposition to Hamlin's razor, I have felt that "Never dismiss as stupidity that which can be explained by malice" (versus the opposite). The reason being, when one's opponent is operating from malice, it is best to strongman their arguments and motivations, as the worst case scenario is that one is overprepared.

    He's also neatly setting up the groundwork for the historical precedent that leads to the modern concept of "Rent", which is its self one of the modern forms of Usury.

    Further, I appreciate his specificity. I wont use direct terms, but he neatly draws distinction between the "Khazarian mafia who decided to suddenly and lastingly claim (falsely) to be jews" versus the at the time extant jews. This is a hugely important distinction, and one of my biggest causes for contention when operating in circles who are wont to dismiss the whole of it as "its the jews" (likewise for masons, Luciferians, etc. ad nauseum). Its not ANY of the aforementioned groups, they have been coopted and compromised by bad actors throughout history.

    In fact, all the said groups - in that they are fundamentally a social competence hierarchy - attract precisely the sort that are attributable to the Khazars/Ashkenazi, which display and over-representation with regards to a wont to socially subvert, vie for power and control of industry, etc.

    And that also gets into why I'm preparing to do a deep dive into narcissists and narcissism, in the erstwhile Sociopathy thread. The reason being, I have a case to present that the Khazars/Ashkenazi are a unique grouping in that they have developed and cultivated a ethno-nationalistic form of Narcissism. It will take me a while to validate that position, so take it with salt for now. Also, to my post/vote in Inphinet Sociopaths. What amused me about that is that when I faced the vote, I immediately voted for myself exclusively, because I'm the only sociopath that I can testify to. In spite of this, Mr. Doodoo had already gained as many sociopath votes as I would result in, voting for myself. This suggests to me something I had gone back and forth with M.Doodoo about; that his actions were observably as - if not moreso - sociopathic as mine. I maintain, I DON'T think he's a sociopath, but it was still amusing to see the consensus, surpassed only by Rhi and Stephen.

    Okay, credit. At this point, I can only make it a few minutes between having to pause to comment. This video is shaping up to be epic-tier. I say that because his "queering of the language" bit is not only readily evident in present day, but yet another thing I've been on about. I'll give a basic example NOT relating to his (so far) video. There are two concepts, misconstrued in socialized perception; that of nescience, and that of ignorance. The former is a term - now antiquated and lost to the majority - that refers to information that is otherwise unattainable or available due to a lack of awareness - without criticism - of the individual, or whoever. As an example: The Japanese Shogunate was nescient to the existence of all-metal warships until one was parked in their docks.

    Additionally, he touches on inbreeding, which is huge. I'll avoid talking about humans specifically, and instead will focus on hamsters (credit to Sowelu for the folllowing). When Hamsters inbreed, there are observable sociological changes that occur. The inbred population will avoid the non-inbred population deliberately. Additionally, they become fiercely territorial, either with geographical control or smaller things like food and toys. So while non-inbred hamsters will tend to develop interactive communities where resources are shared, inbred hamsters effectively become hoarders. But that's in times of PLENTY. In times of PRIVATION, they will band together and BEGIN TO CANNIBALIZE the non-inbred hamsters. Food for thought, when contemplating what might happen with a deliberately inbreeding human population.

    sidenote, this guy kinda reminds me of Andrew Klavan .

    Okay, I have to criticize his covid spiel, in that the covid 19 viral pathogen STILL has yet to be isolated in a lab

    Not saying he's wrong, just saying that its premature to make claims and assertions against covid until such a time as the virus or viral incubator is not apparent; meaning, there isn't evidence (beyond circumstantial) that it even EXISTS. I'm of no doubt that SOMETHING exists, but I have zero confidence in the widely professed "science-based" assertions of what Covid "is" and "does". I'm not saying he's wrong, but it looks like smoke and mirrors to me, and don't tell me that scientists havent had an overwhelmingly sufficient amount of time to derive at least ONE sample of isolated Covid. Sorry, not buying it.

    And literally after I made that point, he makes precisely the same case ^_^

    Based, he references Holodomor

    Okay, I contest his point that "they dont have a sufficient virus that would kill millions", in that smallpox is still a viable threat. We dont see it as such, because it has been effectively mitigated, but that mitigation has lasted to the point that a very significant percent of the population has lost any immunity to smallpox that might be granted by cohabitation with those who have had it, AND that in the past decade the requisite stores of smallpox vaccines has been eliminated. Long story short, don't think they don't have viruses up their sleeve.

    Excellent video overall, and I am reasonably confident that his professions will tie into what I plan to profess later on, once I've really gotten going.

    But while I'm on, I'll also say that "narradigm" is kinda lame. I prefer something like "Socially-imposed propaganda"

    And this gets into where they are going. Yes, they are attempting to redefine specific words, but the end result is literally the word 'definition'. The term definition has historically referred to the limits of an idea; derived from the latin "de finis" (somehow I think I mentioned this in MiM), a definition is an attempt to categorize and coalesce the limits of a concept into an actionable overview. If they can change how society interprets the limits of an idea, insisting on unrealistic allowances here and demanding unrealistic acknowledgements there, they can change how people literally formulate their thoughts. Language is exceedingly important; a native English speaker formulates their thoughts differently than a native Spanish speaker, for example. And the words that are used - and specifically how they translate to other languages - is a very strategic position that is under assault as we speak. Ergo, one thing I would prescribe to any who has the opportunity, is to do a deep dive on etymology of terms. Theres a wealth of perspective and knowledge to be gleaned from how previous generations formulated their thoughts and used those thoughts to express themselves.
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    Excellent Juan and Nino 7/27/22

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    Excellent Juan interview with Tom and Rachel

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    Lou Collins - Roy Davies - Financial Collapse Final Part
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    Joe Rogan Calls Out the Media Over the Hunter Biden Laptop
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    Solari Report


    Karel van Wolfren is an author, journalist, professor, publisher and one of the most respected voices in the Netherlands on geopolitics. Last week I visited Karel for a wide ranging discussion on his views about events in the Ukraine and how they relate to the push for central control globally.

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    (my own voice of reason, if I may be so bold )

    The "elephant in the room" despite ALL the carry-on about Nation State power struggles and a shift of power from west to east, is that even when Trump had all the evidence of a stolen election, he packed up his bags left the stage.

    In his rally speeches he keeps on saying "If I was President, Putin wouldn't do this, and Xi wouldn't do that etc . . etc . ."

    Flip that over.

    Try hearing those statements like THiS:

    "We, the 'Save humanity white hats' have some dirty work to get done and it involves powers other than American power. With the mass mind control being what it is, and the expectation that a US president should and would stand in opposition to those foreign powers acting as they have to, The US doesn't, strategically, need a Trump at the visible helm right now ( looking weak ), it needs a weak impostor who can be shunted back out of the picture when these dirty jobs are done, and America and myself (Trump) can stand up proudly in a world where things are more sorted out"

    It logically follows through, then, that Trump won't be back in the white house until that stage is done. Putin, and possibly others, have a clock ticking because ideally The US needs a fair election next time around. The pressure is on for a conclusion of this stage of operations before 2024 (Jan 25) at the latest.

    I heard talk last year, that a patriot was privy to a group call which included Trump himself, where "negotiations" were mentioned. I can't place where I found that and don't know where to begin to locate it to include here now. The general sensational consensus at the time was that it was surrender negotiations with the cabal ( hah, a likely story ). Much more likely, is that it was negotiations with foreign powers about how to get this stage of operations done and who was going end up with what pieces of a pie, in political, economic and otherwise, terms.

    We can think the worst, as many others are doing, and see all this as a Machiavellian nightmare of wholly inhuman power struggling. Dog-eat-dog to the death stuff, with not a genuine 'good guy' anywhere in sight, or we can flip it over and see it another way around. After decades of malevolent regional power base tinkering by a cabal controlled 'US corp' global goon squad', there's a shed load of correctional dirty work to be done.

    An interesting point, about Afghanistan and especially the Taliban. Who were the first box to tick on the cabal list of targets/enemies when they pulled the 9/11 stunt to give them cover to go kick ass all over the world ? Yea, the Taliban. That suggests to me that they are not cabal puppets. History even tells us they are not. They whooped the Brits' asses for them way back long ago and I'll guess they've never changed their colours since. In a white hat/Black hat paradigm, I'd place the Taliban firmly and squarely on the white hat side. They've been kicking cabal ass since before any of the rest of us were even a twinkle in our mom's eyes.

    I'll end this with a question, who's really running the show within China ?, from a 'white hat/black hat' perspective, that is . . .
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    Clif describes why he had Dick Allgire remote view a subject
    to verify the iconic role Joe Rogan plays in our future.


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    Forgot to post this one here.

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